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DIMENSION Holley Central School District

March 2012

Students volunteer to turn bits of history into giant scrapbooks T

he Town of Clarendon now has its history from the 1960s through 2003 documented in three 19x24” hardcover scrapbooks thanks to two ambitious Holley Alternative High School students – Megan Tardge and Liz Wheeler-Smith. Melissa Ierlan, town historian, asked Director of Special Programs Karri Schiavone if she could find some volunteers and Social Studies Teacher Matt Hennard stepped up encouraging his Participation in Government students to get involved. A little reluctant not knowing what they were getting themselves into, Megan and Liz stepped forward.

Holley student Liz Wheeler-Smith and Clarendon Town Historian

Melissa Ierlan display two of the three scrapbooks that Liz and Mrs. Ierlan purchased some fellow student Megan Tardge created for the town. Inside each supplies for the girls and told them that book, there is a bookplate with their names. they could arrange the books in any way they wanted as long as the content was in She was so pleased that she invited Megan and Liz to chronological order. It didn’t take long for them to become the February Town Board meeting where they were engrossed in all of the articles and photos. “I brought out presented with certificates of appreciation signed by Town the scrapbooks and began to show them some of the articles Supervisor Richard Moy. Mr. Hennard was also presented from old newspapers that were in there and we started to with a certificate for giving his students the opportunity to laugh about how young some of the people we knew looked participate in the project and for encouraging them to achieve in them,” said Mrs. Ierlan. There was a photo of Donna Lill, more than they thought they could. social studies teacher, when she became engaged. Others were of Brenda Swanger, board member, Karri Schiavone, and many others from way back when.

The students worked steadily on the books and spent many hours outside of school completing them. “I couldn’t believe they were finished with them already,” said Mrs. Ierlan. “A couple of nice, young men helped me carry them out to my car and when I got the chance to look through them, I was so pleased at how nice they turned out.”

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Holley Dimension

March 2012

Budget Workshop dates announced The community is welcome to attend and encouraged to participate in the following budget workshops: Monday, March 5 – Operation/ Maintenance of Plant, Transportation, General Support Monday, March 12 – Instructional Programs/Special Education Monday, March 26 – Board Adopts Budget All workshops will be held in the Elementary School cafeteria at 6 p.m.

Students learn life saving skills


ne quarter of Americans say they’ve been in a situation where someone needed CPR. If you were one of them, would you know what to do? Students in Renee Wolf’s sports medicine class do. Last year Mrs. Wolf certified 17 students in CPR, first aid, and AED for the adult. This year, she had the opportunity to teach 25 new high school students these life-saving skills. “The students really seem to enjoy this part of the class because when they leave here in June, they are not only leaving with their report card or diploma, they are also leaving with their certification in CPR, first aid, and AED,” she said. The class also teaches students about sport-related injuries, taping techniques, and athlete nutrition.

Kyle Bell (left) and Sam DeFilipps practice mouth-to-mouth resuscitation in their sports medicine class taught by Renee Wolf.

Thinking of running for school board?

Alumni Hall of Fame nominations due April 27


he Holley Central School District has an Alumni Hall of Fame to recognize Holley High School alumni who have achieved distinction at the local, regional, national or international level in any appropriate area of endeavor, such as academics/education, arts, business, media, public/military service, philanthropy or science. Nominees must be graduates of Holley High School of at least 10 years. The nomination form is due to Superintendent Robert D’Angelo by Friday, April 27, 2012. The District Improvement Team will review the applications and make a selection. The honoree will be recognized at the high school awards ceremonies in June, and a plaque will be displayed in the foyer of the Middle School/High School. The Alumni Hall of Fame began with the 2009-10 school year. Recognized alumni include James J. Piedimonte (2010) and Mary Leuze (2011). For an application, visit


Holley Central School District


he Monroe County School Boards Association is holding a Prospective School Board Candidate Seminar on Saturday, March 31 from 8 to 11 a.m. at the Airport Holiday Inn. Participants do not need to live in Monroe County. The seminar will: • Help you learn what role you can play in your school district’s governance; • Describe what school board membership involves; • Demonstrate the kinds of assistance to expect from your local school boards association and district leaders if you decide to run; • Recommend techniques for getting elected if you decide to run.

