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Lost in a Rhyme The Siege of Colchester By Holley Wilkes

Lost in a Rhyme The Siege of Colchester By Holley Wilkes

A gigantic armored cannon named by

Humpty Dumpty, a weapon which strategically sat high above the battlefield on which it looked over a siege of Colchester during the the soldiers as the

English Civil War. It was built on the city

wall this meant the stronghold was

heavily fortified by the Royalists inside and laid to siege by the Parliamentarians.

Intended for

Humpty Dumpty a deadly

shot was fired from a Parliamentarian cannon which succeeded in destroying a large part of the city wall directly underneath the weapon.

had disastrous consequences , as a single shot fired correctly was enough for the great cannon to fall to the ground destroying the Thiss

city’s main defence against the enemy.

All of the Royalist’s soldiers and the brave and powerful King’s calvary charged with their horses towards the fallen weapon, and although they all attempted to raise the fallen weapon, the King’s defeated calvary and his men found their efforts were tragically in vain.


couldn’t be mended because

of the sheer weight of the cannon. The soldier’s tried to

put the fallen

Humpty back on to the city wall, underneath many men had been brutally crushed,

together their

strength failed and the fallen weapon could not be raised once


I felt the truth and blood in nursery rhymes would intrigue you reader. Origins and theories are written in history about royal plots, battle truths and religion. Such innocent characters in children’s rhymes uncovered, but in the end it’s your choice what you choose to believe, I am merely stating my findings.

Found in a Rhyme Humpty Dumpty By Holley Wilkes


The Siege of Colchester By Holley Wilkes The Siege of Colchester By Holley Wilkes wall this meant the stronghold was the soldiers as the Hum...