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JUNE / JULY 2016

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Letter From the Editor

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Welcome, to our Premiere Issue!!!

I’m so excited to see this first issue come together, and that you are here to share it with me. Firstly, let me introduce myself. My name is Angie Romero and I’m a healer, life & business coach, and the publisher for an existing online magazine called Happier Healthier Women. That magazine has done well, but I felt a calling to start one just for holistic themes. And, that’s just where Holistic Houston came from. This issue, we are kicking it off with Spirituality as our main theme. Spirituality ... it means something different for everyone. For example, one can be religious and spiritual, spiritual but not religious. Regardless of what we each do to connect to that deeper spiritual connection, I believe spirituality is a necessity in everyone’s life. This issue touches spirituality from many different angles. It’s up to you which path feels right to you. As with all our issues, may the articles our experts have provided for us up lift you, guide you and open your heart and mind to a happier, healthier and more balanced life!


Religion or Spirituality?


How Spirit Plays an Epic Role in Love and Fear


Countdown to Freedom


An Alternative Approach to Managing Stress & Anxiety


How to Know if You Were From Atlantis


A Spiritual Connection: The Couple’s Path to Joy


The Path Beckons


What’s Your Money Story?


Spiritual Self Care for Creating Deeper Meaning

by Angie Romero

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by Erica Antonetti

by Sheldon Pizzinat by Chanel Marie

by Felicia Marie Giouzelis by Dr. Ada Gonzalez by Kathleen Saelens

by Cecilia Dawe-Gillis by Rachel Eddins

Holistic Houston | June 2016 | 2

Religion or Spirituality?


I’ll begin with a very cautious warning here: this article may not be for everyone. Why do I say that? Simple. I have found that many people get offended or even defensive when these subjects are brought up. Conversations like these have become the white elephant that no one wants to talk about, discuss openly, intellectually, calmly or even lovingly. Conversations of God (the Universe, Consciousness, Life, Love, Holy Spirit, the Mystical – whatever you want to call it) have been become taboo in our so-called modern day world. As a society, we’ve been taught to “keep the conversation politically correct” and “offend no one”. In other words, “hushup and only talk to those who believe exactly the way you do”.

So again: this article is based on my personal difference between religion and spirituality. I will challenge some points of view and thoughts. I leave it to your own calling if you

wish to read it, and understand that my love goes out to you regardless if you follow along or decide to move right along.

Holistic Houston | June 2016 | 3

If one day you have nothing to do and feel like doing some good old fashioned research, Google the word “spirituality.” I promise that you could spend hours reading different definitions, meanings and explanations on what the word means.

I believe that’s because it’s one of those words that’s more like a FEELING or a DEEPER UNDERSTANDING or KNOWING rather than an action or thing you could tangibly describe. Plus, spirituality means something different to everyone, and depending on the life you’ve lived thus far could also have a very different experience associated with it. Many people mistake spirituality for some new age or silly hippie thing. They believe that when a person says “I’m spiritual” what they really mean is “I live in la-la-land, I sit in silence all day long and just think of flowers and love, and I can care less about the world.” This is pretty far from the truth, and at the same time it’s not.

Let’s get into the reasons why I believe it’s seen this way by comparing religion to spirituality.


Religion tells you a story and you must follow it – Spirituality allows you to find your own story.

Every religion has their own story of who, what, when and why. They each have a main character whom they base all their teachings on, and it’s from their story that their particular religion began. You cannot deviate from or question their story, and cannot learn from any other that is not approved by the religious institution. Spirituality does not base any principle, ideology or background on any one character. Instead, it allows you to discover your own story deep within

the silence of your mind and heart. Our soul has a very beautiful narrative of our very own, and when we connect to it, we connect to the universe and all in existence. Plus, as we connect to our own true essence, which is spirit, we are free to question, learn from others and assimilate what feels right to us.

2. Religion

has rules you must follow – Spiritually understands that no rules are necessary

According to many religious institutions, their religion is the only correct one and everyone else’s is wrong. Followers of a religion are used to being told what to believe, what to do and how to act. If you don’t agree or follow these so-called ideologies (whether you agree with them or not) you’ll be punished by an angry God for being unfaithful. For starters, spirituality doesn’t believe in an angry God. Quite the opposite, it allows you to explore your own beliefs safely in a loving presence. There is no formalized organization dictating what is correct or incorrect in their institutions, and there is no finger pointing or judging anyone else for their beliefs. In other words, spirituality opens both your mind and your heart allowing more acceptance of other’s beliefs regardless if they are different than their own.

3. Religion

teaches that the Divine is outside of you– Spiritually allows you to honor the Divinity within

Religions teach you to look outside of yourself for God. They enforce a belief in separation (that we are all separate from God and from one another) and that we have to win our way back to Him. Some religions even go further as in declaring that some people are more worthy than others to be accepted by God, and the unworthy are casted away or shunned from his grace and glory. Holistic Houston | June 2016 | 4

Spirituality encompasses love for everyone – the good, the bad, the poor, the rich, the one stuck in traffic, even the one cleaning the floors with a toothbrush. No one is shunned away from anything as we are not separate from him or one another. We only have to understand that God (the Divinity, Love) is within us always. Always has been, always will be regardless of how far or distant we think we’ve gone from Him. The love, grace and glory has always been around us, but it’s up to see us see it, feel it and experience it in our very own way.