The registration fee is $10 and the deadline is March 23. The fee covers a continental breakfast and written materials that include legal documents of candidates, sample candidate literature, and expectations of school board members. For a registration form and agenda,



Tuesday, March 20 – 1-7 P.M. ONLY Registration will be held in the Elementary Library Classroom. You will need the following documents to register your child: • BIRTH CERTIFICATE, • IMMUNIZATION RECORD • PROOF OF RESIDENCY (utility bill, etc.) Parents will NOT be able to register their child without these.

Pre-K and kindergarten physicals are REQUIRED by September 1. NO PRE-K REGISTRATION WILL BE ALLOWED BEFORE MARCH 20. In order to register for pre-K, children must be four years of age by December 1, 2012. In order to register for kindergarten, children must be five years of age by December 1, 2012.

Holley Dimension Get ready for


– March 8-11!

The talented students of Holley Middle School/High School

will take to the stage to perform Footloose!

March 2012

Thursday through Saturday, March 8-10 at 7 p.m. and Sunday, March 11 at 2 p.m.

The following is a list of the main characters and the students who have been selected to play them.

Tickets w advan ill be $6 ce sal e an $7 at the do d or.

Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

Ren McCormack Cameron Quaranto Andrew Heath Andrew Heath Cameron Quaranto

Ethel McCormack Emily Kordovich Cassie Vaccarelli Mary Elliot Mary Elliot

Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

Travis Steve Schubmehl Steve Schubmehl Steve Schubmehl Steve Schubmehl

Cop/Fiddler Cabel Witt Cabel Witt Cabel Witt Cabel Witt

Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

Rev Shaw Moore Richie Spence Pat Stetzel Richie Spence Pat Stetzel

Vi Moore Jennifer Spychalski Katie Wolfe Jennifer Spychalski Katie Wolfe

Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

Betty Blast Emily Owens Maddie Pritchard Emily Owens Maddie Pritchard

Irene Sami Barniak Helen Alemu Sami Barniak Helen Alemu

Cowgirl Sadie Katie Wolfe Katie Wolfe Katie Wolfe Katie Wolfe

Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

Ariel Moore Alyssa Lasch Melissa Qualey Brianna Blackburn Sarah Causyn

LuLu Warnicker Jessica Shenck Jessica Shenck Jessica Shenck Jessica Shenck

Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

Willard Hewitt Zach DeLuca Brad Carroll Zach DeLuca Brad Carroll

Principal Clark David Smith David Smith David Smith David Smith

Jeter Brian Jacobs Brian Jacobs Brian Jacobs Brian Jacobs

Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

Wes Warnicker Jacob McAllister Jacob McAllister Jacob McAllister Jacob McAllister

Coach Roger Dunbar Timur Doenmez Timur Doenmez Timur Doenmez Timur Doenmez

Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

Bickle William Harrington William Harrington William Harrington William Harrington

Garvin Andrew Heath Cameron Quaranto Cameron Quaranto Andrew Heath

Cowboy Bob Zach DeLuca Brad Carroll Zach DeLuca Brad Carroll

Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

Eleanor Dunbar Teresa Nicoletti Gabby Adams Teresa Nicoletti Cassie Vaccarelli

Rusty Melissa Qualey Monica Merlau Alyssa Lasch Brianna Blackburn

Bomont Teens Leah Baker, Brianna Barber, Hannah Ellsmore, Angelica Kavanagh, Cory Spychalski, Melanie Wolf

Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

Urleen Jen Hendel Sarah Causyn Monica Merlau Sierra Mendez

Wendy Jo Emily Skehen Lexi Reyngoudt Emily Skehen Lexi Reyngoudt

Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

Chuck Cranston Adam Stetzel Adam Stetzel Pat Stetzel Richie Spence

Lyle Corey Winter Corey Winter Corey Winter Corey Winter

Dance Captains Jenna Livezey, Claudia Passarell, Rachael Spychalski, Courtney Strickland, Hannah Sulkowski Lead Dancers Nicole Blackburn, Taylor DeSimone, Molly Falkenstein, Bailey Flint, Karlissa Harper, Jenna Livezey, Alicia Lutes, Tess McArthur, Bailey Papaj, Emily Radford

Lexi Reyngoudt, Jessica Shenck, Emily Skehan, Jessica Skehan, Deanna Sommerfeldt, Cassie Vaccarelli, Brianna VanAmeron, Paige Whittier Dance Squad One Leah Baker, Juli Cuccaro, Claudia Drechsel, Annie Jewell, Kristen Nenni, Courtney Winkley Dance Squad Two Andie Carpenter, Heather Jones, Katie Morgan, Chelsea Norman

Middle School/ High School update by Susan Cory, Principal


s I write this during February break, I am amazed that the school is still abuzz with activities during school vacations. Students are practicing for sectional basketball games; we have wrestlers gearing up to compete in the state wrestling tournament; and we have musical practice every day in anticipation of opening night on March 8. Tickets for the musical are currently on sale for $6. They will be $7 at the door. You can order tickets by calling or stopping by the Middle School/High School office. Students are what this school is all about. I do want to take a minute to get serious about students and the things that we

hear are influencing their lives every day. In Holley, not unlike other communities, we are hearing that we have more and more young people experimenting with prescription medication. It is hard to believe, but they do not seem to fear putting something that they know nothing about into their bodies. Part of the problem is that prescription medication is so widely available. Having prescription medication at school without doctor consent and the proper paperwork completed can lead to disciplinary action. Please talk to your child about the responsible use of medication. It is also a good idea to monitor your medicine cabinets and those of relatives with access to some of the favorites: Oxycontin, Oxycodone, Vicodin, Percocet,

and Ritalin to name a few. We are also hearing that Suboxone, a drug given to heroin addicts, is becoming quite popular in providing its own high. Synthetic marijuana is being used by and sold legally to our young people. Common ordinary bath salts are also popular. These can cause a “high” and would be considered “look alike” drugs according to our district’s code of conduct. It is important that we all work together to keep our children safe. If you have concerns or need further information, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s counselor or another member of the mental health team. They are there as a resource for you and your child.

Holley Central School District 3

Holley Dimension

March 2012

Theater Guild proves that “It’s a jungle out there!”


he primary gym at the Elementary School was transformed into a jungle for the Theater Guild’s third full-length play – Jungle Book. Over 80 students participated in an unforgettable performance directed by Teacher Assistants Alexa Downey and Jennifer Morgan. The lead performers included: Briana Colucci as Kaa, Matthew DeSimone as Mowgli, Caitlin Dobri and Emma Downey as peacocks, Jacob Downey as Bagheera, Emma Kennedy as the narrator, Kayleigh Neale as the girl, Nick Schutz as Baloo, and Matthew Skehan as Shere Khan.

Serving in supporting roles as elephants, wolves, vultures, and monkeys were dozens of other dedicated performers dressed in authentic costumes made by Crystal Dobri. Retired art teacher Larry Dabney created beautiful jungle scenes as the backdrop. Students rehearsed for weeks to memorize their lines and polish all of their cues. Parent volunteers Carm Miller and Theresa Neil pitched in during rehearsals and wherever else they were needed. Behind the scenes, the stage crew of students Alex Lane, Sierra Verhagen, Kyle Webster, and Dalton Thurley made sure each scene transitioned flawlessly as did the scenery crew that included Erik Balys, Ethan and Emily Bibby, Kasey DeFrank, Matthew Gemerek, Brandt and Brianna Heffernan, Dawson and Autumn Moy, Victoria Ryan, Kevin Schojan, Tyra Shephard, and Aaron Strathern. Providing music and technical support was Teacher Karen Quaranto. The actors performed for their peers during the day and for family members during two evening performances. After the school day performance, Food Service Director Vickie Scroger had special jungle cupcakes for lunch, and Amy Ellsmore, who works in the cafeteria, used her artistic talents to decorate the food line with palm trees, vines, and primates!


