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Welcome to the first issue of our three

As you have those discussions with



family, remember that we want to con-

changing in ag, and we want to share

tinue serving your farm business –

how Holland’s is evolving to meet your

whether you’re going through a transi-

needs. In each issue, you’ll find the lat-

tion of leadership to the next genera-

est specials and deals, as well as other

tion or if you’re just beginning your

information valuable to your operation

career as a farmer.




and news you can use. Holland and Sons has been serving the

You can expect to read insights into

ag community for over 30 years as a

different areas today’s farm operators

family-owned and operated business –

must address – such as agronomic top-

just like so many of you. We strive to

ics (this issue takes a look at the issue

build and maintain your trust through

of crop residue management) and the

emphasizing your satisfaction and a

changing world of precision ag. We’ll

high level of service. We want to be

explore the trends impacting your op-

your first choice for John Deere equip-

eration and share solutions that can

ment, parts, and service – to be a trust-

help as you run your farm. We’ll also

ed partner you can count on. Thanks

shine the spotlight on some of our em-

again for making

ployees in each issue, so you can get to

us your Deere

know them a little better.

dealer and we wish you a safe

As we move into the holiday and win-

and happy holi-

ter seasons, I hope you can take time

day season!

to spend with family, and to work on plans for the future of your operation.

-Todd Holland

EMPLOYEE SPOTLIGHT Get to know the employees that serve you everyday. Congratulations to Dan on 40 Years!

Congratulations to Barb on 43 Years!

Name: Dan Hallquist

Name: Barb Hayward

Position: Service Technician, Dixon

Position: Service Clerk, Mendota

Years of Service: 40 years. I was 19 when I started working at the Dixon store.

Years of Service: 43 years this upcoming January. I started in 1974.

First Job: This was my first official job outside of working on the farm.

First Job: Working at Del Monte after High School

Favorite Part of the Job: Regular coffee breaks, well, pretty regular.

Favorite Part of the Job: Definitely the customers. I have also enjoyed getting to watch everyone grow up and change.

What is an average day like at Holland’s? There really is no typical day. Every day is different. It’s a blessing and curse because each day you don’t know exactly what you are going to do one minute from the next. There is a wide variety.

What is an average day like at Holland’s? It’s always really busy. There are always lots of repair orders.

Favorite Equipment to Work On: The 40 Series tractors, because they were just coming out when I started working at the store. They were some of the first equipment I worked on.

Family: Kirby (Husband), Jennifer (Daughter) 35, Peter (Son) 28

What got you interested in this field? I grew up on a farm. My dad and uncle did custom harvesting for neighbors and other home repairs. That is what got me interested in working on equipment. Family: Patty (Wife), Andrew (Son), Rachel (Daughter) Town: Dixon Favorite Restaurant: The White Stag in Sugarcamp, Wisconsin Favorite Movie: James Bond movies Hobbies: Tinkering around and fixing things at home, doing repairs at the family farm 3 Words that Best Describe You: Patient, Optimistic, Shy Words of Wisdom: I really enjoy and appreciate being able to come to work every day. You can never take for granted being healthy and able to work.

What got you interested in this field? Growing up on a farm got me interested in this career.

Town: Mendota Favorite Food: Spaghetti Favorite Restaurant: Waterstreet Pub in Peru, Illinois Favorite Movie: Pretty Woman Hobbies: Sewing

Something People would be Surprised to Know: I’ve been working here so long everyone knows me too well! 3 Words that Best Describe You: Fun, Caring, Loving


Upcoming Events Round Table Operations Center Sessions, Dates TBD (Visit your Holland & Sons ISG staff member to get assistance with your data)

By Jonathan Koch, Integrated Solutions Manager With the many changes in today’s world, I sometimes reflect on where I’ve been in the past. When I was growing up, I couldn’t wait to get to a certain stage of life – the next maturity level – being trusted by my dad to drive a tractor, then a car, then graduating from school, that first career job, a family. One doesn’t seem to ever ‘arrive’ – there’s always a new adventure to begin! As they say, life is a journey, not a destination. I think this applies more than ever today as technology seems to speed up the pace of life. I think of the John Deere Day notebooks and notepads that generations of farm operators held close

to their heart in shirt pockets and jackets throughout the crop season. They were often used to record weather patterns, seed varieties, fertilizer and weed control practices. Records of yield results linked to varieties and fields could sometimes be found there, too. Then John Deere introduced a brown box display with a recording device and JD Office – a revolutionary computer program to store and manage this ‘new’ style of information. APEX was the next major development, a computer program allowing even more maneuvering of information. This enabled farmers to more easily interpret and evaluate information while channeling it back to farm vehicles. Today, farm data can be transferred from the machine to a safe electronic storage location, the John Deere Operation Center. The farmer then can easily analyze data in the John Deere Operation Center or in a variety of programs chosen by the farmer and his team of trusted advisors. Your

team might include your seed corn representative, fertilizer representative or other consistent partners and advisors.

