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o matter where I am in the world or what’s on my schedule, I begin each day by reading an inspirational book and then meditating and praying. I adopted this healthy habit many years ago to ensure that my first thoughts of the day were positive. In the beginning, I let myself skip an occasional morning of reflection, but I always noticed that my day wasn’t as fun or satisfying. Whenever I devoted time to my uplifting practice, I was always rewarded with a magical day, new opportunities, and a deep sense of fulfillment. Now I wouldn’t even think of neglecting my morning ritual. This book is a way for you to connect with your guardian angels’ loving energy on a daily basis. Ideally, you’ll read one entry each morning before you begin your day. You can read the pages in their numbered order, or just let the book fall open to whichever message is best for you at the time. Each page contains a practical, down-to-earth message from the angels to help you have a wonderful day—and you’ll probably also hear or feel your own angels’ guidance as you’re reading. Every day they’ll suggest an action or focus for you to take that will bring you more peace and happiness. The daily message is then followed by a thought or prayer, which you can use as a helpful way to connect further with your angels. Say it out loud, write it down, or just think of it throughout the day—do what feels most natural to you, since the angels can always hear you. Don’t worry if you forget or don’t have time to follow the angels’ suggestions for that day. The most important step is to absorb their loving energy by reading their words.

Although this book is geared toward morning meditations, you can benefit from it anytime, day or night. I suggest keeping it on your bedside table or desk so that you can refer to it whenever you need a comforting boost from above. I personally learned a great deal from the messages that the angels dictated for this book. Many of them contain profound teachings, as well as suggestions for beneficial ways to approach the day. God and the angels want us to lead happy and healthy lives, and they’re available to all of us every moment of every day. My prayer is that you’ll allow heaven to help, guide, and love you. Reading this book is one way for that prayer to be answered. — Doreen Virtue

Daily Guidance from Your Angels by Doreen Virtue Begin each morning by communing with your angels, using the 365 channelled m...