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Art Foundation Course Portfolio

Hollie Eldridge Contact Email: By studying A Level Photography for the past 2 years it has allowed me to explore different concepts in my work and independently document life through a lens. My interests lie in both candid documentary photography and street portraiture. A self directed project which involved approaching and talking to strangers and members of the public, helped increase my self confidence and ability to operate the camera quickly. In my current work I am exploring the idea of travel, documenting the journey between one destination to another whilst also combining my interests in street photography. My skills lie in my contextual understanding of the subject however I believe I need to develop confidence in critiquing other’s work. I believe that the Art Foundation Diploma will allow me to make a informed decision which will facilitate my progression onto a course at higher level. Unsure as to what I’d like to do at University, this course will allow me to further my previous experiences and extend my understanding of the opportunities that are available and experiment with new Fine Art techniques.

Art Foundation Portfolio  
Art Foundation Portfolio  

By Hollie Eldridge