hard working fundraisers!

year, elementary students Forhadthethethird opportunity to sell Save Around

Rochester coupon books to raise money for the School Improvement Fund. This year, students raised $4,110! Part of the money is used to bring in a guest speaker to launch the Jump Rope for Heart event. This year’s speaker was former NFL player Tony Collins, who spoke to the entire school on February 3 then joined the Jump Rope for Heart event the next day. The class that placed first with $800 in sales was Lynn Vendetti’s class. They won a pizza party for all of their hard work. Loretta Giarrizzo’s class and Sue Thornton’s class tied for second with $540, and Tricia Draper’s class came in third with $420. The individual winners each received a $25 American Express cash card. Tied for first were Aaron Brown in Mary Kelly’s sixth grade class and Gina Sauro in Lynn Vendetti’s fourth grade class, each with $300 in sales. Tied for second place with $200 were Jonathan Finger in Mrs. Thornton’s class and Kiera Richards in Mrs. Draper’s class. Receiving honorable mention with $180 in sales were Ethan Hudzinski in Mrs. Giarrizzo’s class and Ava Hayes in Mrs. Thornton’s class.

(L-r) Kiera Richards, Gina Sauro, Aaron Brown, and Jonathan Finger. Please note that the sixth grade honor roll that was published in the February Dimension was actually the first quarter honor roll. The second quarter honor roll will be published in the April issue. Our apologies for this error.


Holley Central School District

Holley Dimension


By Kristina Mack, School Counselor

Senior planning

Students planning to attend college after graduation should be filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as soon as possible. Visit to complete your form online. The FAFSA is the source of all federal and state aid, loans, and workstudy programs. The form must be filled out online and submitted to the colleges by their due dates in order to be eligible for these programs.

Community college plans?

Anyone planning to attend a community college after graduation should have applied by now. Once the deposit has been sent in, students can take placement tests and register for classes. The earlier the better!

Juniors – sign-up for the SAT and/or the ACT!

Juniors who are considering college after graduation should plan to take the SAT and/or ACT in May or June. Students can register online at for the SAT and at for the ACT. Students currently receiving free or reduced price lunches should see their counselor for a fee waiver – come quickly because the fee waivers run out.


The ASVAB is coming!

March 2012



On Monday, March 26, the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) will be administered to high school students. This is a test that not only qualifies students to enlist in the military, but is also a free aptitude test that explores what jobs students would be best suited for in the real world. Students in grades 10-12 are encouraged to take this test regardless of whether or not they have an interest in joining the military. Stop by the counseling office to sign up.

Congratulations to the following seniors on receiving college acceptance letters. Seniors are encouraged to provide copies of their letters to their school counselor and their names will be published in Dimension.

College Information Events

Courtney Drake Genesee Community College

The C.A.I.N. (College Admission Information Night) will be held on Monday, March 5 at 6:45 p.m. at Spencerport High School. College representatives from Alfred, Brockport, MCC, RIT and others will be attending to answer any of your questions regarding the college admission process. Please make every effort to attend! The Rochester National College Fair will be held at the Rochester Riverside Convention Center on Sunday, March 11 from 1 to 3:30 p.m. and on Monday, March 12 from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. Sponsored by the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) and hosted by the New York State Association for College Admission Counseling (NYSACAC), this event is free and open to the public.

