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MESSAGE FROM THE CHAIR are so passionately engaged in helping Holland Bloorview be a world leader in helping those with childhood disabilities. I’m thankful to you, our donors, and grateful for your generosity, partnership and trust. Your gifts have been instrumental in creating research centres for autism and concussion injuries. You’ve helped establish research chairs in applied innovation and in the study of acquired brain injury. Your contributions have built a truly client-centred vision through the Family Leaders program. Cisco has been involved in the creation of Warmline, a family support service, and in the launch of filmpossible, an online video contest. We came in on the ground floor of the Change for Kids program and are now lending expertise to create a digital community where Holland Bloorview families, donors and partners will inspire each other to innovate and find new ways to create possibilities for children with disabilities. I’m confident that the Holland Bloorview Foundation and its donors will continue to seek opportunities to transform lives, connect Holland Bloorview to the world, and engage with even more people to impact the lives of children and their families.

Reflecting on my time as Chair of the Holland Bloorview Foundation’s Board of Directions, I recognize that much has been accomplished in our pursuit to create possibilities for children with disabilities. As a donor, I’m pleased to have helped those served by Holland Bloorview live life to the fullest. As President of Cisco in Canada, I’m proud of the ways in which the team here gives its time and expertise to sponsor and participate in so many hospital and foundation initiatives. And, as a member of the Foundation Board, it has been an absolute privilege to serve with others who



The Holland Bloorview Foundation is in good hands with Jason Smith, the new Chair of the Board of the Directors. With President and CEO, Tracey Bailey and her team, and you as our donors, the Foundation remains committed to delivering on its promise to create a world of possibility. It’s been a wonderful experience for me to have served as Chair. I’m truly grateful for the honour.

Nitin Kawale Chair, Board of Directors Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital Foundation

MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT & CEO Like you we want children to get back to doing what they love to do as quickly as possible. After all, your childhood is only a brief period of time in your life and we all want kids to cram as much adventure as possible into those first 18 years. Thank you for helping children with disabilities create their worlds of possibility. I would be grateful if you would join me in thanking Sheila Jarvis, the hospital’s President and CEO for 18 years of inspired leadership. Sheila will leave us soon but we will carry on with her bold vision that Holland Bloorview will be a world leader in childhood disability care, research and teaching. Holland Bloorview Foundation has benefited from innovative leadership as well. Board Chair, Nitin Kawale, and Campaign Co-chair, George Lewis, are completing their six-year terms. Since both will continue to be champions of Holland Bloorview we thank them for their exemplary service and welcome them as community partners. For those of you who have been long time, loyal donors to the hospital – and there are thousands of you who have made Holland Bloorview children a priority – you know that you are always a member of the family. Thank you Sheila, Nitin and George. Who creates possibilities? You do. This year’s report tells stories about you. Who you are, how you give, what you support and the impact your gifts are having on the big issues of the day, like kids’ concussion, autism, seamless transitions for youth to adult services and quality of life. We are incredibly grateful that you are so inspired by our innovative research and how it is transforming care, enabling communication and mobility, and developing new treatments and therapies for a large number of disorders and injuries.

I am confident you will enjoy reading about what you have made possible with your gifts of time, talent and money this past year. It is my hope that you will be inspired to support our work again in 2015. That’s the wonderful thing about possibilities; the rewards are infinite.

Tracey Bailey President & CEO Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital Foundation HOLLAND BLOORVIEW KIDS REHABILITATION HOSPITAL FOUNDATION


POSSIBILITIES THROUGH DONOR SUPPORT PROGRAMS AND RESEARCH FUNDED BY YOUR GENEROUS DONATIONS Your contribution supports more than 75 programs and services. Here is a snapshot.


SPIRAL GARDEN An oasis within Holland Bloorview, the Spiral Garden enables clients, their siblings and camp-goers a fun and interactive retreat to explore their artistic talents in every aspect from music, art and other therapeutic activities. The Centre for the Arts comes alive during the summer months where many of the programs are located in the Spiral Garden.

MILOS RAONIC KIDS AGILITY CLINIC The agility clinic provides an active environment to celebrate athletic ability with support from occupational and physical therapists in addition to prosthetic technicians. Kids actively participate in therapy through carefully constructed obstacle course challenges, promoting increased strength, balance and speed.

THERAPEUTIC CLOWN PROGRAM Dr. Flap, Nurse Polo and Junior work as a dynamic crew to provide a positive distraction to hospital clients during scary and sometimes challenging procedures. Through their creative use of music, physical comedy and slapstick humour, Dr. Flap, Nurse Polo and Junior are an invaluable resource to Holland Bloorview to draw laughter from clients, families and staff.

RONALD McDONALD PLAYROOM At Holland Bloorview, the Ronald McDonald Playroom is a safe and fun place for kids to play between appointments. Supervision is provided for clients and siblings to enjoy the ball pit, video games, crafts and so much more.




TEEN INDEPENDENCE PROGRAM (TIP) TIP provides a three-week residential immersion opportunity for young people with disabilities, with the opportunity to navigate through the challenges of living independently.


EXERGAMING Video games engage kids at any age and at all levels. The CP Exergame Program has been developed to engage kids with cerebral palsy in physical exercise and increased social interaction with peers through video games.


YOUTH@WORK On the journey toward independent living, the Youth@Work program enables kids to gain work experience through a combination of skill-building workshops and work placements.

Holland Bloorview researchers are pioneering innovative research that leads to breakthroughs for kids with disabilities. Dr. Michelle Keightley has been appointed as the Holland Family Chair in Acquired Brain Injury and will focus on the identification, management and treatment of acquired brain injury in pediatric populations, with a specific focus on sports-related concussion. Dr. Tom Chau was appointed to the Chang Family Foundation Chair in Access Innovations and will focus on novel ways, using technology, to help kids communicate in the absence of speech and gestures.



Caring for a child with disabilities can be a financial challenge on any budget. The Family Support Fund has been established for families requiring assistance to gain access to special requirements for children living with disabilities, like mobility devices, modified transportation, special equipment or medical supplies, and as well as programs to help with socialization and independence.

We can all agree that interactive video gaming is the standard of play for kids. For children with disabilities, VRT includes interactive video gaming that motivates kids to control games through body movements. These movements offer motor learning benefits, including repetitive, task-oriented training and multi-sensory feedback, which translates to increased strength, mobility and confidence…not to mention numerous smiles and a sense of fun that is unmatched.





RecCentre ImmediateImpacts UniquePlace MagicalPlace

Hospital Cheerleaders




Centre SafeEnvironment HomeAwayFromHome Partner Fun Caring LearningCentre WherePeopleLoveToWork LifeChanger refuge Family-Centred SciencePowerhouse LifeSaver SafetyNet Garden creativityFamily LocalPool

Mentors Coaches Playground GameCHANGER


Gym Caregivers

YOUR GIFTS SET US APART Your generous gifts enabled the development of programs designed for kids to express their individuality through creativity and play, provided respite and support for financial challenges experienced by families, and supported: innovative research towards emerging clinical therapies for autism, mobility and communication devices and education, treatment and management of pediatric concussions.

Research 48.9%



Teaching & Learning 19.1%

Client & Family Centred Care 14.5%

Community Resources 14.4%

Participation & Inclusion 3.1%

INVESTING IN POSSIBILITIES YOUR DONATIONS ENABLE A BRIGHTER FUTURE FOR KIDS WITH DISABILITIES The following data presented below provides a summary of the Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital Foundation audited financial statements for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2014. Statement of operations and fund balances REVENUES

2013-14 Total $

Donations and bequests Special events Realized investment income Total

2012-13 Total $

3,652,390 1,681,594 6,423,948 11,757,932

9,692,623 1,499,623 3,090,003 14,282,249

Salaries and benefits Administration Fundraising activities Total

2,207,154 612,444 539,345 3,358,943

1,886,274 875,035 729,893 3,491,202

Excess of revenues over operating expenses before the undernoted



Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital



Excess of revenues over operating expenses and distributions before the undernoted



Unrealized investment income



Total excess of revenues over operating expenses and distributions





“Although we live in British Columbia, we support Holland Bloorview because we strongly believe that the innovations created there transcend boundaries that will have far reaching benefits for kids with disabilities locally, nationally and internationally.� Pixie & David Riddle, donors

fund balances Balance beginning of year Net increase/(decrease) in year Balance end of year

Endowed 73,632,624 8,389,631 82,022,255

Restricted 3,313,343 445,880 3,759,223

General 7,406,432 (122,319) 7,284,113

2014 Total $ 84,352,399 8,713,192 93,065,591

2013 Total $ 76,727,732 7,624,667 84,352,399

For a copy of the audited financial statements, please visit or call 416-424-3809.



POSSIBILITIES THROUGH INNOVATION GETTING A HEADS UP ON KIDS’ CONCUSSION Imagine the disappointment of a high school athlete who has worked hard all year to get to the playoffs only to then suffer a concussion at practice and has to sit out the end of the season. According to the clinician scientists at Bloorview Research Institute, this is all too common, with two to three players on every Ontario hockey team experiencing a concussion each year. “It is our objective, through our research, to pioneer new sport-specific protocols which will retrain the brain as well as the body following a concussion”, says Dr. Michelle Keightley, Senior Clinician Scientist at Bloorview Research Institute and Holland Family Chair in Acquired Brain Injury. Last fall, Holland Bloorview launched its Concussion Research Centre dedicated to kids and youth. The centre, which is one of the first in the world, is funded, in part, through grants from the Canadian government and a $1 million gift from the Trillium Automobile Dealers Association (TADA).



Holland Bloorview’s Concussion Research Centre is focused on improving the lives of children and youth following concussion,” says Dr. Keightley. “Our research will be used to better understand pediatric concussion and manage this injury to get young people back to enjoying their lives.

The research project has a focus on identifying, assessing and managing the injury. The clinic will provide, among other services, education focused on concussion in youth.

“Until now, concussion research has largely focused on adults, but we know the brains and bodies of children and youth are continually developing and this makes them significantly more vulnerable to the effects of concussion,” says Dr. Keightley. “Our goal is to get kids back to doing the activities they enjoy. In doing so our aim is also to ensure that parents, doctors, teachers, coaches and youth have access to the right information at the right time and in the right way to allow us all to know what a concussion is and what to do when it is experienced.”


