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It all started in Ireland in 1834 when Thomas bushell was born.

thOmas bushell served in the British army. while He was there he attacked a warder and was sentenced for life.

Not much is known about Thomas's early life but at the age of 22he was still un married.

For two years Thomas stayed at the prison in england befor being sent on Edwin fox in 1858 to australia.

The ship condition We're bad and Not all convicts survived the trip to

Most of the convicts got diseases or heat stroke and died. thomas fearEd for his life on the treacherous journey to australia.

Thomas bushell survived the trip and when he arrived he was sent straight to work in the kitchen.

While he was in the cell he was depressed so he tried to commit suicide with the cord from his jacket.

But when Thomas destroyed destroys kitchen knives he was punished by being locked in a cell for four months without any fresh air.

Sadly Not long after Thomas Bushell's life came to an end. Thomas bushell was hung in 1865 at the Age of 31.


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