4. Religions

talk about a “God” – Spirituality talks about “Divinity”

Religions have personified “God” to fit their perception. They speak of an angry god, a jealous god and even a god who chooses between this group of people over that group of people. And, mostly God is referred to as male. Spirituality refers more to “divinity” as an essence (not male or female), but a pure feeling or energy that just encompasses everything. It’s more like a presence that’s so grand and powerful that even a mere word to describe it is impossible without really labeling it this or that. Now, don’t get me wrong. Religion isn’t bad, and spirituality is more complicated than it seems. Nothing in this life is either black or white. What I do know is that in my experience, I prefer to be more spiritual than religious because it makes sense to my soul. And, don’t get me wrong, I still have a long way to go to be “more spiritual,” but the beauty I find in it is that I’ve allowed my soul to guide me on my spiritual path. I’ve learned tools and techniques to help me get there, and I get to teach and coach others who wish to find their own path. Only spirituality has done that for me. And for that, I am truly grateful.

Angie Romero is a Holistic

Practitioner, Life and Wellness Coach for Women and a Marketing & Business Coach for Healers. She is also the Editor & Publisher of Happier Healthier Women and Holistic Houston Magazines. Recipient of VIP Woman of the Year by The National Association of Women for 2013 for her service to women worldwide to live Happier and Healthier in all areas of their life. You can follow her through her facebook pages Happier Healthier Women, Life and Wellness Coaching and Holistic Houston. Holistic Houston | June 2016 | 5

How Spirit Plays

an Epic Role in Love and Fear

I want to talk about a subject that has been one of the greatest teachers in my life. I’m sure we’ve all dealt with it at some point, but I’m wondering how many of us make choices in spite of it? Today’s message is about fear. But I want to talk By ERICA ANTONETTI about fear in a couple of different ways. Not only what it is and why it’s such an integral part of the growth process, but also how spirit plays a role in it, and how we can turn it into a positive thing rather than a negative thing in our lives. Before I begin, I want to start out by reading a quote I love by the popular spiritual teacher and author, Marianne Williamson. So the quote goes “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our Light, not our Darkness, that most frightens us.” Based on my experiences and spiritual exploration, I have come to believe that all emotions are a variation of either love or fear, with love being the one true emotion that all other emotions resonate from. If we look at fear as a wonderful gift, a paradox based on love, then on one side of the coin, we love ourselves so much that fear is being used as a protection of us. And on the other side of the coin, at best, we are swimming in a sea absent of Self-love so much so, that it harms us. Either way, we are allowing it to keep us from our greatest victories because we are not trusting in the grand design of the spiritual world, a place in which we all come from. It keeps us in a prolonged agonizing state of being. In either form, fear essentially offers us a journey back to our core truth, our spirit, which in turn brings us back to love. Holistic Houston | June 2016 | 6

All of us have a connection to spirit, because at the basic level, spirit is the truth of who we are. just with the addition of a body at the moment. Even if you are unaware of the richness of your own spirit energy or the ever-present energies of others around you, even if you feel afraid, or alone, you still harbor that connection.

Let me a share a story with you. I experienced some challenges as an adolescent and teenager that were extremely difficult. Because of my fear, of not knowing what would happen as an end result, I stayed frozen in the situation a lot longer than I would have if I had stepped out of my fear. I see that now, where my fear paralyzed me so much, because I didn’t trust in what my own spirit was asking me to do. I allowed my external environment to dictate my words and actions, and therefore, not honor my self. Ahhh! There we see that self-love thing again. The interesting thing about that situation was that one of my loved ones in spirit stepped in and helped out yours truly. My mother came to me saying that my great, great, grandmother who had been in spirit over ten years at that point, woke her up in the middle of the night and told her to go check on me. I knew in those small moments in the wee hours of the morning, it was my chance to be free. I faced my fear, shared my truth with my mother, and I was released from that situation. In retrospect, my fear was so big I could not see another way, but my grandmother’s love for me, cracked the door open just wide enough that I could see a glimmer of light stream through and it assisted me, encouraged me, to release myself. Knowing I had that kind of love and support was enough for me to spill out the words that needed

to be said. It’s interesting how even though I was being ruled by my fear, that love was still dominant and able to shine through in that situation. I have found myself in situations over the course of my thirty something years that did not serve my highest good. And each time, fear held me back from moving on from the situation, until one day, it no longer did. I don’t know why I stayed in such situations for so long other than my fear eventually gets smaller than my need to move forward. So if my fear keeps me stuck, and my moving forward is an act of selflove, then one could presume that fear is just a lack of self-love. It’s interesting to see it from that perspective, isn’t it? Each time, spirit played a role in loving me and encouraging me, but ultimately, it was my decision and then my action to move forward, that propelled me out of it. And sometimes, the decision was just a split second before the action. And each time, the situation and my life, got better and brighter and more joyful and hopeful. I’ve noticed over the years, the pattern. How each time I chose to be the bravest version of myself, the rewards just keep getting better and better. This revelation came to me in retrospect of some of the biggest, unknown, most frightening decisions in my life… ~The Unknown of leaving a Seven year relationship in the middle of the night, with just enough gas money, in a rental car mind you, to go the Seventeen hours to a new city. ~The Unknown of joining the military knowing I would be away from my child, in a dominantly aggressive male environment. Oh and don’t forget we were in the middle of a war, so the obvious elephant in the room was the slight possibility of dying for my country. ~The Unknown of how everyone would react when I chose to come out of the spiritual closet and announce that I often communicated with those Holistic Houston | June 2016 | 7

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Holistic Houston | June 2016 | 8

who were considered non-existent by so many.