$1 MILLION GIFT HELPS FUND CONCUSSION RESEARCH According to Benny Leung, children are our future. They are our hope. Last October, Trillium Automobile Dealers Association (TADA) made a generous $1 million donation to support Holland Bloorview’s Concussion Research Centre. The donation was made on behalf of the 1,100 new car dealers across Ontario, who also invest in their local communities. “Sports and play are important parts of any childhood because it keeps kids active and is a confidence booster, but it’s not without physical risks,” says Benny Leung, past president of TADA. “Many of our dealers support local sports teams within their communities and we thought it was a perfect fit for TADA to align itself with an organization that’s developing innovative research in youth concussion.”

Thanks to all the new car dealers in Ontario,” says Tracey Bailey, President and CEO of Holland Bloorview Foundation. “This donation will go a long way towards providing education, treatment and management of concussions in youth.

Benny sees TADA’s support of Holland Bloorview as a win-win, “It’s all about equipping Holland Bloorview’s researchers with the funds to do more research which will translate into findings that will produce better outcomes for kids with concussions.” HOLLAND BLOORVIEW KIDS REHABILITATION HOSPITAL FOUNDATION


POSITIVE PARENTING PROGRAM POSSIBILITIES SUPPORTING ACCESS TO BETTER HEALTH Green Shield Canada (GSC) is a well-known national health and dental plan provider, but the organization is also deeply rooted in social responsibility and charitable giving.

Quality parenting plays a major role in child development, but there are very few opportunities for parents to access empirically supported parenting programs.

Last year, GSC’s Community Giving Program invested $20,000 in Stepping Stones Triple P, an evidence-based Positive Parenting Program offered at Holland Bloorview. The goal of the program is to provide support strategies to enhance positive parent-child interaction and social competence in children with autism spectrum disorders.

“We receive overwhelmingly positive feedback from parents who go through the program,” says Laura Williams, Director, Client and Family Integrated Care at Holland Bloorview. “Our surveys show that parents notice significant improvements in their parenting style, reduction in parenting stress and increased confidence in dealing with their child’s behaviour. We value Green Shield Canada’s contribution to this program and the investment that has been made in the health of our clients and their families.”

At Green Shield Canada, our mission is to create innovative solutions that improve access to better health for all Canadians,” says Sarah Saso, Executive Director of Green Shield Canada Foundation. “There are obvious gaps in the provision of health care and we feel it’s important to help narrow those gaps by providing support to Holland Bloorview through our Community Giving Program because it adds significant benefits to the health and well-being of children and families.



THE NEXT STEP IN AUTISM RESEARCH Kids with autism spectrum disorders present differently. Some avoid eye contact, others are nonverbal and many find social interaction challenging. Helping these children make those everyday human connections is at the heart of the vision and mission for the Autism Research Centre (ARC). From early intervention behavioural therapies to the investigation of new compounds, Dr. Evdokia Anagnostou, Dr. Jessica Brian and the amazing team in ARC work at every level to improve the quality of life for kids with autism. Dr. Anagnostou’s research to understand how medications or natural supplements help individuals improve their social interactions is highly regarded and very promising. Recently, she was awarded $2.5 million by the Government of Canada to partially fund the testing of new compounds for the treatment of autism. The research will be the first to introduce the use of a co-clinical trial model of investigation to the world of neurodevelopmental research. Proven successful in the development of cancer therapeutics, co-clinical trials may help investigators in isolating some of the individual causes of autism.

This funding is significant because we hope to use the co-clinical trial model to develop a better understanding of the causes of an individual’s autism, as well as their likelihood of responding to treatment with these new drugs,” says Dr. Anagnostou. “This research may help health care providers develop a personalized treatment plan to manage symptoms that a child with autism might find difficult. At the end of it all, my hope is that kids with autism have the ability to create meaningful connections and express themselves as they’re intended to.


ANXIETY METER = INDEPENDENCE Dr. Azadeh Kushki, an engineer at Holland Bloorview’s Autism Research Centre, has developed the Anxiety Meter, a small microprocessor worn on an armband that connects to sensors on the chest. Using a smart phone or tablet, kids can track changes in their level of stress. This provides kids with autism the independence to recognize anxiety levels and manage symptoms.

The results of such important clinical research are paramount to the future for children with autism. The funding provided by the government is only part of the equation. Thanks to donors like you, we are supporting ARC research to ensure these milestones will be reached. While the research continues, Dr. Anagnostou will use any and all means necessary to forge those important human connections with the children she meets. Take for example the client who had skilfully resisted all efforts by Dr. Anagnostou to be friends until that fateful day when they discovered they both liked the character Sheldon from the TV show The Big Bang Theory. There is always a way to connect. HOLLAND BLOORVIEW KIDS REHABILITATION HOSPITAL FOUNDATION



MARTHA PILKINGTON Holland Bloorview Staff “For over 30 years, I’ve worked at Holland Bloorview. I’ve seen the organization evolve, but the delivery of compassionate, client-centred care has always stayed the same. I feel privileged to work at Holland Bloorview and contribute to the care of our clients. I know any donations will help support the programs and services our client families need now and into the future.”

RAJ THAVARATNASINGHAM President, Canadian Tamil Congress “The Tamil community was delighted to support Holland Bloorview through our annual walk. We rallied our community for kids with disabilities by spreading the word about the importance of this cause through our families, friends and neighbours. We’re confident that the $65,000 raised through our event will be put to good use at Holland Bloorview.”



CLARENCE PORTER Grandfather “Last year, I submitted my short story, For Abbey, to filmpossible and was named the grand prize winner. The short was inspired by my 10-year-old granddaughter, Abbey, who uses a prosthetic leg. Abbey and her twin Grace, (I refer to them as “The Girlz”), have a wonderful zest for life and are full of determination. I decided to split my $5,000 prize amongst three organizations which have supported Abbey and Holland Bloorview is one of them. My family will forever be grateful to Holland Bloorview and my hope is that further innovations will help kids with disabilities play, participate and have fun with abandon.”

HURRIAN PEYMAN Son “My father, Bruce, had a lifelong interest in learning about autism spectrum disorders. Before he passed away, one of his final wishes was to support organizations that furthered the understanding and treatment of these disorders and to support families with members who have autism. My family lives in British Columbia and after researching several organizations, decided that we would fulfill my dad’s wish by supporting Holland Bloorview’s Autism Research Centre to help children with autism live happier, healthier and more satisfying lives.”

PAUL PERROW Donor “Growing up I witnessed the coordinated effort of family friends who cared for their son with cerebral palsy and was inspired by their determined commitment to provide him with a life that was full of endless possibilities. I’m committed to ensuring that kids with disabilities and their families receive the tools and resources to help them lead confident, independent and fulfilling lives.”





Holland Bloorview was happy to host BMO Financial Group volunteers as part of their annual employee volunteer week. Volunteers rolled the big dice and helped make Casino Night possible for our inpatient clients. BMO is a Holland Bloorview Champion of Childhood Disability and has pledged $1 million towards our teaching and learning programs.


PwC Canada Foundation and their employees have volunteered at Holland Bloorview since 2006. During the spring and fall, PwC employees had lots of fun preparing Spiral Garden and supporting Change for Kids.

CAPITAL ONE Since 2007, Capital One has donated over $600,000 to Youth@Work, a program that helps youth with disabilities gain early work experience. This March, a team from Capital One volunteered with Youth@Work by supporting the clothing drive and mentorship program.



TIMBERCREEK ASSET MANAGEMENT Last fall, a group of Timbercreek employees volunteered at Holland Bloorview for the first time. The team was inspired by all of the possibilities created at the hospital and got their hands dirty helping to clean up the Spiral Garden.



Play is an integral part of the healing process. Last winter, the team from Microsoft Canada held a Gaming Day with our clients. Kids and Microsoft employees played with Xbox Kinect games and tablet devices. Additionally, $4,500 worth of product was donated to Holland Bloorview for our clients to enjoy!

CISCO SYSTEMS CANADA CONNECT KIDS WITH SANTA During the holidays, Cisco Systems Canada made wishes come true by bringing Connected Santa to the hospital for the second year in a row. Connected Santa gave 25 inpatient clients the opportunity to have a private, one-to-one session with Santa. Faces were full of amazement when clients connected with the North Pole for their virtual chat with Santa. Cisco also funds filmpossible, a photo and video contest that brings visibility to disability. In 2013, over 100 entries were received, and cash prizes were awarded to the top three finalists in the Cisco Visibility Award category. CISCO SYSTEMS CANADA

SONY CANADA CHARITABLE FOUNDATION The Family Accommodation Suites at Holland Bloorview offer parents a place to stay while their child is receiving inpatient care. Thanks to Sony Canada Charitable Foundation, all rooms are now equipped with televisions and Blu-ray players for those rare opportunities when a little downtime is possible.





MINGLE FOR A MISSION It’s not often that guests are given the opportunity to socialize with stars from their favourite television shows. Last June, Mingle for a Mission did just that. A benefit hosted by Brugs Army gave guests the chance to mingle with personalities from Orphan Black, Hannibal, Lost Girl, Seed and Degrassi, just to name a few! This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity raised $21,000 for Holland Bloorview.



In July, Toronto Blue Jays Brett Cecil, Colby Rasmus, Todd Redmond and John Thole visited the hospital to meet clients, sign autographs and play a hijinks-filled game of wheelchair baseball with the kids. Todd and Brett also had some special bedside visits with Blue Jays fans on our inpatient units. Inspired by his visit, Colby directed his $1,000 award to Holland Bloorview after being selected as the Honda Player of the Month for July 2013.


Former client turned Canadian superstar Justin Hines and his band performed a melodic set as part of a special concert honouring Change for Kids partners, sponsors and ambassadors.

GORD BAMFORD Canadian country singer Gord Bamford visited Holland Bloorview to perform some of his hits and present a $10,000 gift to our music therapy program. Gord gave a bedside performance and even tried his hands on the Virtual Music Instrument.