Points to remember when talking with your child about sex • Take time to think and gain clarification • Honest communication about your own attitudes, beliefs, and between parent and child is values, and be willing to share them with important. your child. • Even disagreeing about values is • Ask yourself: Where do my attitudes, beneficial to both parent and child. It beliefs, and values come from? Are allows the child to hear what the parent they universal? (E.g., we all agree that thinks, and it allows the parent to hear children have a right to be safe.) Are they what the child thinks. personal? (E.g., we may differ in our • Challenging and examining values can beliefs about when people should begin be a powerful influence on a child’s sexual activity.) Which of your values do developing sexuality. you most want your child to share? For more information, visit:

Brianna Blackburn Clarkson University Bradly Carroll Drexel University Kings University (NYC)

Mary Elliott Monroe Community College Timothy Gallets Clarkson University Brian-Anthony Jacobs Genesee Community College Sierra Mendes Monroe Community College Danielle Rhodes Finger Lakes Community College

Holley student named

Student in the Spotlight


Dominique Mendes was selected as the WEMOCO Career and Technical Education Center Student in the Spotlight for January. The Student in the Spotlight represents the key qualities of respect, responsibility, and safety in an outstanding manner. Dominique attends the WEMOCO Culinary Arts course.

Congratulations, Dominique!

Holley Central School District 5

Holley Dimension

March 2012

Holley announces second quarter honor roll


he Middle School/High School has announced the honor roll and high honor roll for the second marking period. High honors are for all students who maintain a grade average of 89.5 percent or higher. Honors are for students who maintain a grade average of 84.5 to 89.4 percent. The following students received these honors:

HIGH HONOR ROLL Seventh Grade: Lisa Alemu, Christopher Balys, Bryce Baxter, Hannah Biedlingmaier, Jaiya Blackwell, Anna Brasted, Andie Carpenter, Andrew Cary, Claudia Drechsel, Hannah Ellsmore, Makenzie Ferranti, Isaiah Flow, Megan Fribance, Megan Hatfield, Emily Herzog, Derrick Hildreth II, Dylan Hillabush, Ashlyn Hotchkiss, Corinne Johnson, Vadim Kagel, Taylor Kimmerly, Rebecca Kinsey, Jessica Mandigo, Alice McAllister, Derek McArthur, Dylan McKay, Jennah McMillion, Veronica Mendoza, Garrett Moy, Akira Nieves, Collin Nothnagle, Collin Papaj, Gaje Papponetti, James Skehan, Jeffrey VanOrden II, Mika Vazquez-Pulcino, and Diana Yaroshchuk. Eighth Grade: Xander Apicella, Christopher Barrett, Amber Becker, Cameron Bennage, Danielle Bevins, Meghan Clark, Flint DiLella, Levi Fahmer, Dana Frisbee, Gillian Gallets, Mikayla Hargreaves, Anne Jewell, Melanie Klossner, Colton Major, Cassandra Mohney, Kristen Nenni, Inna Odeychuk, Jessica Riis, Alaina Roniger, Riley Sanger, Jared Scherer, Ricci Shenck, Nikki Siplo, Brady Smith, Mikala Smith, Sienna Steier, Zachary Trask, Heather Winkley, Melanie Wolf, and Anna Yaroshchuk. Ninth Grade: Leah Baker, Taylor Bell, Jonathan Bower, Nicole Boyle, Joseph DeFelice, Taylor DeSimone, Kayla Guck, Sarah Lusk, Tessa McArthur, Hailey Murphy, Bailey Papaj, Zachary Peashey, Ian Penders, Nicholas Pifer, Cole Quiter, Emily Radford, Cassandra Rivera, Andrew Rowley, Jessica Skehan, Andrew Spychalski, Jade Underwood, and Thad Whittier.


