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The Holden Arboretum Annual Report 2012

From the Chairman of the Board and the President and CEO Liberty Hyde Bailey, horticulturist, botanist and cofounder of the American Society for Horticultural Science, once said that “a garden requires patient labor and attention. Plants do not grow merely to satisfy ambitions or to fulfill good intentions. They thrive because someone expended effort on them.” We’ve taken that to heart at The Holden Arboretum this year, laboring to turn our intentions and ambitions, spelled out in our New Leaf Master Plan, into a number of projects that further Holden’s role as an educational resource and enhance the visitor experience. The largest and most ambitious of these projects – a new, 4.5 acre Rhododendron Discovery Garden and adjoining Tree Allée – is now under construction near Corning Lake. Scheduled to open in May 2013, this is the first new garden constructed at Holden in more than a decade. Once complete it will tell the story of the plants that make up the rhododendron family, showcasing Northeast Ohio’s role as a hub for rhododendron hybridization and help our guests learn how to plant and care for these beautiful woody plants in their home gardens. The new tree allée will become a new Holden landmark, leading guests from the Display Garden to the new garden under what will one day be a canopy of shade and flowering trees.

Paul R. Abbey Chairman of the Board

While the work on the Rhododendron Discovery Garden and Tree Allée are the largest projects being undertaken at Holden, they are not the only changes being made to the arboretum’s landscape. Thanks to a generous gift from Mike and Carol Sherwin, made in honor of Bob Bergman, Holden has also completed construction on Meditation Point. Located just off the newly improved Woodland Trail – another project made possible thanks to the support of generous donations – Meditation Point offers visitors a place to pause, relax and be alone with their thoughts, a precious gift in this hectic world. Work has also begun on much needed renovations to the Warren H. Corning Library and the former sugarhouse at the Warren Bicknell Jr. Sugarbush. The renovations to the library will refresh the space, making it more welcoming for guests seeking to expand their knowledge of horticulture. Renovations at the former sugarbush will transform the space into classrooms for Holden’s Growing Students in Science programs as well as adult programs. These projects would not be possible without the contributions from our volunteers, friends and donors. Your support is a vital component in the process of making our vision for the future of The Holden Arboretum a reality. We thank you for your generous support.

Clement W. Hamilton PhD President and CEO


Directors Board of Directors *Paul R. Abbey, Chairman *Jonathan E. Dick, Vice Chairman *Robert R. Galloway, Vice Chairman *Sarah L. Gries, Vice Chairman *Joseph J. Mahovlic, Vice Chairman *C. W. Eliot Paine, Vice Chairman *Stephen J. Knerly, Secretary *Barbara Brown *Christopher A. Cullis *Peter S. Hellman *Arlene M. Holden *Michael C. Marino *Cynthia A. Moore-Hardy *Ellen W. Jones Nordell *Robin Schachat *K.K. Sullivan *Timothy L. Swanson *Michael T. Victor *Ann T. Whitney

Directors Emeriti

Honorary Directors

Constance Norweb Abbey Ralph W. Abelt Miriam N. Gale Jeanette Grasselli Brown Henry R. Hatch T. Dixon Long Henry L. Meyer III William J. O’Neill, Jr. John Sherwin, Jr. Penelope Theis Alton W. Whitehouse

Anne M. Clapp Mary Groves Alison C. Jones Thomas W. Seabright Clement W. Hamilton, President & CEO Jim Ansberry, Treasurer

* member of the corporation


Albert Fairchild Holden Society The Albert Fairchild Holden Society was established in 1998 to recognize those individuals whose generosity and foresight supports The Holden Arboretum with either a planned gift (will, trust, insurance, life income arrangement such as an annuity, etc.) or conservation easement. This year we recognize all individuals, those living and deceased, whose philanthropy places them in this distinguished group of donors. Gifts from Members of the Albert Fairchild Holden Society live on in perpetuity and help to ensure the ongoing financial strength and programmatic vitality of Holden. Should you know of anyone whom we have inadvertently missed, please contact Alicia Soss at 440.602.3848 or

Paul and Constance Norweb Abbey Ian Adams Milford M. Adams+ Margaret Aicher+ Janet Aitken+ Mrs. Virginia Albrecht+ Anonymous (4) Katherine Stewart Armington+ Mr.+ and Mrs.+ Raymond Q. Armington Ms. Leslie Baeuerlen and Mr. John Burke Phrocine R. Bailey+ Peter and Sally Bergsten Mr. and Mrs. Doug Bekkedahl Mr.+ and Mrs.+ Warren Bicknell, Jr. Virginia R. Billinghurst+ Helen K. Brydle+ Carol J. Burley+ Mrs. John G. Butler+ Roberta R. Calderwood+ Mrs. Webb P. Chamberlain Roger+ and Anne Clapp Mr.+ and Mrs.+ Warren H. Corning Mr. George Crile III Dr. and Mrs. C. B. Esselstyn, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Farrell Mr. and Mrs. Ken Felderman Ms. Cynthia R. Fennell Mrs. Mildred Fiening Mrs. Robert J. Flagor J. Lynn and Joellen Fordham John R. Gardner Hugh R.+ and Shirley W. Gibson Sharon and David Graper Mr.+ and Mrs. William A. Green Maria Johanna Hall+ Margaret L. Hammond+ Ms. Susan Hanna and Dr. Marvin Feldstein Barbara Hitchcock Hatch+ deceased+

Mr. and Mrs. Henry R. Hatch Nellie S. Hawgood+ Eva Tilton Hays+ Laura R. Heath+ Eleanor I. Hegele+ Mrs. Charles Hickox Ortrud Higgins+ Sarah+ and Willard+ Hirsch Annie T. Hitchcock Helen C. Hitchcock+ Miss Mary V. Hoffman Albert Fairchild Holden+ Arlene Holden Mrs. Claire D. Holden+ Mr.+ and Mrs.+ Joseph C. Hostetler Dr. John M. Hoyes Mr. and Mrs. Fred G. Imm Ms. Katharine Jeffery and Mr. Alan Farrand Frances Judnick+ Mr. Richard J. Kabat Mr. and Mrs. Edward Karolak Muriel Kozlow+ Rose M. Kubik The Lair Properties, LLC Ms. Maureen E. Landies David G. Leach+ Elinor M. LeCastre+ Miss Louise Lister Mr. Bruce A. Loomis Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Love Ms. Linda C. Luck Eleanor Manbeck+ Mr.+ and Mrs.+ Winfried Martin Thomas W. Mastin+ Mrs. Ann H. McConnell Mr. Peter A. McCoy Mr. William B. McCoy Dr. Elizabeth H. McMillan

Mr.+ and Mrs.+ S. Sterling McMillan Judith and Ted McMillan Marjorie Bos Meacham+ Mrs. Alice Mecredy Mr. Joseph H. Miller, Jr. Dorothy H. Moyse+ Mr. Edward Nedved+ Mr. and Mrs.+ Thomas W. Offutt III Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Eliot Paine Mr. and Mrs. Hugh D. Pallister, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Quintrell Ms. Karen L. Roberts Audra and George Rose Karl+ and Olwen+ Schubert Mrs. Geraldine L. Seymour Faye M. Shapero+ Mrs. Mary Ann Sheranko Lee+ and Leila Shiozawa Dr.+ and Mrs.+ Leonard T. Skeggs Mary Rose Clayton Smith+ Herbert+ and Faith+ Swanson Ms. Lorraine S. Szabo John and Susan Turben Bruce F. Umstead+ Esther Voorhees+ Herbert+ and Alma+ Wallace Ms. Marilyn J. White Mrs. Robert Y. White John+ and Atheline+ Wilbur Harold M. Williams+ Mrs. Irene M. Yeran Theodore Yocom


