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Music Video Case study

Lady gaga- Judas Hollie Wollaston

The video The video I have chosen to do is Lady Gaga- Judas. I have chosen this video because I think her videos are something spectacular and different that you usually don’t see and that there is something special about them. In the majority of her music videos are quite unique and interesting and it’s a music video that is memorable. The song Judas was written and produced by Lady Gaga herself and the song is about woman being in love with a man who betrays her, plus the song is also about a persons inner darkness and being able to bring out the persons light. The video includes a range of different colours, costume designs and a range of camera movement. The camera language in the music video is very both fast pace and slow which matches up with the music. Also the camera language gives the effect of a story being told and that her videos usually have quite a long opening before it gets to the song . Judas was the second single to be released from her album “Born This Way”. Lady Gaga has been influenced by many artists such as Michael Jackson, Madonna, Queen, David Bowe and she herself is recognised as a individual who loves to express her self through fashion, performances and her music videos.

Synergy Early this year Lady Gaga appeared in the famous American animated television show The Simpsons, where she voiced and played herself. In the episode she is shown how she would presented in real life, which wearing strange pieces of clothing that only she can really pull off. The design team created 18 different costumes that fit Lady gagas personality including her famous meat dress. Matt Groening said “I’ve always wanted to have one the most iconic personalities of our time, and she's it”. Lady Gaga got high praise from the creator which can lead her into more opportunities in different industries such as filming, radio. Also in September 2012 Lady gaga released her own perfume through her Haus laboratories label in association with Coty Inc. Also late in September the company owner announced that lady gaga agreed to a long term deal that allows coty to release fragrances under her name. The fragrance company is benefiting more income as Lady gaga is a very popular artist and that as she is now under contract with them, the majority of the money will be heading towards the company than the her. During the designing stage Gaga made a promotional video where she uses her song “ScheiBe” for the fragrance, which at the same time as promoting her merchandise she is also able to promote her music which, shows that she had the majority of control when it came to the design and promoting stage. Lady Gaga also appeared on the front cover of Vogue magazine promoting her perfume which brings in a big female audience for the herself and Vogue as they are associated with fashion and perfume.

Link to promotional video These two images to the left show that the creators have represented Lady Gaga how she portrays herself to the public

Artist website Artists websites help promote the artist themselves and is where you can find exclusive information on the artist such as interviews, updates on latest single or album. Also artist websites are easy to access and you learn more about the artist. On Lady gaga website she has other social media icons on her page such as twitter and Facebook which helps her to be able to have interactions with her audience and can also keep them updated with what she is doing in her life and music career. Another thing about her page is that is shows what type of personality or style she has which relates to what her music videos show and how they relate to her. On her page her audience are able to write their opinions on her and her latest music. Also on her page she is advertising her own merchandise such as her new fragrance and also she is advertising her concert details, which draws in a big audience if there having trouble finding her concert dates and prices. Unfortunately though her site doesn’t provide her latest music videos which is why her audience probably visits YouTube for her videos and her site for specific details about herself. But, now there are sites such as twitter where people can gather all the information on their artist, so in the end her website is only really for merchandise and events.

Playability Judas is from her second album Born this way and is the second single from the album. It was released on April 15th by one of her record labels Interscope records. The music video was directed, written and produced by Gaga herself. The song went to the top ten of the charts in most major music markets, plus was also top of the charts in south Korea. The music video was nominated for 2 awards at the 2011 Mtv music awards, and she has performed the song live on shows such as The Ellen, The graham Norton show and Saturday night live. Critics have said that Judas should have been the albums lead single. On YouTube the song is current views are at 155,477,351 and counting and this song and “Marry the night� are the only two singles of hers to have not reached over a million sold copies. In Canada the single had been debuted at number 9 in the Canadian Hot 100 and had become the greatest gainer in airplay and was at the position of 66 then moved to 23 on the channel Canadian Hot 100 which showed 161 % increase in audience.

Promotional Promotional means that the artist is able to release there songs on streaming and social websites such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. This helps the artist become more popular worldwide as many people are able to access these sites and also on sites such a YouTube they sometimes create advertisements at the side which is a count down to the artist merchandise or there new single/album where partly the money goes to the networking site and the artist record label.. Usually the site Vevo has the music video before YouTube or any other sharing site which makes the audience become more anticipated for the video and makes them think that the video is something worth waiting for. Another way artists are able to promote their latest songs and products is with sites such as twitter. Even if some people do not have twitter Lady Gagas Tweets go directly to her official website so that her audience is able to know what she is up to and is also able to bring her audience in more as she has advertisements promoting her new fragrance and concerts, which helps her and her record company gain money. This helps promotes the artists video more as she would update her website and social media sites with the latest videos from her.

Streaming Websites

This here shows that her video “Judas� took over a year to reach over a million views

Streaming Websites such as YouTube and Vevo are very famous for showing music videos and they are sites that everyone has easy access to, so the audience is able to watch as many new and old music videos as they like and how many times they like. On social media sites such as Facebook, MySpace etc. you are able to share YouTube videos on the site which increases publicity for the artist and creates a bigger fan base for them. Also on YouTube you can see how many times a video has got viewed and if it has over a million views it will be put onto the homepage of YouTube where more people are able to click on it, because usually if something has got a lot of hits people will click on it without even knowing what the video is about. As Lady Gaga is a very well known artist through out the world, streaming websites allows her audience to be able to view her videos as many times as they like. Also YouTube helps the artist know what her audiences age group is and this can help her by knowing what to show in her music videos or what to write in her lyrics and as you can see to the left Lady Gagas age group varies from 13-44.

