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Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital is Canada’s largest pediatric rehabilitation and complex continuing care teaching hospital, fully affiliated with the University of Toronto. Holland Bloorview’s work covers the full spectrum from clinical care and treatment, to assistive technologies and rehabilitation therapies, to creative arts, education and research.

Transform care


A world of possibility


 olland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital provides specialized programs H and clinical care for children and youth with rehabilitation and complex care needs to enable them to participate in life to the fullest. We are Canada’s leading pediatric rehabilitation teaching hospital, dedicated to being at the forefront of clinical care, research and education. As a key resource for Ontario, we are committed to partnerships to build clinical, academic and community capacity to enhance the quality of life for children with rehabilitation and complex care needs and their families.


CARING Providing exemplary care, we are dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of our clients, families, volunteers and staff.

EXCELLENCE Striving for excellence, we are committed to safety, accountability, evaluation and continuous quality improvement.

CLIENT AND FAMILY CENTRED CARE Applying the principles of partnership, respect and communication, we are committed to a family-centred approach in all we do.

• Increase the production and use of evidence based guidelines in clinical practice. • Increase the level and quality of client and family engagement at Holland Bloorview. • Adopt new technologies and processes that lead to more effective use of resources. • Develop a five year plan for the Centre for Leadership in Acquired Brain Injury that articulates key milestones and deliverables. • Refresh the five year plan for the Centre for Leadership in Child Development with a focus on CP and Autism that identifies key milestones and deliverables. • Implement the plan for the Centre for Leadership in Participation & Inclusion, ensuring milestones and deliverables are identified in the three priority areas: wellness, music and arts, and transitions to adulthood.

Lead the system • Implement new models with partners that enhance navigation and improve access.

INNOVATION Fostering a culture of inquiry and innovation, we aspire to lead the way in clinical care, education and research in the field of childhood disability.

• Build strategic partnerships that lead to improved transitions for youth.

PARTNERSHIP Working in partnership with clients, families, staff, volunteers and key external partners, we take a team approach to clinical care, education and research.

• Develop an advocacy/stakeholder relations plan that focuses on identified advocacy issues related to barriers and access.


Exec u ti ve su m m a r y

Accelerate knowledge • Develop a new plan for the Bloorview Research Institute that maps out a growth strategy complementing the strategic plan. • Implement the teaching and learning strategy with a focus on simulation- based learning. • Enhance the quality of the student experience across the organization. • Enhance knowledge translation and develop a commercialization strategy that broadens the impact of innovations developed at Holland Bloorview.

Inspire our people • Develop and implement plans to enhance leadership skills that will support models of care that reinforce shared decision-making and collaboration. • Implement a corporate wide plan that promotes and reinforces critical thinking, curiosity and learning. • Attract, recruit, develop and retain outstanding leaders in the field of childhood disability. • Grow the number of staff involved in academic and research activities to achieve our mandate as an academic health sciences centre.

Holland Bloorview’s new five-year strategic plan sets out to define us as world leaders in the field of childhood disability. As Canada’s largest children’s rehabilitation hospital, we are already at the forefront of clinical care, research and teaching. Our new plan positions us to thrive on the world-stage as we take on the next five years. Our new strategic plan, Leadership in Childhood Disability: 2012-2017, is the product of the ideas and wisdom of our many stakeholders, most importantly, our clients and their families. It is firmly anchored by our vision: A world of possibility for kids with disability. While our new plan is forward-looking, it is founded on a remarkable history. The achievements of our outgoing strategic plan, Infinite Possibilities 2007-2012, and over a century of dedication to improving quality of life for kids with disabilities and their families, is the basis for some new and exciting directions for Holland Bloorview. Holland Bloorview’s determination to lead has inspired us to be ambitious as well as thoughtful in our planning. Our new strategic plan will help us navigate a challenging health care environment, while we continue to make significant strides to deliver world-class care, research and teaching. In the midst of challenge and change, we will focus our organizational efforts on four strategic directions:

Transform Care | Lead the System | Accelerate Knowledge | Inspire our People In 2012, we are facing a toughening fiscal and legislative climate in health care, focused on greater economic restraint and enhanced transparency and accountability. The new challenges of the next five years are never certain, but our new strategic plan prepares us to respond the way leaders do: to stay focused on our directions. Our four strategic directions map out where we need to go. But we can’t get there alone. Our success depends on engagement, collaboration and partnership with clients and families, staff, volunteers, our hospital foundation, donors, academic partners, government and community providers throughout the province. Our combined efforts will ensure that we continue to make a significant difference in the lives of children and youth with disabilities.

RESPECT Embracing diversity, we seek to empower people and treat everyone with empathy and respect. A teaching hospital fully affiliated with

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Holland Bloorview Strategic Plan 2012-2017  

Holland Bloorview’s new five-year strategic plan sets out to define us as world leaders in the field of childhood disability. As Canada’s la...

Holland Bloorview Strategic Plan 2012-2017  

Holland Bloorview’s new five-year strategic plan sets out to define us as world leaders in the field of childhood disability. As Canada’s la...