Most likely this is the same team that’s helped you for many years of your farming journey, but now bring additional insights. There’s comfort in knowing that while change continues to happen in farming, the same reassuring faces who have helped your operation in the past continue to assist you through today’s technology. It’s rewarding to know that many of your fathers or grandfathers dealt with the same John Deere store location that you do today. There are even some of the same Holland & Sons staff members today that they dealt with – talk about familiar faces! The journey you’re on as a farmer is the same journey we’re traveling at Holland & Sons, as we share the big goal of feeding the world. Let’s propel onto the next step of the journey together. Happy Holidays and a prosperous New Year to all!

ISG Staff Mendota: Nick Beilema Princeton: Tanner Schoff Gregg Pearson Dixon: Kolin Erb Geneseo: Matthew Drake Steve Clementz Freeport: Riley Fluegel

AGRONOMY Learn more about agronomy from our resident expert.

What’s all the fuss about crop residue? By Gregg Pearson, Application Sales Specialist and Sales Rep Chopping corn rolls, stalk stompers, vertical tillage tools, cover crops, mulching rippers, mulching finishers, residue managers. What are all these tools about? In today’s high-yielding environment, through literally every field operation from the time the farmer rolls the combine out of the shed in the fall to when he puts the planter away in the spring, he must keep this in mind: how it impacts his ability to process the residue from last year’s crop.

“A tillage program that is just getting by today in terms of its ability to process residue, will soon become inadequate tomorrow.”

The corn plant produces a total quantity of bulk material made up of leaf material, stalk, cob and grain. Harvesting equipment is designed to separate the produced grain from the plant material so the grain can be hauled off from the field, leaving only the plant material. The corn plant is typically somewhere in the range of 55% grain weight and 45% plant residue. As the yields of corn varieties have increased over the years, so has the weight of the residue that it leaves behind. To put that into pounds, as yields have increased from 150 bushels to 250 bushels per acre, pounds of residue have increased from roughly 6,800# to 11,500# per acre. This residue needs to be managed and processed so it won’t have a detrimental effect on next year’s crop. Harboring pests or disease, tying up nutrients, allelopathic effect, potential erosion and the cooling effect of the soils are just a few of the considerations a farmer must make when developing a residue management plan for his farm operation. There isn’t one single residue management plan that is the best choice for all fields and soil types. There’s a need for varying residue management plans from operation to operation, or even farm to farm within larger operations.

So what does all of this mean? It means that farmers are constantly trying to become more efficient around how they manage residue in their fields. The challenge is that many times their success in effectively reducing the negative impact of residue, hence, raising the yield potential of this year’s crop, also increases the potential of additional residue needing to be processed the following year. With this in mind, a tillage program that is just getting by today in terms of its ability to process residue, will soon become inadequate tomorrow. Farmers must continually recreate or tweak what they are doing today, to reduce the impact of this year’s successful crop from reducing potential of next year’s crop.

SERVICE Level One applies to your first two inspections. We inspect your unit and perform any additional work you request. You can take advantage of 180 days no payment, no interest (NPNI).

Gain peace of mind for the upcoming crop year by preparing now to avoid expensive field downtime. is offering a multi-unit inspection program with discounts based on the number of units inspected. The more pieces of equipment your operation has inspected, the more the savings will add up, including an up to 5% discount on parts. By Brett Dewey, Aftermarket Manager Having your equipment inspected during the off-season is a great way to make sure everything is ready before you want to roll. Getting inspections completed lets you catch problems before hitting the field, helping you avoid expensive downtime. For 2017, Holland & Sons

Certified Holland & Sons technicians will thoroughly inspect your equipment to catch problems now that could stop you later in the field. Worn parts are replaced before they cause major problems. Fluid and filter changes at the time of the inspection can help you stay on top of proper maintenance. The multi-unit inspection program includes three levels. Each level is based on the number of inspec-

tions performed on your equipment. Machinery qualifying for this program includes the following pieces of John Deere equipment: row-crop tractors, 4WD tractors, planters, drills, combines, heads and platforms, windrowers, mower conditioners, balers and self-propelled sprayers. Hagie equipment is eligible as well. Gain peace of mind for the upcoming crop year by avoiding potential downtime in the field this coming spring and keeping your equipment in tip-top shape. Take advantage now of the multi-unit discounts at Holland & Sons and get all of your equipment inspected and ready to go.

