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Fashion Styling “ Selects the clothing and accessories for any public appearances made by celebrities �

Borrowed and returned clothing and accessories from fashion boutiques and directly from fashion designers are used. Items can be bought if funds are available.

Roles in styling. Fashion styling can be a various of different types of styling and responsibilities.

Brand styling is styling for a certain brand.

Editorial styling is when the stylist is given a theme and the images tell a story. One-to-one styling and shopping guidance. Working with private clients such as celebrities. Also found in high street shops.

Knowledge of trend forecasting.

Portfolio of work.


Client base I

Understanding body shapes and tones

What makes a fashion stylist

Sarah Slutsky

huge industry with a lot “Itsofa obstacles. You have to compromise and be open. �


• V-necks look great on appleshaped ladies as you often have a large bust. • Tailored jackets that tighten in at your waist will make your waist appear smaller and will tighten in your tummy area. • Create vertical lines with long cardigans, jackets and ponchos

You should avoid

• Clothing that finishes at your fullest points e.g. jackets, cardigans • High necklines • Garments that are bulky around the tummy area


What should you wear? • Flared skirts are your best friend, to make your hips appear propionate to the top • TOP TIP- Draw attention towards your waist and your hips. • Square necklines, sweetheart necklines and scooped V neckline look really good on the top.

You should avoid


• Light colours: If you wear the light colours on top, it will make your top portion look bigger. • Box shaped clothes are a BAD idea as they will make you appear shapeless.


Top tips.

• Show off your small waist with a belt across the smallest part. • Tight fitted tops are your best friend! • A good push-up bra

• Wide is good. Keep the hems of pants skirts and dresses wide to visually balance a pear-shaped body. Pointy-toed shoes with a wide-hemmed pants will make your legs appear longer.

You should avoid


• Crop tops are your worst enemies as they draw attention to your midsection • Loose clothing

Hourglass. • It is common knowledge that the hourglass is considered the perfect feminine shape. • Think Marilyn Monroe • Show off your waist and play up your very feminine figure. • Choose straight leg or boot-cuts slightly flared bottoms to balance you out

You should avoid X

• Baggy pants they will make you appear rounder and heavier than you are


• Not loose and flowing

Rectangle • Frills, fluted edges and ruffles • Use strong blocks of colour to help define your body • Shift dresses and empire line dresses work well • A knee length pencil skirt that tapers in at the side will also add some curves and look good

You should avoid • Avoid shapeless clothes • Square toe shoes

• Noticeable waistband; high wasted trouser


Hairstyle tips‌

What is the best colour for you!

Styling. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley • Rosie HuntingtonWhiteley has a rectangle shape body with is great for tight fitted outfits.

• Plain simple clothing also suits the rectangle figure, Stay away from block shoes.

Example of consumer groups.



Fashion Student Conscious


Early adaptors

I I Young Ethnicity Occupation professional I

I I Laggard Innovator Affluent I


Innovated Shopper.

Innovative Shopper

On Trend Working Mum.

Cool Hunt.

Chrome finishes and two-tone metallics are intense, creating reflective shimmer and a shifting play Of colour for coating On footwear and accessories as well as print.

Beautifully worn-away chenille blanket fabrics are threadbare and frayed with a well-loved look.

Soft rose print sportswear creates a sweet but streetwise look

Exposed bikinis and spaghettistrapped dresses are part of summertime day to evening look. Excessively decorated Pakistani ‘jingle’ trucks lend their cheerful patterns and trims to accessories.

Unedited Photos.

Edited photos.

Final cover photo.

Evaluation • My future trend I have chosen is Edge land- Tough Love which is a Tough tomboy denim style. This trend includes washed and worn denim tones and oversized. This trend worked well in with my magazine, I promoted the denim trend in my magazine with my photo shoot that linked with my style I used a over sized denim jacket with a white crop top and a different tone of denim ripped shorts. My location was set in a farm which links to the Tomboy theme and I used black boots and sunglasses to style the outfit and a usual blue bag to match the denim colours. My hair and makeup was inspired by WGSN on the Tough Love section. • My target consumer group is teenagers because I feel like they are more open to change when It comes to fashion. I have targeted the age group by using a young style. Denim is very popular with teenagers and I used a strobe makeup which is also in style at the moment and also a very funky hair style which is a young look. To style the outfit up I used Isabel Marant boots which is in fashion with all teenagers at the moment and a white crop bandeau top. I have made the shoot look fun so it is more appealing for a younger audience. • The magazine I have chosen is ELLE because it is targeted to young women age 16-30 interested in the latest fashion ands beauty trends which is what my trend is targeted towards. The ELLE magazine shows women’s outfits and styles and tips through out the magazine. I think the ELLE magazine matches my magazine the best because my magazine is targeted to only women and the trend I have chosen is a very young trend. Also the ELLE magazine front covers are usually one photo or two very plain photos with not much editing which is what I have went for with two plain unedited photos blurred into each other.

• The research I done was researching upcoming trends on WGSN I researched a few different trends which I made pages of in my magazine and then I decided on my Tough Love trend. To plan my photo shoots I used a mood board and a concept board to put together what I will use in my photo shoot, lighting, hair and makeup and also the style of my shoot I researched fashion magazines and chosen which one links best with my trend and my photo shoot which was the ELLE magazine. I also researched denim photo shoots to get an idea for my own.

• My photo shoot went to plan because I chose a model and my garment worked well with my trend, I used an oversized denim jacket with a different tone of denim shorts and some boots, sunglasses, bandeau crop top and a fashionable bag to make the trend look younger to link with my magazine. My hair and makeup also went to plan because I made sure that I chose styles that would be easy for me to create on my model so I spent more time on my photo shoot. My photos come out really well and linked with my chosen magazine and style, also they was good to edit because I used all different positions and different props in my shoot. If I was too do my shoot again I would of thought into my props and location of the shoot to match with my outfit to make my shoot more effective.

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