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Biergarten Oktoberfest Beer Set Beer + Original Bavarian Sausage + Sauerkraut

HKD 188.00


HKD 75.00

Orig. Bavarian Sausage with Sauerkraut

HKD 88.00

Specially brewed by Schneider Weisse for Oktoberfest season only

• Organic wheat beer • Alcohol content Vol.-%: 6,2 • Original gravity-%: 13,8 • Pure top-fermenting yeast • Original bottle-fermentation

The special quality of the Stanglmeier Carniolan sausages resulting from the use of carefully selected meat, aromatic spices and the exquisitely traditional manufacturing process. Gently hot smoked over beech wood which gives them appetizing colour and the typical savoury taste of the highest level. Prices are subjected to 10% service charge.

Oktoberfest Beer Set Biergarten TST  

Special Beer and Sausage promotion during Oktoberfest Season 2016 in Biergarten TST, Hanoi Rd.

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