And Every. Single. Time; My fear was diminished by diving head first into the unknown. My soul soared with amazement at what I was able to create and attract into my experience… joy, freedom, safety, love. It is important to know that each of us has such a team rooting for us in the other world. Our source, our loved ones, our guides, and last but not least, our own spirit. All, are observing us, supporting us, loving us, and continuously encouraging us, to go actively and courageously into what lies ahead. To take up those opportunities that catapults us into the unknown. See where it leads, even though it’s almost guaranteed to be uncomfortable. Go along with me now and think of a time when you felt really fearful of something. What was it about that situation that made you feel that way? Were you thinking about the other people involved, or maybe it was the not knowing how it would turn out? Maybe it was the belief that you couldn’t truly have what you wanted or longed for? Now think about this… How did you react to it? Freeze, run, or fight? What would it mean if you proved to yourself that you are a powerful creator? Would you then, have to acknowledge your responsibility for the quality of your life up this point? Explore for just a moment how you feel about that? Are you noticing any resistance coming up with that notion? Ask yourself “What am I learning from this?” Know that fear is not our enemy. It is a compass showing us where we are most in need of growth. What makes us the most uncomfortable is the reference point on our personal GPS that is telling us where we would like to be, but are not currently at. We’ve become keenly aware that our soul is longing for more, to stretch more, to be more, to do

more than where we are in the moment. Fear is just our awareness of the ‘gap’ that exists between what we believe ourselves to be and what our souls know us to be. So say this in your head,

“Fear is a trusty friend.”

And just like we would do when making a new friend, have a conversation with it, get to know it in and out, how it works, how you react to it. Play with it, so that when it arises in you from encountering a new experience, you will know it well enough to continue forth in your journey, knowing it is a natural friend just saying “I’m here, alongside you, supporting you, attempting to protect you, every step of the way.” Remember the opening quote for a moment. “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our Light, not our Darkness, that most frightens us.” As you finish reading this today, please take a moment and imagine what the following would look like… “In honoring your own powerful spirit, in knowing how loved and supported you are from the other side, how will you let that knowledge guide you as you go out into the world this week? How will you choose to face down your fears?”

Erica Dawn Antonetti

is an internationally recognized psychic medium, mentor, and Amazon #1 BestSelling Author. She is dedicated to empowering people around the globe to connect more deeply with their own inner divine guidance and communicate with their loved ones who have crossed over into spirit. When she is not supporting clients or writing blog articles, Erica is usually singing, learning something new, or having an adventure with her military husband and two active sons. To contact her for a personal reading or speaking engagement, please contact her at: Holistic Houston | June 2016 | 9

Countdown to Freedom By SHELDON PIZZINAT

If you’re like me your mind can seem like it has taken over sometimes. Thoughts of the future, what I need to do, what I have done, this that and the other all swirl around in an ever spinning wash cycle in my head. For me this translates into feelings of “background” anxiety, urgency, and fear.

One tool that works for me that I would

like to share is what I call “A

countdown to letting go”.

I talk to my inner self, my ego, my mind, the place inside that is spinning with all these thoughts and I coach it. “I’m going to countdown from 3 to 1 and on 1 let go, just let go completely for 5 seconds and see how it is. You can come back to how you were after those five seconds, so let’s just try it. I’ll be here with you.” If it is the first thing in the morning and or it has been awhile since I have done this practice, or my mind just generally feels like it has a strong grip, I wait for its response. It is almost always game to try. The reason is the reassurance I give it that it can come back to how it was before. That we’re only testing this out as an “experiment” a trail run, for 5 seconds. Holistic Houston | June 2016 | 10

Once I get the okay, I start the countdown… ”three…two…one”.

The kicker is once that place feels these qualities. It enjoys them and is more willing to let go again.

When I hit one I consciously assist my mind in surrendering by simultaneously relaxing my body and mind and giving a very subtle and instant gentle reassurance to that place that is letting go.

There is the practice for me.

You may notice right away the difference in your energy and it may take a little practice to notice. You might need to start with three seconds as the trail run or even one second.

Whatever your process is . . . it’s okay and your awesome just as you are. What I notice right away is a wonderful freedom. I feel the lifting of a veil, of boundaries.... an expansiveness and spaciousness in my body/mind. I immediately notice a rush of energy. In this new state of being I become very present; I feel trust, oneness, joy, liberation, playfulness, curiosity, innocence, and connection.

After those few seconds or when I notice that “the grip” has tightened again I ask that place if we can try again. Usually I add a few seconds the next time. I may go through this dialogue/ routine with my “fear/ego/urgency/attachments/ mind”… whatever you want to call this place, 10 times in that next 30 minutes and with each time it becomes a little bit easier.

