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The Leaders of Tomorrow.


Our children have the power to change the world. By connecting keiki to their roots, nurturing their dreams and encouraging them to use their voice, we know they will create a brighter future for us all. HÄ nai i ke keiki, ola ka lÄ hui



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ʻAuʻa ʻia e ka lāhui…Welo!! November 13, 2020 ‘Auhea ‘oukou e ka ‘ohana o ka Hui Sīwila Hawai`i, ‘oia ho‘i ko kākou lāhui e welo nei! Ma muli ho‘i o ia pō pilikia i kapa ‘ia ka ma‘i ho‘oka‘awale koronā, eia ho‘i kākou e hui mai nei ma o ka papa ‘enehana ‘o ia ho‘i ‘o Zoom, no ko kākou kūkākūkā ‘ana. Eia ho‘i kākou e holomua nei a e ‘auamo nei i ke kuleana ko‘iko‘i i waiho ‘ia i mua o kākou! ‘O wau ho‘i kēia ‘o Hailama Farden, kā ‘oukou Pelekikena e hā‘awi aku nei i ku‘u aloha palena ‘ole me ke kipa aloha i nā ‘ēlele, nā pani, nā lālā me nā hoa kipa i kēia ‘Aha Pae‘āina – ‘Aha kū makahiki 61 o ka ‘Ahahui Sīwila o nā Hui Sīwila Hawai‘i. I loko ho‘i o ka pāna‘i ‘ana i ke aloha, E Welo! E Welo! E Welo! As Pelekikena of the Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs, I welcome all delegates, alternates, members and guests to the 61st annual convention and anniversary of the Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs. As early as April, in the consideration of whether to hold a convention this year; and even withstanding all uncertainties and vocalized doubt and fears from some, as we moved closer and closer, I knew in nā‘au that this convention must happen! In the eight months of hunkering down, deliberating and meeting over Zoom and other platforms, we all have learned much. The trick really was to find the “silver lining” in heavy clouds almost smothering us. This year’s theme, “‘Au‘a ‘ia e ka lāhui…Welo!” is a poignant charge, calling for us a nation or a people to holdfast on the unification and claim of that which is ours as a people, as a kapu or as a race; allowing our heritage to live! “Welo!” literally meaning to flutter as a flag in the wind, gives the assumption that in order to welo, we must hold ourselves high with dignity and own our expected lawena. The same held by our founder Prince Kūhiō! I spent much time over the months studying Prince Kūhiō during the years 1918-1920. I chose these years on which to focus, not just because this time-period takes us back 100 years, but I marveled at the excellence and drive of our Prince. Between 1918 and 1920, the world was plagued by the Spanish flu; a pandemic, that by October 1918 (when the flu reached Hawai‘i) it had already claimed 30 million lives world-wide (Some estimates listed 50 million). I would dare to say things were more precarious than today’s 1.26 million + lives lost worldwide. Although every life matters, I look at the 1918 statistics and studied what critical impacts Prince Kūhiō led. I realized that at the on-set of the Spanish flu in Hawai‘i in October of 1918, Prince Kūhiō did not cease working. In fact, the Prince, working with the ‘Ahahui Pu‘uhonua no nā Hawai‘i was planning the opening of the new “Society” called The Hawaiian Civic Club; calling its first strategic meeting on November 26, 1918 to create a slate of officers and discuss its mission. Prince Kūhiō was home in Hawai‘i as the US Congress was on recess in November 1918 (Congress took only a one-month recess amid the pandemic). In no way am I suggesting that we carelessly ignore the danger of this current pandemic, but am marveling at Prince Kūhiō’s record, he did not allow a pandemic to create a barrier to cease his work. Kūhiō instead implored and optimized all opportunities and resources to execute his work culminating in the passage of the Hawaiian Homes Act in 1920 (100 years ago). It was this drive of the Prince, who had no vote in congress, who could only, and would indeed implement his influence as one of only a few minorities (if not, the only) in the Congress, that reaffirms my mana‘o that to cancel this year’s convention or to not consider substantive resolutions, would have been a dishonor to our Prince, to our lāhui and to our ability to Welo! Let us ‘auamo pono our kuleana at this convention. Take care of the work but, love and take care of each other and continue to stand in the reflection of our kūpuna, and WELO! Me Ke Aloha! Hailama V.K.K. Farden, 18th Pelekikena of the AHCC


Welina mai kākou, Welcome to the 61st annual convention of the Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs. On behalf of our Board of Trustees and the Kamehameha Schools ‘ohana, I want to express how deeply honored we are to attend and participate in this year’s meeting. It seems not too long ago, we gathered in Lahaina to celebrate six decades of service and fellowship. We could not have known how much the world would change in just a few months, or that this year we would greet each other across screens and a virtual shaka would have to do. However, this year’s convention, brings together more than 60 clubs from across the pae ‘āina and demonstrates we are resilient, adaptable and united. That fact is reflected clearly in this year’s theme – “‘Au‘a ‘ia e ka Lāhui – Welo!” (Our nation united, our heritage lives!) I see our ability to ho‘omau in the spirit of the haumāna we are privileged to serve through our campuses and preschools. Despite the many challenges we face today, they have retained their curiosity, excitement and eagerness to learn. Our keiki and ‘ōpio truly embody the vision of our beloved founder, Princess Bernice Pauahi Bishop, who believed education would light the way to a brighter future for her people. Finally, I want to extend a sincere mahalo to the many people who made this year’s convention possible and who’ve dedicated their time to keep the tradition and mission of civic clubs alive. The challenges of the past year serve as a reminder that these gatherings are about more than seeing old friends, building new relationships and sharing ideas. They are part of the civic kuleana that bind us together, to affect meaningful change and to keep our lāhui strong. E hui pū kākou. I mua!

Livingston “Jack” Wong Chief Executive Officer Kamehameha Schools


567 South King Street • Honolulu, Hawai‘i 96813-3036 • 808-523-6200 • ksbe.edu Founded and Endowed by the Legacy of Princess Bernice Pauahi Bishop


Born and raised in Waikīkī, John De Fries grew up surrounded by elders within his family who were steeped in the traditional practices of the Hawaiian culture. At the same time, Waikīkī Beach was well on its way to becoming a global visitor destination. This childhood setting embedded in him a life-long awareness and respect for the symbiotic relationships that exist between community and culture, nature and commerce. John has over 40 years of experience in one of Hawaiʻi’s most cherished traditions that has become its largest industry – hospitality. His experience has lead him to serve the community as a thought leader in economic development, sustainable living, human rights, and embracing native intelligence. In recognition of his leadership and vision, John was appointed President and CEO of the Hawaiʻi Tourism Authority in September 2020, leading Hawaiʻi’s visitor industry and community through the post-pandemic economic recovery and reinvention. John is the first Native Hawaiian and the first neighbor island resident appointed as HTA’s President and CEO. For the past three decades, John and his wife Ginny have lived in Kona on Hawaiʻi Island.


Hawaiian Language Common Phrases for AHCC Convention E ‘Ōlelo Hawai‘i kākou! Please feel free to use these common Hawaiian words and phrases as applicable to the Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs during convention! 1. Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs: ‘Ahahui o Nā Hui Sīwila Hawai‘i or ‘Ahahui Sīwila Hawai‘i. 2. My name is _____________. ‘O ___________ ko‘u inoa. or ‘O ko‘u inoa ‘o ________. (don’t forget to use your common name and last name) 3. This is Auntie Kanani. ‘O ‘Anakē Kanani kēia. 4. This is Uncle Soulee. ‘O ‘Anakala Soulee kēia. 5. I am a member of _________ HCC. He lālā wau o ka Hui Sīwila Hawai‘i ‘o_______. 6. I move Ke {ho‘oholo / noi} (aku) nei au… 7. I move to adopt this resolution. Ke {ho‘oholo / noi} aku nei au e ‘āpono i kēia ‘ōlelo Ho‘oholo. 8. I second the motion. Kōkua (aku) wau i kēlā noi. 9. I stand in opposition to this {motion / resolution}. Ke kū‘ē (aku) nei au i kēia {noi / ‘ōlelo ho‘oholo}. 10. Let us rise. E kū kākou i luna. 11. I have a question. He nīnau ka‘u! 12. Prince Kūhiō Ke kamaali‘i Kūhiō or Ke Ali‘i Kūhiō Other phrases you might practice: 13. Where are you going? E hele ana ‘oe i hea? (intonation descends towards the end of a question) 14. I am going to the registration desk. E hele ana au i ke pākaukau kā inoa. 15. I am going to eat. E hele ana au e ‘ai. 16. In which room is your committee meeting? I ka lumi hea kāu hālāwai kōmike? 17. My committee meeting is in Lahaina I. I ka lumi Lahaina I ka‘u hālāwai kōmike. 18. Do you have candy? He kanakē kāu? Or Loa‘a anei ke kanakē iā ‘oe? 19. Let’s (two of us) caucus at the bar? E hui kama‘ilio kāua i ka hale inu. 20. Would you like to sit here? Makemake ‘oe e noho ma ‘ane‘i? 21. How’s your grandchild(ren)? Pehea kāu (mau) mo‘opuna? 22. Did you bring your kīhei? Ua lawe mai nei (anei) ‘oe i kou kīhei? 23. Shucks, I forgot it. Auē, ua poina ia‘u. 24. Lahaina is beautiful / hot / famous.