TORONTO MAPLE LEAFS David Clarkson and Frazer McLaren of the Toronto Maple Leafs delighted inpatient clients and students at the Bloorview School Authority with gifts of teddy bears and miniature hockey sticks in the fall. Inspired by the kids, Clarkson also donated a suite for nine games to the hospital throughout the 2013 Toronto Maple Leafs season. HOLLAND BLOORVIEW KIDS REHABILITATION HOSPITAL FOUNDATION



GARION’S DRUM-A-THON Garion first came to Holland Bloorview after a snowboard accident a few years ago. He suffered a traumatic brain injury and after months of intense rehabilitation and determination, he is well on his way to recovery. Inspired to give back, Garion held a 12-hour drum-a-thon last summer in his hometown of Keswick to drum up support for the hospital. The event raised over $900 for Holland Bloorview!

TORONTO FRENCH SCHOOL Toronto French School’s annual Dance Show raised over $7,000 for the hospital. The cast and crew of over 100 students planned, choreographed and managed the project. Led by Stephanie, Shannon and Claire, the group worked tirelessly for months to put on two spectacular performances to sold out audiences. Merci!



YOUTH@WORK ALL-STAR PENNY PINCHERS Last year, Youth@Work participants set out to raise money for the hospital. These young adults participate in programs to help prepare them to work and volunteer in their communities. As the year began with the penny being phased out, the appropriately named All-Star Penny Pinchers asked friends and family to look under their couch cushions, car seats and in their pockets for spare change. With their own business cards and website the group raised over $700 for the hospital.

OLIVIA & JACOB Jacob and his sister Olivia didn’t hesitate to give up holiday gifts last year in order to help other kids. They asked friends and family to give in their honour and hand delivered the $250 cheque themselves!


SAVANNA & LUCAS Savanna and Lucas have celebrated a few special occasions with us over the last year. They have donated toys and money during birthdays and holidays, and love to help other kids!

Five-year-old Rachel was inspired to donate by the movie Home Alone 2. In the movie, the bad guys steal money that was collected for a children’s hospital from the toy store. Rachel was quite upset by this scene and when it came time to make a wish list for the holidays, helping our hospital was at the top of her list. She pooled piggy bank funds with her gift money and made a donation. Although Rachel had no previous connection to us she was thrilled to help and came for a visit. Her story has spread and family and friends have also donated to the hospital in her honour.

LILY & MARYN Inspired by her little brother Emery, Lily and her friend Maryn joined forces and birthday parties last summer. The girls decided that instead of presents, they wanted friends and family to make a donation to Holland Bloorview. Collectively, they raised over $500 for the Biggar Endowment. HOLLAND BLOORVIEW KIDS REHABILITATION HOSPITAL FOUNDATION



Holland Bloorview was a bustle of activity this fall as Change for Kids had another successful year. Most importantly, our Holland Bloorview family has grown by engaging thousands of participants. Change for Kids reached you in schools, at work, and through our retail partners. Community volunteers and school ambassadors are an integral element to the program by extending the program through to friends and families. Without question, there is no better feeling than being able to see the excitement and sheer enjoyment among the inpatients during the special Halloween party thrown just for them by Change for Kids sponsor, Spirit Halloween. Donning costumes and crafting creepy-crawlies, the Spirit Halloween team were invaluable in bringing celebration to our inpatients with costumes to celebrate the imagination and spirit of Halloween. Our founding sponsors, City, Great Wolf Lodge and Scotiabank, as well as our new retailers Rexall™ Pharma Plus®, Spirit Halloween, and Husky all contributed immeasurably to our success. Thank you to the many other sponsors and all of our supporters who continue to create infinite possibilities by participating in Change for Kids! FOUNDING PARTNERS

SPONSORS Amazing Party & Costume, Cadillac Fairview, Captivate, Chase Paymentech, Canadian Health Media Network, Cineplex Entertainment, Corus Entertainment, Greater Toronto Hockey League Canada, Reprodux, Husky, Metroland Media, Neo Advertising, Pattison Outdoor Advertising, Publicis Toronto, Rexall™ Pharma Plus®, Rogers Media, Spirit Halloween, SportChek, Toys“R”Us, Transcontinental Printing 20


November 18, 2013 was a very special day for kids with disabilities. That’s when An Evening of Possibility, co-presented by BMO and Cadillac Fairview, raised $560,000 for Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital Foundation. Culinary director, Chef Claudio Aprile of Origin, put together a stellar cast of eight of Canada’s top chefs who volunteered their time and collaborated to treat guests to delicious canapés, signature cocktails and a magnificent five course meal with specially selected wine pairings. We would like to extend our sincerest gratitude to our sponsors and generous supporters of the evening. Thank you for making An Evening of Possibility sumptuously successful!


Presenting Sponsors

an Evening of possibility chefs Chef Cory Vitiello Chef Matt Pettit Chef Claudio Aprile Chef Eron Novalski Chef Rob Bragagnolo Chef Susur Lee Chef Steven Kwon Chef Anthony Walsh Chef Frankie Solarik

Chef Feature Sponsors

Neil & Chrisula Selfe




Dinner Sponsors CIBC, Ernst & Young LLP and Tony & Anna Pampena, Mackenzie Investments, Miller Thomson LLP, Norton Rose Fulbright Canada LLP, Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP, Real Matters, Rogers, Scotiabank, Susanne Holland, TD Bank Group, The Bigioni Family, The Coriat Family, The WB Family Foundation, Wildeboer Dellelce LLP

City, The Globe and Mail

KEYNOTE Sponsor Deloitte

production Sponsor Eugene McBurney

Pusateri’s Fine Foods and Catering

VALET SPONSOR Norton Rose Fulbright Canada LLP

Wine Sponsors Château des Charmes Closson Chase Vineyard Henry of Pelham HOLLAND BLOORVIEW KIDS REHABILITATION HOSPITAL FOUNDATION




BISTRO ON AVENUE GOLF TOURNAMENT Louis Nemes is a longtime friend of Holland Bloorview and has been fundraising for decades. He reconnected with us last fall and held the Bistro on Avenue Golf Tournament. The event drove in over $10,000 in proceeds.

Every spring, cars line up for hours at Great Wolf Lodge Niagara to purchase discount packages and receive a car wash by staff and local firefighters. Last spring, this annual event raised $93,000 for Holland Bloorview.


On a sunny day in May, more than 200 guests and a group of young ambassadors spent time fly fishing in Mount Albert at the 4th annual Kasting 4 Kids Rehab fly fishing event. Many fish were caught and guests enjoyed a gourmet lunch. The dedicated committee, sponsors and participants reeled in an amazing $180,000 for the hospital. Over the past four years, Kasting 4 Kids Rehab has raised over $650,000! 22


RACE 4 A CAUSE Inspired by a colleague and friend, The League of Ordinary Gentlemen held Music Heals 2 at Toronto’s Hard Rock CafÊ. The event featured bands made up of insurance industry members and drew over 450 attendees. Great music, delicious food and dancing made for an amazing event. Over $37,000 was raised for the Biggar Endowment which aims to improve the quality of life for young people with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

Inspired by her son, Jennifer Kauffman, along with her organization, Action 4 Autism, spent a day at the race tracks for their first ever Race 4 A Cause event in support of Holland Bloorview. Go-carting, food and dancing made for a great day. Their fundraising efforts were in overdrive to help bring in over $10,000 for the hospital.


The 8th Annual Chillin’ for Kids held at the Granite Club was a sweeping success. Guests enjoyed curling, great food and collectively raised $89,000 to support Ignite Fitness, Youth@Work and Screenplay. Since its inception in 2007, this event has raised over $700,000.


While thousands of runners took to the streets of Toronto for the 2014 Scotiabank Waterfront Marathon, a dedicated group of Holland Bloorview staff and friends ran with a mission. They challenged themselves physically and flexed their fundraising muscles to support the hospital. With a generous matching gift from the Muir family, participants raised over $16,000.



Howard Blitstein was thrilled to be invited to an event with Milos Raonic at Holland Bloorview along with his 5-year-old son Noah, a tennis enthusiast. Inspired by the work at Holland Bloorview and wanting to support kids with disabilities, he encouraged his law firm to support the hospital through their annual Law Slam Tennis Challenge. Participants served us with an impressive $8,000 in proceeds.

HOLLYWOOD GELATO DAY FOR HOLLAND BLOORVIEW A hot August day in Leaside encouraged local residents to flock to Hollywood Gelato for a cool treat. For the second year, the gelateria has donated proceeds from sales to Holland Bloorview. While patrons enjoyed thousands of scoops of gelato, the event raised $2,700!

Love was in the air at the 4th annual THREE TO BE Stems of Hope Gala. Just Be Love was the theme for the night and hundreds of guests enjoyed amazing food, artists, acrobats and an incredible performance by Salt-N-Pepa. Many ambassadors attended to mingle with guests and say thank you. The event raised $100,000 for Dr. Tom Chau’s Infinity Centre at Holland Bloorview. Since 2010, THREE TO BE has raised more than $600,000 for the hospital!




At seven-and-a-half-months-old, Liam was brought to Canada from Vietnam by his parents, Allan and Joanna. His adoption became official in 2011 and soon after he began receiving treatment at Holland Bloorview for arthrogryposis which presents as stiffness at many or all joints throughout the body.


“When we brought Liam to Toronto he didn’t have OHIP, so he received care at the free children’s hospital in Montreal and to get him the care he needed we did weekly commutes,” says Joanna. “Therefore, you can only imagine our joy when his adoption became official and he could finally receive treatment locally at Holland Bloorview.”


Over the past couple of years, Liam has gone from being immobile to steadily walking without assistance.

You’ve never met a kid with more joy, spunk and personality until you’ve met, four-year-old Liam.

We’ve witnessed a marked improvement in Liam’s mobility,” says Allan. “We feel that the staff at Holland Bloorview has set our family up for success by giving us the tools, resources and advice that will help our Liam grow into a confident and independent adult.

So far, Allan and Joanna have learned a lot from their Holland Bloorview journey. “Kids with disabilities are kids with abilities. It’s so important to appreciate the gaps because you respect and honour your child without judgment and feelings of isolation,” says Joanna. “We’ve noticed that Holland Bloorview has opened up Liam’s worldview as well. Liam is aware of his disability and is naturally curious about the kids he sees at the hospital. We think this is a wonderful thing because our hope is that his experiences will help him to grow into an open, accepting and compassionate person.” Holland Bloorview will provide rehabilitation services to Liam until he transitions to adult health care services at 18-years-old. “We’re in the early stages of our Holland Bloorview journey and we’re grateful for the care our son receives,” says Allan. “His specialist in the United States is always amazed that he’s walking independently and credits the exceptional care at Holland Bloorview for his gains. Right now, we’re looking forward to Liam starting school at Holland Bloorview in September and continuing to being partners in his care.” 24


CASEY – BACK ON HIS FEET After undergoing a hip osteotomy and lengthening of the hamstring on the right leg, Casey MacKay spent three months at Holland Bloorview undergoing intensive rehab. During his recovery, Casey spent his time earning credits towards the completion of his high school diploma, attending therapy sessions and hanging out with his new friends during recreation therapy activities.