Anonymous Anna Young Beard+ Faith Swanson+


Financial Report Operating Results 2012


Support & Revenue Contributions & Memberships The Holden Arboretum Trust The Arboretum Endowment U. S. Government Grants Special Events (Net) Admissions Museum Store Gross Profit Investment Income Rental Income Education Courses Other Income Total Support & Revenue

$ 1,206,977 4,041,842 720,084 4,003 146,219 62,342 50,184 176,325 182,188 127,940 22,420 6,740,524

% 18% 60% 11% 0% 2% 1% 1% 2% 3% 2% 0% 100%

Expenses Comp., Benefits & Staff Development Maintenance Professional Services Advertising Utilities, Insurance & Real Estate Taxes Education, Research, & Membership Supplies & Postage Site Planning/Capital Campaign Technology Projects & Other Interest Total Expenses

4,068,354 638,045 240,948 102,629 323,896 487,503 84,994 270,879 31,318 36,488 11,073 6,296,127

64% 10% 4% 2% 5% 8% 1% 4% 1% 1% 0% 100%

Increase/(Decrease) in Net Assets from Operations

Program Expenses Horticulture and Conservation Research Education Guest Relations Facilities, Management and Administrative Overhead Development Interest Site planning/Campaign


$ 1,221,544 3,675,371 1,009,220 (2,154) 103,795 28,065 45,680 190,068 151,906 101,261 18,441 6,543,197

% 19% 56% 15% 0% 2% 0% 1% 3% 2% 2% 0% 100%


4,108,555 650,148 224,155 116,299 360,119 403,784 87,166 169,176 57,526 33,504 35,609 6,246,041

66% 10% 3% 2% 6% 6% 1% 3% 1% 1% 1% 100%


1,954,671 739,592 919,579 993,768 1,020,285 386,280 11,073 270,879 6,296,127


31% 12% 15% 16% 16% 6% 0% 4% 100%


1,876,117 759,488 815,860 973,188 1,194,667 421,936 35,609 169,176 6,246,041

30% 12% 13% 16% 19% 7% 1% 2% 100%

Data in this reporting format includes the Unrestricted General Fund and the Temporarily Restricted Fund


Volunteer Hours Department


Total Hours

Total Hours Value

Total Hours FTE

Total Visits

Ind. Volunteer Count


Development Committee Office Support - Development Summer Fundraiser

462 351 781 1,594

$10,229 $7,771 $17,291 $35,291

0.24 0.17 0.37 0.78

15 52 204 271

14 12 53 79

Bird Feeders Clerical & Special Projects Discovery Cart - Outdoor Ed. Asst Garden Partners Library School Guide Program Theme Weekends/Special Events Tree Tale Tellers VIP Guide Program

47 333 130 233 464 1,624 67 84 2,202

$1,041 $7,373 $2,878 $5,159 $10,273 $35,955 $1,483 $1,860 $48,752

0.02 0.16 0.06 0.11 0.22 1.16 0.03 0.04 1.05

60 72 33 93 186 544 24 39 676

14 8 8 12 11 24 20 13 25






Special Events Green Team Outreach Assistant Clerical Marketing

3,677 311 31 46 4,065

$81,409 $6,886 $686 $1,018 $89,999

1.76 0.15 0.02 0.02 1.95

867 122 10 22 1021

596 48 6 4 377

Bird Study Bluebird Project Butterfly Garden Data Project Dirt Devil Display Garden Earthworm Monitor Grounds (misc. maintenance) Horticulture Volunteer Consultant Land Steward Nursery Plant Records Purple Martin Program Rhododendron Garden Wildflower Garden

6 1,247 121 50 226 93 49 2 14 74 271 259 70 367 225 3,074

$133 $27,609 $2,679 $1,107 $5,004 $2,059 $1,085 $44 $310 $1,638 $6,000 $5,734 $1,550 $8,125 $4,982 $68,058

0 0.6 0.06 0.02 0.11 0.04 0.02 0 0.01 0.04 0.13 0.12 0.03 0.18 0.11 1.48

2 658 39 19 109 37 11 1 9 6 105 59 36 102 110 1303

1 44 5 1 11 3 1 1 1 18 27 7 3 9 12 130

Human Resources

Volunteer/HR Office Support






Lantern Court

Jelly Maker Lantern Court Advisory Committee Lantern Ct. Gardener LC Private Event Support & Hostesses Repairs

269 36 229 187 3 724

$5,956 $797 $5,070 $4,140 $66 $16,029

0.13 0 0.11 0.09 0 0.33

93 18 79 64 2 256

6 9 7 32 1 47

Deer Management EBTA Trail Monitor Trail Monitor

59 66 214 339

$1,306 $1,461 $4,738 $7,505

0.03 0.03 0.1 0.17

14 29 112 157

4 2 22 28

David Leach Research Station Laboratory Assistant


127 17 144

$2,812 $376 $3,188

0.06 0.01 0.07

17 3 20

3 1 4

Senior Projects











Total Education

Total Guest Relations & Communications

Total Horticulture and Conservation


Total Police

Total Research

Grand totals

*Actual volunteers: 582. Volunteers at 881 represents a 51% overlap of volunteer assignments. The estimated dollar value of volunteer time according to the Independent Sector per hour is $22.14.


Volunteers Constance Norweb Abbey Paul Abbey Kathy Ahlborn Tim Ahlborn Linda Alexander Gunhild Alius Don Allen Anne Anderson Thomas Anderson Doug Arthur Ed Arvay Jr. Susan Ash-Sanford Bob Austin Virginia Backus James Baird Janis Baker Margot Baldwin Marylee Baller Anthony Barabani Cheryl Barabani Tom Bartlo Richard Beck Sharon Beeler Claudia Beifus Pamela Benko Patrick Biliter Jack Blackwell Debbie Breslaw Barbara Brown Marge Burnett Betsey Burrell Mary Ann Buynacek Marino Capra Kristy Chambers Jerry Chenoweth Molly Church Carol Clearage Joe Cluts Sandra Cobb Dick Coin Edith Conzett Fred Cooper Maddy Cooper Megan Cooper Alan Cragg Marcelyn Cragg Christopher Cullis Mary Jo Deucher Jonathan Dick Nancy Dilgren Cindy Dix Dick Douglas Kelly Driscoll Dan Elliott Pat Ellis David Engel Jayne Fairfield Betty Farenchak Doris Farley Sue Fasso deceased+

Holden recognizes the following individuals and groups who have contributed to the mission through voluntary service of 25 hours or more during fiscal year 2012.