Record Label Lady Gaga belongs to quite a few record labels such as Def. Jam, and Interscope records and both of these record labels are owned by Universal music group which it is the largest of the big three music companies. Being owned by such a big label gives Lady Gaga a bigger budget where she is able to afford the majority of things such as special effect, choreographers, high tech videos and also a bigger range of location choices. Unlike a Mainstream artists, independent artists have a limit of what they can include, location and equipment but, they are able to put a lot of individuality into there videos as they don’t have a big company telling them what to include, while as a mainstream artist you have to do what the label wants so that it doesn’t make them look bad. As Lady Gaga is a mainstream artist her record label has control over what she includes in her videos but, this strangely doesn’t seem the case as Lady gaga seems to be one of the artists who are able to express themselves through her videos, being an independent artist at the same time as being a mainstream one. Another reason why she is able to express her personality and style through her videos might be because she usually has other industries helping her, such as the video Judas she write and produced it along side RedOne (Nadir Khayat) who is a music producer who has worked with other mainstream artists such as Enrique Iglesias, Mika, Jennifer Lopez. Lady Gagas videos have always been something to talk about with both negative and positive reviews, but this doesn’t stop her from producing some of the most memorable music videos and it seems like her record company is allowing her to be who she is and just providing her with the money income.

Art In the music video Judas and shows quite a lot about her personality and that she likes to take risky chances to make eye catching videos. The song Judas is about song about a woman in love with a man who betrayed her. Lady gaga likes to include part of her past in her music videos which makes her music videos more meaningful and full of inspiration and creativity. In the music video Judas in interprets the theme of religion which could create the audience to have a mixture of feelings towards the video and the artist. The imagery that I have collected from the music video shows a variety of different camera shots which represents Lady Gaga in different lights. Such as the shot where she is being drenched with water could denote that she is being cleansed of her sins as the video itself does hold a religious aspect to it. At the end of the music video and unexpected shot comes as throughout the video we see her dancing and acting out a storyline then suddenly she's lying on the floor in a wedding dress, which creates a feeling of a climax of a story and also this creates the audience to ask questions about why she did that.

Mainstream TV Mainstream TV is an easy access for people and it is also free. Also there are many different music channels on mainstream television so people. Also now a days people don't really watch TV for music videos as they can just get the videos they want on demand on sites such as YouTube which has made music channels and just general TV channels have less importance to them. Since Lady Gagas rise to fame, she has been interviewed and has also done live performances on many popular talk shows such as Alan Carr: Chatty Man, Jonathan Ross, the Ellen show, which creates a bigger audience for her as different age ranges watch talk shows. When artists go on interview shows such as Lady Gaga on the Alan Carr: Chatty man she gets to talk about what is happening with her career etc. and as Lady Gaga is a well known artist, the audience for the show shall be quite big, while if it was a less known artist many people wouldn't watch the show because they don't know anything about the artist.

Visuals Visuals can also make the video itself more eye catching and it also describe what the artist is like herself as in lady Gagas video she is wearing clothing that is showing parts of her body which could show that she is very intact with her body or that she feels more comfortable when dancing as she can be more herself and express herself more. Also the visual element allows the artist to produce music videos on-line which results in her not having to perform each single, which would result in her record label putting in a lot of money for the performances and advertisements. In the video Judas Lady gaga is wearing a lot of gold jewellery and bright and dark colours compared to the other characters on set which could represent her as being good and evil. The gold can represent Lady gaga fame and fortune, while at the same time also showing that she has the most importance in the video and all eyes should be on her as the other characters are just wearing plane dark colours which make her stand out more. A visual that always appears in Lady gagas music videos are the feeling of a story being told, as the beginning of the majority of her videos it has a long opening, which gives the effect to the audience as setting the scene and making them be more involved with what's going to happen in the video and so that they understand the concept of it more.

In this image here you can clearly see that the lighting is more focused on her than any of the other choreographers, which shows that she wants her audience to have as much attention of her as possible.

Downloads illegal/legal Downloads on websites now are more common and helps the artist and there record company gain money through the internet and also through the artists new single/album release. But some sites such a ITunes and Amazon make money for the artist while sites or torrents such as YouTube Converter and Pirate Bay make money for themselves which then results in the record company loosing money. As Lady gagas songs are very popular this results in people downloading them illegally as people don’t see the point in paying for songs if you know you can download them for free. Plus over the years illegal downloading has risen up as there are more sites you can download music and films from. The reason why people do it is because they knows that they wont get caught so society and the government cant really prevent illegal downloads from happening as the vast majority of the world do it making more money for the illegal sites and making the artists loose money.

Comparing music videos Lady Gaga is a very flamboyant and expressive person and has stated that she has been influenced by many of the big names of music such as Michael Jackson, Madonna, Queen and David Bowie. In her music videos Lady gaga comes across as an independent and expressive female who expresses herself through her fashion and music videos and at the same time seems to be sending a message across to her audience which is to be yourself and not to listen to anybody else.

To the left is Michael Jacksons thriller and as you can see he also had some strange choreograph and concepts towards his music videos, which I think Lady Gaga has tried to interpret in her videos. Also In thriller Jackson is the only one wearing orange clothing which shows that he also wanted to be the one who had all of the attention and in lady gagas Judas she is wearing colours that stand out the most compared to the others around them. The bottom two images shows that each artist likes to experiment in different ways to make there video stands out more which results them into having to put a lot of stage make up on and including things that haven't been seen before. This shows that both of these mainstream artists always loved to express themselves and be at the centre of attention

Music video case study  

Music video case study

Music video case study  

Music video case study