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Muscat is the capital of Oman and one of the favorite places of travelers who would prefer taking cheap flights to their dream holiday destination. Holiday Mood is the leading travel agency of U.K. that provides tickets to cost effective flights to Muscat. This city is trifurcated into three main parts, namely Muscat, Matrah and Ruwi, all of which come together to form the ‘walled city’. There are several popular places to visit in this city, such as the following:

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Al Jalali Fort and Al Mirani fort Corniche Area Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque Qasr Al Alam Royal Palace Bait az-Zubair Museum Qurum National Park Riyam park Omani halwah factory Amouage perfume factory Nakhal Fort Wadi Shab

The Mutrah Souk is said to be the best in the Gulf region and holds shops that sell almost every item. People who take Holiday Mood’s cheapest flights to this city can buy the Amouage perfume, which is readily available here and said to be the most valuable in the world. Other items that can be bought cheaply from this souk are garments, nuts, spices, incense, earthen ware and Arab handembroidered Mussar.

Holiday Mood’s flights from Manchester to Muscat allow travellers to enjoy activities like scuba diving, rock climbing, trekking, camel racing and horseback riding. This leader of U.K. based travel experts also recommends taking a walk along the waterfront area of Corniche, observing the playful dolphins and serene turtles, partaking in a night safari.

Take a sunny Christmas & New Year vacation in Muscat  

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