My main goal was to get back on my feet before my discharge,” says 18-year-old Casey. “I’m so happy because I accomplished that and more before I got home on May 1. I can’t say enough about the Holland Bloorview staff – they were awesome! I was nervous at first because I didn’t know what rehab entailed but I felt safe very quickly.

Casey was adopted from Russia when he was just six-months-old and his parents were not informed about his complete medical history.

“My older son, Adam, wanted a brother and we were thrilled to welcome Casey into our family,” says Sharon MacKay. “When my husband and I first hugged Casey we figured he felt a bit stiff, but we were so overjoyed to bring him back to Canada. Within the first couple months and after a few pediatrician visits Casey was diagnosed with spastic diplegia cerebral palsy which mainly affects his legs.” Fast forward to today and Casey is getting prepared for his high school prom and has his sights set on a career in either print journalism or broadcasting. “I’m grateful to Holland Bloorview because I’m on my feet again and although I’ll soon transition out of receiving services at the hospital, in the meantime, I’ll continue to be involved in activities such as Youth@Work and the ambassador program,” says Casey. “I want people to know that kids with disabilities are not different, it just takes us a little longer to get things done and at Holland Bloorview they take good care of you.”

JESSICA – EMBRACING INDEPENDENCE David and Lynn Coriat are their daughter’s biggest advocates. At three-days-old, Jessica was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and faced numerous health challenges that affected her mobility. Since then, Jessica has had surgeries and rehabilitative therapy which has increased her mobility, confidence and independence.

My daughter is now 23 and transitioned from Holland Bloorview’s services when she turned 18,” says David Coriat, Executive Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer at Slaight Communications Inc. “While in her teens, Jessica needed a number of surgeries that required post-op therapy at Holland Bloorview. During her time there, Lynn and I were so impressed by her progress, the quality of care and range of services available to kids with disabilities that we felt compelled to support the hospital’s LIFEspan program.

The LIFEspan program was jointly developed by Holland Bloorview and Toronto Rehab to support teens in their transition from a pediatric to adult rehabilitation system. The program was designed to equip teens with skills and tools that would help them to advocate for themselves as they navigate the transition areas of funding, school, and medical services, community and life skills programs. “We’re so proud that Jessica is giving back by volunteering at Holland Bloorview,” says David.



DONORS CREATING POSSIBILITIES The Holland Bloorview Family is pleased to welcome

THANK YOU TO OUR DONORS In 2013-14, thousands of donors generously supported Holland Bloorview Foundation with donations towards research, and programs and services for kids with disabilities. At Holland Bloorview Foundation, we value every donation and thank you for helping to create possibilities.




Gifts of $10,000 or more make a lifetime of difference. We are grateful to the individuals and corporations who have donated $10,000 or more cumulatively to Holland Bloorview Foundation.

The Slaight Family Foundation Barbara Steele TD Bank Financial Group THREE TO BE Whipper Watson Events


$250,000 - $499,999

William & Susanne Holland

$15,000,000 - $24,999,999 Bloorview Childrens Hospital Foundation

$5,000,000 - $14,999,999 GIFT - The Grocery Foundation

$1,000,000 - $4,999,999

Pixie & David Riddle Scotiabank Group Trillium Automobile Dealers Association These donors join those who have already made the investment of a lifetime Bay Street Pro Celebrity Softball Challenge Estate of John William Billes Bloorview Childrens Hospital Foundation BMO Financial Group Chang Family Foundation CIBC David & Lynn Coriat The Grocery Foundation

The Holland Family The Kinder Foundation Mackenzie Investments Estate of Ada Gertrude Mahoney George W. Oughtred RBC Foundation Toronto Police Association Toshiba Celebrity Golf Classic

Anne & David Ward The WB Family Foundation Michael Wekerle Anonymous

Holland Bloorview Champions are passionate about the cause of childhood disability. In making gifts of a lifetime, they have enabled us to make a lifetime of difference to children with disabilities and their families. Whether their contribution has been a single donation or legacy gift, a community event or the culmination of years of support, we are honoured to recognize their extraordinary commitment and support.

Bay Street Pro Celebrity Softball Challenge Estate of John William Billes BMO Financial Group Chang Family Foundation CIBC David & Lynn Coriat The Counselling Foundation of Canada The Kinder Foundation Mackenzie Investments Estate of Ada Gertrude Mahoney George W. Oughtred RBC Foundation Pixie and David Riddle Scotiabank Group Toronto Police Association Trillium Automobile Dealers Association Toshiba Celebrity Golf Classic Anne & David Ward The WB Family Foundation Michael Wekerle

$500,000 - $999,999 In Honour of Elkie Adler Robert & Mary Pat Armstrong The Harold E. Ballard Foundation Bike for Tykes Capital One Chillin’ for Kids Marilyn & Richard Coles James & Mary Davie The Giving Tree Foundation of Canada The Ron Joyce Foundation Ronald, Warren, & Debbie Kimel Kurl for Kids Celebrity Bonspiel John & Gail MacNaughton Lorem ipsumHouse dolor sit amet, Ronald McDonald Charities Paul Perrow consectetuer adipiscing elit, Ron diam & Katherine Prosserman nibh sed nonummy Neate Roller Limited euismod tincidunt ut laoreet Estate of Nellie Roszel

dolore magna aliquam erat. 26


Barry Allan Yveline Audemars & Humberto Rivero Automotive Aftermarket Retailers of Ontario Charity Max Bell Foundation Vito & Sandra Bigioni Estate of Eldred Durham Estate of Elizabeth Ferguson Kasting 4 Kids Rehab Estate of Margaret A. Lambe Estate of Florence Evelyn Moodie Estate of Alvin R. Morton PC Children’s Charity Power Corporation of Canada Reprodux Day at the Races RSM Richter Toronto Academy of Dentistry Toronto Parking Authority Golf Tournament

$100,000 - $249,999 Air Canada Employee Charitable Foundation Alva Foundation Estate of Helen Anderson Estate of Margot Anderson Peter & Brigitte Anderson Bay Street Hoops Bell Canada J.P. Bickell Foundation The E.W. Bickle Foundation BMO Fountain of Hope, Employees’ Foundation The Buchan Family Foundation Burman & Fellows Group Inc. The Chau Family Joel & Lainie Cohen Donald & Phyllis Cooper TELUS The Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund Estate of Elizabeth V. Dundin Estate of Donald Brooke Duval The Eaton Foundation Kenny Field & Vivian Berman & Families Estate of Ruby Finlayson Tom Flynn & Cathy Hampson Allan Slaight and Emmanuelle Gattuso Stephen Gooderham Herman Grad Frieda Griffiths Great Wolf Lodge Carwash for Kids


Rick Hansen Man in Motion Foundation IBM Canada & its Employees & Retirees Margaret Irwin Estate of Margaret Agnes Isaac Sheila Jarvis K. Michael Kelly Henry White Kinnear Foundation Estate of George Kirk Estate of Patricia Langley Louis & Sophie Lau George & Leanne Lewis London Life Insurance Company Estate of Peter Hammond Lyon Barbara & Dougal Macdonald & Family Manulife Financial Gene & Lori McBurney The R. Samuel McLaughlin Foundation Estate of Earl C. Morgan Patricia & Tom Muir Muzzo Family Charitable Foundation Estate of Lorna Myrtle Obee Estates of Milton & Dorothy Odell The P. & L. Odette Charitable Foundation Keith & Joan Pelley Quillsoft Ltd. Real Matters REMAD Foundation Riocan Real Estate Investment Trust Rotary Club of Willowdale Cookie & Stephen Sandler Shoppers Drug Mart Robert Segal and Jennifer Koffman Robert & Mary Susanne Singer Thomas & Joanne Singer SmartCentres Heather & Jason Smith Splendido Charity Dinner Stupp/Cohen Families Foundation Gary & Louise Sugar Mats Sundin Sunny View Youth Involvement Association Crown & Bridge Study Club Unilever Canada John & Josie Watson W. Garfield Weston Foundation, George Weston Limited, Loblaw Companies Limited Estate of Isa Willett Estate of Erich Wood Lillian & Don Wright Foundation

$50,000 - $99,999 AGF Management Limited Esther Alexander David Allgood Estate of Beverley A. Banting Barney Home Video Canada

Geoffrey & Nancy Belsher The Estate of Donna Brenda Benham Secondo & Filomena Bigioni In Honour of Rita Bolthezar Estate of Margaret Boyd Estate of Albert Arnold Brooks Estate of Katherine Elspeth Brouse Estate of John Brunner Frank C. Buckley Donald & Edith Bumstead The Cadillac Fairview Corporation Ltd. Canada’s Walk of Fame Canadian Tamil Congress Dr. Tom & Grace Chau Cisco Systems Canada Company Citigroup Foundation Peter & Catherine Clark Estate of Freda Cole Estate of Jean Connell Estate of Alfred S. Creer Dagmar Construction Inc. Dentistry Canada Fund Estate of Peter Devine Estate of Tekla Catherine Donat The Dunin Foundation Dynamic Fund Foundation Estate of Margaret Louise Edwards Estate of Leslie Ehrlick Elpida Gala Gay & John Evans Carolyn Everson & Peter Irwin Export Packers Company Limited & The Rubenstein Family Mark & Patricia Faircloth Estate of Nellie L. Farthing Fidelity Foundation Ira Gluskin & Maxine Granovsky Gluskin Charitable Mitchell Goldhar Great Gulf Homes Charitable Foundation Estate of Bernice Guziker H.H. Angus & Associates Limited Estate of Marion Hay Hermes Canada Inc. Estate of Nancy Hethrington Home Again Inc. The Hope Charitable Foundation Estate of Margaret Imrie Ronald & Pamela Jones The Henry & Berenice Kaufmann Foundation Keilhauer Estate of Muriel Kennedy Knight, Bain, Seath & Holbrook Spirit Foundation Sheila & Al Libfeld William & Molly Anne Macdonald Stephen & Janet MacPhail Maple Leaf Foods Inc. The Margaret & Wallace McCain Family Foundation McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada Limited John & Aileen McGrath John J. Meehan Estate of David Meltzer Merrill Lynch Canada Inc. Milos Raonic Foundation Mintz & Partners/Brettler Foundation Estate of William K. Mounfield Nelson Arthur Hyland Foundation Louis Nemes Golf Tournament Estate of Rose Oliver Osler Paloma Foundation Patterson Dental Canada Inc.