Dona Fatibeno Singerman Bill Fedor Ronald Fleming Karen Foley Rose Ann Forster Thomas Frankel Sally Frantz Kathy Fries Robert Galloway Jaina Gandhi Judith Gardner Jean Gillespie Pattie Glavac Pamela Goetsch Meena Gokhale Maureen Greicius Sarah Gries Ardeth Gunton Dale Halliwill Ray Halliwill Albert Hanes Alex Harmon Henry Hatch Janet Havener Paul Havener Joseph Paul Heinen Peter Hellman Theodore Herrick Jackie Herriman Arlene Holden Hap Howle Lauralee Howley Bill Hudson Mary Huey Carol Hugg Jeffrey Huntsberger Jean Ingalls Nancy Irle Susan Iwashita Collin Janes Alison Jones Ellen Jones Nordell Stan Kaufman Ann Keane Dale Keenan Jeff Keith Pat Keith Richard Kennelly Jerry Kindsvatter Donna King Tom King Bud Kinney Debi Kinney Helen Kish Ron Kish Stephen Knerly, Jr. Donna Kohn Susan Konieczny Frank Koss Barbara Kukura

Christine Lakus Jack Lakus Virginia Leonard Steve Levitan Dan Lintern Michelle Long Julia Ludwig Jim Lunder Joseph Mahovlic Judith Majher Michael Marino Barbara May Marcia Mayer Joe McCormack Randy McCourt Jack McMillan Philip Mellon Joyce Miller Linda Miller Mitch Miller Jan Milligan Frances Mills Dave Mitskavich Linda Mitskavich Joanne Monasky Carol Moomaw Cynthia Moore-Hardy Rosemary Morgan Jim Moyer Fred Murch Clement Nesnadny Fred Orenics Carol Pae Nancy Pae Roger Pae Eliot Paine Edward Peters Dolores Pinchot Annette Pizzino William Poynter Marilyn Raishart Doug Ralston Tod Redding Sonia Reeder Jacqueline Reu Carolyn Rice Larry Rice John Richardson Ginny Roedig Denise Romagni Matt Rother Denise Ruthenberg Mary Jane Ruttinger Kathy Sassano Robin Schachat Jeannette Schaefer Joyce Schaefer Mel Schaefer Ken Schmidt Betty Schmiermund

Franz Schubert Sherry Schubert Dick Scott James Seabright Polly Sems Barbara Shamberger Gary Shanower Cynthia Shega Jack Sherwin Jeff Shinabery Beth Simon Howard Simon Yvette Slusarski Gail Smith Joyce Smith Carol Snively David W. Snyder Patricia Sommer Graham Spangler Mike Speers Tom Springer Merrilyn Stanbro Maria Stannek Eva Stephans K.K. Sullivan Timothy Swanson Judy Szabo Nancy Terelle Jennifer Thomas James Thompson Louise Toutant Cindy Tucker Ted Valvoda Michael Victor Cheryl Vyskocil Bob Wagner Mary Ann Wagner Jan Waite Betty Wallis Kay Wellman Marilyn White Ann Whitney Matalie Whittaker Lois Wigton Nikki Williams Bruce Woodward Xin Xu Tom Yates Ted Yocom Cheri Zames Groups e2b teknologies Jo Ann Fabrics Lake Catholic High School Mentor High School NHS REV’D Up - Eaton Retirees RSVP of Lake County University Hospitals


The Holden Arboretum gratefully acknowledge the following individuals, foundations, organizations and businesses for their generous gifts received from Oct. 1 2011 to Sept. 30 2012. Gifts received after Sept. 30, 2012 will be included in the 2013 Annual Report. Donors are listed by their cumulative gifts of $150 or more to The Holden Giving Program, special events, memorial/tribute gifts, and gifts to the endowment.

Foundations, Organizations and Trusts $25,000 and above

$2,500 - $4,999

American Foundation Raymond Q. & Elizabeth Rieley Armington Fund Raymond Q. & Elizabeth Rieley Armington Fund No. 2 The Corning Institute for Education & Research The Holden Arboretum Trust

The CBC Foundation Hieronymus Family Fund Inc. The Laub Foundation The Norweb Foundation The O’Neill Brothers Foundation William J. & Dorothy K. O’Neill Foundation Research Foundation of the American Rhododendron Society Renaissance Charitable Foundation Inc. The Veale Foundation The S. K. Wellman Foundation

$10,000 - $24,999 Robert R. and Gay C. Cull Family Foundation George M. and Pamela S. Humphrey Fund The Murch Foundation Charles L. Pack Foundation The Kelvin and Eleanor Smith Foundation Stanley Smith Horticultural Trust George B. Storer Foundation

$5,000 - $9,999 The George W. Codrington Charitable Foundation Daisy Foundation of The Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund The George R. Gardner Foundation Gries Family Foundation Joseph P & Nancy F Keithley Foundation Lake County Visitors Bureau Bessie Benner Metzenbaum Fund of The Cleveland Foundation SCH Foundation The Sherwick Fund of The Cleveland Foundation The South Waite Foundation The Triple T Foundation Susan and John Turben Foundation

$1,000 - $2,499 Bessemer Trust The Evenor Fund The Garden Club of Cleveland Peter Hellman Family Fund of Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund The Arthur and Arlene Holden Fund of The Cleveland Foundation The Klotzman Philanthropic Fund of the Jewish Federation of Cleveland Fred A Lennon Charitable Trust The Lenox Foundation, Inc. The Edward A. & Catherine L. Lozick Foundation The S. Livingston Mather Charitable Trust The Amanda Ford Morris Charitable Lead Annuity Trust The Perkins Charitable Foundation The Victoire G. and Alfred M. Rankin, Jr. Family Charitable Fund of the Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program P. K. Ranney Foundation Albert B. & Audrey G. Ratner Family Foundation

Shaker Lakes Garden Club The Nelson Talbott Foundation The Allayne & Douglas Wick Foundation

$999 and below The Mary H. Chandler Lead Trust Morley Hitchcock Family Fund of The Cleveland Foundation Jane R. and Michael J. Horvitz Philanthropic Fund James Endowment Foundation Joseph and Nancy Keithley Fund of The Cleveland Foundation Lake Geauga Fund of The Cleveland Foundation Michael Pender Memorial Fund of The Cleveland Foundation Pokorny Family Foundation The Rig III Family Foundation John and Eliza Saada Charitable Fund of The Cleveland Foundation James and Lenore Schilling Gifting Fund J. Frank Schmidt Family Charitable Foundation Gladys Sessler Charitable Trust Dudley P. & Barbara K. Sheffler Foundation Elsie & William Viles Foundation Gary & Kathryn Witosky Charitable Fund

Government USDA Forest Service


Businesses $5,000 and above

Baker Hostetler LLP Cleveland Clinic Lerner Research Institute The Cleveland Wire Cloth & Mfg. Co. CM Wealth Advisors Lake Health Spire Institute Wyse Advertising, Inc.

$2,500 - $4,999 Achilles Running Shop Glenmede Hahn Loeser & Parks LLP The Albert M. Higley Company KeyBank N.A. The Lubrizol Foundation NACCO Industries, Inc. PNC Primus Capital Partners, Inc.

$1,000 - $2,499 Applied Industrial Technologies Inc. Euclid Heat Treating FirstMerit Bank

Fredon Corporation Friends of Breakthrough Hawken School Interlake Industries, Inc. John Carroll University The Lincoln Electric Foundation Lintern Corporation Worldwide Materion Corporation Nordson Corporation RPM International Inc.

$500 - $999 Cold Harbor Building Co. Cres Cor e2b Teknologies Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores Junction Auto Sales, Inc. Kinnon’s Childcare and Development Center Kurtz Bros., Inc. Mid-West Forge Corporation MTR Landscape Architects Neundorfer Inc.

The Pattie Group Inc. Warwick Communications, Inc.