So give it a try. You can always come back to who you were after three seconds, or you might just enjoy your new Self so much that you stay there :)

Sheldon Pizzinat, MA,

is a Spiritual and Success Coach, Author and Speaker who helps people Create and Live their Divine Life. After a six week life altering Spiritual Awakening, he went on to learn how to hold this incredible love and bliss he had so fully experienced. With a wide area of study in energy healing, personal development, metaphysics, Spirituality and a Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology. He is also the founder and host of the acclaimed Soul Speak Series, The Source Experience and the “Live you’re Divine Life” year-long mentorship program. For a free digital copy of his book “Becoming Love” please visit his website

I “know” that everything will work out and that I am so loved and cared for by life / the universe / God (Source). My earlier fears about money and the future are replaced by a knowing trust, a deep reemergence of truth.

Holistic Houston | June 2016 | 11

An Alternative Approach to Managing Stress


Anxiety, stress and fear can affect anyone at anytime. It’s affects can be draining and soul destroying, resulting in: - Paranoia - Lacking in motivation - Angry outbursts - Negative thinking - Addiction

In some extreme cases we even hear of people wanting to or actually taking their own lives. Despite these short and long term effects, anxiety, stress and mental illness are still taboo subjects. People don’t want to talk about it, through fear of being labelled in a negative way. I know this because I’ve been that person. My relationship with stress and anxiety has led me to bottle it all up, paint a smile on my face and carry on regardless. This did little for my well-being, other than intensify those feelings of isolation and separation.

Holistic Houston | June 2016 | 12

However, one blessing is that it led me to delve deeper into the world of spirituality. Mostly looking for a reason why, root cause and a solution.

In that search I reacquainted myself with true self through meditation, prayer and crystals. Each providing their own kind of peace, connection and healing that enabled me to emerge from my tunnel of darkness feeling brighter, stronger, wiser and lighter.

mind. My favorite meditations during times of stress and anxiety are: - Light Sourcing by Rebecca Campbell - Headspace (a meditation app) Both of these are meditations I’ve personally used during a phase of stress and anxiety. Beginning my day with light sourcing and ending it with a Headspace meditation. They are also both free!

In this piece I share my favorite meditations. The actual meditations that I have used when feeling stressed and anxious. I also share the crystals that complimented, amplified and transmuted my energy. Taking me from feeling low-vibe to high vibe. Everything shared here is designed to be easily incorporated into your life and are readily available in local shops or online. So, sit back and enjoy.

1. Meditation One of the things about stress and anxiety is that it’s fueled by negative thoughts. This incessant mind chatter that just goes on and on. The more you try to switch it off or ignore it, the louder they become. Meditation is a great way to quieten the mind and relax. It’s even been scientifically proven that practicing mindfulness and meditation can have a positive impact on the stress levels, body and the brain. If you’re new to meditation then start with 5 minutes and build up over time. In the beginning I found it easier to use guided meditation as they helped me to focus my



Channeling messages from Spirit to help you find peace, closure and the answers you need to move forward in life. To Book Your Healing Session Contact her at

(832) 525-3486 w w w.V i c t o r i a A l v a r a d o.c o m

Holistic Houston | June 2016 | 13

2. Crystals Your energy tends to dip when feeling stressed or anxious and crystals are a great way that I have found to change the energy. There are many crystals to choose from and it can be a bit overwhelming when faced with all of these different stones. So, the best tip that I can offer is: Let the crystal choose you! Many people, myself included, have commented on being instantly drawn to a particular crystal. This is because of the energetic connection made between you and the crystal. The crystal that’s right for you will naturally catch your eye! However, if you don’t feel ready to leave it up to energy then here are my top crystals for stress and anxiety.


Rose Quartz

This stone is known as the peace stone emitting a vibration of calm and relaxation. It also has the effect of relaxing the mind, clearing the mind chatter and paving the way for a restful night’s sleep.

Better known as the Love stone Rose Quartz has a very healing, loving and soft energy. Which is exactly what you need when you’re not feeling at your best.

Simply hold the crystal in your hand, wear it in your bra or as a piece of jewelry. Be sure to clear the energy from your Howlite item and set the perfect intention for you. Even in the absence of intention setting this beautiful crystal will work with and respond to your natural energy, as all crystals do. Providing your body, mind and spirit with what you need.

It’s a stone of unconditional love, supporting the wearer to love themselves, receive love whilst extending compassion and forgiveness towards themselves and others. This crystal is one that I found great to work with at night time, placing it under my pillow at night to aid a restful nights sleep. However, it’s also great to wear alongside Howlite to just bring forth that energy of safety and peace.

Amethyst Amethyst is a healing and spiritual stone that is also great for protecting you from low-vibes. It’s also great for encouraging and bringing forth positive energy, especially when you find your mind beseeched by negative thoughts. This is a crystal that I prefer to wear in the form of jewelry, as either a bracelet or necklace as it’s visually beautiful to look at. However, it’s also another crystal that is great for placing by your bed at night to aid a restful nights sleep. Brandberg Amethyst was a particular favorite of mine at the time. It’s a mix of Amethyst, Clear and Smokey Quartz. So it’s great for clearing energy and grounding too, whilst bringing in that positive and protective energy.