Nani / Wela / Kaulana ‘o Lahaina.

25. Auntie Lorna, I need a ticket for ‘Aha‘aina. E ‘Anakē Lorna, i kikiki na‘u no ka ‘aha‘aina.


M OKU O K EAWE Moku o Keawe - Hawaiʻi Council Information Submitted by: Shane Palacat-Nelsen P.O. Box 7164, Hilo, Hawaiʻi 96720 Date Organized: 1959 Pelekikena: Shane Palacat-Nelsen Hope Pelekikena: Kaimana Barcarse Pelekikena Iho Nei: Geri Bell Puʻuku: Kim Kalama Kākau ʻŌlelo: Edith Kawai Nā Alakaʻi: Noenoe Wong-Wilson Assisted in restructuring and organizing convention for 2020.

ʻAhahui Siwila ʻo Ke Aloha ʻĀina Information Submitted by: Kea Kalā P.O. Box 6478, Hilo, Hawaiʻi 96720 Date Organized: 31 ʻAukake 2010 Club Pua: Laʻi

Date Chartered by AHCC: 16 Iulai 2011

Club Colors: ʻEleʻele, ʻUlaʻula & ʻOmaʻomaʻo

Club Mele: Nā Mele Aloha ʻĀina

Club Motto (Hawaiian): E hoʻokanaka Club Moto (English): E heluhelu iā Nānā I Ke Kumu Puke I ʻaoʻao 118-119 no ka wehewehe piha. Pelekikena: ʻEkekela Aiona Hope Pelekikena ʻEkahi: Kaimana Barcarse Puʻuku: Terry Kimokeo Hope Kākau ʻŌlelo: Kea Kalā Nā Alakaʻi: Kēhau Shintani, Kaimana Cabebe and Kanoe Kawaiʻaeʻa-Harris HCC Email: kaaike.kealohaaina@gmail.com

HCC Website: Aia mākou ma Pukealo

Ua hoʻokumu ʻia ka ʻAhahui Siwila ʻo Ke Aloha ʻĀina ma luna o ka paepae Kumu Honua Mauli Ola Hawaiʻi. Hoʻolālā a hoʻoholo mua ʻia nā hana a pau ma o ke kuanaʻike Hawaiʻi a me ka ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi. He mea nui ka hoʻokumu ʻia ʻana o nā kīpuka no ka paipai a hoʻoulu i nā ʻōpio i lilo i mau alakaʻi Hawaiʻi no ko Hawaiʻi nei. ʻAhahui Sīwila ʻo Ke Aloha ʻĀinaʻs foundation is the Kumu Honua Mauli Ola Hawaiʻi. The Hawaiian perspective activated through the Hawaiian language is the foundation of all planning and progress. A strong emphasis is placed on creating environments to develop youth to become future Hawaiian leaders. ʻELUA ʻŌLELO KŪHELU O KA MOKUʻĀINA. There are two official languages of the State of Hawaiʻi.


M OKU O K EAWE Hawaiian Civic Club of Hilo Information Submitted by: Noe Noe Wong-Wilson 2106 Kaiwiki Road, Hilo, Hawaiʻi 96720 Date Organized: Iulai 1929 Club Pua: Panaʻewa Maile

Date Chartered by AHCC: ʻApelila 1959 Club Colors: ʻIlima Gold & Red

Club Mele: Hawaiʻi Aloha

Club Motto (Hawaiian): Ua Mau Ke Ea O Ka ʻĀina I Ka Pono Club Moto (English): The Life of the Land is Perpetuated in Righteousness

Pelekikena: Dr. Noe Noe Wong-Wilson Hope Pelekikena ʻEkahi: G. Kamakaopiopiowiwoole Mahi Gunderson Pelekikena Iho Nei: Toni Mallow Puʻuku: Martha McNicoll Kākau Moʻōlelo: Napua Burke Hoʻopaʻa Moʻōlelo: Martha McNicoll Kahu and Alakaʻi Mele: G. Kamakaopiopiowiwoole Mahi Gunderson Nā Alakaʻi: Christopher Agpoon, Kini Burke, Carmelita Dutchie Saffery and Dr. David Sing HCC Email: noenoe@hilo.net 2020 has been an unusual year as we end ourselves "staying at home" in response to ka maʻi ikiiki ʻowaikū, Covid-19. We have begun zoom meetings with intent to continue using this technology to meet, check on each other and try to maintain a sense of normalcy for our hui and our community. Some of our kupuna have dihculty adapting to the new technology, so we are working to provide computer access and training.
 We are each doing what is necessary to support our ʻohana, including becoming at-home, on-line teaching assistants for keiki and moʻopuna and caregivers for kupuna, working and supporting our lāhui from home. One of our members has made over 800 "Masks of Aloha" face masks for family and friends around the world. Our club is a signator and supporter of the ʻĀina Aloha Economic Futures Declaration and initiative. Our condolences are sent to those families who have lost loved ones this year and who cannot gather to mourn.
 Hawaiian Civic Club of Hilo sends our heartfelt Aloha to all Hawaiian Civic Club members and their ʻohana during these dihcult times. Letʻs continue to wear our masks and be kind to each other.

Hawaiian Civic Club of Ka'u Information Submitted by: Berkeley Kenoi Yoshida P.O. Box 6108, Ocean View, Hawaiʻi 96737 Date Organized: August 1969 Club Pua: 'A'ali'i

Date Chartered by AHCC: February 1970

Club Colors: Rust Brown & Orange

Club Mele: Ka Nani A'o Ka'u

Club Motto (Hawaiian): Mai Uka a Ke Kai, Pae a Pae, Ho'okahi Ohana 'O Ka'u E Club Moto (English): From Mountain to the Sea, Border to Border, Ka'u is One Family Number of Educational Scholarships awarded in 2020: 4 Pelekikena: Berkeley Kenoi Yoshida Hope Pelekikena ʻEkahi: Darlyn Vierra Pelekikena Iho Nei: Blossom DeSilva Puʻuku: Elizabeth Kuluwaimaka Hope Kākau ʻŌlelo: Moana DeLeon Nā Alakaʻi: Jeanette Howard, Nadine Ebert, and Pauahi Pulham Alakaʻi Mele: Zachary DeBernardi HCC Email: hawaiicivicclubkau@gmail.com With great respect and concern for our treasured Kupuna, the Hawaiian Civic Club of Ka'u greatly reduced it's participation in any planned community based activities during the Covid-19 pandemic


M OKU O K EAWE Hawaiian Civic Club of Laupahoehoe Information Submitted by: Lucille Chung 1638 Oneawa Place, Hilo, Hawaiʻi 96720 Date Organized: July, 1971 Club Pua: Puakenikeni

Date Chartered by AHCC: February 1972 Club Colors: Royal Blue & Gold

Club Mele: Ka Naʻi Aupuni

Club Motto (Hawaiian): Ua Mau Ke Ea O Ka `Āina I Ka Pono Club Moto (English): The Life Of The Land Is Perpetuated In Righteousness Number of Educational Scholarships awarded in 2020: 1 Pelekikena: Lucille V. Chung Hope Pelekikena ʻEkahi: Kamuela Bannister Pelekikena Iho Nei: Walter C. K. Victor (Deceased) Puʻuku: Kim Kalama Kākau ʻŌlelo: Evelani Hirano Nā Alakaʻi: Nani Langridge and Miriam Curry Sergeant-at-Arms: Albert Maikui HCC Email: ehirano@hawaii.rr.com Six members attended convention on Maui last year and were active with the Registration Committee as our member, Evelani Hirano, chaired the committee. On 12/8/19 we held our last meeting of the year and enjoyed our holiday paʻina. We the made 50 hygiene kits filled with toiletries members donated from hotel stays. Our club purchased wash cloths, tooth brushes and toothpaste to include in the kits. 25 kits were donated to the Hamakua Baptist Mission and 25 were donated to the Student Government Association of the Laupahoehoe Community/Public Charter School (LCPCS) for distribution to those in need. Our scheduled meeting in Laupahoehoe on January 12th was cancelled due to a storm. Kilohana Hirano and Lucille Chung made use of the scheduled time to work in Hilo on our Laupahoehoe Signage Project. We worked on the project once again on February 9th with the assistance of Eva Hirano, Nani Langridge and Kim Kalama. Our last “in-person” meeting of the year was held on March 8th due to COVID-19. Kilohana, Lucille, Kawaihona Poy and Lisa Barton continued to work on the project via email. We completed and installed the last three panels of the project on June 18th. We would like to acknowledge Kilohana’s patience and diligence in the organization of and moving pictures around, editing, plus all the little details to finally arrive at our completed panels. We awarded one scholarship to Jaylen Tray L. Salboro, a 2020 graduate from LCPCS to attend Hawaiʻi Community College to pursue a degree in Fire Science. We will be partnering with the Laupahoehoe Train Museum (LTM) who received a portion of a CARES ACT grant that Vibrant Hawaiʻi was awarded to host a Resilience Hub in Laupahoehoe to provide family meals and food bags once a week to the community from September through December 2020. LTM will work with LCPCS students with computers from the same grant at the same time.