Holley Central School District

Tenth Grade: Nicole Blackburn, Daniel Flanagan, Bailey Flint, Justin Gaines, Jennifer Hendel, Emily Kordovich, Shelby Kunker, Nicole Mauro, Kayla MichaelLane, Isaac Miller, Claudia Passarell, Lexi Reyngoudt, Emily Skehan, Paige Whittier, and Morgan Zona. Eleventh Grade: Kyle Bell, Jacob Bower, Grace Callaghan, Marissa Callahan, Samuel Defilipps, Steven Dill, Andrew Flanagan, Heather Fumia, Megan Gentile, Joshua Hatfield, Shannon Kelly, Starlyt Knight, Dylan Lotzow, John Morriell, Cassandra Napoleon, Emily Owens, Jacob Pickard, Alyssa Scherer, Jadyn Seewagen, Alicia Smith, David Smith, Courtney Strickland, Hannah Sulkowski, Kassandra Sutton, Nicholas Winkley, and Kaitlyn Wolfe. Twelfth Grade: Kelly Bates, William Bell II, Brianna Blackburn, Donald Brice, Jacob Brooks, Bradly Carroll, Nohely Castillo, Sarah Causyn, Zachary DeLuca, Tyler DeYoung, Mikayla Dibelka, Thomas Donovan, David Eller, Mary Elliott, Alicia Ford, Timothy Gallets, Brianna Goodwin, Robert Gregoire, Brandon Grzywacz, Cynthia Hansen, Tylur Harper, Andrew Heath, Cheyenne Hovey, April Iachetta, Amber Kenyon, Nicholas Kimmel, Michelle LaBelle, Michele Ladd, Alyssa Lasch, Jenna Livezey, Samantha Lotzow, Samuel Mauro, Sierra Mendes, Eric Mitchell, Nicole Morales, David Moore, Camron Quaranto, Danielle Rhodes, Ashley Ross, Stephen Schubmehl, Jessica Shenck, Lindsay Smith, Jennifer Spychalski, Patrick Stetzel, Anne Towsley, Cassandra Vaccarelli, Amber Verstreate, and Taylor Zona.

HONOR ROLL Seventh Grade: Jayla Blackwell, Lukas Hogle, Jason Kimmel, Katie Morgan, Jubilee Newton, Ryley O’Mara, Trent Osborne, Heather Ramsey, Madeline Rowley, Bailey Schubmehl, Zachary Schultz, Tyler Singer, Melea Towlsley, and Spencer Tupis.

Eighth Grade: Helen Alemu, Brianna Barber, Braden Clark, Juliana Cuccaro, Trevor Farrow, Rebecca Gay, Randi Gergely, Emma Grathouse, Skylar Keiffer, Thomas Kelly, Brittany Kunker, Tiffany McMillion, Salina Merriam, Bradley Moore, Santino Morales, Ryan Moseman, Natalie Mrzywka, Justin Parker, Angela Pinson, Adrianna Rosario, Zeffray Schumacher, Brittney Shattuck, Nicholas Shenck, Connor Stevens, Shayna Swisher, Richard Tamblin, and Courtney Winkley. Ninth Grade: Samantha Barniak, Martin Beadle, Lorene Biedlingmaier, Kayla Brooks, Mikeylah Burgos, Jeffery Hale, Gunter Hotchkiss, Emily Klimack, Jonathan Rusin, Tara Ryan, Adrianna Shepherd, Lucas Silvis, Rachael Spamer, and Brianna VanAmeron. Tenth Grade: Taylor Greean, Macy Gurzynski, Dustin Hendrickson, Melissa Larnder, Jacob McAllister, Monica Merlau, Savanna Merriam, Jimmie Jo Neary, Darlene Sommerfeldt, John Tanis IV, David Weaver, Joshua Welch, Tiffany Winkelman, and Alyssa Young. Eleventh Grade: William Barniak, Tyler Battaglia, Kali Buzard, Zachary Clark, Brenna DeFelice, Travis Finger, Michael Frisbee, Tyler Hoag, Zachary Hogle, Steven Johnson, Edward Kane, Hunter Keys, Dominique Mendes, Jessica Nenni, Cadizsh Norford, Rachel Oliver, Rachel Penders, Melissa Qualey, Brionnah Raglan, Danielle Russ, Deanna Sommerfeldt, Rachael Spychalski, Jennifer Weber, and Chelsea White. Twelfth Grade: Samantha Breyette, Timur Doenmez, Rebecca Gates, Elizabeth Harder, Emily Hendel, Dominic Iacuzza, Cortney Lawrence, Jannel Lawrence, Samantha McElwain, Justin Mulcahy, Chabre` Potter, Aaron Schutz, Justin Scott, Kadriss Seda, and Delaney Williams.

