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Always Connect with Love by Sarah Gish


e heal when we truly see each other. This is why support groups work so well – therapeutic ones, 12 Step ones, anything in which we connect heart-to-heart in deep ways. It starts with something as simple as exchanging names. Almost 10 years ago, Dr. Atul Gawande wrote a groundbreaking book, The Checklist Manifesto, which was a guidebook for doctors in the operating room. One of the first things he brought up – something alarmingly simple – really struck me: he said that when everyone in the operating room exchanged names, the percentage of errors reduced dramatically. Knowing who was there kicked off something he called an “activation phenomenon.” When people were connected right at the start, they “activate” and participate. We help each other when we know each other. Just connecting isn’t enough, however. It’s connecting with LOVE that makes a difference. This means that you are connecting with compassion, without judgement. That you are stepping into the other person’s shoes and are stopping to really see them. I connect with love by being curious about the person in front of me. Who are they? What does their name mean? Are they having a good day? What ignites their life?

I also connect with love through my hugs. They’re different: I hug heart-toheart, which means I’ll connect my left side to your left side since much of our heart is on the left. There’s literally a little buzz when we do that, as we connect physically heart to heart! Try it and you’ll see what I mean. Connecting with love isn’t hard once you make the time to slow down and activate. This article is part of an ongoing series in which I discuss the “12 Ways to Ignite Your Life Daily” that are at the heart of my IGNITE YOUR LIFE! art project (see more about the project and the “12 Ways” here: Each month, I will explore one Way and I will also suggest a site in Houston to visit that I love and that connects to the concept. I

believe in not only understanding these 12 ways and words in your head and in your soul, but also experiencing them first-hand. For June, my focus is Way #6: “Connect with love. (love)” and to live out this Way, I suggest that you do two things. First, please make it a habit to exchange names with everyone who crosses your path. If you have time, ask them how their day is going. Secondly, meet up with a friend for coffee or drinks. As I sat writing this article in Phoenicia, thinking that I should suggest it as a place to hang out, two of my friends (Jonathan Beitler and Elaine Dillard) walked in and we all heart-hugged as we connected with love. Being together makes life that much better! Sarah Gish is an igniter, a connector, an artist, a mother – and much more! See her work at and contact her at and 713.492.1173. She produces a weekly blog highlighting unique cultural activities for adults and kids in Houston – GISH PICKS: CURATED CULTURE FOR KIDS & ADULTS (www. and an online Houston day camp database, www.DayCampsHouston. com. Her IGNITE YOUR LIFE! art project ( is a nonprofit organization and is anchored by a list of “12 Ways to Ignite Your Life Daily,” which are on the website. Sarah does intuitive guidance sessions at Body Mind & Soul; to schedule one, please call the store at 713.993.0550. She also does those by phone; please call her for more information about that. Sarah leads “Second Saturday Labyrinth Walks” at the Hines Center for Spirituality and Prayer (; check their website for more info and to register.

“When you’re ready for something more durable than philosophy, metaphysics, or orthodox religion, then you’re ready for the knowledge that grants love, wisdom, and spiritual freedom. These three qualities are available through the teachings of ECK. “The answer is in your hands.”


—Harold Klemp, The Call of Soul, pp. 102–103

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June 2018


Natural Awakenings Houston June 2018  

Houston's premier healthy living magazine.

Natural Awakenings Houston June 2018  

Houston's premier healthy living magazine.