Petritz Enterprises Limited PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP The Printing House Limited Dr. Christine Pun Estate of Edward George Raymond Royal Canadian Legion Ontario Provincial Command Estate of John Sanders Neil & Chrisula Selfe Charlie & Laurie Sims SmartCentres Golf Tournament Howard Sokolowski & Linda Frum Estate of Jessie Somerville Peter Soumalias & Giorgina Bigioni TD Securities Underwriting Hope Charity Auction Estate of Sarah Olive Thompson Toronto Community Foundation The Toronto Star Fresh Air Fund Mrs. Norman A. Urquhart Estate of Betty Verner Estate of Avis Ruth Vickers Estate of Peter Watt John H. Wedge, O.C. & Patty Rigby The Mike Weir Foundation Estate of Jean Elizabeth Wells The Wheeler Family Estate of Geraldine Susan Widdifield Estate of Florence Phoebe Wight George & Janet Wilson

$25,000 - $49,999 The Barrack/Pilkington Family Donald Berman Foundation Beutel, Goodman & Company Ltd. Denis Bigioni & Trina Chiarelli Jean & Susan Bisaillon Geoffrey Bledin Dr. Aldo & Peggy Boccia Estate of Ethel M. Bowyer Bramalea Limited Estate of Carl A. Brand Estate of Howard William Brown Estate of Collamer Chipman Calvin Dr. Trevor A. Carmichael, Q.C. Vince Carter Embassy of Hope Foundation The Castelane/Weinryb Family Douglas & Chloe Chau Estate of Athol L.B. Cherry Estate of Major Harry Cherry Chick ‘n’ Deli Golf Valerie & David Christie CI Financial Wally Clayson Charity Golf Classic Tim Close & Lindsay Holtz CNC Global Erin Park Lexus Toyota Scion Estate of Wilhelmina Cooper Estate of Helen W. Crawford Dario Cucco Dagmar Christmas Party Dino & Jane D’Alessandro Thomas & Patty Davidson Vera Dolly Denty Foundation Estate of Alvin R. Dodds Dome Stadium Hostessing James & Anne Dunlop David & Elizabeth Edmison Emily Grace El Raheb Memorial Fundraiser EllisDon Corporation Equitable Trust Joan & Euan Ferguson

Foundation For Better Communities Peter & Sharon Fullerton Estate of Edith Gombas Estate of Prudence Greey Gooderham Goodlife Fitness Toronto Marathon Anthony & Felicitas Goodliff Goodyear Canada Inc. Barry Gordon Harry Gorman
Estate of Harriet Jean Gourley Jennifer & Bill Graham Estate of Kathleen M. Grosvenor Denise Guerriere & Michael O’Rourke Edie & Robert Harlang HB Group Insurance Staff Fund HBC Foundation Peter Heiler Estate of Clayton A. Hern Marc Letourneau & Meegan Hinds hma systems, Division of Janwood Machinery Estate of Frances Holden Holland Bloorview School - Play and Learn Site Estate of Ruth Holtby Estate of Florence Hunter Elizabeth A. Hutcheson James Rutley Grand Memorial Fund Jays Care Foundation Johnvince Foods Wine Tasting Event Estate of George William Jose Nitin & Priti Kawale KidsAction Research Tracy Kitch Estate of Tekena Komisarczuk Jean Lam & Paul Ostrander Estate of Marguerite E. Lewis Adrianna & Rocky Lofranco Estate of Hester Kerr Long Longo’s Family Charitable Foundation Estate of Harold Watts MacMahon Karen & Dave Maidment Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment Ltd. In Honour of Bruce Granville Peyman Amanda Marascio Memorial Gala Estate of Vera Maughan Estate of Catherine Emma McInnes Rosemary & John McIntosh Estate of Jean McKenzie Estate of Thomas McKillop Valerie McMurtry George Cedric Metcalf Charitable Foundation Michael Mutcheson Memorial Trust Golda Milo-Manson, David Manson & Family Mitsubishi Canada Limited Molson Canada Music for Possibility League of Ordinary Gentlemen Estate of Charles Myland Estate of Willem Natte John & Nancy Neate Stephen & Kathryn Nelson Norcar Investments Nota Bene Charity Evening Robin & Robert Ogilvie Tony Pampena David Pauli Estate of Richard K. Person Pool People Limited Christopher & Susan Portner Provision For The Vision Ministries Nancy Ralph & Associates Estate of Barbara Reid

Estate of Pearl Reid The Norman and Marian Robertson Charitable Foundation Rotary Club of Toronto Charitable Foundation Janis Rotman Royal Bank Financial Employees’ Charity Trust Fund Vinay Kumar Sarin Shokokai Golf Tournament Carolyn Sifton Foundation Inc. Estate of Evaline Sills Nathan & Lily Silver Family Foundation Estate of Mary Jean Small Spirit Halloween Estate of Ethyle Stark Estate of George H. Stedman Suncor Inc. Ben & Mary Sybring Thomas, Large & Singer Inc. Alan Tinney Tony & Friends Golf Tournament Toronto Japanese Association of Commerce and Industry Estate of Gladys Elaine Tripp Estate of Francis W. Watson WCPD Foundation Estate of Edgar G. Winstanley John Young

$10,000-$24,999 A Night at the Capitol Theatre Dr. Benjamin & Zena Alman Alpha Omega Foundation of Canada Alternative Computer Training The Jennifer Ashleigh Foundation Tracey Bailey The Bajc Family Lorne & Rosemary Barclay The Barrett Family Estate of Grace V. Becker Estate of Irene Elizabeth Beill Bell Canada’s Employee Giving Program Benjamin Moore & Co. Limited Benjamin Walker Foundation The Late Linda Berman, Marsha & Jerry Berman & Family Judy and Doug Biggar Aldo & Marie Bigioni Birks Family Foundation Bloorview School Authority BMO Capital Markets Social Night Eugene & Alice Boccia Oliver & Shirin Bock Estate of Marshall Bogart The Boiler Inspection & Insurance Company of Canada Estate of Harriet Jane Bolton Dr. Burt Borthwick The Rudolph P. Bratty Family Foundation Brewers Retail Inc. The Bridle Bash Foundation Broadcasters Golf Tournament Garth Brooks David & Fran Brown Estate of Vida May Burt Glen & Jane-Anne Campbell The Canadian Toy Collectors Society Canusa Products Cardinal McGuigan Assembly 0865 Don, Janice & Robbie Carmichael Mark & Sandra Carrington Shelley Carroll Charity Golf Classic Ian Cartwright Foundation CBC’s Battle of the Blades

Albert Celotti Central Ontario Building Trades Century Concrete Products Limited Estate of Elizabeth Kilpatrick Charlesworth Estate of James M. Chicules Ken Christie CHUM Charitable Foundation CIT Healthcare, Canada Geof & Cynthia Clarkson Chris and Laurie Coates Corporate Assets Inc. Sheila Cowan Estate of Nora I. Crane George & Ruth Crawford Purdy & Beatrice Crawford Estate of William Caleb Douglas Crook Cyrene Preceptory K.T. No. 29 De Boer Foundation Deloitte & Touche Foundation Canada Estate of Joseph Dennis Danny Dichio & Toronto FC The Dickens Fellowship, Toronto Branch Donner Canadian Foundation Dow Chemical Canada Inc. Mark & Joanne Downing Ted & Sheila Duncan The Duncan Family DundeeWealth Inc. Earlscourt Rotary Golf Tournament Estate of Mabel M. Elliott Christine A. Featherstone Anthony S. Fell Freda & John Finley David A. Fleck Estate of Agnes M. Flynn Forest Hill Hockey Association Foundation Forest Hill Lions Club Foresters, Trillium Branch Freeburne Banting Foundation Guy & Barbara French Estate of Hazel Elizabeth Freshwater Estate of Marjorie Alma Gibson Giffels Associates Limited Estate of Jack Gilbert Diana C. Gillespie Ted & Joyce Gittings in memory of Gregory Peter Gooderham Goodman & Company, Investment Counsel Ltd. Estate of Ruth Graff Estate of Katherine Graham The Greey-Lennox Foundation Randy & Patty Grimes Estate of William F. Hacker Stella Mundy Hallett Michel Hart Estate of Gertrude L. Hayes Estate of Mary Jane Hazelwood Glynis A. Henry Estate of Mary Margaret Hogan Clay & Robin Horner Mark Hundert and Lynda Beyea Margaret Huycke Hydro One Employees’ & Pensioners’ Charity Trust Fund Industrial Alliance Estate of Kathleen Innes International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 353 The Jackman Foundation Pamela, Stephen & Sam Jeffery



Estate of Joachim Jeschonek Mark Johnson & Susan Marshall Drs. Helen & Doug Johnston George Jorisch Maliha Kamal Gary Kelly Estate of C.H. J. Kiely Stephen & Mercedes Koo in memory of Kenneth John Kustec & Beverly Grainger Pat & Colomba Lamanna Lannick Group Inc. LCBO Annual BBQ Robert S. Leon Marion Leslie-Bethune Dayle A. Levine Estate of Mary E. Libby Sir John A. MacDonald, Student Council Doug MacDonald MacKinnon & Bowes Ltd. and Staff Dr. Robert L. & Eluned MacMillan Macquarie Capital Markets Canada Magna International Inc. The Maritime Life Assurance Company Markham Handmade Craft Sale Masonic Foundation of Ontario McCarthy Tetrault Raymond & Carolyn McDougall Walter N. McFarlen McHappy Day Sean & Natalie McIntyre Estate of James McKee Estate of George McKenzie Mercedes-Benz Canada Inc. MFP Financial Services Ltd. Midland Walwyn Inc. Estate of John D. Miller Dr. Morris (Mickey) & Maureen Milner Molson Indy Festival Foundation Montgomery Sisam Architects Inc. Multimedia Trade Shows Inc. Mulvey & Banani International Inc. Nabisco Brands Ltd. National Life Assurance Company of Canada Estate of Ann Neil Newmarket Hurricanes in honour of Josh Sedore Gordon & Janet Nixon Navy League, North York Branch North York Chamber of Commerce North York Fire Fighters Association North York Rangers Alumni City of North York Northlea Corporation Mary Florence O’Brien OGCA Golf Tournament Ontario Power Generation Employees’ Charity Trust Ontario Provincial Police Association Irene & Frank Palmay Louie Palu Photographer Robert & Pina Parro Parr’s Print & Litho Inc. Partnership in Service - Rowan Jack Project Dr. Tom Pashby Sports Safety Fund Carol Perry Wayne Perry Pescosolido Gala Dinner Wilfred & Melba Pound Lucie Presot Estate of Marie Putre Maureen Quigley & Patrick Reid


