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book III gabe holland

mysterious ancient durability

animal inspiration: scarab beetle The hieroglyphic image of the beetle represents a trilateral phonetic that Egyptologists transliterate as xpr or ḍpr and translates as "to transform". The plunge router is known as one of the most versatile tools that has the ability to transforms to several situations. And like the scarab it is a mysterious thing not completely understood by all.

metaphor Scarab beetles are known to tunnel or dig, similar to how a router digs its way into the material it is cutting. Scarabs are an ancient insect that has stood the test of time. A plunge router should be as durable and stand up to any task. The plunge router has a main body with noticeably thinner appendages similar to a scarab. Because of its numerous depictions in Egyptian hieroglyphics a scarab has an almost god-like reputation. The router I design should be revered for its perfection in design.

metaphor details Personality: Durable, Unstoppable, Compact but powerful, Surprisingly aggressive Form: Smooth main body, jagged appendages Materials: Heavy textures, Semigloss finish, Tried and true traditional materials Color: Darker colors, Black, Grey, Surprising accent colors Details: Striated body, Unexpected angles contrasted with streamline main body

zoomorphic concept introduction

sa mura if e e l i ng

t urn t oa dj ustde pt h

doub l eha ndl e s ma yb emoreuse f ul

ra di use db a se

zoomor phi csket chpage1

a nt e nna el i keha ndl e s

doub l e“ l e gge d”ha ndl e s

b e e t l e ’ s mout h

zoomor phi csket chpage2

b e e t l eshe l l

t hi n prof i l eb a se f or i mprove d vi si b i l i t y

sol i db a r cont i nue sf or b ot h oft hepl unge rs

zoomor phi csket chpage3

ha ndl e sl oca t e d on t het op oft hema i nb ody

f re e st a ndi ng

ha ndl e s ca n swi ve l

zoomor phi csket chpage4

f l oa t i ng ye tconce a l e d mot or posi t i on

ma i n housi ng b e come s ha ndl e s

zoomor phi csket chpage5

zoomor phi cr ender i ng

hygienic soft-geometric simplicity

brand inspiration: philips Philips electronics is one of the largest electronics companies in the world, founded and headquartered in the Netherlands. Philips has four main divisions: Consumer Electronics, Appliances and Personal Care Products, Lighting, and Healthcare products. These four division give philips a broad spectrum of products to express their design language.

metaphor Some of the biggest complaints when using a plunge router were visibility, dust collection, and ease of use. Philips product all have a very clean and sanitary look about them. They look easy to clean. They also have a pure simplicity that keeps them uncomplicated and easy to use. The router I am designing needs to have fewer distracting adjustments and parts to keep the focus on the ease of use. The use of clear plastic on several philips products gives increased visibility that I would like to bring to my product.

metaphor details Personality: Clean, Uncluttered, Friendly, Straightforward Form: Soft geometry, General symmetry, banded Materials: Plastics, Acrylic (clear plastics), brushed or chromed metals Color: Black, White, Grey, Clear, Fresh and minimal accent colors Details: Simple details, Intuitive displays and human interface, circles

brandmorphic concept introduction

ha ndl e sf l i p outf or use

onl y ha l f pl unge s

f l ush st ori ng ha ndl e s

se l fcont a i ni ng

br andmor phi csket chpage1

se a l e dt opre ve nt dustl e a ks cyl i ndri ca l mot or housi ng

dust col l e ct i on

si mpl eha ndl e s

pl ungemot i on gui de db y ha ndl e si na cryl i c sl ot s

mot or housi ng conf i gura t i ons

re mova b l eb a sef or cl e a ni ng

br andmor phi csket chpage2

pl ungi ng cyl i nde r curve t oma t ch b ody sha pe

t hi n prof i l e ha ndl e s

ha ndl e ss. . .

br andmor phi csket chpage3

sl i m ce nt ra l cyl i nde rf orm pre va i l s

ga s pre ssuri ze d pl ungi ng cyl i nde rs

br andmor phi csket chpage4

br andmor phi csket chpage5

br andmor phi cr ender i ng

Book III  
Book III  

Book three for Junior Spring Studio Class