Kohala Hawaiian Civic Club Information Submitted by: Velda Napua Akamu P.O. Box 1164, Kapaau, HI 96755-1164 Date Organized: May 19, 1964 Date Chartered by AHCC: April 16, 1966 Club Pua: Pua Kenikeni

Club Colors: Ulaula, Melemele & Eleele Club Mele: Kū Ha'aheo..Hawai'i Lo'a


M OKU O K EAWE Club Motto (Hawaiian): Ua Mau Ke Ea O Ka ʻĀina I Ka Pono Club Moto (English): The Life of the Land is Preserved in Righteousness Pelekikena: Velda Napua Akamu Hope Pelekikena ʻEkahi: Michelle Kawai Puʻuku: Nani Okubo Kākau Moʻōlelo: Avory Lee Kahala Acob Nā Alakaʻi: Margaret Hoshide, Dallas Kuhaiki and Patty Ann Solomon Sergeant-at-Arms: Payton R Akamu HCC Email: napuaa@earthlink.net

HCC Website: www.kohalahcc.org

Eo.... Our club was able to do a fundraiser in early March, and that helped our club a lot. The club was able to donate the food through our resource center. I have reached out to our senior kupuna to keep in touch for any needs. Everyone here is trying their best to keep safe and healthy... so mask and distances. Mahalo to all our first responders who, more than us, are out there dealing with this pandemic. We shall leave it up to those who know better, and thank you Jesus.

Kona Hawaiian Civic Club Information Submitted by: Caleb Kekoa Nazara P.O. Box 4098, Kailua - Kona , Hawaiʻi 96745 Date Organized: 1952 Club Pua: Pikake

Date Chartered by AHCC: 1959

Club Colors: Red & Gold

Club Motto (Hawaiian): Kūlia I Ka Nuʻu

Club Mele: Kona Kai ʻŌpua Club Moto (English): Strive For the Highest

Number of Educational Scholarships awarded in 2020: 1 Pelekikena: Caleb Kekoa Nazara Hope Pelekikena ʻEkahi: Maurice Kahawaii Hope Pelekikena ʻElua: Janice Yang Pelekikena Iho Nei: Cynthia S. H. Nazara Puʻuku: Jacob Keanaaina Hope Kākau ʻŌlelo: Luana Keanaaina Hoʻopaʻa Moʻolelo: Luana Keanaaina Kahu: Caleb Kekoa Nazara Alakaʻi Mele: Honeybea Ravenscraft HCC Email: konahawaiiancivicc@gmail.com

HCC Website: konahawaiiancc.com

Lauhala sales Is our clubs ongoing fundraiser. We have increased membership by three and continue to be positive through this time. The club is taking a more active role in issues that can be handled by means of technology. We have made a brand new website and continue to improve it.

Kuakini Hawaiian Civic Club of Kona Information Submitted by: Shane Nelsen P.O. Box 1888, Kealakekua, Hawaiʻi 96750 Date Organized: 2001 Club Pua: Maile

Date Chartered by AHCC: Nowemapa 2003

Club Colors: Green & Gold

Club Motto (Hawaiian): ʻOnipaʻa

Club Mele: He Mele Nō Kuakini

Club Moto (English): Be Steadfast


M OKU O K EAWE Pelekikena: Shane Palacat-Nelsen Pelekikena Iho Nei: Chamaine Pule Nā Alakaʻi: Geri Bell

Hope Pelekikena ʻEkahi: Chris Ramos Puʻuku: Joellen Salisbury

HCC Email: kuakinihawaiiancivicclub@gmail.com

HCC Website: www.kuakinihcc.com

Supported community meal programs located in rural areas during the “lock downs” due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

South Kohala Hawaiian Civic Club Information Submitted by: Anthia Ho Austin 614003 Kailapa, Kamuela, Hawaiʻi 96743 Date Organized: January 1995 Date Chartered by AHCC: November 1995 Club Pua: Pikaka

Club Colors: Red & White

Club Mele: Nā Kuahiwi Elima

Club Motto (Hawaiian): O Ka Pono Ka Hana `Ia A Iho Mailani Club Moto (English): Blessings Come to Those Who Persist in Doing Good Pelekikena: Kaena Peterson Nā Alakaʻi: Anthia Ho Austin

Pelekikena Iho Nei: Andrew "Analu" Winn (deceased)

HCC Email: kaenap@yahoo.com South Kohala is a small club serving Kawaihae, Puako, and Waikaloa. Our membership is very small but we continue with our efforts and goals of the AHCC and the Aloha of the Hawaii Council, Moku o Keawe. The Covid 19 pandemic has had a severe impact on our club activities and fundraisers.
 We continue to work on the protection of Hawaiian Historic Sites. Pelekikane Bay (Heiau for Kamehameha) that has been covered with debris and mud. Pohakaloa Training, EIS preparing to retain state lease. 
 Our very best wishes to The Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs for putting this new Viral Convention together. `Au`a`ia e ka lahui ...welo!. Our nation united....our heritage lives.

Waimea Hawaiian Civic Club Information Submitted by: Edith K. Kawai P.O. Box 6305, Kamuela, Hawaiʻi 96743 Date Organized: December 3, 1949

Date Chartered by AHCC: April 18, 1959

Club Pua: ʻOhiʻa Lehua Ulaula Club Colors: Red, Black, White & Fuchsia

Club Lei: Pink Akulikuli Club Mele: Hole Waimea

Club Motto (Hawaiian): Ua Mau Ke Ea O Ka ʻĀina I Ka Pono Club Moto (English): The Life of the Land is Perpetuated in Righteousness Pelekikena: Edith K. Kawai Hope Pelekikena ʻElua: M. Kanani Kapuniai Puʻuku: Lahela Jarett-Holmwood Hoʻopaʻa Moʻōlelo: Dot Uchima

Hope Pelekikena ʻEkahi: E. Kalani Flores Pelekikena Iho Nei: Willette Kalāokahaku Akima-Akau Kākau Moʻōlelo: Cynthia Crain Sergeant-at-Arms: Raymond Carson-Davis


M OKU O K EAWE Council Representative: Chelsey Dickson , Maulili Dickson HCC Email: edithkawai@gmail.com Aloha Mai kakou nā pua o Kūhiō: What a joy to “gather” once again!! We have missed you, our ʻAhahui ʻohana over these many months. How we do civic club has certainly had to modify to accommodate the pandemic, but I believe that the connections, the aloha, and the intent of our work remains unchanged. For several months, the primary needs related to food, supplies and survival, especially for our kupuna, and those living paycheck to paycheck, have been at the forefront. We circulated information regarding food distribution locations, times and places to members. At times we helped to kokua where possible. Meetings in person ceased so much of civic club business. Nevertheless, there was a feeling in Waimea that time had slowed and that we were once again a small town somewhere back in the 50’s or 60’s. People are focused on neighbors, ohana and how everyone is managing. Just prior to the New Year, the club was granted its 501(c)(3) status as a non-prolt organization. The email net, `upena, has been a lifeline for keeping our membership connected. We have been fortunate during this time to have access to many internet-based programs on culture (mahalo to Kanae`okana and Malia Nobriga-Olivera), Hawaiian language, gardening, food preservation, and the like. We keep the membership informed with goings on as things come up. The board deals with action items via email but holds Zoom meetings as needed. In a recent Zoom board meeting, we discussed the RIMPAC exercises and the Kohala Coast Concrete and Precast application to dump industrial waste in the waters off Kawaihae. We are requesting records regarding their lease with DHHL as well as their environmental protection practices. While there has been a strong tendency to hunker down and deal with the basics of survival, we cannot forget that the world is still functioning and we have a kuleana to pay attention and take action to kako`o our lahui and our `aina. Our focus has narrowed to the matters impacting local and surrounding areas. As the convention nears, we will be working on how best to safely engage as many members as possible via computers. The majority of members have not attended conventions in the past so the experience will be very important for training and building future interest. It will be an excellent opportunity to see the association in action. We will disseminate the convention resolutions and hold a zoom caucus to discuss and prepare our delegates, alternates and membership. We will look at renting laptops to allow more members to attend the convention virtually. We are looking forward to holding a golf tournament in October if conditions support holding the event. The 1st annual golf tournament scholarship fundraiser, though small, was a success that brought in funds for scholarships. We also have estate items that the club is looking to sell on Ebay. We have held very successful estate sales in the past, but limiting access to 10 people at a time with social distancing and hand sanitizing stations is not wise at this time. Additionally, many in the Waimea area have lost their jobs so garage sales and estate sales are not very prevalent. It is likely, as long as the pandemic continues, that the club may move to quarterly meetings via Zoom. We will continue to stay in touch via email, bringing events and issues to the board and members as they arise. We will hoʻomau. Me ke aloha pumehana, Edith Kawai Waimea Hawaiian Civic Club


M OKU O M ANOKALANIPŌ Moku O Manokalanipo - Kauaʻi Council Information Submitted by: Malia Nobrega-Olivera P.O. Box 383 Hanapēpē, Kauaʻi 96716 Date Organized: 1968 Pelekikena- Malia Nobrega-Olivera Pelekikena Iho Nei- Sarah K. Peters Kākau Moʻolelo- Kauʻi Fu

Hope Pelekikena ʻEkahi- Naomi Yokotake Puʻuku- Marlene Barino Alakaʻi- Victor Nobrega-Olivera