Bill & Cindy Quinn Raptors Foundation Rasch Foundation Gary and Joanne Reamey Estate of John Leslie Redcliffe Alejandra Rendon Reprodux Digital Imaging & Copy Centres Estate of Phyllis I. Ringer Riocan Real Estate Investment Trust Robert Lowrey’s Piano Experts Estate of Verna Ilda Robinson Rotary Club of Toronto - Forest Hill Estate of Letitia Bertha Rumgay Dr. Peter Rumney & Shelley Neal Run, Walk, Wheel & Roll Saddlebrook Management Consultants Inc. David & Rosita Salomon Sears Employees’ Charitable Fund Joubin Selig Family Fund Shell People in the Community Mark Shoom Shorcan International Brokers Limited Estate of Patricia Simpson Catherine & Peter Singer Sam, Christina & Priya Sivarajan Gerry & Anita Smith Family Foundation Don & Susie Smith Howard Smuschkowitz The Conn Smythe Foundation Speigel Family - Zachary, Samuel & Benn St. Patrick’s Day Run Stantec Architecture Ltd. Yvonne & Dan Stefanin James H. & Donna Mae Stephenson & Family Ramona Stevenson Straumann Canada Limited Superior Propane Inc. Tesari Charitable Foundation Therapeutic Clowns Canada Foundation Estate of John Tomlinson Toronto Users Group Tournament TSX Group Torys David & Heather Toswell Estate of Lillian Massey Treble TSO Concert UBS Canada Vaughan Rangers Hockey Nicola Von Schroeter & Dougie Craig Estate of Horace Wakefield Estate of H. Graham Walker Wallenstein Feed Charitable Foundation Estate of Frederick William Warren Jane Weatherbie & Bob Lougheed David & Ann White The Whittaker Family George & Letha Whyte Estate of Arthur Morton Willis Peter Wills Barb & Geoff Wilson Winberg Foundation Winners Merchants International LP Priscilla Wright Xerox Canada Limited

Bloorview Research Institute Endowment Fund BMO Financial Group Endowment for Teaching and Learning Cohon Scholarship Fund Coriat Family Life Skills and Transition Endowment Fund Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Fund Eaton Art and Music Endowment Fund Frieda Lifeskills Community Development Endowment Fund Holland Family Allied Health Professorships Holland Family Developmental Paediatric Fellowship Program            Holland Family Global Leadership in Childhood Disability Care Recruitment Fund Holland Family Support Fund for Childhood Disability Isaac Family Endowment Fund Margaret Anita Lambe Family Support Fund Mickey Milner International Professorship Endowment Fund Ronald McDonald House Charities Play Program Endowment Fund Patsy & Michael Roszel Endowment for Excellence in Developmental Paediatrics Ward Summer Student Endowment Fund Max & Ida Weisfield Endowment Fund Whipper Watson Scholarship Fund Dr. John Whittaker Memorial Fund


$50,000 to $99,999

Your gift of an endowment helps to create future possibilities.

Dr. Biggar Endowment Fund Bigioni Family Fund for Respite Care Bloorview National Research Award in Childhood Disability


ENDOWED CHAIRS Established with the University of Toronto, Holland Bloorview Foundation is proud to support talented and passionate leaders in the field of childhood disability.

Chang Family Foundation Chair in Access Innovations Chair in Childhood Disability Studies Chair in Developmental Paediatrics Holland Family Chair in Acquired Brain Injury Chair in Paediatric Rehabilitation

ANNUAL DONORS We are grateful to the individuals and corporations who made contributions in the past fiscal year. Special thanks to our infinity donors (∞) who gave more than $250 in each of the last five years.

$500,000-$999,999 Trillium Automobile Dealer’s Association

C $250,000-$499,999 Scotiabank Group ∞

$100,000-$249,999 Pixie and David Riddle BMO Financial Group ∞ CIBC ∞ David & Lynn Coriat ∞ James & Mary Davie Allan Slaight and Emmanuelle Gattuso The Giving Tree Foundation of Canada Great Wolf Lodge Car Wash for Kids Kasting 4 Kids Patricia Langley Paul Perrow RBC Foundation ∞ THREE TO BE Anonymous The Marion Armstrong Charitable Foundation Robert & Mary Pat Armstrong Donna Benham

Canadian Tamil Congress Capital One Services Inc. ∞ Chillin’ for Kids ∞ Cisco Systems Canada Company ∞ Elpida Gala in Support of Autism Research Frieda Griffiths The REMAD Foundation Reprodux Day at the Races ∞ TD Bank Financial Group ∞ Toronto Crown And Bridge Study Club

$25,000 to $49,000 The Bay Street Children’s Foundation ∞ The Cadillac Fairview Corporation Ltd. The Canada Life Assurance Company CI Financial ∞ Marilyn & Richard Coles ∞ Element Financial Corporation Erin Park Lexus Toyota Scion ∞ Griffiths McBurney and Partners ∞ James Rutley Grand Memorial Fund Mackenzie Financial Corporation ∞ Milos Raonic Foundation Tony Pampena In Memory of Bruce Granville Peyman Power Corporation of Canada ∞ Provision For The Vision Ministries Toronto Academy of Dentistry ∞ Toronto Community Foundation ∞ Toronto Parking Authority Golf Tournament ∞

$10,000 to $24,999 Action 4 Autism Airlie Foundation Yveline Audemars & Humbert Rivero ∞ Heather Beamish Geoffrey & Nancy Belsher ∞ Beutel, Goodman & Company Ltd. ∞ Vito & Sandra Bigioni ∞ Burman & Fellows Group Inc. ∞ Canadian Multicultural Radio The Chau Family ∞ Tim Close & Lindsay Holtz Ted & Sally Conrod ∞ Export Packers Company Limited ∞ Tom Flynn & Cathy Hampson Gord Bamford Charitable Foundation Grad Family Foundation ∞ Green Shield Canada William & Susanne Holland ∞ The Health technology Exchange Katz Group Canada Ltd K. Michael Kelly ∞ KingSett Capital Inc. Jean Lam & Paul Ostrander Louis & Sophie Lau ∞ League of Ordinary Gentlemen George & Leanne Lewis ∞ Longo’s Family Charitable Foundation Barbara & Dougal Macdonald & Family Stephen & Janet MacPhail ∞ Miller Thomson LLP ∞ Patricia & Tom Muir ∞ Mark & Petra Murphy Norton Rose Fulbright OR LLP ∞ Robert & Robin Ogilvie Osler ∞ The Paloma Foundation David Pauli ∞ Keith & Joan Pelley

Real Matters ∞ Heather Risley The Norman and Marian Robertson Charitable Foundation Rogers Media Robert Segal & Jennifer Koffman Selwyn House Association Sims Family Charitable Giving Fund Robert & Mary Susanne Singer ∞ SmartCentres ∞ Mark Smith Peter Soumalias & Giorgina Bigioni ∞ The Strategic Charitable Giving Foundation Gary & Louise Sugar The WB Family Foundation ∞ Westdale Construction Co. Ltd ∞ Wildeboer Dellelce LLP

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Aurora Periodental Centre Chris Bacon Donald Berman Foundation The Birks Family Foundation Jean & Susan Bisaillon ∞ Blaney McMurtry LLP Amanda Brugel Canada Running Series Inc. CBRE Fred & Christina Char ∞ Douglas & Chloe Chau ∞ Estate of Athol L.B. Cherry ∞ Estate of Major Harry Cherry ∞ Dino & Jane D’Alessandro ∞ Deloitte & Touche Foundation Canada ∞ DUCA Financial Services Credit Union Emily Grace El Raheb Memorial Fundraiser ∞ Ernst & Young LLP Foyston, Gordon & Payne Inc. ∞ Gazzola Paving Limited Goodyear Canada Inc. ∞ Denise Guerriere & Michael O’Rourke ∞ Himelfarb, Proszanski LLP Barristers & Solicitors Cally Hunt Sheila Jarvis ∞ George Jorisch Marc Letourneau & Meegan Hinds William & Molly Anne Macdonald Ian V. McLachlin ∞ Dr. Ali Naraghi PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP ∞ Raymond James Ltd. Neil & Chrisula Selfe Cookie & Stephen Sandler ∞ Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon Thomas & Joanne Singer ∞ Sony of Canada Ltd. The Sports Network Inc. c/o TSN Events State Street Tennis Canada The McLean Foundation The Toronto French School Toronto Japanese Association of Commerce and Industry Toronto Star Fresh Air Fund ∞ John H. Wedge, O.C. & Patty Rigby ∞ The Wheeler Family ∞ Xerox Canada Limited

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Aloy Can Corporation Back To The Beauty 2000 The Bajc Family ∞ Garnet Banks ∞ Rudy & Catherine Bratty The Calgary Foundation Don, Janice & Robbie Carmichael ∞ Valerie & David Christie Peter & Catherine Clark ∞ Laurie Coates Donald & Phyllis Cooper ∞ Steve Copeland Mark & Joanne Downing Ted & Joyce Gittings in memory of Gregory Ralph & Caroline Grose Husky Energy Inc. Margaret Imrie ∞ Mary Kardos Burton ∞ JPMorgan Chase John Kustec Donald Langill Alice and Murray Maitland Foundation Marilyn Melnick Microsoft Canada Stephen & Kathryn Nelson ∞ Nursery School Walk Harry & Nancy Ort Plan-it Manny & Daphne Pressman Dr. Christine Pun ∞ Fred Rea Ricoh Canada Inc. Jackie Schleifer Taylor & Paul D. Taylor Heather & Jason Smith David & Heather Toswell ∞