Holley Dimension

March 2012

Wrestlers named Section V Class BB and Super Sectional Champions


ongratulations to the Holley varsity wrestling team on taking the Section V Class BB title at East Rochester and being named Super Sectional Champions at RIT. Martin Beadle, Tim Butler, Nick Cuccaro, Andy Flanagan, Taylor Klimack, Sam Mauro, Quinton Murphy, Kacee Sauer, Mike Silvis, Alan White, and Nick Winkley competed in Super Sectionals, and Andrew Flanagan, Quinton Murphy, Kacee Sauer and Mike Silvis went on to Albany on February 24 and 25 for the NYSPHSAA (New York State Public High School Athletic Association) Tournament, where Quinton earned his fourth state championship, and Kacee took third, and Andrew and Mike both took fifth in their weight classes. The team went undefeated in the Genesee Region League and won the League Championship. League All Stars are Martin Beadle, Tim Butler, Andy Flanagan, Sam Mauro, Quinton Murphy, Kacee Sauer, Mike Silvis, and Alan White. Nick Cuccaro and Nick Winkley received honorable mention. Eight wrestlers also made the All Academic Team: Sam DeFilipps, Andy Flanagan, Dan Flanagan, Tylur Harper, Sam Mauro, Isaac Miller, Nick Winkley, and Cabel Witt. Congratulations to Coach John Grillo, and Assistant Coaches Andrew Grillo, Rich Hannan, and Mike Kemp on leading Holley wrestlers through another victorious season!

Former pro football player

(L-r) Quinton Murphy, Andrew Flanagan, Mike Silvis, and Kacee Sauer were given the royal sendoff during a parade at the Middle School/High School. The four wresters competed in the NYSPHSAA Tournament in Albany the last weekend in February.

– “It takes heart to be a hero”


aving a former Super Bowl running back right in your gymnasium on the eve of Super Bowl weekend is an experience Holley students won’t soon forget. Football player Tony Collins picked the perfect time to visit Holley Elementary School where he talked to students about his struggles to make the right decisions off the field and how positive thinking turned his life around. Collins spent nine seasons in the NFL with the New England Patriots and Miami Dolphins. His successful career was highlighted by a Pro Bowl selection in 1983, a single-game rushing record of 212 yards for the Patriots, and a trip to Super Bowl XX.

Lisa Campbell, physical education teacher, poses with former NFL player Tony Collins, who she brought to Holley to kick off the Jump Rope for Heart event. Mrs. Campbell has been organizing the event for the past 27 years.

Students and staff gave Collins a hero’s reception both days of his visit, and he obliged by posing for photos and signing autographs. But he was honest about the bad choices he made earlier in his career, and how important it is for kids to listen to their parents and surround themselves with good people. Collins’ visit was funded exclusively with money students earned by selling coupon books. For the past three years students have sold the books to raise money for the school improvement fund and part of those funds have been used to bring in a guest speaker to kick off the Jump Rope for Heart event. This is Holley’s 27th year participating in the Jump Rope for Heart event during which time the school community has raised over $220,000 for American Heart Association programs and research. Look for a list of the top fundraisers and total raised coming soon.