Number of Inspections

Parts Discount

Finance Option



180 Days NPNI



180 Days NPNI

5 or more


180 Days NPNI

*Some restrictions apply. Contact your Holland & Son’s service department for complete details.

Level Two is for the

third and fourth inspections. Those units will qualify for NPNI 180 days, plus receive a 3% parts discount. Inspections three and four require a minimum of $250 spent in parts to receive this discount. The maximum parts discount may not exceed $2000. All parts discounts apply to parts installed by Holland & Sons. The NPNI option is available only to qualified John Deere Financial customers.

Level Three applies

to five or more inspections. This level requires the same conditions as Level Two, but will receive a 5% parts discount. The maximum parts discount may not exceed $2000. All parts discounts apply to parts installed by Holland & Sons. The NPNI option is available only to qualified John Deere Financial customers.

PARTS It’s easier than ever to find a great deal on John Deere parts and merchandise. Visit our website to view the Winter Edition of the John Deere Catalog. In this issue, compare the List Price column with the Now Price column to see BIG savings on nearly every page. Look for special super discounts on select items for a limited time. Hurry, sale prices end December 31st, 2016.

Did you know? Did you know you can order A&I Parts from our website? We have partnered with A&I to offer aftermarket parts for all makes of equipment, all at one place. Visit the parts page on our website to begin shopping online.

Autumn seems to be rolling slowly through the countryside, but the holiday season will be here before we know it! It’s tradition here at Holland’s to be the best source for the equipment needs of ‘future’ farmers. This year is no exception. Your little one may need that particular model to complete their farm, so we stock an extensive collection of John Deere toys. We know every future farmer needs a combine like a toy S680

with a draper head in 1:32 scale – the perfect fit for any young operator. From now until Christmas Eve, Holland & Sons will be offering discounts of up to 50% on select toys and merchandise. This holiday season, think Holland’s for the little farmer in your life.

View the catalog on our website!

Pre-Owned Tractors


By Mike Rahmus, Large Ag Sales Manager

2015 John Deere 9620R

$395,900 (#127888)

2010 John Deere 8345RT

$214,900 (#114352)

2008 John Deere 9630

$138,900 (#131747)

2012 John Deere 8260R

$165,900 (#131732)

With the rising cost of farming, many operators are looking at ways to optimize their cash flow. Machinery replacement needs must also be considered this winter. As today’s farmers work to maximize their cost per acre, many are considering different financing options for their equipment needs. The sales team at Holland & Sons is professionally trained to help meet the needs of your operation. We offer financing on new and used machines, and also offer lease programs. When leasing a machine, there is typically a smaller upfront cost, allowing you to keep more of your cash in your pocket. Stop in to talk with a Holland & Son’s sales professional to explore these possibilities.

PROPERTY OWNER Get the lowest prices of the year right now on walkbehind snowblowers! We carry value-priced Briggs and Stratton models, starting at just $399 and up. Single Stage and 2-Stage are available, while supplies last. Top of the line Honda snowblowers start at $599. We also have heavy-duty, commercial grade 2-Stage models available for those heavy winter snows. See your Holland and Sons salesman for more details.

Tips Notebook

Save $800 to $1,500 on one-year-old, low-hour trade-ins from Deere employees this coming spring. Many machines have just 50 hours or less, plus three years of factory warranty remaining. Machines will begin arriving in January. Let your Holland and Son’s salesman know which model you are looking for, and he can let you know when they start arriving. Early buyers will get the best possible selection.

Have you visited the Tips Notebook yet? A new website from John Deere, the Tips Notebook features helpful articles and videos on how to tackle all kinds of jobs and projects at home. You’ll find instructions on a range of topics including gravel drives, fence building, proper seeding, snow removal, and much, much more. Check it out at

The Holland Herald | December 2016

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