Council Website: http://manokalanipo.org On January 24-26, 2020, the leadership of Moku O Manokalanipō gathered in the moku of Kona, ahupuaʻa of Kōloa near the one hānau of our beloved aliʻi, Prince Kūhiō Kalanianaʻole. It was a great time spent together in formal and informal ways. We mainly discussed the following items- 2020 meetings and activities for clubs; AOHCC strategic plan and connecting it to Manokalanipo activities; funding opportunities; and Convention 2023 on Kauaʻi. There were 11 events we had planned to carry out between February and June 2020 as individual clubs, as a collective in partnership with other non-profit organizations, government agencies, and private businesses here on Kauaʻi. This also included a new partnership with Ka Hale Pono Inc., a non-profit that planned the 10th Annual Anahola Prince Kūhiō Day Celebration. Unfortunately many of these events were canceled due to COVID19. Moku o Manokalanipō submitted numerous testimonies as a part of our advocacy activities to both the Hawaiʻi State Legislature and the Kauaʻi County Council. The issues related to the Mauna Kea access road, protecting the wahi pana of Waimakaohiʻiaka here on Kauaʻi to protect the salt making traditions, relating to waste management, public trust funds, voting, vital statistics, and polystyrene foam. We continue to learn from all the expertise of all the active advocates within the AOHCC and we are thankful to have the opportunity to contribute in these little ways. We are thankful for all the innovative ways that our community has turned to virtual events as a way to connect with our communities around the world and continue to build relationships with one another. Na ke Akua a me nā aumakua nō e alakaʻi a mālama mau iā kākou a pau. me ka haʻahaʻa a me ke aloha, Malia Nobrega-Olivera

ʻAhahui Kīwila Hawaiʻi O Moʻikeha Information Submitted by: Julie Kanealiʻi P.O. Box 1383, Kilauea, HI 96754 Date Organized: September 16, 2013

Date Chartered by AHCC: November 14, 2013

Club Pua: Poni Pua Kalaunu, Lauaʻe O Makana

Club Colors: Omaʻomaʻo

Club Mele: Nani Waiʻaleʻale

Club Motto (Hawaiian): Keʻike mai, aʻo akula no ia, ke loaʻa, haʻawi aku. Club Moto (English): When you learn, teach, when you get, give ~ Maya Angelou Pelekikena: Naomi Yokotake Hope Pelekikena ʻEkahi: Ihiihinui Kanealiʻi Wakinekona Pelekikena Iho Nei: Wini Smith Puʻuku: Shyla Villanueva Kākau ʻŌlelo: Julie Kanealiʻi Nā Alakaʻi: Shelby Yokotake and Val Yokotake HCC Email: ahahuimoikeha@gmail.com

HCC Website: www.moikeha.org


M OKU O M ANOKALANIPŌ Aloha, we hope this finds everyone healthy and safe. 2020 has certainly been a challenging year. Before the shutdown due to COVID19 we were able to present our annual performance of the Life and Legacy of Prince Kūhiō at the Kaua'i Museum. March is one of our busiest months as we had 4 performances scheduled, but we understood the importance of locking down our island, and appreciate everything that Mayor Kawakami has done to keep the people of Kaua'i safe. We look forward to seeing everyone online in November. A hui hou.

Hanalei Hawaiian Civic Club Submitted by: Jessica Kaui Fu P.O. Box 68 Hanalei, HI 96714 Date Organized: March 26, 1959 Pua: Pua Olena

Date Chartered by AHCC: 1969

Colors: Purple & White

Club Motto (Hawaiian): Kaulana aʻo Hanalei

Mele: Hanohano Hanalei Club Motto (English):

Famous is Hanalei

Number of Educational Scholarships awarded in 2020: 1 
 Pelekikena: Jessica Kaui Fu Pu’uku: Diana Albergate

Hope Pelekikena ‘Ekahi: Devin Kamealoha Forrest
 Na Alaka’i: William Kinney Jr., Kapua Chandler and Emily Cadiz

Ke aloha nui ia kakou a pau. Early in the year our club was able to participate in a number of cultural and educational activities in our community including Makahiki ceremonies and workshops on waʻa culture, paddling and sailing. The global pandemic started affecting Hawaiʻi just before Prince Kuhio Day which affected all of our clubs activities for the remainder of the year. Hanalei Canoe Club remains an activity under Hanalei Hawaiian Civic Club and paddling is the hana that threads the lei of our community members together and keeps us strong. It is one of the ways we perpetuate culture and implement our education programming year round. We have never cancelled all of our events surrounding paddling since starting in 1973, not even after the devastating hoods in 2018. Despite missing these activities our club has continued to remain active in our community through food distributions, providing a college scholarship, and providing educational materials to schools on Kauaʻi to use during this challenging period of virtual learning. We hope the everyone is inding solutions to stay engaged in community and most importantly staying safe and healthy. We look forward to seeing everyone virtually at convention. Malama pono a hui hou no kakou!

Kaumualiʻi Hawaiian Civic Club Submitted by: Sarah Peters and Malia Nobrega-Olivera P.O. Box 231 Ele’ele, Kaua’i, HI. 96705 Date Organized: March 10, 1968 Pua: Maile lau li’i li’i

Date Chartered by AHCC: February 7, 1969

Colors: Red and Gold

Mele: Kaumuali’i

Club Motto (Hawaiian): E Malama Ia Na Pono O Ka Aina E Na Opio Club Motto (English): The Culture Of The Land Is Preserved In It’s Youth 
 Pelekikena: Sarah K. Peters Pu’uku: Marlene Barino

Hope Pelekikena ‘Ekahi: Healani Furumoto
 Kakau Mo’olelo: Kwai Yen Viquelia


M OKU O M ANOKALANIPŌ Kakau ‘Olelo: Jei-Nhy Quirantes Ho’opa’a Mo’olelo: Penny Anakalea
 Kahu: Janet Kahalekomo Sergeant At Arms: Su Yen Kaohi, Clyde Anakalea Na Alaka’i: Alice Brown, Penny Anakalea and Laurie Ruiz HCC Email: kaumualiihawaiiancivicclub@gmail.com HCC Website: http://kaumualii.manokalanipo.org Aloha to all of our Civic Club ʻohana! Kaumualiʻi Hawaiian Civic Club participated in the 2020 census community outreach activities by encouraging our members and community members to complete their census. We shared social media posts, called community members, and shared information through in-person activities in the early part of the year. Kaumualiʻi Hawaiian Civic Club also partnered with Aina Hookupu o Kilauea (AHK) to help distribute over 1500 Kauaʻi grown produce boxes (about 13,200 pounds vegetables and fruit) to ʻohana of the Hanapēpē and ʻEleʻele community over the span of 11 weeks. Our club members of all ages came to kōkua with this food distribution and we all practiced safe distancing, wore our masks, and loved seeing the smiles of our community members. This has been a great initiative that also encouraged all of us to include more vegetables into our lifestyles and also support Kauaʻi grown food. This initiative was supported by a USDA grant as well as funds from the Office of Hawaiian Affairs.

Queen Deborah Kapule Hawaiian Civic Club Information Submitted by: D. Kaliko Santos P.O. Box 164, Kapaa, HI 96766 Date Organized: April 14, 2006 Date Chartered by AHCC: July 22, 2006 Club Pua: Palapalai Fern

Club Colors: Lavender & White

Club Motto (Hawaiian): Kaua`i Hemolele I Ka Malie

Club Mele: Iesu No Ke Kahuhipa

Club Moto (English): Kaua`i Serene In Its Tranquility

Pelekikena: Liberta Lilia Hussey Albao Hope Pelekikena ʻEkahi: Donna Kaliko Santos Pelekikena Iho Nei: Gregory Enos Puʻuku: Liberta Lilia Hussey Albao Hope Kākau ʻŌlelo: Donna Kaliko Santos Hoʻopaʻa Moʻolelo: Frances Leina`ala Dinnan Kahu: Liberta Lilia Hussey Albao Alakaʻi Mele: Chanel Flores Sergeant-at-Arms: Timothy Lee Albao, Jr. Nā Alakaʻi: Leah Kanoe Hookano Pereira, Mauna Kea Kaukaohu Trask, Dirk Kapualani Apao, Bernard "Bo" Oliwa Kamala, Jr. HCC Email: libertaha@hotmail.com



Nā Hono Aʻo Pi’ilani – Maui Council Information Submitted by: K. Ho;oʻaumoku Ralar Pelekikena: K. Ho;oʻaumoku Ralar (Pelekikena, Laihaina HCC) Pelekikena Iho Nei: Dr. Lui Hokoana (Pelekikena, Central Maui) Hope Pelekikena ʻEkahi: Ala Agonos (Central Maui) Puʻuku: Benjamin Cockett (Hoʻolehua HCC) Kākau ʻŌlelo: Kaleiʻahihi Fermantez (Lahaina HCC) Nā Alakaʻi: Keani Rawlins-Fernandes (Pelekikena, Hoʻolehua HCC), Kealoha Ballesteros (Pelekikena, Kuini Piʻolani HCC) Pōmaikaʻi Benevedes (Pelekikena, Hulu Mamo HCC)

Kuini Pi'olani Hawaiian Civic Club Information Submitted by: Kealoha Ballesteros P.O. Box 89511, Honolulu, Hawaiʻi 96830 Date Organized: October 6, 2006 Club Pua: White Rose