Holistic Houston | June 2016 | 14

These are just a few of the spiritual tools and practices that you or someone you know may find yourself. However, the main thing is not to bottle up your emotions. As someone who has a reputation for painting on a smile in times of stress and anxiety I’ve learned that talk brings strength and healing. Bottling up or suppressing your emotions tends to have the effect of dragging you down. Increasing that feeling of isolation and loneliness, both of which heightens those fearful thoughts and feelings. This also can lead to energy blocks that leave you feeling stuck, helpless and trapped. By talking you are creating space to offload. Share what’s on your mind, which can often make you feel lighter and much better. Even if you can’t find a friend or family member you trust there are many organizations out there who have trained professionals on hand to listen.

Spirituality is your own personal experience with the Divine.

Chanel Marie is a London born

intuitive, jewellery designer, writer, spiritjunkie & crystals lover! She creates affordable, stylish intentional crystal bracelets for Spiritual Fashionista and Modern Goddesses on the go who are ready to create and live a fulfilling life. Chanel Marie has been a featured

psychic reader for Psychic Today on Sky TV, as well as appearing in Spirit & Destiny magazine and writing for OK Times. Visit her at or soulstorylondon to view and purchase jewellery from the Soul Story London collection.

Holistic Houston | June 2016 | 15

How to Know if You Were From Atlantis

Yes, there are symptoms!! Whenever I mention Atlantis, I’m often met with the same resistance: “Atlantis didn’t exist.” I used to believe that myself but as it turns out, it couldn’t be further from the truth.


The most widely known Atlantis reference was documented by Plato, approximately 360 BC in his dialogues Timaeus and Critias. An excerpt from Timaeus reads, “Now in this island of Atlantis there was a great and wonderful empire that ruled over the whole island and several others, and over parts of the continent.” He also references the night of Atlantis’ destruction, “But afterwards there occurred violent earthquakes and floods. In a single day and night of misfortune all your warlike men in a body sank into the Earth, and the island of Atlantis in like manner disappeared in the depths of the sea.”

Holistic Houston | June 2016 | 16

My first experience with Atlantis was during a past life regression when I re-experienced the fateful day when millions of people perished. I witnessed my husband protect our two boys from an inevitable drowning, while they screamed for me. There was so much emotion attached to this lifetime, my physical body tensed up and my energy levels spiked, causing skype shut down for 20 minutes. I did not die on Atlantis, but to this day I am releasing survivor’s guilt from what I experienced. And I am not remotely alone. I now help others move past Atlantis trauma, which many have brought forward to clear in this current lifetime. We all share many of the symptoms.

You have probably experienced a past lifetime on Atlantis if you:

Have trust issues with government or any large institutions We have a very low tolerance for injustice, dishonesty and misuse of power within any institution that has been established to protect us. We want to be 100% free, no strings attached. Our internal truth detector is really strong and we know when someone is being dishonest. We believe in truth & justice and are willing to fight for our freedoms. Are fascinated with scientific developments and new technology; but find it upsetting when nature is manipulated We’re all for new technology to make life easier, but when our livelihood is being tampered with, we may feel far less accepting of it.

Love everything about the water We love the colors blue and white.

We’re most comfortable when someone creates a product that authentically helps us or the environment without harming one or the other.

We love anything to do with the sea (mermaids, sea creatures, colors, salty sea, etc.). We’re most at peace when our feet are in the sand or in the ocean.

Is fear paralyzing you from living the life you want? Many of us go through obstacles in life .... the question is will you allow yourself to use the tools necessary to heal, find peace and move forward?

Find the tools necessary at

Intuitive Art Healing with Valentina Castro Holistic Houston | June 2016 | 17

Feel that we’re carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders. We need to save the world! Atlanteans were unpleasantly surprised on their final day, rendering them powerless to change it. This collective trauma was so profound, it was imprinted into the soul at the deepest levels. Chronic neck, shoulder and back pain are representative of carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders or wanting to save the world. Experience feelings of loss, betrayal, anxiety, depression, fear, sadness, anger, frustration, hopelessness, negativity or crying at any moment.v. When Atlantis trauma is unaddressed, communication with others may be affected. We may not respect another’s opinions because ours is more important, which often results in arguing our point with judgment. The feelings mentioned above have been there “as long as you can remember”. Have knowledge or passions that you have no formal training in These are our gifts waiting to rise up. For instance, one day someone asked me about Atlantis and I opened my mouth and told them the entire story of what happened. I didn’t read or learn about it anywhere. Perhaps, you are aware of Universal laws, Numerology or the moon cycles. The easiest way to discover the gifts is to embrace our passions. Feel called to Greece (Santorini to be exact) Atlantis was located off the coast of Santorini, Greece. Feeling called to visit or live in Greece is a tell tale sign of an Atlantis lifetime.

Love anything Atlantis related We are obsessed with Atlantis, have read countless books, done research, compared notes and meditated on it. We know that there is more to Atlantis’ story than what the current research supports and we are on an endless quest to locate it. These are just a few of the common symptoms, there are many more. The good news is this: you are not alone! If you feel you may be from Atlantis, the writings of Plato are a great place to start, as well as consciously connecting with the ocean during meditation to invite in any information about Atlantis. And have a nice, big salt bath!

Felicia Marie Giouzelis

is a Master Healer, determined to live in a world where everyone is healthy, thriving, and dis-ease free! When not deleting energy in the Akashic Records for her amazing clients, you’ll find her whipping up a delicious vegan storm or adoring her sexy Mustang. She’s currently writing her second book on Atlantis. Head to her website to learn more about her upcoming healing retreat in Santorini, Greece.

