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Civil, Commercial and Administrative Litigation Our Mexico City office provides first-rate litigation services through dedicated highly knowledgeable attorneys in a wide array of dispute areas. Our litigation team has worked in disputes including and involving banking and finance, fiduciary, regulatory, competition, energy, trade, telecommunications, construction, corporate, bankruptcy and restructuring, intellectual property, real estate, amparo, and constitutional law. In addition, through coordination with our other areas, the team is capable of handling most adversarial proceedings.

BUSINESS ORIENTED HANDS‐ON APPROACH Our lawyers are fully trained in all aspects of litigation before local and federal civil, commercial and administrative courts. Our experience also allows us to handle disputes in any state of the country through a vast network of trusted correspondents. Our focus will always be to achieve industry-oriented solutions for your business, in the most expeditious and efficient way possible, while keeping you apprised of every step taken through the court system.

Representative Experience  Representing a global corporation in the waste treatment and disposal industry in multimillion-dollar commercial litigation derived from the acquisition of a Mexican company; administrative litigation regarding diverse aspects of the operation of the company in Mexico  Representing a major Spanish telecommunication company in complex administrative matters and other business-related litigation in Mexico  Representing a global company in the traffic safety market sector in multimillion-dollar litigation before the courts in Mexico regarding disputes stemming from their business relationship with a local company  Advising a client regarding a dispute over the lease for the largest airplane repair and maintenance facility in Latin America and on other issues dealing with its operations in Mexico  Advice and representation of a global bank in several of the largest bankruptcies in Mexico  Representation of one of the largest corporations in the printing and packaging industries before local administrative authorities and federal tribunals to defend the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) origin of products exported to Mexico

DISPUTE PREVENTION Our goal with every client is to provide our services well beyond the courtroom in order to offer pre- and post-dispute prevention. As such, we focus on advising on different methods of conflict prevention, including:

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 identification of contracts, agreements, covenants, communications or any document or operation that could represent a risk of future litigation  review of administrative agreements, acquisitions or public works, among others  analysis of merchandise control methods, credit documentation, agreements, constitution of guarantees  study of the control processes and how the company routinely documents its activities, especially the documentation that goes out to third parties  analysis of ongoing litigations, negotiations and their possibilities of success  identification and proposal of cases that may be submitted to alternative methods of dispute resolution (mediation, arbitration, etc.)  analysis of credits by the client and their contingency  diagnosis to propose the commercial bankruptcy of the company, if required

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