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Take One Step at a Time

Find Light in the Darkness

ou have beautiful dreams and intentions, all of which are manifesting as you read these words. Don’t let the size of your ambitions overwhelm you . . . they’re definitely achievable, as long as we work closely together. Today we ask that you do the following: Decide that you definitely desire something, know that you deserve it, feel that its manifestation is possible, give us permission to help you, follow your guidance, and allow good to come to you. When you do these things, we will absolutely steer you toward actions that bring your dreams into material form. Every great aspiration consists of many small steps, so focus on taking one step in the direction of your dream right now. We’ll support you with guiding messages, which you’ll receive as a strong feeling, a vision, a thought, words, or other signs. The faster you follow your guidance, the more quickly your dreams will come true.

hen the sun sets, the world seems a little dimmer and colder. Yet that’s the time when the sun’s rays and colors are most visible and noticeable. And so it is with your own life: Whenever your thoughts or moods feel darkened, the light shines even brighter within and around you. Imagine a gorgeous sunset inside of you right now in glorious shades of yellow, orange, pink, and purple; and experience its radiating warmth and beauty. Feel your inner sunset growing larger and brighter, illuminating you from the inside and all around you. The more you see this glow, the more your life, mood, and energy level brighten. We’re next to you right now, shining with God’s love for us all. Lean upon our light whenever you wish, and we’ll guide you to find and benefit from the radiance that always shines within you.



Thoug Thoug

ht for Today

I clearly decide what I want, and I deserve this dream. It is absolutely possible for it to come true. I ask my angels to help me manifest my desire, and I notice and follow any guidance I receive. I take one small step at a time and open my arms to receive.

ht for Today

I am filled with beautiful healing light right now, and Divine rays illuminate my path and guide my next steps. I am safe within this radiance, which protects and shields me in every way. I have it inside of me, for I am the light and I shine light.

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