Holistic Houston | June 2016 | 18

A Spiritual Connection

The Couple’s Path to Joy By Dr. ADA GONZALEZ

The need for connection is one of the most basic human needs.

With the rate of separations reaching alarming heights, it seems as if loving relationships are destined to fail. However, I’m convinced that joyful romantic relationships are possible when they are nourished and sustained with spiritual insights and principles. When I was first married, my husband insisted we regularly study the Bible and pray together. But I soon learned that he used each session as an opportunity to point out all my faults and needs for improvement. I became discouraged and hurt. Through the years our connection disintegrated and that marriage ended in divorce.

In contrast, my current marriage is based in a true spiritual connection. We discovered early that The Bible uses the word spirituality to refer to an attitude or approach to life. It doesn’t have anything to do with forms, times, or methods. It’s a heart connection with God which brings joy and invites a heart connection with the other.

The Apostle Paul highlights the difference in attitude between a spiritual person and one who is “carnal” or “fleshly.” Holistic Houston | June 2016 | 19

If you have fleshly tendencies, you are selfish. You focus on doing what is right in your own eyes, rather than on what God or your partner wants. By contrast, if you have a spiritual attitude, you value God’s standards. You see Jesus as a friend and try to imitate his characteristics and personality. Thus, you do your best to be loving, kind, and mild. You think how your speech and actions will affect your friendship with God and your relationship with your partner. What follows is what we have learned about joy as we grow our spiritual connection every day.

1. The Joy of love. True love comes from God. The foundation of a spiritual relationship must be unconditional love. This allows you the freedom to show up and be yourself. You also understand that you can’t expect the other to make yourself feel more loving or more loved. Love must begin within yourself and your personal relationship with a loving God. God’s love, enables you to take self-responsibility for nurturing the continuation of love in the partnership. You will use positive words and actions to show your love. You will strive to discover each others’ emotional needs, and to create an ongoing dialog about whether these needs are being filled. You will only speak the truth and live authentically.

The result will be trust and intimacy.

2. The joy of vulnerability, resulting in oneness Nothing makes us feel more vulnerable than sex. Sexuality grounded in love, commitment and openness to grow can deepen and strengthen your connection and intensify your sense of intimacy and oneness. Sexual intimacy is about bringing who you are–your joy, passion, humor, and ability to care, love, and accept another person–to play in love. Sex is a barometer for the whole relationship. Buried secrets, conflictive communication, avoidance and resentments that have built up over time ruin the feeling of oneness. “What aren’t we dealing with?” “What aren’t we talking about?” “Have I been keeping secrets that have turned into guilt?” Good questions to reflect on! If you want a happy relationship, it’s important to keep sex alive as an intrinsic part of your union. It will be expressed not only in bed, but throughout the day, showing affection and attention to each other. Then, your sexuality will transcend anything you’ve experienced in the past, because the feeling of completeness it produces will be a reflection and a reminder of your union with God.

Holistic Houston | June 2016 | 20

3. The joy of knowing and being known Communication is one of the most important and valuable factors in a relationship. Emotions and feelings can be difficult to share. When you have daily communication with God, it will be easier to communicate with your partner in a positive way that reduces conflict and negativity. You will be willing to share and listen; to stop making assumptions and check for real meanings; to ask the right questions; to refrain from criticizing, sharing instead what you need; to give respect and understanding; to keep connected and open; to treat the other with compassion and care for their heart. Through your conversations, you will know each other at a deeper level.

Dr. Ada Gonzalez

is a Relationship Expert with more than 30 years of experience helping couples find joy and connection. Her main passion and mission in life is to assists couples transform their relationship from struggling to fabulous by strengthening their heart connection. Visit her at www. or through FaceBook at

“If you want a happy relationship, it’s important to keep sex alive as an intrinsic part of your union. “

4. The joy of forgiveness Having a spiritually-based relationship doesn’t mean either one of you is perfect. There will be need to ask for and offer forgiveness. Resolve to give each other the benefit of the doubt and another chance. Holding grudges or being resentful due to unfinished or unsettled arguments, can push your relationship in a damaging direction. Don’t hold on to negative feelings. Give forgiveness freely.

5. Keep an open heart! We discover that genuine happiness in relationships is not a product of having our expectations always met or getting what we want, but rather it’s the consequence of freely giving in order to bring happiness to another. Unfortunately, this truth is often forgotten as fear supersedes our innate desire to give from the heart. Let go of your fears, connect to God and to your partner, and keep an open heart. You will be surprised by how much joy you will experience! Holistic Houston | June 2016 | 21

The Path Beckons

Understanding The Truth About Who We Are

By KATHLEEN SAELENS There is so much judgment in our society about Truths. It feels like too much of a claiming. “I have the truth�. How can we ever be sure of what the truth really is? How can anyone claim to have knowledge or access to the truth? It feels wrong to use that word. To make that claiming.

And yet - there is a truth. The truth of who we are. The truth . . of you. Beyond any spiritual or religious or philosophical concepts, there is this one thing that never changes. And that is, that we are. Something moves us. Something breathes us. We are body. We are mind. We are emotions. We are. And beyond all of that - we are us. Different from the others. Separate, only ever hearing our own thoughts, feeling our own feelings, knowing our own reality. And the thought that crosses all of our minds, at one point, is this: Who am I, really? Why am I here?