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Aaron Waxman and Associates, P.C. ACE PAINTING & DECORATING Ambrosia Natural Foods Limited Ariva/ Domtar Avanti Ayoub Azab Tracey Bailey ∞ Dr. Alex Bain and Dr. Janet Rossant ∞ Baker’s Dozen Group of Hoteliers ∞ Andrew & Laura Barron Paul & Kaye Beeston ∞ The Benjamin Family Foundation William J. Biggar ∞ The Bistro on Avenue Inc. Lindsay Blakely & Anthony Hammill Dr. Aldo & Peggy Boccia ∞ Peter & Alison Bowen ∞ Ivanka Brijeski David & Fran Brown ∞ John Bujouves Don and Edith Bumstead Charitable Fund ∞ James & Sharon Cameron ∞ Canadian Tire Corporation Joe Canavan Gerardo & Donna Cappelli ∞ Patrick Cardarelli Dianne Carmichael Mark & Sandra Carrington ∞ Frank J. Catalfo Century Concrete Products Limited ∞ Jodi Chapnik Ron & Marjorie Charette ∞ Maya Chendke Chinese Ladies Golf Association of Ontario

Nick Christidis Cineplex Odeon Collectcents Inc. Jeffrey Cooper Robert R. Cranston Wendy Cukier The David Duncan House Inc. Dentistry Professional Corporation The Dickens Fellowship of Toronto ∞ Werner Dietl Direct IME The Discovery Group of Investors Sebastian & Xavier D’Souza F. Louise Ebrahimzadeh Alan Edge Ernest Green & Son Ltd. Carolyn Everson & Peter Irwin ∞ John & Pat Fielding Robert & Regan Fitzpatrick Andrew Fleming Floka and Friends Cut-A-Thon Luis Fonseca Harvey and Annice Frisch Family Foundation Leslie Gage Katherine Gibson Richard Goldberg Jennifer & Bill Graham Harmony I.T. Inc. Glynis A. Henry ∞ Peter Hinman Geoffrey & Anna Hole Christopher & Michele Hopper ∞ Howie, Sack & Henry LLP Hughes Amys LLP Mark Hundert and Lynda Beyea ∞ Judy Hunter ∞ John Ingold Ingredion Canada Inc. Yarlini Karunanithy The Henry & Berenice Kaufmann Foundation ∞ Khalid Fadeel Medicine Professional Corporation Stephen & Mercedes Koo in Memory of Kenneth Ted Koutsogiannopoulos Shaul Kuper Doug Jamieson Zahra Ladhani Nancy Lamont Langdon Hall Country House Hotel & Spa Andrew Le Feuvre Robert S. Leon Let’s Talk Entertainment Inc. Robert & Laurel Livingston MacKinnon & Bowes Limited ∞ Stuart MacLean Theodore Manziaris Richard Marcovitz & Dr. Sheila Laredo ∞ McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada Limited Isabell McDorman George & Katie McFarlane Robin McLeod Valerie McMurtry ∞ Irene Melissa Shirley Menzel Ingrid Mida Golda Milo-Manson, David Manson & Family ∞ Monster Dash Montgomery Sisam Architects ∞ John Munro Wally & Pat Murumets ∞

The Muzzo Family Charitable Foundation ∞ David Naiman ∞ Sam & Rozlyn Nella ∞ Brad Nullmeyer Oce Canada Ontario Glass and Metal Association Golf Tournament Mary Ann Oughtred Helen Papacharalambous The Pathfinder Foundation Richard Paton Patty King International ∞ Scott Peaker Bill Peckford Susan Phillips Martha Pilkington ∞ Lorne & Jean Plecash Clarence Porter Joel Prossky Donald Quan Bill & Cindy Quinn ∞ R & C Engineering Inc. Rand Kildare Charitable Foundation George Ratner Ted & Cathy Rechtshaffen Mark Reed Reinhart Foods Relish 567vfx Tendril Holiday Art Party Richard Roth Sean Riley Royal Canadian Legion - Branch 322 - Ajax ∞ Dr. Peter Rumney & Shelley Neal ∞ Vinay Kumar Sarin ∞ Richard Schultz Edith Scidmore Carol Shaw Cordelia Silva Nathan and Lily Silver Family Foundation ∞ Catherine & Peter Singer ∞ The Sam Sorbara Charitable Foundation Standard Life Yvonne & Dan Stefanin ∞ Jaffer Sunderji Ben & Mary Sybring ∞ Jonathan Tayar TELUS Corporation ∞ Tesari Charitable Foundation Tamil Catholic Community Of Toronto Piragalathan Thirugnanasundaram Thomas, Large & Singer Inc. ∞ Timbercreek Asset Management Inc. Alan Tinney ∞ Toronto ABI Network The Toronto Herb Society Toronto Users Group Golf Tournament Trace Electric & Fire Protection Inc. ∞ Bill Watson John & Josie Watson ∞ Priscilla Wright ∞

$500 to $999 A.B. Medical Professional Corporation Alarm Force Aronovitch Macaulay Rollo ∞ Daniel Balagot Ashlee Barbosa Deborah Barrett Marilyn Beamish Brian Beamish Jim Beqaj

Elaine Berry ∞ Judy & Doug Biggar ∞ John Black & Eve Rubenzahl The Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company of Canada ∞ Matthew & Sandra Bratty Henry & Jennie Brehaut ∞ Martha Jo Breithaupt Beth Bull Ron G. Bull ∞ Tim & Kimberly Burke Canadian Bible Society Elizabeth Carreiro-Onuwa Jennie Cass Cassidy & Company Chris Chambers ShiLiu Chen ∞ J.S. Cheng & Partners Inc. ∞ Carol Chiu Frank & Vjera Cifelli ∞ Stefan Ciotlos Michael Cleary John Coke Earlaine Collins Cooper’s Iron & Metal Inc. Charles & Barbara Coupal ∞ Mike Dawe Sally Daub Destiny Solutions Inc. Sacha Diab Nick Di Tempora Rose DiFonzo Dr. Asirwatham Medicine Professional Corporation Speros Dorovenis Alison Durkin David & Elizabeth Edmison ∞ Enbridge Gas Distribution ∞ Mark Ernst Mark & Heather Evans ∞ Tony Faccia Christine A. Featherstone ∞ Liesbeth Ferriman Chris Fillingham John Fitzgerald Peter & Gaye Fletcher ∞ Focus Asset Management Forensic Investigations Canada Four Corners Group Inc. Luigi Frigerio Xiaohui Fu Peter & Sharon Fullerton Sharon & Peter Fullerton ∞ Antonio Galante Lily Gelissen Mary Gibbons Patrick Gibson Frank Gomberg Good Times Running Kevin Gordon Janet R. Gouinlock ∞ Ruth Gould Great Commission Divine Centre Edwin S. Gunaratnam Julia E. Hanigsberg Henderson Structured Settlements LP Clayton A. Hern W. Alan Hill ∞ Gordon & Jennifer Hines ∞ Holland Bloorview at York University

Karen Holland Holt Renfrew Home Again Inc. ∞ Home Depot Foundation Anita Huang Wendy Huang Hydro One Employees’ and Pensioners’ Charity Trust Fund ∞ Donna Inch International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, LU 353 ∞ Intrepid Investigations J&J Swagat Convention Centre John H. Shin MPC Annie Katsiris Helen Keeling ∞ Tom Kehoe Howard Kerbel Adam Kronick Steven Krupica Michael & Maria Kuch Henry Kugler Craig Lahmer Ronald M. Larock Janice Lawrence ∞ Douglas Laxdal Jason Lehner Kwong Leung Maurice & Gail Lewis ∞ Dr. Sunu Liao ∞ St. Jacobs Lions Club Cheryl Liuzza James Longwell lululemon athletica - Yonge and Briar Hill Douglas & Susan Marshall ∞ Karen Martin Chetan Mathur & Clara Angotti ∞ Ted Mayers ∞ Eleanor McCain Janet E. McDougall Raymond & Carolyn McDougall ∞ Frederick McDowell Rod McInnes David Mensour ∞ Janet Michener Myles Mindham Mitchell Korman O/A Korman & Company Momento Photoworks Janet K. Morrison Muin Management Inc. ∞ The National Advertising Awards Wing & Winnie Ng ∞ Zoe Nutten Ontario Power Generation Employees Charity Trust ∞ Order of the Eastern Star - Fidelity Chapter 33 PAEDS-MORE Research Team Cornelius Pasichny Carol Perry ∞ Darrell B. Phillips ∞ Elizabeth M. Pierson Christopher & Susan Portner ∞ Peter Puccetti Jenny Poulos & Nick Lafazanis Wilfred & Melba Pound ∞ Antonin Pribetic The Printing House Limited Tanya Punchard Dave Quesenberry Ian Quinn



Norman Raschkowan Kumar Ratnam Resolute Technologies Canada David Rogan & Margaret Hudson Royal Bank Donations Committee Parminder Sandhu Gerrard Schmid Second Cup Supports Holland Bloorview Seshantri Viswasam Dentistry Professional Corporation Shulman Law Firm Professional Corporation Sharon St. Jean The Philip Smith Foundation St. Luke The Evangelist Catholic School Lambros Stamadianos Star Gardening Michael Stinson Michael Taylor Raj Thavaratnasingham Lucinda Thompson Tiffany Gate Foods Toronto North Dental Hygienists Society ∞ Karoline Tungland Janet Turner Edgett VA3 Design Ryan Vincent Scott & Olga Wagner David Wakayama Karen Wattman ∞ Michael Wekerle Charlene Wexler Agata Witkiewicz John Zarb Catherine Zingg

$250 to $499

1632703 Ontario Inc., O/A Atlantis Aquatics 2060251 Ontario Inc. O/A Careful Delivery Services Sandra Adams ADS Forensics Inc Jude Aloysius Scott Andersen Amarjit Anderson Paul Arbus Arch Insurance Company Wilmer Arevalo David Arnaud Jaime & Claudia Aronowitz ∞ David Bacon Dorothy Barnett ∞ Deborah Beauchamp Linda Blair ∞ Gavin Bogle & Suzanne Tiefenbeck Ronald & Gillian Bond ∞ Janet Bone Tony Bonos Box Hair Dressing Catherine Bradley BridgePoint Financial Services Inc Brian Brock Richard J. Brodie Karen Brown Hannelore Bruehl Ted Bunker Steve Burleton Tobin Cable Gareth Callaway Robert Campbell


