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Promoting reconciliation and peace By rebuilding Hope Homes Education Livelihoods

Can you find the small country of Burundi just at the upper left corner of Tanzania which is on the East Central Coast of Africa. See the long lake that runs south of Burundi.

Map of Africa

Burundi in central Africa

Flag of Burundi

Burundi--a people in conict

CofďŹ ns of Gatumba Victims

UN Troop Reinforcement

UN Thai Troops

60% of Homes Destroyed

Orphans with Prosper

Prosper & JRMD OfямБce

Prosper Ndabishuriye

Prosper & Team Leader

A JRMD Finished Home

Bricks at Carama District

Bricks Being Made

Walls Going Up

Under Construction

Ready for RooямБng

Metal RooďŹ ng

House Getting New Roof

Grass Huts for Refugees

this is the current living conditions of many refugees

Waiting for New Home

40% are Widows or Orphans

Unloading Doors

Door Ceremony

Doors Installed

Beans and Corn

families start gardens in Carama on their lands

Mrs. Anastasie Nduhiyabandi



Mrs. Antoinette Mbonihankuye

Mr. Rurahemuka Gaspard and his wife

Mr. Gaston Kagari

Mr. Eric Nsengiyumva

Mrs. Germaine Nyandwi

2000+ People in this Village

Helping kids go to School

Linking students & Schools

• • • •

AfricaAmericaExchange ( AAX)

AAX began Fall 2004 28 schools in program 14 Schools in Washington State• 14 Schools in Burundi

• •

Schools are partnered Each follows parallel curriculum Students correspond with one another • Some US students will travel to Burundi.

C.E.S.T.E. School, Bujumbura

CESTE School Grounds

A typical Classroom

Blackboard & Chalk

At CyberCafe

students come to CyberCafe to learn internet skills

Student & Teacher Workshop

Bayview School, Langley, WA.

Lycee du Lac Tanganika Students

Grant Street Elementary

Lycee Municipal Kinama

Lycee Municipal Rohero

Eagle Harbor High School

Hope & homes burundi