The moment that thought crosses your mind - you are opening the door to understanding. Holistic Houston | June 2016 | 22

Ask, and it shall be given. When you feel this question, deeply resonating in your heart, an aching yearning to know, to understand, you will be shown the path to your answer. And here is the thing: your path is unique to you. I can tell you to pay attention to people, events, experiences and opportunities that come into your life - because they will each hold a key to your knowing of who you are - but I cannot give you a specific roadmap. The path is yours to walk. And so, more than anything, when you ask this question, the answer will come to you as an invitation. To take a step into the unknown. To follow the breadcrumbs. In my experience, the path will start by showing you who you are - now. The person who may be feeling stuck. Confused. Lost. Despairing. Hopeless. In a moment of clarity, you will know that you are ready to explore - because staying here, feeling like this, trapped in this darkness, simply is no longer an option. You are ready. This is an energetic shift, at the deepest core of your being, and that is when the path will start to lead you into the unknown. On an exploration of you, and of life. Along the way, you will be lead forward by a series of seemingly small coincidences - but as you will come to see, looking back over your shoulder at the path you’ve traveled: each one of those coincidences strings together like a beautiful string of pearls. And you will look forward, with a smile on your face, because you have come to realize that you do not walk this path alone. It may be leading you into a dense forest, unable to see beyond the bend, but you know that it brings you closer and closer to what you have set out to seek: you. The you who feels good about life, who is stepping into more and more acceptance of self, who can love even the flaws and jumbled-up situations and the very human quirkiness and mistakes. The you who learns to let go, to set boundaries, to be gentle and fierce, and to love, deeply, unreservedly.

path. And a deep love of life. That is your truth. That is when you know, who you really are. And that is when so much more opens up to you. Purpose, and how to find peace in the knowing of why you are here. An experience of life that feels incredibly good - even if it’s still very human. Not always what you would call perfect.

But you smile regardless, because

you know the beautiful truth of it all: To live. As you. Fully knowing you. Fully being you. --The path beckons. Will you step onto it?

Kathleen Saelens

is a Spiritual Teacher, Business Shaman and Mentor for Visionary Leaders - powerful women who are changing the world through presence. She is passionate about connecting others to their own inner wisdom and soul because “that is the place all else blooms from”. Her clients are women who are ready to identify, embrace and live their Soul’s calling in the world. You can learn more about your own Soul Essence & Archetypal Feminine Leadership Style by taking her free test at

A deep love and acceptance of Self. A deep love and compassion for others, as they walk their own Holistic Houston | June 2016 | 23

Your time should be spent helping your clients .... not trying to figure out how to reach them.

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What’s Your Money Story?

You Get to Choose


Everyone has a money story. It’s formed by what we see and hear about money growing up. Along the way we develop our own personal relationship with money. That’s the good news.

The paradox is that some of us choose to adopt the limiting beliefs surrounding money that others in our life have.

There are a number of Universal Laws surrounding money. For now, the energy of money is my focus.

Today, I will focus on giving yourself permission to embrace a money story that supports you moving forward in life and creating the legacy you want to leave.

This energy and our relationship to money influences whether we feel worthy of receiving the right pay for the work or service performed, and our confidence in setting bold money goals to create the wealth we want in our life.

As adults we are poised to create the wealth we want. It has been said that money is not the most important thing in life; however, money touches everything in life.

1. Worthiness When we feel worthy of receiving money we can do so with ease. On the other hand, it can be a struggle. Holistic Houston | June 2016 | 25

We may feel unworthy or have doubts, we may not ask for money, or be embarrassed asking for what we know we deserve. Sometimes we even refuse money when it is genuinely being offered to us. On which side of the spectrum are you? No matter where you fall along the spectrum, it is food for thought because it greatly influences what you allow yourself to receive if and when you are paid.

2. Right Pay for

Work Performed Whether you work for someone else, are an entrepreneur, solopreneur, a mompreneur, or thinking of ways of earning money to leave the legacy you want, receiving the right pay is important. In Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead, even Sheryl Sandberg, the CEO of Facebook, was going to accept Mark Zuckerberg’s first offer. It was Mark Goldberg, Sheryl’s late husband, who encouraged her to negotiate for a higher salary – which she received. When you know “you” and honor your worth you are more likely to perform your work joyously. However, when you are not being paid or are being underpaid there is an undercurrent of feeling unappreciated or disrespected that permeates what is being done, even when these feelings are unintentional. Sometimes people want to barter for services. When it’s a dollar for dollar exchange both parties come away from the experience feeling good. In instances where there is a disparity, one party may come away feeling cheated. This is not a zero sum game. The ideal is for both parties to pay real money for the work or service being performed. That way both come away with a positive experience. Since energy is the currency in money when each party pays the right amount of money for the work

performed, both come away feeling respected and valued. Sometimes, this may be simply exchanging money. Receiving the right pay for the work performed sets the tone for the setting bold money goals for what you want to accomplish and the legacy you want to leave.

3. Setting Bold Money Goals People who set goals, write them down, and reflect back on their goals are more likely to achieve them. This is born out is Zig Ziegler’s, book “Biscuits, Fleas, and Pump Handles”. When you confidently set your bold money goal, the one you might gingerly back your way into, and yet it’s the one that propels you to new heights! So, what is the amount of money you’d like to earn in the next year? You can chunk it down into bite sized pieces to create the wealth you want in your life. You are empowered when you honor who you are, are paid the right money for the work performed, and achieve your bold money goals that contributes to the money story that supports you in life.