Robert Cancelli Cora Canonaco Martin & Fran Caplan Amanda Carmichael Cathy Carter Jason Caruana Tim Casey Margaret Casoni Ana Castillo Cedarwood ClimateCare Dave Chan Laura Chan Scott Chandler Coca-Cola Canada - Still Business Team Aaron Codd The Beverley and Samuel H. Cohen Family Foundation Stephen Cohen ∞ Collins Barrow Toronto LLP Anne Conlin Commercial Design Control Inc. Theresa Cook Loren Cooke Terry Corsianos Crawford & Company (Canada) Inc Lisa Cresswell-Fung Danforth Neighbourhood Pharmacy Care Deb Day Daystar Foundation Inc. Andre Dempsey Michael Detlefsen & Louise Le Beau Gino Di Monte Paul Montgomery Mark Diamond Michael & Patti Dilworth ∞ Constantinos Dimakis Kevin Dolan Anthony Dorazio Mark Driman Natalia Dukszta Erskine Duncan Caroline Duncanson ∞ James & Jennifer Dustan ∞ Susan Edmiston ∞ Mike Egan Ari Eisen Gladys & Bill Erz ∞ ESC Corporate Services Inc. The Fairmont Royal York Farmers Mutual Insurance Company Catherine Farrell Mark Fenton Steve Ferreira Bernard Fogel Michael & Pilar Ford ∞ David Fruitman Sprague & Anne Furey ∞ Alison Gittins ∞ Chitra Gnanasabesan Aloysius Stephen Graham Michael Guerriere Rosalee Guerriere Susan Gunter Jorge Bouch & Susan Guinn ∞ H2O AND MORE INC John & Heather Hall Hallmark Housekeeping Services Inc. Janet Hammond George Hampson ∞ John Hannon


Ray Harris Harvey Kalles Real Estate Matthew Hawkins Health Bound Health Network Inc Bruce Hemming Oliver Herbst Jeffrey Hill Allan Hinman ∞ Hollywood Gelato Day for Holland Bloorview HomeLife Future Realty Dale Hooper Lyndsay Hopps HSBC Bank of Canada Alex Hsueh IBM Canada Ltd. ∞ Institute of Corporate Directors ISB Canada Asha Ismail Audrey Jamieson Qing Jia & Wei Hu Janice Jickling Michael & Sandra Kaplan Kana Karunanithy Adam Kelly Mike Kensit Sally Martin Kent Nancy Killey Helen Killoch Craig King Peter Kinkartz & Janice Jickling Trevor Kobe Tony Rena Koutrakos Jocelyn Kuper Anna Kuzman Jody Lalande ∞ Ray Lam Norm Lang Alison Lansdown Rhonda Laskovski Samuel & Elsie Laverty ∞ Jordan Lavine Jill Lawrence Alfred Lee Andrew Lee Jeff & Rebecca Lerner Bill Liavas Herbert & Katherine Linzner ∞ James Kemble Daniela Kim Amanda Lampard LIUNA Hester K. Long Jeffery Long Sheena MacAskill Julie Macfarlane Catherine MacKay Natasha MacParland Molly Malone ∞ Lynda Mantha Jeffrey Marchand Bernie Marcotte & Wendy Kennish ∞ Mary Martin Martinrea International Inc. Nickolay Matatiyahu ∞ Paul Mayer Heather McClellan Bill McGill McMillan Law Professional Corporation Mike Mcnabb Medi Group

Mercedes-Benz Canada Inc. MGN Consulting Inc MICHAEL BUCKSTEIN (BARRDAY) Jack & Gloria Mighton ∞ Jennifer Millard Doug Miron ∞ Frederick Moesker Patricia Moretti Lauren Muir MV-1 Canada Georgina Myers Praba Namasi Deborah Nelson Network Reporting & Mediation Michael Newallo Charles Newman Nostimo Greek Souvlaki Richard Nunn Earle O’Born OnCorp Direct Inc. Ontario Hospital Association William Onuwa Mina Pallotta Thomas Pam Bill Papaconstantinou Martha Parlamis Jon Pavonis PCL Constructors Canada Inc. ∞ Cindy Phillips Picano & Partners Pimco Canada Mihai Pintilie Gloria Pipe Roger Poirier David Poster David Prussky Everardo Quiel ∞ Jonathan & Amanda Ratner Mike Rau Anonymous Retz and Associates Inc. Dianne A. Richards ∞ Thomas Sean Riley Brad Roark Don Robertson Margaret Rodd Rocca’s No Frills BBQ Beata Rokoszak Dr. Edwin & Victoria Rosenberg ∞ Sarah Rosenberg ∞ Jennifer Rudy Sandra L. Sadler ∞ Allan Saito Kevin Salsberg Ely Sbrozzi John Schiebel ∞ Karl & Debbie Schlicht Fran Schreiner-Farrell Tanya Schwartz-Johnston Robert & Carolyn Scouler ∞ Sealy Canada Ltd. Peter Senisi Bryan Sherry ∞ Marcel & Sylvia Shum Navendu Singh Jillian Siskind Kugarajh sivasubramaniam Robert Snow Craig & Bridget Sokoluk ∞ Peter Stachiw

Joy Stothers Claudia Studak Richard Sukut Ahmed Syed Shafeeq Barbara Symmons I Taraschuk John Taylor Michael Teitelbaum David Thomas Thomas Torokvei Estate of Lillian Massey Treble Tep Thi Truong Elaine Tung Shantini Umasuthan United Way of Peel Region ∞ University of Toronto Upper Canada College Timothy Van Alstyne Claire Velikonja Brian Vethanayagam Tracey Wainberg Wakefield Canada Inc. ∞ David Walden Margaret Walker ∞ Mark Walsh Nicole Watson & Dana Merber William Watson Nancy Webb Ruth Weintrop Whirlygig Creative David & Ann White ∞ Kim White ∞ Al Wiens Williams & Partners Forensic Accountants George & Janet Wilson ∞ Mary E. Wilson Wiltec Cabling Sherri Wolfish Pong Wong ∞ Ernest & Sheila Wood ∞ David Woodfield Joan Woolever ∞ Rob Wray Sheri Wray WRI Group Andrew Wright Joel Yanofsky Jeff Yarlett Jessica Ying Yvonne Ying Paul Zed Peter Zoumboulakis

COMMUNITY EVENTS We wish to thank the organizers and participants of the following community events which were held in support of Holland Bloorview Foundation over the past fiscal year.

Action 4 Autism Baker’s Dozen Group of Hoteliers Bay Street Pro Celebrity Softball Challenge Tamil Canadian Walk by Canadian Tamil Congress Chillin’ for Kids Chinese Ladies Golf Association Golf Tournament Dickens Fellowship of Toronto Elpida Gala in Support of Autism Research Emily Grace El Raheb Memorial Fundraiser Floka and Friends Cut-A-Thon Great Wolf Lodge Carwash for Kids

Hollywood Gelato Day for Holland Bloorview Kasting 4 Kids Rehab Monster Dash Nursery School Walk Ontario Glass and Metal Association Golf Tournament Reprodux Day at the Races Rocca’s No Frills BBQ Second Cup Supports Holland Bloorview Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon Shokokai Golf Tournament The League of Ordinary Gentlemen Music Heals Event THREE TO BE - Stems of Hope Gala Toronto Academy of Dentistry Annual Charity Golf Classic Toronto Parking Authority Golf Tournament Toronto Users Group Golf Tournament

TRIBUTE GIVING It is an honour for Holland Bloorview Foundation to join you in celebrating achievement and in remembering those you love.

IN HONOUR OF Savanna Addorisio Tracey Bailey Emily Bigioni Daniel A. Eisen Carter Hansen HomeSense Decorative Home Planning Team Emma Hill Maya Huang-Sunderji Remy Kleinberger Ryan Kugler George & Leanne Lewis Stergios Liavas John McLeish Gary Miller Tom Muir Parisa Naraghi Cathal O’Connor Office of the Vice President of Research and Innovation Rachel Paton Keith Pelley Natalie Pilon Dr. Peter Rumney & Shelley Neal Edmond Shen Jeff Yarlett

IN MEMORY OF Jamie Burnett Benjamin A. Cifelli William Crampton Bruce Granville Peyman Carter Hansen Lech Krol Matthew Lalande John Marshman Bala Nadarajah Doris Rossant Kenneth Sheung Kam Koo Carolyn Symonds Seemampillai Emmanuel Edward Thurairajah George VanKerrebroeck Every effort is made to ensure the accurate recognition of each donor. Please contact regarding any omissions or corrections.

BE THE POSSIBILITY VISION A world of possibility.

MISSION Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital provides specialized programs and clinical care for children and youth with rehabilitation and complex care needs to enable them to participate in life to the fullest. We are Canada’s leading pediatric rehabilitation teaching hospital, dedicated to being at the forefront of clinical care, research and education. As a key resource for Ontario, we are committed to partnerships to build clinical, academic and community capacity to enhance the quality of life for children with rehabilitation and complex care needs and their families.

VALUES Caring Client and family-centred care Excellence Innovation Partnership Respect



2013 - 14 BOARD OF DIRECTORS Nitin Kawale, Chair Jason Smith, Vice-Chair George Lewis, Vice-Chair & Campaign Co-Chair Keith Pelley, Campaign Co-Chair Tony Pampena, Treasurer Giorgina Bigioni Dianne Carmichael Ted Conrod Julia Hanigsberg Bill Holland Christopher Hopper Clay Horner Jean Lam Tom Muir Emmanuel Pressman Rob Segal Neil Selfe Charles Sims Gary Sugar

150 Kilgour Road, Toronto, ON M4G 1R8 T: 416-424-3809 | F: 416-425-4531 | E: Charitable Business Number: 88932-6278-RR0001 Holland Bloorview Foundation




Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital Foundation’s Annual Report to Donors 2013-14  
Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital Foundation’s Annual Report to Donors 2013-14