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Be Honest with Others

Have Patience with Yourself


orthrightness is a term coined to describe the action of moving forward (“forth”) into rightness. The energy of this honesty moves your life in a positive, healing direction. That’s why another word for honesty is directness. This powerful force overcomes health, financial, and psychic blocks, as well as other imbalances in your life. It sends a huge wave of healing energy that envelops everyone involved, even those who disagree with, or are threatened by, your truth. It’s doubly important for you as a healer to be honest with others. Your truthfulness keeps you healthy and balanced, but it also helps your clients trust you (as they can feel your level of integrity). Bottling up your feelings to spare someone else’s is a disservice to yourself and all others. It entangles the energy waves, sending crossed signals out into the universe that interfere with your clear manifestations. We can help guide your words and actions to soften your honesty and to help others hear your truth with love. Be straightforward with other people today, and allow yourself and your energy to be direct and forthright.


ht for Today

I am honest with others. I connect with my true feelings and convey them with love. My heart is open to my truth, and I ask my angels to help me express myself with love.


ou’re learning and growing every day, even when you’re not consciously aware of your progress. As you later look back on this period of your life, you’ll understand how the pieces fit together. You’ll see the blessings and lessons that you gained from this time period. Sweet one, you’re much too hard on yourself at times! You’ve come such a long way, and yet you chastise yourself for not going fast or far enough. So this day our message for you is to have patience with yourself and the process of life. All things are Divinely timed—just as a rose unfurls its petals at precisely the right moment, so too does your life progress along a perfect timeline. If you were to force the flower to bloom by prying apart the petals with your hands, it would soon wither away . . . and so it is with your life. The more patient you are with the process of progression, the more you open the energetic doorways for your good to come to you. Give us any anxieties that you may feel about time, and allow us to transport you to the eternal energy where magic happens.


ht for Today

I am patient with myself and with life itself. I surrender all struggles and any need to control or force things to happen. I happily embrace the knowledge that everything I desire is mine to enjoy right now.

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