Fall Scholar Athletes In the February issue of Dimension, Scholar Athletes for the fall season were recognized. Unfortunately, students who were not present for the photos were not included on this page. In addition, the boys’ track and field photo should have been labeled “cross country.” Please accept our sincere apologies for this error. The missing students were: James Edwards – football Alyssa Scherer – girls’ volleyball

Holley Central School District 7

Holley Dimension

March 2012

March 2012

Superintendent of Schools Robert C. D'Angelo Board of Education John Heise, President Brenda Swanger, Vice President Elaine Berg Salvatore De Luca, Jr. Norman Knight Dorothy Morgan Robin Silvis Kellie Spychalski John C. Welch, Jr. Holley Dimension is produced with the assistance of the Communication and Technology Services (CaTS) Department at Monroe 2–Orleans BOCES. Editor: Grace Griffee, 585-349-9072, Photography: Grace Griffee Layout & Design: Lisa Mott


Sophomore braves

16 5 Budget Workshop (Operation/ Maintenance of Plant, Transportation, General Support), ES Cafeteria, 6 p.m. 19 6-7 ES Spring Pictures 7 MS/HS Interim Reports Available 20 Online Story Hour, “Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss,” 10:30-11:30 a.m., Community Free Library 8-11 Musical Footloose, Thurs.-Sat., 21 7 p.m.; Sun., 2 p.m., MS/HS Auditorium 9 ES Interim Reports Sent Home 22 ACT Registration Deadline 10 SAT

Early Dismissal for Students Staff Development Day Secondary students dismissed at 10:33 a.m.; elementary students dismissed at 11:33 a.m.


Budget Workshop (Instructional Program/Special Education), ES Cafeteria, 6 p.m.


Music in Our Schools Month Concert, ES Band & Chorus, 9:30 a.m., MS/HS Auditorium


PTSA Meeting, 5:30 p.m., ES Library

Story Hour, “St. Patrick’s Day,” 10:30-11:30 a.m., Community Free Library


Budget Workshop (Board Adopts Budget), 6 p.m., ES Cafeteria


MS/HS Parent-Teacher Conferences, 3-6 p.m.

2-3 All County Music Festival (ES Chorus, MS Band, HS Chorus), Medina

Board of Education Meeting, 6 p.m., District Office Board Room Pre-K & Kindergarten Registration, 1-7 p.m., ES Library Classroom Music in Our Schools Month Concert, MS/HS Band & Chorus, 7 p.m., MS/HS Auditorium Story Hour, “Spring is Coming,” 10:30-11:30 a.m., Community Free Library Music in Our Schools Month Concert, ES Band & Chorus, 7 p.m., MS/HS Auditorium

28 Story Hour, “March Wind,” 10:30-11:30 a.m., Community Free Library 30

Third Marking Period Ends

Elementary Students of the Month for


for Special Olympics The weather was so icy for this year’s Polar Plunge in Lake Ontario that participants had to dodge ice chunks and wade through slush. Sophomore Brendan Edwards lost his shoes in the water, so he had to be carried out per the event rules, but he completed his task and together with his team raised over $500 for Special Olympics New York. In all, 1,600 total plungers participated raising a total of $225,000 for this worthwhile organization.


Holley Central School District

The January Students of the Month were recognized for consistently displaying respect, responsibility and safety: (first row, l-r) Lorenzo Zaragoza, Layne Walker, and Luminara Virgilio; (second row) Hailey Williams, Hope Falls, Kendell Spencer, Erin Kelly, and Mason Neale; (third row) Brandyn Snell, Sara Kingdollar, Nicole Ramsey, Sarah Klatt, Anastasiya Yaroshchuk, Kamryn Berner, and Taylor LaPlante; (fourth row) Dustin Wilston, Tyler Colucci, Aliyah Weaver, Jacob Richards, Briana Colucci, Kamryn Penna, and Douglas Carroll. Not shown, Brandi Heffernan and Kayla Nenni.

Dimension - March 2012  
Dimension - March 2012  

This is the official community newsletter for the Holley Central School District.