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Risk Assessment Form Location: Hainault Forest Risk rating


(High, Med, Low)


medium Weather (rain) creating the field to be wet, damp and slippery. We could damage the equipment

Go on a day when the weather is more suitable. Carry the equipment properly. Choose appropriate paths to follow.

low Public interference

Ask them politely if they could would around the camera while filming


As it’s a forest where the majority of people walk there dogs, we would have to film in an appropriate place where there is no interference from them.


When carrying the equipment we would have to watch out for branches etc. and make sure we are wearing appropriate clothing, so we avoid getting injured by plants such as stinging nettles.


Damage could easily be inflicted up the Blow up doll and the equipment( Camera and tri-pod) we would avoid this problem by making sure that we use the blow up doll at the appropriate times and to hold the equipment properly and put it away in there storage when were moving to another area of the forest


Forest, plants

Environment: Damage to equipment/props

Risk assessment form hainault