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Holly-Marie Shoebridge

Gameplay types L.A. Noire (PS3) / Action Adventure – Gameplay Review L.A Noire: Is an Action-Adventure game that is considered fast paced featuring weapon usage, melee, cars and guns which detective Cole Phelps uses on his journey. It’s considered a third person game that consists on the protagonist involving himself in combat, interrogations, gunfights and chases as well as to go around to certain places and complete missions to advance onto the next case.

Black Ops 2 (PS3) / Shooter - Gameplay Review Black Ops 2 is an online Shooter that consists of sub gameplays which can be considered; Online COOP, Asymmetric, Death Match, Hack & Slash and levelled Gameplay. The person playing has the choice of whether they want to play online or play a campaign game. With playing against Zombies and against the bots (CO-OP) you can play online or offline as well as being on multiplayer. Levelled gameplay on occurs when a player is online with multiplayer which they can upgrade their classes and prestige (type of level up/ rank)

Holly-Marie Shoebridge Teen Titans (PS2) / Action –Gameplay Review

Teen Titans a comic book based game of DC comics. It is an action based Hack & Slash game that allows players to go through a series of locations that they cannot go back through , they progress through the game and defeat all the enemies to move on to the next area. Players have the opportunity to switch between all characters (Robin, Cyborg, Beastboy, Starfire and Raven.) as they desire. There is also an opportunity for your to do another game mode where you can play a 1v1 game either against another player or the computer .

DC Universe Online (PS3/PC) / Role Playing Gameplay Review DC Universe Online is an MMO as well as Roleplaying game that can be played on PS3/4 or PC. Players can create their own hero or villain and control them through the DC Universe. When you make your character you can create their powers and abilities as well as choosing their mentor which depicts their quests, different mentors allows people to take different journeys. This game is Free to Play but to get better access to cooler items and other things membership is required.

Holly-Marie Shoebridge Sims 2 Castaway (PS2) Simulation – Games Review Sims 2 Castaway is a player controlled game that allows players to be able to control the Sims actions by a selective action i.e. click the chair and make them sit down. At the start of the game it allows you to create your Sim to how you want it then you are able to take your Sim on a journey with you controlling them. Your character is washed ashore an island with other Sim members and the idea is to survive as well as being able to craft yourself a raft to escape the island.

Angry Birds (mobile) /Strategy – Gameplay Review Angry Birds is a Strategy mobile game as well as being available on PS3. Players aim is to sloing the birds and break down blocks at the other end as well as being able to take out the pigs that stand by on the blocks or near it. Players require some form of accuracy for them to be able to score and knock the blocks down. Due to the fact that there are a small amount of birds to sling, characters have only a minimal amount of tries before the round is over an you have to try again.

Holly-Marie Shoebridge The Walking Dead Tell Tale game / Survival Horror Gameplay Review The Walking Dead Video Game is a inspiration of AMC’s The Walking Dead Tv Show , it

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