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this isn’t it


narrow footways can become very congested at night, particularly at weekends with people drinking in the street, eating outside takeaways, queuing at entertainment venues or to use bank atms, and people passing through the area.

you’r fuck weir

re king rd by the mid 19th century, all respectable families had moved away and prostitutes, music halls and small theatres had moved in. it was packed every night with drunken writers, poets and artists, many of whom never stayed sober long enough to become successful.


t o p staring.

the police squad at that time suffered from corrupt police officers involved with enforcing organised crime control of the area, but simultaneously accepting “back-handers� or bribes.

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you’re always fucking late

now it’s like this

what was his name again?

foreign nationals opened up cheap eating houses and the neighbourhood became a fashionable place to eat for intellectuals, writers and artists. the surge in populace meant that crime became rife, with oppurtunists preying on pleasure-seekers.

whatever you’d like


there was once a time where poor-quality gin was cheaper than beer, making the mortality far exceed the birth rate. however it has undergone considerable transformation since then.

harrison marks, a “glamour photographer� and girlie magazine publisher, had a photographic gallery and published several magazines such as kamera, which sold from the late fifties till 1968. the model pamela green prompted him to take up nude photography, and she remained the creative force in their business until they split in 1967. the content, however, by today’s standard is very innocent.









never again.

it has clubs, public houses; bars; restaurants; a few sex shops scattered amongst them; and late-night coffee shops that give the streets an “openall-night� feel at the weekends.

prostitutes are widely available, operating in studio flats. they are sign-posted by flourescent ‘model’ signs at street level.

you got you got a light?


in 1959 prostitution was made legal, leading to “walk-ups” and ironically the trade boomed in the decades to follow. this lead to “clipjoints”, where coloured water was sold as champagne with the promise of sex to follow, thus fleecing tourists looking for a ‘good time’. it is now predominantly a fashionable district of upmarket restaurants and media offices, with only a small remnant of sex industry venues.

when will it happen?

by the 1980s, purges of the police force along with a tightening of licensing controls led to a crackdown on these illegal premises. by 2000, a substantial relaxation of general censorship, and the licensing or closing of unlicensed sex shops had reduced the red-light area to just a small area

she forgot where she was


This Isn't It  

University Assignment: 'Genius Loci'. This is a zine capturing the mood and feel of Soho in London.

This Isn't It  

University Assignment: 'Genius Loci'. This is a zine capturing the mood and feel of Soho in London.