Date Chartered by AHCC: October 26, 2006

Club Colors: Peacock Blue

Club Motto (Hawaiian): Kūlia i ka Nu’u

Club Mele: E Kuini E Kapiʻolani

Club Moto (English): Strive for the Summit

Pelekikena: Naomi Kealoha Ballesteros Hope Pelekikena ʻEkahi: Julian Ako Hope Pelekikena ʻElua: Claire Hughes Pelekikena Iho Nei: Dr. Kalani Akana Puʻuku: Waialeale Sarsona Kākau ʻŌlelo: Ulalia Woodside Hoʻopaʻa Moʻolelo: Hailama Farden Kahu: Ekela Kanī’aipi’o Crozier Nā Alakaʻi: Kalani Akana, Elena Farden and Naomi Kainoa Rivera Anoʻai Kākou, Kuini Piʻolani Hawaiian Civic Club was chartered in 2006 for Queen Kapiʻolani, and the first civic club to advocate publicly in support of our Hawaiian Language with membership from all islands and around the world. Kuini Pi’olani HCC members to continue to strive for the summit by participating in community and cultural events. This year featuring our treasures: 1) Mr. George Kenichi Oide for his contribution to ‘Olelo Hawai’i in his arduous work as the typesetter of and last living contributor to the first three (3) Pukui Elbert Hawaiian Language Dictionaries, and as a proof reader for special recording projects to Hula Records and other recording companies until the age of 85 after retirement


N Ā H ONO A‘ O P I‘ILANI from Honolulu Advertiser, and Compositor for the Honolulu Star Bulletin, TYPO President + co-owner till 1992 he retired; he was also awarded the Legion d’honneur (French Legion of Honor Medal) and his designation as a Chevalier (Knight); his was nominated & humbly declined as a Living Treasure of Hawai’i in 2007 (Hongwanji). We continue to meet quarterly to discuss and work on agendas exploring various ways to bring our members to meetings for decisions, recommendations and directions that allows a continuum of collaborative work via email, “Zoom and Google that includes the outer island members and officers as representatives within our bylaws. Kuini Piʻolani Hawaiian Civic Club attended the 3rd Annual Maui Council Convention (Zoom) where, resolutions were approved and submitted to AHCC pending Kuini Piʻolani resolution caucus meeting later in October 2020 Kuini Pi‘olani HCC nominated Mr. George Kenichi Oide as a ‘Aha Hipu’u Kalani Ali’i Awardee 2020 acknowledging his achievements that exemplifies generations of community service. HALI’I ALOHA-
 Life-Time & Manaleo: Kupuna Elizabeth Kauila Poaha Reyes, (Dual) Life-Time: Rev. Marsha Chun;
 Life-Time: Kupuna Blossom “Blu” S.F. Gamiao

Lahaina Hawaiian Civic Club Information Submitted by: K. Holoaumoku Ralar P.O. Box 10965, Lahaina, HI 96761 Date Organized: October 18, 1935 Club Pua: Kukui)

Date Chartered by AHCC: April 18, 1959

Club Colors: Red & Silver

Club Mele: Halona

Club Motto (Hawaiian): Kukui Pio ʻOle I Ke Kauaula Club Moto (English): The Light Which Withstands The Kuala Wind Number of Educational Scholarships awarded in 2019: 6 Pelekikena: K. Holoaumoku Ralar Pelekikena Iho Nei: Daryl Fujiwara Hope Kākau ʻŌlelo: Nohealani Ralar Kahu: Edsel Noeau Ralar, Sr.

Hope Pelekikena ʻEkahi: Claire Pashion Puʻuku: Dawn Fujiwara Kākau ʻŌlelo: Toddy Lilikoʻi Nā Alakaʻi: Edsel Ralar, Sr., Bernardette Kidder, Pua Lindsey & Phyllis Ross

HCC Email: holokaa@gmail.com

HCC Website:

Queen Julia Kapiolani Hawaiian Civic Club Information Submitted by: K. Holoaumoku Ralar P.O. Box 10965, Lahaina, HI 96761 Date Organized: October 1, 2019 Club Pua: Queen Kapiolani Hibiscus

Date Chartered by AHCC: November 13, 2019 Club Colors: Peacock

Club Mele: Auana: Ka Ipo Lei Manu

Club Motto (Hawaiian): Kulia I Ka Nuʻu Club Moto (English): Julia On the Throne / Strive To the Highest Pelekikena: Leilani Kupahu-Marino Kahoano

Hope Pelekikena ʻEkahi: James Halolena Kahoano Jr.


N Ā H ONO A‘ O P I‘ILANI Hope Pelekikena ʻEkahi: Nalani Blaisdell, MD Puʻuku: Misty Pacheco Kākau ʻŌlelo: Kawaiehu Kanahele Kākau Moʻōlelo: Waiui Kanahele Hoʻopaʻa Moʻōlelo: Colette Higgins Kahu: David Kaupu Alakaʻi Mele: Waiui Kanahele Nā Alakaʻi: Carmen Bowling, Francine Dudoit, Peahi Spencer, Jaime Boyd, Breani Lee and Haku Kahoano HCC Email: qjkapiolanihcc@gmail.com

HCC Website:

Monthly newsletter
 Partnerships with Pualeilani (Hyatt Regency); Lei Poina 'ole - Kamehameha Schools
 You Tube channel known as "Lei Poina ole
 Queen Kapiolani history presented by Colette Higgins
 Expanded 'Ohana Malama program
 Leipupu and Olelo Matuahine workshops
 Order of Kapiolani recognition
 Neonatal Nursing education conference
 Manawale'a: Delivery system to drop off/pickup needs ie. deip
 Ha'awina: Board game to perpetuate our ali'i and kupuna legacies - connecting past with present Discharge program: Support the transition from hospital to home, beach or shelter for NICU babies


N Ā L EI M AKALAPUA Nā Lei Makalapua - Mainland Council Information Submitted by: Darlene Kehaulani Butts 217 Stern Cove, El Cajon, VA 22554 Date Organized: March 1988

Date Chartered by AHCC: November 14. 1990

Club Mele: Makalapua Club Motto (Hawaiian): E lauhoe mai na wa`a

Club Moto (English): Everyone paddles the canoe together

Pelekikena: Darlene Kehaulani Butts Hope Pelekikena ʻEkahi: Lono Anthony Kollars Hope Pelekikena ʻElua: Marlene Livesay Pelekikena Iho Nei: Charlene Lui Puʻuku: Eric Kupa`aokalehua Kakihara Hope Kākau ʻŌlelo: Charlene Kehaulani Kazner Nā Alakaʻi: Christopher Pomaika`i Gaui and Pualani Hockenhull Alakaʻi Mele: Carol Johnson HCC Email: mcahcc@gmail.com

HCC Website: www.mcahcc.com

ʻAhahui Kiwila Hawaiʻi O San Diego Information Submitted by: Denise U. Dudoit-Meyer P.O. Box 21561, El Cajon, CA 92021 Date Organized: October 12, 1993 Club Pua: Okika (Orchid)

Date Chartered by AHCC: October 27, 1993

Club Colors: Poni a Ke'oke'o

Club Mele: He Mele Lahui Hawaiʻi

Club Motto (Hawaiian): ʻE Ho'olaha I Ka Pono O Hawaiʻi Club Moto (English): Spread the goodness of the Hawaiian Pelekikena: Denise Uilani Dudoit-Meyer Hope Pelekikena ʻEkahi: Shalee Kuʻuiponohealani Kekawa Pelekikena Iho Nei: Margaret Sanborn Puʻuku: Anthia Oilan Austin Kākau ʻŌlelo: Dolly Crawford Hoʻopaʻa Moʻolelo: Dolly Crawford Nā Alakaʻi: Bettylynn Puanani Pasion, Maluhia MacLaughlin and Virgle Caraway Sergeant-at-Arms: Glenn Kalikokalehua Ah Nee and Evelyn Kanoelani Ah Nee HCC Email: meyer.denise@gmail.com HCC Website: www.akhsd.org January 2020 AKHSD Welcomed the New Year,
 February 2020 1st Quarter MCAHCC Teleconference
 March Corona Virus/Covid-19 hits the US Continent.
 ***Shut down of All Communities/Social Activities.
 *** Shut down of all Schools, Shopping Malls, Restaurants, Gyms and more. Cancellation of: Prince Kuhio Celebration Luau/Luncheon.
 Cancellation of: Na Wahine Health Workshop
 Cancellation of: Genealogy/Lei Po'o Workshop
 June 2020 2nd Quarter MCAHCC Teleconference
 Cancellation of all High School/College Graduations
 Cancellation of Alondra Park Ho'olaulea
 August 2020 3rd Quarter MCAHCC Teleconference



ʻĀinahau o Kaleponi Hawaiian Civic Club Information Submitted by: Eric Kupa`aokalehua Kakihara 12534 Valley View St. #343, Garden Grove, CA 92845 Date Organized: 1982 Club Pua: Pikake

Date Chartered by AHCC: 1982

Club Colors: White, Peacock Blue & Seafoam Green

Club Mele: ʻĀinahau

Club Motto (Hawaiian): E Malama ʻIa Na Pono O Ka ʻAina e Na ʻOpio Club Moto (English): The Culture of the Land is Preserved in It’s Youth Number of Educational Scholarships awarded in 2020: 2 Pelekikena: Pualani Hao Hope Pelekikena ʻEkahi: Charlene Kehaulani Kazner Hope Pelekikena ʻElua: Edye Moanikealaonapua Hill Pelekikena Iho Nei: Eric Kupaʻaokalehua Kakihara Puʻuku: Ualani Ho`opai Kākau ʻŌlelo: Lehua Swope Kākau Moʻōlelo: Sharon Noheaokapu`uwai Abbott Kahu: Paddy Pilialoha Kakihara Sergeant-at-Arms: Kevin Bryce Alakaʻi Mele: Lehua Swope Nā Alakaʻi: Ululani Cortez, Maile Hubbard, Mililani Magee, Linda McElrea, Kaʻala Pang and Maggie Perry HCC Email: info@aokhcc.org