You see, it’s your Money Story. The story you get to choose.

It’s the one that helps you thrive and supports you in leaving the legacy you desire. Cecelia Dawe-Gillis, RN, MS, MSN, CPC is an Advanced Hand Analyst and Sacred Money Archetypes Certified Coach. She is the founder of Palm Purpose and is devoted to helping adults, parents and children discover their life purpose and overcome life’s challenges. Visit her at

Holistic Houston | June 2016 | 26


Life did come with directions. It turns out the ultimate assessment tool for both personal and business success waas encoded in our fingerprints before we were born. Join us for this extended weekend retreat-like gathering to find and learn how to actually LIVE your true Life Purpose and help others do it, too!

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Strategies for Creating Deeper Meaning in Your Life through Spiritual Self-Care By RACHEL EDDINS

Many women struggle with over-xing, whether it be overeating, overdoing, over thinking, over shopping, etc. Being mindful of self-care is an important way to balance your needs and prevent the over-xing. Self-care is not a to-do list or a simple act such as getting a massage.

Self-care is a deeper way of being with yourself and your inner needs on a day to day basis. The four most common areas of self-care are mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. Spiritual self-care is an often overlooked component of self-care, but it is just as important as any other. Spiritual self-care is about connecting with anything that is greater than yourself. Stepping outside of ourselves gives us room for connection, meaning and realizing that we’re not alone. We experience pain just like everyone else, we are not limited by our negative beliefs, and we are connected. Without spiritual self-care we can easily become stuck in our heads, negative beliefs and judgments, and stress in our lives. Our world becomes smaller and our perspective becomes limited – we start to believe those negative thoughts!

Do I need spiritual self-care? Sometimes, people hear spiritual self-care and dismiss its importance, thinking, “I’m not religious,” or “I already go to church.” Spiritual self-care is not about religion. While that can be one way of caring for this part of yourself, it’s really more about the little day-to-day ways you can bring a spiritual awareness into your life. Why is this important? Without it, we can begin to feel empty inside and turn to unhealthy strategies to fill up that emptiness.

Holistic Houston | June 2016 | 28

Symptoms of spiritual depletion include:

- Emptiness - Unease - Meaninglessness - Boredom - Longing for there to be more to life - General sense of dissatisfaction

- Restlessness - Purposelessness - Lack of inspiration or motivation - Loneliness or a sense of aloneness - Lack of personal fulfillment - A sense of being lost in life

When people have unmet spiritual needs, they may experience a vague longing for something. They may be searching for meaning or purpose in their life but reach for food, work, busyness, overthinking, to fill the void instead.

What steps can you take to begin spiritual self-care? 1.

Schedule time to be by yourself to reflect or write and do your inner work. Know yourself, your values, your dreams and your purpose. This aspect of spirituality is about connectedness to yourself. The more connected you are to yourself, the more grounded you are and the easier making decisions and setting boundaries become. Most importantly, being connected to yourself enables you to feel more connected with others. Here are some ways to connect with yourself: - Write in a personal journal to explore your deepest thoughts and feelings. - Do something creative: paint / draw / write / dance / sing - See your problems as opportunities for learning and growth; reflect on what that might be. - Define your guiding principles so you’ll have a clear path to follow. What are your most important values? What kind of person do you want to be (in each area of your life)? - Reclaim your joy! Experiencing joy is possible even as you face challenges. Notice the positive moments in the day. What made you smile? - Look for the good in others; it’s there somewhere, just waiting to be discovered. Noticing the good in others, vs. judging or criticizing can help you with being kinder to yourself and cultivating an attitude of compassion both with yourself and others.

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2. Practice mindfulness. Be fully present in whatever you’re doing – eating, talking, working, or playing – to experience the full pleasure and meaning. Multi-tasking and rushing through the moments of the day deprive us of joy and the opportunity to savor and be grateful for what we have. Take a moment to mindfully eat one bite of food at dinner tonight. Focus on the tastes, textures and appreciate what had to happen for that food to reach your fork.

3. Renew and restore yourself through prayer and/or meditation or just reflect on what you’re grateful for.

Start a gratitude jar or gratitude journal – write one thing you are grateful for that day or incorporate this into your prayers. Taking time for gratitude has numerous benefits including: better sleep, improved relationships, improved self-esteem, and improved physical and psychological health. Being thankful for even the smallest of things will remind you of all you have. Practice kindness without any expectation of receiving something in return.

Take a walk in a park or out in nature

4. and notice your surroundings.

As humans, we have a deep connection to nature. Our circadian rhythm follows the rhythm of nature, we are made up of the same vitamins, minerals and elements that come from nature, and we are deeply wired to love and need nature. Connecting with nature can have a profound calming effect on our busy minds, can increase creativity, and improve overall well-being. Ultimately, nature can help us find meaning in the world around us.

Rachel Eddins,

M.Ed., LPC is a therapist in Houston, Texas specializing in helping women overcome emotion driven eating. She offers both individual and group programs to overcome emotion driven eating. Her group practice offers therapy for a range of women’s issues from fertility, anxiety and parenting to trauma recovery. Visit her at

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