$499 and below Art Form Nurseries Automotive Events, Inc. Blackbrook Audubon Society Bond, Sippola, DeJoy & Co. Bowden Manufacturing Company Folio Club Great Lakes Cheese Co., Inc. HzW Environmental Consultants, LLC J.P. Morgan Chase Bank, NA Jay Industrial Sales Co., LLC Lakeland Community College M.F. Cachat Company The Malish Corporation Ohio CAT Selman & Company Symark LLC Ullman Oil Wildwood Garden Club Ziegler Metzger LLP

Employee Matching Programs American Charities Baxter International Foundation CNA Foundation Dominion Foundation Eaton Corporation Emerson FirstEnergy Foundation FM Global Foundation GE Foundation

Glenmede Goodrich Corporation Partners in Giving Plan Grainger Matching Charitable Gifts Program IBM Corporation Key Foundation The Lubrizol Foundation NACCO Industries, Inc.

Nordson Corporation Owens-Illinois, Inc. PPG Industries Foundation The Progressive Insurance Foundation Rockwell Automation

Individual Giving $10,000 and above

Jenny and Glenn Brown Mrs. Webb P. Chamberlain Miss Edith W. Corning+ Gay Cull Addicott and Edward Addicott Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Eliot Paine Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Quintrell Michael and Carol Sherwin Faith Swanson+ Ms. Anna B. Young+

$5,000 - $9,999 Paul and Connie Norweb Abbey Anonymous Dr. Barbara Brown and Dr. Steven Ward Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan E. Dick deceased+

John R. Gardner Mrs. Shirley W. Gibson Sally and Bob Gries Mr. and Mrs. Theodore T. Jones Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Keithley Ms. Barbara Kukura Mr. Todd Park Ms. Juanita Sammon Mr. and Mrs. Brian Sherwin Mr. and Mrs. John Sherwin, Jr. Ms. Judy A. Stuchul John and Susan Turben Mr. and Mrs. Dickson L. Whitney, Jr.

$2,500 - $4,999 Anonymous

Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Bolton Mr. and Mrs. William E. Butler Ms. Sharon Galey Albert A. and Robert E. Hanes Mr. and Mrs. Henry R. Hatch Ted and Jane Hieronymus Mr. Peter Nordell and Mrs. Ellen W. Jones Nordell Walter and Jean Kalberer Mr. Stephen J. Knerly, Jr. Mr. Fredrick S. Lamb+ Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Mahovlic Dr. and Mrs. Mark J. Mendeszoon William J. and Katherine T. O’Neill


Mr. and Mrs. Hugh D. Pallister, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Pavlish Mrs. Mary Quandt Mr. and Mrs. Jules Raskin Family Mr. and Mrs. William Willoughby Mrs. Rosemary Wykoff Mr. Tinkham Veale II+

$1,000 - $2,499 Mr. David W. Albrecht Mr. Don Allen Anonymous (2) Mr. and Mrs. Albert A. Augustus II Janis J. Baker Mr. and Mrs. Arthur D. Baldwin II Mr. John P. Batt Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin P. Bole III Mr. and Mrs. Richard Holden Bole Cynthia and Michael Bolger Ms. Jennifer Brainard Mr. and Mrs. Willard W. Brown, Jr. Frank and Leslie Buck Mrs. Marlene S. Campbell Michelle Capdeville, MD Ms. Lucy Chamberlain Tony and Karen Colini Mr. and Mrs. Matthew V. Crawford Ms. Gainor Davis and Mr. Gregg Simpson Janis and Paul DiCorleto Susan R. Dunn Mr. and Mrs. Jack Ellwanger Michael and Ruth Eppig Betty A. Farenchak Marion and Gene Faubel Mr. and Mrs. Edward Feldkamp III Bruce and Catherine Ferguson Mr. and Mrs. Frederick P. Floyd Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Galloway Andrew and Judy Green Mrs. Laurence K. Groves Mr. and Mrs. Newman T. Halvorson, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Paul V. Havener Mr. and Mrs. Peter S. Hellman Mr. & Mrs. William Hendricks Thomas G. and Marilyn Herrick Arlene Holden Pamela and Dale Inkley Dr. and Mrs. Scott R. Inkley Dr. and Mrs. Stanley H. Johnston, Jr. Ms. Cindy G. Koury Rose M. Kubik Hallie and Michael Lundon Mr. Ali M. Mandovi Dr. and Mrs. James Marshall Mrs. Ann H. McConnell Dr. and Mrs. Everett G. McLaren Mr. and Mrs. George B. Milbourn Mr. Stephen and Mrs. Amanda Morris Murlan Murphy and Molly Dixon Mr. Leigh H. Perkins Kermit and Joyce Pike deceased+

Mr. Steve Plivelich Mrs. Carol Powers Mr. Kendall Randolph Mr. and Mrs. Alfred M. Rankin, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Albert B. Ratner John Rodewig Gunter Schwegler Stephen Sedam and Virginia Weiss Mrs. David Seidenfeld Mr. and Mrs. Frederick L. Shook Mr. Roy E. Smith Mr. Douglas Smorag Mrs. Constance Holden Somers Mrs. Diane Stricker Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. Daniel C. Sussen Mr. and Mrs. Timothy L. Swanson Ms. Lorraine S. Szabo Mr. Nelson S. Talbott, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas V. H. Vail Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. Victor Mrs. Barbara B. Webster Diane and Ed Welsh Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Wenham Mr. James Wert Dickson L. Whitney, Sr.

$500 - $999 Mr. and Mrs. A. Chace Anderson Anonymous (5) Mr. and Mrs. William G. Bares Erva Barton Cynthia Bassett Peter and Sally Bergsten Jack and Carolyn Blackwell Irene and Dick Burtis Mr. and Mrs. David J. Carpenter Bill and Beth Cassella Mr. and Mrs. George N. Chandler II Kevin and Beth Clinton Ms. Michelle Cramer Mr. James Daus Mr. and Mrs. David S. Dickenson II Marilyn and Dick Doerr Mr. Dan Elliott Mr. Kevin J. Ellison Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Fish Mr. Allen H. Ford Mr. Richard J. Fox Mr. Richard Frey Mrs. Robert I. Gale, Jr. Mrs. Pattie Glavac Ed and Cheri Gleason Vince and Pat Granito Dr. and Mrs. Francis A. Greicius, Jr. Sally K. Griswold Peter and Debra Guren Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Hanford Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence H. Hatch Richard Hess Mr. and Mrs. John J. Hetzer

Betty Hollister Jeff and Sally Huntsberger Deborah and Joel Jira Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Keresman III Mr. and Mrs. Fred W. Klotzman Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Lafave, Jr. Jack and Christine Lakus Roger and Jennifer Langston Valerie and Robert Leib Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Lozick Mr. and Mrs. Edward Majher Fred and Leslie Manzo Mr. Charles Mathes and Ms. Arlene Graston Mr. and Mrs. William C. McCoy Sandy and Claire McMillan Warren and Betsi Morris Mr. Donald W. Morrison Mr. and Mrs. Latham W. Murfey III Mr. and Mrs. David Nolan Ms. Emery May Norweb Royall Mr. and Mrs. James R. Pender Haans Petruschke Charlene Phelps Ms. Corey Ralston Mr. Douglas E. Ralston John and Barb Richardson Ms. Ann Rossmann Sally and Larry Sears Mrs. Dudley P. Sheffler John F. Smith Dr. and Mrs. Lynn A. Smith Mrs. Mary Sposito Patricia and Terry Tawney Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Taylor Stuart and Penny Theis Mr. and Mrs. Theodore J. Thomas Mark and Sandy Tyler Mr. and Mrs. John T. Webster Pysht Fund Mr. and Mrs. Alton W. Whitehouse Sandy and Ted Wiese Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Wigton Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Wilson, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Alan D. Wright Jason and Allison Wuliger Theodore Yocom

$250 - $499 Ian Adams Spencer and Anne Anderson Anonymous (15) Jim and Vicky Ansberry Dr. and Mrs. James Arnold Dr. and Mrs. Robert C. Bahler Jeffrey C. Bailey, D.D.S. Mr. and Mrs. David Ballinger Mr. and Mrs. Jim Balogh John Barber James C. Barnes


Mary and Kevin Barnes Michael Bartholomew Mr. and Mrs. Ramon V. Battles Mr. and Mrs. Richard Beck Mr. and Mrs. Eli Becker Drs. John and Wilma Bergfeld Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey M. Biggar David and Melissa Block Mr. Richard J. Blum Mrs. Susan H. Bole Mrs. Edgar H. Boles Bob and Rosemary Bradt Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Brainard Mr. Ken Brischacek Tom and Colleen Browne Helen and J.C. Butler Alice and Don Cairns Phil Calabrese and Becky Bynum Mrs. Cynthia Chaiten Mr. and Mrs. Ray Champa Mr. and Mrs. Harold Christmyer Julia Heng and Duane Clemens Mr. and Mrs. David Cobb Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Coleman Mr. and Mrs. James Cossler Linda M. Costello Mr. and Mrs. Brian Courtney Ms. Delores A. Cowan Chet and Rickie Crone Margit K. Daley Mr. Guy L. Denny Ms. Sara DiFranco Drs. Leslie and Mike Dingeldein Hank and Mary Doll J. Richard Douglas Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Druckenbrod Mr. and Mrs. Robert Duvin David J. Eichenmiller and Alison W. Gee Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton Emmons Karen Skunta and Brent English Dr. and Mrs. Salvatore J. Esposito Dr. and Mrs. C. B. Esselstyn, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Chandler H. Everett Mrs. Morris Everett, Sr.+ David and Margaret Ewart Mr. and Mrs. William Fehrenbach Mr. and Mrs. George Fornadley Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Frankel Mrs. Peggy A. Fullmer The Rig III Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Gerald L. Gherlein Dr. and Mrs. Richard E. Gift Richard and Pamela Goetsch Sharon and David Graper Richard and Adrienne Gray Bob and Jane Grebenc Mr. and Mrs. David Griesinger Jodi and Bryan Grisso Jane and Jim Griswold deceased+

Joseph and Elina Gurney Howard Haber Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Hall Ray and Dale Halliwill Mr. and Mrs. James R. Halloran H. Clark Harvey and Holly Selvaggi Mr. and Mrs. William Hatch Mr. and Mrs. Dudley A. Hawley Bob Heath and Beth Buchanan Mr. and Mrs. Frank H. Henck, Jr. William and Roberta Henkel Dr. and Mrs. Robert L. Hinnes Mrs. Morley Hitchcock Mr. and Mrs. Ted J. Hlavaty Mr. and Mrs. David H. Hoag Mr. Patrick Holland and Ms. Donna Lee Pratt John and Elaine Hornsby Peter and Jacqueline Hoyt Mr. and Mrs. Dett P. Hunter Paul and Jean Ingalls Mrs. Elizabeth James Mr. Carl Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Kampfe Kathleen and Christian Kaul Steve and Pam Keefe Mr. Charles H. King Dr. and Mrs. Sam E. Kinney Mr. and Mrs. Roy F. Knapp, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John Koch Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kovalcheck, Jr. Dr. Steve Krebs and Dr. Roberta Brown B. J. and Diana Kresnye Mr. and Mrs. Rollin P. Krul Mrs. Robert A. Kurtzner Jeffrey and Janice Leavitt Mr. and Mrs. David Lehmer Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lewis John and Carol Lillich Mrs. Edward H. Losely Jennifer Lottes and Terry Sickafuse Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Lucci Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lynch Mrs. Lauren Maguire Rader Jon and Katie Martin Mrs. Margaret B. Marting Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Mathews II Larry and Sandy Matteo Mr. Steve Matteo Mr. and Mrs. David Mattson Charlene A. McCarthy John E. McMillan Judith and Ted McMillan Lola Yanic Meek Mr. Dave Merkel Dr. and Mrs. Richard A. Miller James and Laura Moll Marge and Dan Moore Mr. Tom Morledge

Bert and Marjorie Moyar Ms. Emily Muller Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Murch Mr. Joseph Murphy Ray and Katie Murphy Dr. and Mrs. Paul Murray Kevin and Lois Myeroff Mr. and Mrs. Fritz Neubauer, Jr. Mrs. Hal H. Newell Mr. and Mrs. R. Henry Norweb III Mr. and Mrs. Anthony S. Ocepek Maura O’Donnell-McCarthy and Neil McCarthy Richard and Gale Ogle Lisa and Michael Orlandi Mrs. Judith Palay Diane and James Palec Dr. Carmen Paradis and Mr. Brian McGrath Brian Parsons Mr. and Mrs. Graham Peters John and Jean Piety Bryon A. and Cynthia L. Pike Bill and Carol Prior Mrs. Alfred M. Rankin Mr. and Mrs. Phillip A. Ranney Dr. and Mrs. S. S. Rasiwala Mr. and Mrs. John Redeker Jim and Nancy Reed James S. Reid, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Daniel F. Richards Dr. and Mrs. Bradford J. Richmond Mr. and Mrs. Elton H. Riemer Mr. Ken Roby Dr. Ellen Rome and Mr. Fred Asbeck Mark and Debbie Rorick Dr. Melvin S. Rosenthal and Dr. Miriam Rosenthal Katharine and Robert Ruhl Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. Rupp Lorraine Rzepka and Richard Rzepka John & Delores Saada Mr. and Mrs. John M. Saada, Jr. Alvin Sabroff Mr. Scott Savage and Ms. Denise Ruthenberg Robin and Andrew Schachat Doug and Lisa Schattinger Mr. and Mrs. William Scheele Mrs. Elizabeth W. Scher Lenore and James Schilling Mr. and Mrs. William E. Schlag Inga Schmidt Betty T. and David M. Schneider Mr. Brad M. Schock Ms. Patricia Schraff and Mr. Jerome Micco Mr. and Mrs. Franz Schubert Mary Senechal and Hamilton Throckmorton Mrs. Patricia Settlemire


Marian and Michael Shaughnessy Reg and Lynn Shiverick David and Margaret Simpson Jim and Ginny Slattery Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Slusarski Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel T. Smith Mrs. Suzanne Smythe Mr. and Mrs. E. William Spatz Paul and Liz Spector Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Spotz, Jr. Mr. William Spring Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Stephenson Ms. Jessica Stricker Mr. and Mrs. John E. Sulak Mr. Gene Szuch Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Tabor Dr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Taddeo Mr. and Mrs. Bentley K. Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Thomas Mrs. Martha P. Thompson Dr. and Mrs. Robert H. Vaughn Mike and Cindy Vehovec Dale and Catherine Veres Linda and Les Vinney Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Vitiello David and Tammy Weiss Mr. and Mrs. David J. Whittaker Ms. Erica Wigton and Mr. Hector Martinez Dr. and Mrs. John H. Wilber Margaret and Loyal Wilson Kate and Gary Witosky Drs. Woznicki and Lamping Timothy and Sandra Wright Bill and Ruth Wulfhoop James & Kathleen Young Pamela Zarlingo

$150 - $249 Ms. Dolores Adler Nozar Alaolmolki and Kathleen Ross-Alaolmolki Mr. and Mrs. Rick Alexander Mr. and Mrs. Robin Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Anderson Dr. and Mrs. Jay L. Ankeney Anonymous (14) Lois C. Armington Mrs. Jennifer L. Ault John Burke and Leslie A Baeuerlen Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Baker Andrew and Josefine Balazs Mr. and Mrs. Harold A. Bamberger Ms. Rosalyn Bandy Mr. and Mrs. Tom Barrett Debbie Moss Batt Ron and Janet Beech Mr. and Mrs. Eric Bencin Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Bittenbender Mr. and Mrs. Henry Blair Mrs. MaryAnn Blakeley deceased+

Ernest and Kathy Boaeuf Mrs. Ronald E. Boals Ms. Eleanor Y. Bonnie Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Botti Paul Brentlinger Mr. and Ms. David Brewster Jane Brockway Scott Broome Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Bruckman Mr. and Mrs. Mark Bunnell Kevin and Janet Burke Mrs. Margaret J. Calkins Mr.+ and Mrs. R. Bruce Campbell Mr. Gary Cannon and Ms. Pam Meyer Harry and Marjorie Carlson Mr. William E. Carlson Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cerankosky Roger and Judy Cerne Mrs. Susan Chaffee Morris Chaney III, Ph.D. Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Chapnick Jason and Pauline Cheeseman Ms. Carole Clement Mark and D D Coley Mr. and Mrs. Fred B. Cooper Alfred Cowger and Tony Wesley Mr. Ian Crawford Ms. Dottie Croyle Craig J. Cullinan Beverly Dahms Mark and Roni Dailey Laura and Greg Davis Mrs. Linda M. Davis David Desimone Nancy J. Dilgren Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Doles Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Dolph Robert J. and Diane Domin Mr. and Mrs. William M. Donley Mr. Wallace H. Drake Elizabeth Dreben Ms. Donna Drummer Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Dunworth Dominick Durante and Linda Kuhn Ms. Patricia Easly and Mr. Nick Zerefos Mr. Thomas E. Evans Mr. and Mrs. Andrew L. Fabens III Frank and Mary Ellen Fecser Bill and Jo Fedor Mr. and Mrs. Rob Fellinger Mae Louise Ferguson Mrs. Mildred Fiening Mary Lou and Al Figler Mr. Robert S. Finkelhor Barbara J. Fleming, MD Mr. John Forkins Mrs. Sheila Friedman Mr. Robert Friel

Barbara and William Fuchsman Sarah M. Gann Mr. William Garapick and Dr. Karen Barnes Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Gardy Vincent and Joy Genova Sue and Ed Gerard Mr. and Mrs. Marty Gilbride Mr. Ronald Goldfarb Linda A. Grandstaff Mr. and Mrs. Scott Gregory Mr. John E. Groth Janet and Douglas Grout Michael and Kimberly Guenther Mrs. John A. Hadden, Jr. Nancy Halkerston Burcham James and Denise Hallman Gina Hamister Frank and Martha Harding Mrs. Nancy Harvey Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Harvey Mr. and Mrs. George B.P. Haskell John H. Hayden Sarah L. Heffter and Bruce E. Burns John A. Hellman Marcia Hemphill Lisa and Mark Hendrickson Mr. and Mrs. William A. Henslee Mr. David Herbster and Ms. Meredith Morgan Mr. and Mrs. John F. Herrick Chris and Virginia Hill Mr. and Mrs. Ben Himes Joan and Dan Holmes Dr. and Mrs. Richard E. Holzheimer Ms. Laura Hong Mr. and Mrs. Christopher W. Horsburgh Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Horvitz Mr. William D. Howerton Mrs. Barbara Hoyt Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Huling Mac and Beth Jenkins Mrs. Debi Jenks George and Audrey John Jinny and John Johnson Don and Nancy Junglas Mr. Henri Pell Junod, Jr. Mr. Richard J. Kabat Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kahrl Miss Mary V. Kalin Lena and Dan Kalynchuk Rose Ann Kay and James Kay Dorothy A. Keck Steve and Lynn Kelley Paul and Nannette Kepchar Ms. Nora D. Kieser Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Kirchner Mr. J. David Klingensmith Richard and Lori Kondas George L. Kramerich


$150 - $249 Diana L. Kunze and Arthur Brown Mr. Duane Kurapka and Ms. Jeanne Utter Mr. Michael LaManna Ms. Marian Lanchman Mr. and Mrs. Earl B. Lauridsen Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Lazuka Dr. Edith Lerner Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Leveranz Mr. David H. Lewis Nino and Maria Liuzzo Mr. Bruce A. Loomis Ted Lorenzen Dr. and Mrs. J. Donald Lucker Mr. and Mrs. Ray Malone Ms. Michelle Manzo Mark and Elizabeth Marinucci Mrs. Janet H. Marshall Francis and Erica Martin Mrs. Jean Matteo Mr. Eugene C. McAfee David and Siobhan McCann Mr. and Mrs. F. Stevens McConnell III Mr. Jason McDonald Mr. Richard T. Meister Robert and Susan Mekinda Fran and Edward Meyers Mr. and Mrs. Gerard Mikus John and Karen Miller Jonathan and Katherine Miller Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Miller Ron and Michelle Miller and Family Dr. Wendy Miller Mr. Roy Minkoff Mr. and Mrs. D. Mitchell Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Mlynek Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Moeller Frances and Howard Montgomery Mr. Richard P. Morgan Mr. and Mrs. Peter V. Mortensen Lynn G. Mottice Mrs. Nancy Mueller and Mr. Howard Cash John and Emily Mummey Mr. and Mrs. James B. Naylor Mr. Maynard Neal Francis and Sally Neville John and Martha Niehaus Skip and Julie Nyegard Mrs. Patrick C. O’Brien, Jr. T. P. and Mariann Offtermatt Mr. Thomas W. Offutt III Mr. and Mrs. F. Orenics Mr. and Mrs. William Osborne Steve and Lea Osgood Mr. Robert Pabst Mr. and Mrs. Roger Pae Annie and John Papik Ms. Ferole L. Parmelee

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Patterson Christine L. Peger Brian Perry and Ka-Pi Hoh Ms. Isha Peters Jeff and Tammi Peters Mr. Paul M. Petersen Mr. and Mrs. Robert Peterson Dr. and Mrs. Gosta Pettersson Mr. and Mrs. Ronald R. Peura Mr. Edward W. Podojil Carolyn and Gary Pratt Ms. Laura Preme Mr. and Mrs. John Primeau, Jr. Linda and Jim Pugsley Mr. Donald L. Purtill Mr. and Mrs. John Rath Ron and Sandy Redding Mr. Thomas Reid and Ms. Sally Futrell Michael and Fiona Reily Mr. and Mrs. Albert J. Rhoa Dr. and Mrs. Gregory C. Riffle Edward and Celia Riley Janice and Roger Robinson Ginny and Reinhold Roedig Mr. and Mrs. Alan N. Rogers Marjorie and Richard Roth Dr. and Mrs. Michael Rowan Steve Ruck and Tracy Whitehead Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Ruhe Mr. and Mrs. Jonathon Ruple Sue Sahli Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Santoro Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey D. Schad Mr. and Mrs. Robert King Schafer Charles and Susan Schenkelberg Else Schmelzer Ronald W. and Charlene A. Schmidt Mr. and Mrs. Brian Schroer Mr. and Mrs. John Schubert Bobbie’s Green Thumb Ms. Adrian Scott Mr. Jon Semancik Drs. Ximena and Daniel Sessler Ms. Connie Shelton Alice S. Sherman Mr. and Mrs. Ron Sieloff John and Carole Siskovic Mr. and Mrs. James H. Smeed Dennis and Ethelee Smith Nancy and Kent Spelman Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Staffileno Rolland and Jeanne Standish Kathy and Scott Steffens Mr. and Mrs. William W.T. Stephans Ms. Pamela Stevenson Mr. Steven G. Streitel Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Strokes Dee Strong

Jim and Liz Sumiejski Mr. and Mrs. Tom Supan Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Suttell Vic and Elaine Swanson Barbara and Frank Tercek Jane Thornburgh Barbara Titus Mr. and Mrs. N. J. Tobbe John and Dorothy Tominc Mamie and Keith Tompkins Mr. and Mrs. Perry Tonni Phil and Sandy Touschner Margaret Trapp Mr. and Mrs. Ronald M. Traub Ms. Ruth Turk Ms. Jean Turner William and Julie Tuttle Dr. and Mrs. Michael Uhrich Mr. Blayne Vilk Mr. James Vinci Barbara A. Voic Mr. and Mrs. William Wagenlander Kristen and Dennis Wagner Ms. Stacie Weil Mr. and Mrs. Barry Wheeler Peter and Cathy Whitehouse Mr. and Mrs. Frederick G. Wilder Ms. Meghan D. Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Laszlo I. Zala Donna Marie Znidarsic Mr. and Mrs. Chris Wenz Dr. and Mrs. John H. Wilber Ms. Meghan D. Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Randall J. Wischhusen Bill and Ruth Wulfhoop Cosmin and Erica Zaharia Jack and Jane Zilly Donna Marie Znidarsic



Tributes Tribute donations, which honor or memorialize a family member, friend or colleague, provide a lasting gift to all who visit The Holden Arboretum.

In Honor of

Constance Norweb Abbey Charles Boaeuf and Tera James

In Memory of

James Avon Robert Baker Sally R. Banham Frances M. Baron Virginia B. Becker Erica Bolger and Colin William Cunningham David Botnick William C. Brucham Leslaw Bucki Alan M. Campbell Victor B. Cooke, Jr. Susan Darling Alan R. and Ellen Daus Roseann T. Eadie Herbert J. Farr, Jr. Mrs. Karen L. Galey

Robert and Darlene Duvin Henry Hatch

David and Janice Metcalf The Nordell Family

Peter J. Gall Aldene Goodwin Barbara Ginn Griesinger Thomas S. Herron Elizabeth G. Hitchcock Jeffrey David Lach Irene Rosele Landies Miriam Macur William M. Mason Irene A. Monasky Simin Gharib Naraghipour R. Henry and Elizabeth Norweb Molly M. Offutt Mary Ann Pintar William H. Quandt Kim Randolph

Morris Rider Ann Rodewig Rosalie Rutherford June Sabroff Ruth Sedam David Seidenfeld Rebecca Sharpe Louise and Herman Shine James M. Speros Eric La Spina Charles Donald Stricker Doris Viscomi Ann Weiss Johanna Wilcott

14 deceased+

New Leaf Campaign The Holden Arboretum gratefully acknowledges the following pledges and gifts to Holden’s New Leaf Campaign received Oct. 1, 2011 through Sept. 30, 2012. These donations will provide future enhancements to Holden’s gardens and natural areas.

New Leaf Campaign

Paul and Constance Norweb Abbey Mr. and Mrs. Ralph W. Abelt American Rhododendron Society The Anderson Family Foundation Anonymous (2) Jim and Vicky Ansberry Mr. and Mrs. Albert A. Augustus II Mr. and Mrs. Arthur D. Baldwin II Jack and Carolyn Blackwell Ms. Joyce Bock Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin P. Bole III Mr. and Mrs. Richard Holden Bole Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Bolton Paul S. Brentlinger Dr. Barbara Brown and Dr. Steven Ward Mrs. Marlene S. Campbell Mr. George W. Collins II Component Repair Technologies William E. and Mary F. Conway Fund of The Cleveland Foundation Mr. and Mrs. David S. Dickenson II Hank and Mary Doll Marianna and Jesse Dostal Duvin Family Philanthropic Fund Mr. Dan Elliott Dr. and Mrs. C. B. Esselstyn, Jr. Bob Frenzel Mr. and Mrs. David Geyer Mrs. Shirley W. Gibson Richard and Pamela Goetsch Great Lakes Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society Mrs. Ann Gridley Mrs. Laurence K. Groves Clement W. Hamilton and Karen A. Krager Mr. and Mrs. David P. Handke, Jr. Mr. Albert Hanes and Mr. Robert Hanes Mary Jane Hartwell Mr. and Mrs. Henry R. Hatch Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan C. Hatch

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence H. Hatch Thomas Hatch and Karen Hammerness Mr. and Mrs. Peter S. Hellman The Hershey Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Dett P. Hunter The Walter and Olivia Kiebach Foundation Mr. Stephen J. Knerly, Jr. Ms. Alice Kruse Roger and Jennifer Langston Mr. and Mrs. Jon A. Lindseth Dr. T. Dixon Long The Lubrizol Foundation Mandorel Fund of The Cleveland Foundation Michael Marino/Wyse Advertising Elizabeth Ring Mather & Wm. Gwinn Mather Fund The S. Livingston Mather Charitable Trust Mrs. Blossom P. McBrier Mrs. Ann H. McConnell Mr. and Mrs. F. Stevens McConnell III Judith and Ted McMillan Bessie Benner Metzenbaum Fund of The Cleveland Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Henry L. Meyer III Mr. and Mrs. George B. Milbourn Mrs. Cynthia Moore-Hardy The Murch Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Latham W. Murfey III John P. Murphy Foundation Norton White Gale Trust William J. & Dorothy K. O’Neill Foundation Brian Parsons Mrs. Annette M. Pizzino Mr. and Mrs. Alfred M. Rankin, Jr. John and Eliza Saada Charitable Fund of The Cleveland Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Robert King Schafer Betty T. and David M. Schneider Thomas and Ann Seabright

The Sears-Swetland Family Foundation Stephen Sedam and Virginia Weiss Mrs. David Seidenfeld Michael and Carol Sherwin The Kent H. Smith Charitable Trust The South Waite Foundation Paul and Liz Spector Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. Sullivan The Nelson Talbott Foundation Stuart and Penny Theis The Triple T Foundation Michael T. Victor Ms. Marilyn J. White Mr. and Mrs. Dickson L. Whitney, Jr. Mrs. Irene M. Yeran

15 deceased+

Gifts in Kind We gratefully acknowledge the following donors who generously gave in-kind donations to Holden.

1801 First Luxury Inn Akron Aeros Anonymous (5) Applebee’s Archies Bakery The Artful Yarn Artist Studio B&B Construction & Tree Service Beck Center for the Arts Blazin Bill’s Judy Bobel Bortnick Tractor Sales, Inc. Brotzman’s Nursery Cabana’s Island Restaurant Casa Flora Chagrin River Outfitters Chapin Landscapers Chefs for Hire Catering The City Club of Cleveland Cleveland Indians Progressive Field Cleveland Museum of Art The Cleveland Museum of Natural History The Cleveland Orchestra Cleveland Playhouse Cleveland Pops Orchestra Cleveland Zoological Society Tony and Karen Colini Creative Woodcarvings Culinaire Pavane the Art of Food Design Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad The Dancing Sheep Davitino’s DeNora Tech Dick Kleinman Fine Art Gallery Domaine Chandon Down to Earth Pottery Downtown Akron Partnership Eagle’s Wing Aviation Eat ‘N Park Restaurant Eddy’s Fruit Farm Mr. and Mrs. Morris Everett, Jr. Betty A. Farenchak Ferrante Winery & Ristorante Firehouse Grill & Pub Food for Thought Fowler’s Mill Golf Course The Frame Center Gallery Franciscan Estate

Frank and Pauly’s Restaurant Gali Florist and Garden Center Geneva on the Lake Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Birkett Gibson Mr. Jim Gordon Great Lakes Brewing Co. Guarino’s Restaurant H. Clark Harvey and Holly Selvaggi Hellriegel’s Inn Herman Losely & Son, Inc. Inn on the Twenty Jammy Buggars Restaurant Joey’s Restaurant John Palmer’s Bistro 44 John Shea Worx Juma Gallery Klyn Nurseries, Inc. Ladies & Gentlemen Salon & Day Spa Lake County Captains Lake Erie Monsters Lake Farmpark Megan LeFebure Legend Lake Golf Club Lemon Falls Cafe-Marketplace John Lillich Lodge and Conference Center at Geneva on-the-Lake Lowe’s Greenhouses & Gift Shop Hallie and Michael Lundon Mad Jack’s Grill & Pub Match Works Tavern Mr. Dan McGuire Mezzanine Gallery Margaret Milbourn Mom’s Gourmet Moxie/Red Nashville Wrap and Traco Mfg. Newton Vineyard Noosa Bistro Fine Dining Nosh Eatery Ohio Light Opera The Olive and The Grape Organizing 4U Roger Pae Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Eliot Paine Patterson Fruit Farm Pickle Bills Pittsburgh Opera

Players on Madison Porthouse Theatre Kent State University Punderson Manor Quail Hollow Resort Quintana’s Barber & Dream Spa Radius at South Franklin Circle Rain Barrels N’MORE Ms. Lisa Rainsong Restaurant Europa Revati Wellness and Thomas J. Morledge,M.D. Rick’s Cafe Gloria Ritter The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum Sage’s Apples Saks Fifth Avenue Sammy’s Catering Schaefer Printing Julie Seliland Shaw Festival John Shea Worx Chris Sherwin Mr. and Mrs. John Sherwin, Jr. South Market Inn and Bistro Ms. Katherine Spector Paul Spector Spice Kitchen & Bar Mr. William Spring Studio Wish Salon Terra Valentine Winery Texas Roadhouse Mr. Ray Thurston John Tillotson Fine Arts Photography Ms. MaryAnn Tompkins Charles Tubesing Village Herb Shop Washington Place Bistro & Inn Welshfield Inn Willoughby Brewing Co. Wine Country Inn Xpress Printing Services, Inc.


Holden Council Members Ian J. Adams Gay Cull Addicott Robert L. Anderson Thomas D. Anderson Elizabeth H. Augustus Margot F. Baldwin Malvin E. Bank Edith J. Bastian David E. Beach Barbara Becker Paul Belanger James S. Bingay C. Perry Blossom Benjamin P. Bole III Richard H. Bole Charles P. Bolton Helen Butler William E. Butler Lucy Chamberlain Anthony J. Colini William E. Conway Dwight B. Corning Mary Crawford Samantha Crowley Michael J. Daly Guy L. Denny Ann Esselstyn Betty Farenchak Marvin A. Feldstein Marcia Floyd Janice Focke Allen H. Ford Charles Fowler Frances Gale Robert I. Gale III Shirley W. Gibson Pamela Goetsch Maureen Greicius Debra H. Guren Albert A. Hanes Lawrence H. Hatch Janet W. Havener Marias Hawley

John A. Hellman William F. Hendricks Jane Hieronymus Christopher P. Hitchcock Betty Hollister E. Dale Inkley Josephine Inkley Walter E. Kalberer Pamela B. Keefe Joseph P. Keithley Charles Klaus Jennifer B. Langston David L. Lehmer Virginia Lindseth Louise Lister Maud Alison C. Long Robert J. Love Cathey Lozick Robert S. Lyons Jean W. Manning Jonathan P. Martin Ellen Mavec Ann H. McConnell F. Stevens McConnell III S. Sterling McMillan III Fran Meyers Margaret M. Milbourn Jennifer Moeller John C. Morley Betsi Morris Stephen C. Morris Creighton B. Murch Judith C. Murch Robert B. Murch Latham W. Murfey III Spencer L. Murfey Jonathan P. Murray Lucia S. Nash Timothy L. Nichols David A. Noble Mort November Lisa F. O’Brien Anthony S. Ocepek

Thomas W. Offutt III Michael Osborne Richard M. Osborne, Jr. Gretta S. Pallister Leigh H. Perkins Haans K. Petruschke Thomas A. Quintrell Alfred M. Rankin, Jr. Claiborne R. Rankin Albert B. Ratner Mary Margaret Rhoa George M. Rose L. Kenneth Roskos Gail J. Ruckel James B. Rucker, Jr. Patricia Settlemire Marian K. Shaughnessy Barbara K. Sheffler Mimi Shenk Brian Sherwin Michael Sherwin David C. Skeggs Nathaniel T. Smith Mary Sposito Eva Stephans Nelson S. Talbott, Jr. Jane A. Thornburgh Mark Tumeo John F. Turben Thomas V. H. Vail Barbara B. Webster Harvey B. Webster Lucy Weller Diane Welsh Frederick L. Wenham III M. Conrad White Alton W. Whitehouse, Jr. Lois Wigton Margaret Wilson Elizabeth Winchell Alan D. Wright Theodore Yocom



The Holden Arboretum is grateful for the generous support of the community. Lack of space prevents our naming all the many friends and members whose support is vital to our daily operations.

As of Sept. 30, 2012 Administration

Horticulture & Conservation

Clement W. Hamilton, President & CEO Brian Parsons Deborah Ryan

Roger Gettig, director Rick Anielski Toby Davidson Rob Dzurec Donna Fabiny Viki Ferreniea Dawn Gerlica Lori Gogolin Ethan Johnson Manuel Meier Ann Rzepka Budziak Charles Tubesing Cody Uhas Julia Viel Mike Watson Gary Weinheimer Greg Wright

Development Stephen Sedam, Director Marianna Dostal Anna Pavisich Alicia Soss

Finance Jim Ansberry, Director Michelle Miller

Facilities Al Picciano Keith Bartolovich John Cross Ricky Wilson

Information Technology Mark McAdams

Education & Public Programs Paul Spector, Director Sharon Graper Sue Swisher Becky Thompson Marian Williams Luke Williamson Vonna Vecchio

Guest Relations Matt Armand Alison Calkins Maggie Day Julie Dougherty Kristie Hawley Jacqueline Wolosonovich

Communications Cait Anastis Dave Desimone Jackie Klisuric

Lantern Court

Human Resources Nancy Spelman, Director Victoria Lindeman

Safety & Security David Frank, Chief Fred Buettner Kevin Goodman Tony Piotrowski, Jr. Brian Schoch

Volunteers Robin Ott

Research David Burke, chair Charlotte Hewins Steve Krebs Sarah Kyker Kurt Smemo Jing Wang

Holden by the Numbers as of Sept. 30, 2012

Lynnette Capra Pattie Glavac

84,290 guests through the gate

Special Events

3,288 attendance at Goblins in the Garden

Peg Weir

188 Growing Students in Science Classrooms and 12,192 children attended field trips

6,243 members

648 woody plants planted at Holden



2012 the holden arboretum annual report  
2012 the holden arboretum annual report