HCC Website: www.aokhcc.org

AOKHCC continues to diligently adhere to its administrative duties (i.e., holding board and general membership meetings) each month (virtually since March 2020), maintaining an annual budget, and executing programming projects through standing committees like scholarship, website, health education, and community outreach. In January, we had the installation of the new board. The first quarter of 2020 started out well. In January, the papa oli a me pa'i ipu group began their twice monthly classes. The executive officers met at a retreat to establish the mission for the next year. Events were discussed, committees


N Ā L EI M AKALAPUA assigned, and club values emphasized. One focal point was learning about the island of Hawai‘i in preparation of the Association’s convention in November. In March, AOKHCC began virtual Board and general membership monthly meetings. New efforts became our focus. First, to keep members informed and engaged via virtual meetings, email, website communication, and by phone to conduct wellness checks. This was a chance to tell us how things were going, if members needed supplies or help, and to kūkākūkā. Second, our website was updated and newsletters sent out on a monthly basis with additional regular email blasts such as the ‘Word from the Pelekikena’. We continued to emphasize the remembrance of the thirteen Hawaiian core values, to further engage members during this unique time. Also, members began individually making masks and face shields for front line caregivers. ‘Ōlelo Hawai‘i virtual classes were established, 3 times weekly, which gave members a chance to virtually see each other and learn and practice ‘Ōlelo Hawai‘i. We have taken this time to continue to socially connect virtually. Currently, in-person events have been canceled or postponed for the foreseeable future. Our goal for now is to provide hope, kōkua, a few laughs, and strength for our club and our community.

Hui Hawai`i O Tenesi Hawaiian Civic Club Information Submitted by: Scott Gehring P.O. Box 31422, Clarksville, Tennessee 37042 Date Organized: June 2008 Club Pua: Hibiscus

Date Chartered by AHCC: November 2008

Club Colors: Orange and Brown

Club Mele: He Hawaiʻi Au

Club Motto (Hawaiian): I Mau Ho`omua Ka Uhane Aloha A Kanaka Na`Ike A Me Na Hana Club Moto (English): To perpetuate the Aloha Spirit and the Hawaiian Culture Pelekikena: Marlene Livesay Hope Pelekikena ʻEkahi: Wally Kaʻaihue Hope Pelekikena ʻElua: Scott Gehring Puʻuku: Bruce Livesay Hope Kākau ʻŌlelo: Tiffany Wilson Kākau ʻŌlelo: Denny Colbert Hoʻopaʻa Moʻolelo: Duvien Garcia Sergeant-at-Arms: Scott Gehring Nā Alakaʻi: Vivian Kaʻaihue, Nahele Livesay and Kelly Motes Kahu: Bruce Livesay HCC Email: hhothcc@gmail.com

HCC Website: www.huihawaiiotn.com

Hui Hawai`i O Tenesi Hawaiian Civic Club continues its mission to perpetuate the Hawaiian Culture and Aloha Spirit. Our primary function is to support the cultural needs of our military members and families of Fort Campbell Army Post, many of which have been transferred from Hawai`i or are Native Hawaiians serving in the military. In 2020, with COVID-19, many of our activities had to be cancelled. Sadly, Lei Day at the TN State Veterans Home, AsianAmerican Pacific Islander Month and Military Appreciation Month in May and Riverfest were not able to be held. Our 3rd annual luau in August had to be cancelled as well. We are on standby for the Veterans Parade and Christmas Parade where we show off our float with a volcano. Our hui continues to share the culture at the Clarksville Downtown Marketplace during the summer with ono kalua pork sales, crafts, and Tennessee grown Hawaiian plant sales. Our adult members participated in a fern and taro plant workshop conducted by our club’s plant grower where they learned how to plant and malama their fern and taro plants. Keiki specific workshops are planned for yet this year. Hui Hawai`i O Tenesi Hawaiian Civic Club is proud to further the vision of Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalanian`ole


N Ā L EI M AKALAPUA We send to you our fondest Aloha Ya’al.

Ka ʻAha Lāhui O ʻOlekona Hawaiian Civic Club Information Submitted by: Selena Yokoyama 2900 SE Cornelius Pass Road, Suite 111, Hillsboro, Oregon 97124 Date Organized: September 10, 2019 Club Pua: Red Rose

Date Chartered by AHCC: November 13, 2019

Club Colors: Red and Yellow

Club Mele: For the Lāhui by Josh Tatofi

Club Motto (Hawaiian): Ka Laulima No Ke Ola O Ka Lāhui Club Moto (English): Working Together for the Growth of Hawaiʻi Pelekikena: Selena Yokoyama Hope Pelekikena ʻEkahi: Christine Ladd Hope Pelekikena ʻElua: Brittany Rivera Puʻuku: Nancy Thompson Kakau ʻŌlelo: Natie Durro Nā Alakaʻi: Lauren Oka, William Sanchez, Aaron Helenihi, Steffany Wong Pacheco, Peter Jackson and Leialoha Kaʻula HCC Email: pelekikena@kalohcc.org

HCC Website:

KALO Hawaiian Civic Club worked to develop policies and procedures for governance, operations and committee oversight. Those committees include Education, Political Action, Marketing and Communications, and Operations. Since April 2019, KALO Hawaiian Civil Club launched several programs (local and virtual) to serve Oregon, SW Washington and beyond. Those programs include Mālama 'Ohana (volunteer support and donations to club and community members), Na Kamali'i Talk Story (virtual discussion forum for our keiki to safely discuss issues affecting our communities and society today), Hāloa Youth Summer Series (7-week virtual Hawaiian education and culture camp for rising 6th-9th graders), and Lonoikamakahiki (4-part virtual education series for the entire family).

Kaha I Ka Panoa Kaleponi Information Submitted by: Lono Kollars P.O. Box 9817, Moreno Valley, CA 92552 Date Organized: April 17, 2010 Date Chartered by AHCC: July 16, 2010 Club Pua: Aheahea

Club Colors: Sand & Light Green

Club Mele: Nā Pau Panoa

Club Motto (Hawaiian): ʻE Ho’ohui ʻAna I Ko Kakou Poʻe Hawaiʻi I Ka Panoa Club Moto (English): Uniting Our Hawaiian People in the Desert Number of Educational Scholarships awarded in 2020: 2 Pelekikena: Lono Kollars Pelekikena Iho Nei: Sharon Kuʻuipo Paulo

Hope Pelekikena ʻEkahi: Margaret Sanborn Puʻuku: Theodora Furtado Nā Alakaʻi: Keala Hughes

HCC Email: lono.kollars@yahoo.com •

Our club continues to mentor the University of California – Riverside Pacific Island Student Association (PISAUCR). We meet on a weekly basis. Met with the Native American Student Association, had a potluck and discussed collaboration on campus. Also discussed 2020 Census, Mauna Kea, education opportunities and keeping in touch with cultural sustainability. Met with Dr. McMullen, UCR regarding education opportunities and the UC systems use of work for credit program.



Produced a Celebration of Life presentation for Lokelani Reichert. Showing on 1 Feb.

We continue to mālama our new sister club Nā `Ōiwi o Hawai`i Northern Nevada. Discussed the relationship to local olcials and advocating for Hawaiians in their area. Offered assistance to help them assume the Reno Aloha Festival.

Keeping our community updated with the latest COVID-19/Coronavirus information from the State and Federal Government. Checking on all club members to see if they need anything during our social distancing/lock-down.

Produced 258 cloth masks and donated them to the Waianae Comprehensive Care medical professionals.

Promoted Census virtual opportunities and jobs in our community.

Joined the Southern California Complete Count Committee - Meeting at Pomona College.

Invited CENSUS 2020 representatives to talk to our community.

Promoted Census jobs in our community.

Continued to collaborate on a Pacific Island Health Partnership survey to assess the needs of our community during the stay-at-home lock-down. Helped to establish in-language COVID information for the Marshallese community in Los Angeles and in Arkansas.

Ke Allʻi Bernice Pauahi Paki Hawaiian Civic Club O Kansas City Information Submitted by: Dorinda Nicholson 7236 Woodson Road, Kansas City, Missouri 64133 Date Organized: March 2012

Date Chartered by AHCC: July 21, 2012

Club Pua: Plumeria & Mimosa

Club Colors: Royal Blue, Silver, Red, Green & Yellow

Club Mele: Oli Aloha

Club Motto (Hawaiian): Pili puʻuwai, pili manaʻo, e pili lokahi Club Moto (English): Heart to heart, Mind to mind, Soul to soul. Pelekikena: Dorinda Makanaonalani Nicholson Pelekikena Iho Nei: Henrietta Kaleikau Kākau ʻŌlelo: Becky Kahananui / Andi Meyer Hoʻopaʻa Moʻōlelo: Amy Bird

Hope Pelekikena ʻEkahi: Dennis Rose (incoming `21 Pelekikena) Puʻuku: Linda Bricker Kākau Moʻōlelo: Ilene Kimsey Kahu: David Kaleikau

HCC Email: dorinda@pearlharborchild.com

HCC Facebook: Hawaiian Civic Club of Kansas City

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Pelekikena attended the Las Vegas MCC meeting
 Hula and oli classes by Zoom each Monday and Thursday
 Pacific Historic Parks Zoom conference with schools
 Pacific Aviation Museum at Pearl Harbor Zoom to schools
 Publish Pearl Harbor Warriors 75th Anniversary Edition book honoring the end of WWII book for the USS Missouri on September 2, 2020 at Pearl Harbor
 Makana of 54 Pearl Harbor Warriors books to veterans who were present at the original treaty signing and also to WWII veterans residing in Hawaii Ethnic Enrichment festival cancelled so presented an online Hawaii history 
 Raytown City Council invocation in Hawaiian for July & August 
 Human Relations board appointment by city mayor 
 Face Book page postings of our hui events and to be visible in community



Pelekikena featured on CBS evening news re 1945 V-J Day memory in Hawaii

Ke Ali’i David La’amea Kalakaua HCC of Wisconsin Information Submitted by: Sandra Cunningham 3846 Wooded Ridge Trail, Colgate, Wisconsin 53017 Date Organized: March 2012 Club Pua: Pikake

Date Chartered by AHCC: October 18, 2012

Club Colors: Prussian Blue & Silver

Club Mele: He Mele Inoa ‘O Kalākaua

Club Motto (Hawaiian): Ne‘epapa I Mua Me Ke Aloha Club Moto (English): Moving Forward With Strength And Aloha Pelekikena: Isaac (Ike) Keliipio IV Hope Pelekikena ʻElua: Greg Wong Puʻuku: Sandra Kealaula Cunningham

Hope Pelekikena ʻEkahi: Nancy Keliipio Doers Pelekikena Iho Nei: Sandra Kealaula Cunningham Kākau Moʻōlelo: Nancy Keliipio Doers

HCC Email: alohasic@yahoo.com Like most Hawaiian Civic Clubs, we started 2020 with gusto and enthusiasm for upcoming events. Planning was well underway for our annual May Day Lei Day celebration, including a very popular luau and rage. We were busy planning a summer picnic, in an effort to sponsor opportunities for our members to get together informally, eat ono Hawaiian food, and enjoy kanikapila. And we were working to schedule a visioning session with Papa Ola Lokahi during 2020 to build our strategic vision for our Civic Club in Wisconsin. By early March, unfortunately, all of those plans were put on hold and ultimately cancelled for 2020 due to the pandemic. We are adjusting to virtual everything including our local HCC meetings, Mainland Council meetings, and now, a virtual convention in 2020. We look forward to connecting with 'ohana near and far, and “moving forward with strength and aloha”!

Ke Ali`i Maka`ainana Hawaiian Civic Club of Washington, D.C. Information Submitted by: Darlene Kehaulani Butts 217 Stern Cove, Stafford, VA 22554 Date Organized: June 22, 2004 Club Pua: Naupaka

Date Chartered by AHCC: November 9, 2004

Club Colors: Blue, Red & White

Club Motto (Hawaiian): Aloha O Na Kulaiwi

Club Mele: He Hawaiʻi Au

Club Moto (English): Love For Our Homeland

Pelekikena: Darlene Kehaulani Butts Hope Pelekikena ʻEkahi: Shani Jamilla Puanani Butts Hope Pelekikena ʻElua: Christopher Pomaika`i Gaui Puʻuku: Shevon K. Garnett Kākau ʻŌlelo: Julie Coleson Kahu: Napualokelani Kamakele Nā Alakaʻi: Danette Momi Cruz-Losano, Bryce Mendez, Mokihana Scalph and Shirley Queja HCC Email: lahui@kamhcc.org

HCC Website: www.kamhcc.org

29 February 2020 - Attended the KSAA East "Talk Story with Pono Ma'a" event and shared information on the benefits of Civic Club and the importance of being counted in the 2020 Census.


N Ā L EI M AKALAPUA 15 March 2020 - We hosted the Papa Ola Lokahi Genealogy Workshop in partnership with Halau Nohona Hawai'i. Due to the initial spread of COVID-19, only 25 community members attended. We were grateful. We have monitored all attendees to date. All are sequestered and doing well. The interactive workshop was a great success providing key research resources to include the use of Census data and methodologies. We mahalo Kim Birnie of Papa Ola Lokahi and Jane Culp for their commitment and invaluable instruction.” March through September 2020 - Worked with Pacific Islanders Groups on the continent to get the word out on Census 2020. Organized focus groups and with in-person marketing efforts. March through September 2020 - Worked with the Pacific Islander Covid-19 Response Team to provide resources for members of our community.

Las Vegas Hawaiian Civic Club Information Submitted by: Pat Filbert P.O. Box 97891, Las Vegas, Nevada 89193-7891 Date Organized: July 1, 1989 Club Pua: Carnation & Ohai Aliʻi

Date Chartered by AHCC: July 28, 1989 Club Colors: Red & Gold

Club Motto (Hawaiian): Kulia E Loaʻa Ka Naʻauao

Club Mele: He Hawaiʻi Au

Club Moto (English): Strive to Obtain Wisdom

Number of Educational Scholarships awarded in 2020: 2 Pelekikena: Dorinda Puanani Burnet Hope Pelekikena ʻEkahi: Doreen Hall Puʻuku: Nicole-Renee Petri Kākau ʻŌlelo: Pat Flibert Sergeant-at-Arms: Lee Burnet Nā Alakaʻi: Lee Burnet, Maggie Perry, Debra Chock and Maile Ae

HCC Email: lasvegashcc@gmail.com

Pelekikena Iho Nei: Paʻahana Bissen Hoʻopaʻa Moʻōlelo: Gail Wright

HCC Website: www.lasvegashawaiiancivicclub.net

2020 saw a number of efforts and events we were holomua kakou to continue expanding engagement with our Hawaiian and the Asian-American Pacifc Islander (AAPI) community. • 2019 ended with our annual Kalikimaka Buffet honoring 5 local Hawaiians of inhuence and found we had won 3rd place in a Boyd Gaming “Trees of Hope” fundraiser benefting our scholarship fund. We conducted an Officer Retreat and Installation for newly elected Board Members and restarted our quarterly newsletter • In January our 3rd annual Business ‘Aha’aina brought together 10 local Hawaiian and AAPI organizations to share planned 2020 events
 • In February, we hosted the 1st Quarter Mainland Council meeting at the California Hotel and conducted a Jamba Juice fundraiser
 • In March we cancelled our monthly General Membership Meetings (GMM) and Board Meetings became virtual due to the pandemic. Prior GMM’s special presentations covered the 2020 Census
 • Monthly Na Mea Hawai’i sessions ended in March due to the pandemic and sessions covered scholarships, budget, and finance
 • In May the Board developed a call campaign survey to increase interaction with our Membership during the uncertainties


N Ā L EI M AKALAPUA of the pandemic. We also made the tough decision to postpone our annual Ho’olaule’a
 • September saw us restarting our GMMs via virtual links along with a new website going live as we transition from the old one which was shut down in October)
 • We presented two Founder’s Scholarships, one to our 2020 winner and one retroactively to a 2016 winner who was not able to be contacted/awarded in 2016
 • Throughout the year we continued our partnership with Ninth Island Aunties for food distribution to Las Vegas homeless and for families in need of food during the pandemic
 • Finally, the Club plans to install a Makahiki display at the Las Vegas Natural History Museum in November for the 4th year.

Lau Kanaka No Hawai'i Hawaiian Civic Club of Arizona Information Submitted by: Millie Ho P.O. Box 60712, Phoenix, AZ 85082 Date Organized: November 1981 Club Pua: Yellow Hibiscus

Date Chartered by AHCC: September 2010

Club Colors: Red, Yellow & Blue

Club Mele: Aloha e Alikona

Club Motto (Hawaiian): ʻO na kupa o Hawaiʻi makou, e Mai ʻAlikona mai makou, e O Hawaiʻi ko makou aloha, e I ko makou naʻau, e I na manawa apau loa, e Aloha e, Aloha e, Aloha e Club Moto (English): We are citizens of Hawaiʻi. We are from Arizona. Hawaiʻi is our love, in our minds and hearts, always. Aloha, Aloha, Aloha Pelekikena: Millie Ho Pelekikena Iho Nei: Pualani L. Hockenhull Kākau ʻŌlelo: Desilani Bates Nā Alakaʻi: Benny Stillman and Debra Kohl

Hope Pelekikena ʻEkahi: Matthew Kramer Puʻuku: Roland Ho, Jr.

HCC Email: haleolomiola@gmail.com

HCC Website: www.laukanakanohawaii.com

Opio: Māhiekamakanaliʻiliʻi Kane

Online zoom presentations each month to include Moʻolelo (Milolili fish ponds, Queen Kapiʻolani, Mālama Mākua), Mele Concerts (May Day & Christmas), Health and Wellness, & Safety Swimming Awareness in Arizona

Mokuʻaina A Wakinekona Hawaiian Civic Club Information Submitted by: Benjamin K. Baker 5340 Yearley Drive NE, Olympia, WA 98516 Date Organized: July 8, 2006 Club Pua: Maile Lei

Date Chartered by AHCC: October 25, 2006

Club Colors: Wintergreen & Golden Yellow

Club Mele: Wakinekona

Club Motto (Hawaiian): A aweo lehulehu lei ulana pu ia ho`onui ikaika nui alaila ekahi awe ia lei Club Moto (English): A strand of many leis weaved together is more powerful than one strand of lei Number of Educational Scholarships awarded in 2020: 5 Pelekikena: Benjamin Kaeha Baker Hope Pelekikena ʻEkahi: Les Ling Puʻuku: Sandra Cox & Angelina Sarono Kākau ʻŌlelo: Debra Joaquin Hoʻopaʻa Moʻolelo: Papa Alakaʻi


N Ā L EI M AKALAPUA Nā Alakaʻi: Edna Maile Baker, Aliʻiolani Naipo and Kalena Soares Kakulu Kahu: Emma Sarono Alakaʻi Mele: Benjamin Kaeha Baker HCC Email: mawhcc@comcast.net

HCC Website:

For 2020, our club's last in-person membership meeting was March 14, 2020. Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic our club had to cancel our 2020 11th Annual Aha Mele Hawaiian Festival (Scholarship Fundraiser) in April. Our May Day is Lei Making Day in May was also cancelled. Our club's 14th Anniversary was celebrated virtually in July. On August 8th, our club awarded 5 Scholarships Awards to Kaleimomi Newby, Kupono Ling, Stella Kananionapua Mason, Nicole Manual, and Tienna Hall-Hilton.


K E O NE O K Ā KUHIHEWA Ke One O Kākuhihewa - Oʻahu Council Information Submitted by: Benton Kealiʻi Pang P.O. Box 37874, Honolulu, Hawaiʻi 96837 - 1122 Date Chartered by AHCC: April 1959 Pelekikena: Benton Kealiʻi Pang, Ph.D. Hope Pelekikena ʻEkahi: Jacob Kaʻōmakaokalā Aki Hope Pelekikena ʻElua: Georgiana Navarro Pelekikena Iho Nei: Roth Puahala Puʻuku: Alberta Low Kākau ʻŌlelo: Teri Loo Kākau Moʻolelo: Christine “Chrissy” Anjo Kahu: S. Kalā Holden Sergeant-at-Arms: N/A Parliamentarian: Roth Puahala Nā Alakaʻi: Association: Daniel Nahoopii, Rochelle Kawelo, Yvonne “Peewee” Ryan Nā Alakaʻi: Moku Directors: ʻEwa Moku: Lance C. Lanakila Holden Ko'olaupoko Moku: Ken Ordenstein Waialua Moku: Diane Fitzsimmons

Waiʻanae Moku: Stephanie Kawelo Kona Moku: Maluhia Kauahi Koʻolauloa Moku: Joan ʻUmi” Jensen

HCC Email: Kakuhihewa.president@gmail.com HCC Website: www.kakuhihewa.org Aloha e nā makamaka, mai Wakinekona a hiki aku i ka moke ʻolu o Lehua! For the 10th year, the Oʻahu Council conducted makahiki at Pearl Harbor Hickam. This event co- sponsored by the Department of the Navy was originally established as a result of consultations with the Hawaiian Civic Clubs over the development proposals for Moku ʻUmeʻume (Ford Island), Kalaeloa, and Polihale (Pacific Missile Range Facility-Kauaʻi). We were honored to have Read Admiral Robert B. Chadwick participate in makahiki games along side our royal societies. The cultural tradition of makahiki continued in January at Helumoa. Our clubs enjoyed the participation of royal societies and tourists at this annual event. Oʻahu Council was active at legislature and provided testimony on issues pertaining to the Public Lands Trust, Red Hill Fuel Tanks, Educational scholarships, Lowering the Voting Age, and Privately-owned landfills. Due to the efforts of our Waiʻanae moku clubs, SB2386 HD2-providing for a 0.5 mile buffer around landfills passed out of both houses of legislature. If you recall, this initiative began with a resolution from Nānāikapono Hawaiian Civic Club and was introduced by Ke One O Kākuhihewa at last year’s convention. The bill will soon become State law and we can anticipate our native Hawaiian communities protected from additional contamination from these harmful landfills. Oʻahu Council and member clubs were honored to participate at Hawaiian Caucus Day again at the Hawaiʻi State Capitol. This annual event is sponsored by the Hawaiian Legislative Caucus and keeps us involved with important legislation being discussed at the capitol. Oʻahu Council began working with the Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement in 2019 to support the Prince Kūhiō parade in Kapolei and Hōʻikeʻike at Ka Makana Aliʻi. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the parade and hōʻikeʻike were postponed. We participate regularly at this event to honor our founder and highlight the good work of each of our clubs and we look forward to the Prince Kūhiō parade and hōʻikeʻike next year. Oʻahu Council engaged with the US Census this year and became a member of the Hawaiʻi Complete Count Committee. Census representatives were invited to Council meetings to provide reports and updates. Individual clubs, like Koʻolauloa Hawaiian Civic Club and Koʻolaupoko Hawaiian civic club actively encouraged their communities to fill out the census form online. Our goal is to increase our 2010 response rate. As of September, the Hawaiʻi response rate of 62% is slightly lower


K E O NE O K Ā KUHIHEWA than the national response rate of 65.5%. Mahalo to all of the Hawaiian civic clubs encouraging their communities to participate in Census. During the pandemic, clubs have been making masks and reaching out to kūpuna. A call for masks from Ken Farm of Kalihi Pālama Hawaiian Civic Club was answered with enthusiasm. Hundreds of masks were donated by Oʻahu civic clubs for our community in Kalihi, especially the Pacific Islanders who seem to be the most effected by the COVID-19 virus. We look forward to hosting the Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs at the Hawaiʻi Convention Center, Ocotober 31November 7, 2021. Our Conventions and Meetings committee received quotes and set up meetings with Oʻahu hotels prior to the departure of aunty Lorna. We are currently working with Holoaumoku to update her on the latest discussions. Please stay home and stay healthy. We will get through this year and continue the advocacy and education envisioned by our founder, Jonah Kūhiō Kalanianaʻole. Sincerely,

ʻO Hilinamā ka mālama, ʻo Lono ka pō

'Ahahui Kiwila Hawai'i Kamali'i Wahine Victoria Kawekiu Lunalilo Kalaninuiahilapalapa Ka'iulani Cleghorn Information Submitted by: Rusty Rodenhurst 2072 Alewa Drive, Honolulu, Hawaiʻi 96817 Date Organized: February 3, 1978 Club Pua: Pikaka

Date Chartered by AHCC: 1979

Club Colors: Red, Black & White

Club Mele: Kaʻiulani Aliʻi

Club Motto (Hawaiian): Kulia I Ka Lokahi Pelekikena: Walter “Rusty” Rodenhurst Pelekikena Iho Nei: Leimana Damate Hope Kākau ʻŌlelo: Mahina Rodenhurst Sergeant-at-Arms: Maddy Lum

Hope Pelekikena ʻEkahi: Carol Anzai Puʻuku: Gladys Rodenhurst Nā Alakaʻi: Jason Anzai

HCC Email: kealiimaikai885@gmail.com

ʻAhahui Siwila Hawaiʻi o Kapolei Information Submitted by: Lance C. Lanakila Holden P.O. Box 700007, Kapolei, Hawaiʻi 96709-0007 Date Organized: January 1993 Club Pua: ʻIlima Maoli

Date Chartered by AHCC: October 1993 Club Colors: Dark Blue & Reddish Brown

Club Motto (Hawaiian): ʻE Mau Ke Ea O Ka ʻĀina I Ka Pono Club Moto (English): Let Sovereignty Return the Righteousness of the Land


Club Mele: Queen’s Prayer

K E O NE O K Ā KUHIHEWA Pelekikena: Lance C. Lanakila Holden Hope Pelekikena ʻElua: Ron Schaedel Puʻuku: Melissa Lyman Sergeant-at-Arms: Dan Lyman HCC Email: kapoleihcc@gmail.com

Hope Pelekikena ʻEkahi: Lei Riedel Pelekikena Iho Nei: N/A Kākau Moʻolelo & Kahu: S. Kalā Holden Nā Alakaʻi: Amanda Allison and Gary Sugiyama IG: kapoleihcc

FB: ʻAhahuiKapolei

2019 • 2 delegates attended the 2019 Association HCC Annual Convention on Maui. • Nov and Dec: Members participated in our Annual Gift Wrapping Fundraiser for Education/Scholarship Fund held at Barnes & Noble, Ala Moana 2020 • February 13: General Membership meeting to plan events for 2020. • February 16: Mauna Ala cleaning • Mid March: State shut down due to COVID-19 pandemic Kept club informed of Association and Council news via email.

Aliʻi Pauahi Hawaiian Civic Club Information Submitted by: Kehaulani Lum P.O. Box 2785, ʻAiea, Hawaiʻi 96701 Date Organized: December 3, 1973 Club Pua: Pua Kukui

Date Chartered by AHCC: December 8, 1973

Club Colors: Ke'oke'o

Club Mele: Pauahi o Kalani

Club Motto (Hawaiian): Ka Ikaika A Ka Manaʻo A Me Ke Kino A Me Ka ʻUhane Club Moto (English): Strong in Mind, Body and Spirit Number of Educational Scholarships awarded in 2020: One Pelekikena: Kehaulani Lum Hope Pelekikena ʻEkahi: Heather Haunani Giugni Pelekikena Iho Nei: Charles Rose Puