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Lost in a Rhyme The Heir of King James II By Holley Wilkes

Lost in a Rhyme The Heir of King James II By Holley Wilkes

Rumors were

hushed after the birth of a

son of King James II of England, Scotland and Ireland. Supposedly born Mary of Modena, the

by his wife

baby was believed

not to be of Royal blood. It is reported that

on many tragic occasions Mary reported to miscarry, on this fact it was based that the child had been smuggled into the birthing room.

The birth evoked fear in

parliament who strongly opposed Catholic ruling, causing a struggle for the crown referred to as the


When eventually the English Parliament caught wind of this child, threatening blows of fear were felt with the thought of a Catholic heir. The cradle refers to the Royal House of Stuart James’s blood line, which

will later feel shaken and rocked after the news that the Netherlands was bringing James’s nephew and son in law, William III of England, who would be invited to take the throne by Parliament.

When an invasion army came from the Netherlands the King fled in the ‘Glorious Revolution’. The

bow refers to the king

as he is the most important branch of the

breaks the natural succession. Mary cradle d her Stuart family tree, when fleeing he

baby and fled with James from England. Which

will leave daughter Mary II to

reign with William III both Protestant religion, heralding the

fall of the Catholic ruler.

downward fall of the House of Stuart tumbles with the King fleeing, The imminent

through this act he abdicates the throne to William III. Destroying natural succession which would have passed to his fast growing up

baby. Laying in his cradle not knowing he was the reason his father lost his throne, the story later tells of his father’s attempt to reclaim the crown. His efforts thwarted at the ‘Battle of the Boyne’

and the song of

Lillibullero was said to have sung him out of

all three Kingdoms.

I felt the truth and blood in nursery rhymes would intrigue you reader. Origins and theories are written in history about royal plots, battle truths and religion. Such innocent characters in children’s rhymes uncovered, but in the end it’s your choice what you choose to believe, I am merely stating my findings.

Found in a Rhyme Hush-A-By-Baby By Holley Wilkes


The Heir of King James II By Holley Wilkes The Heir of King James II By Holley Wilkes

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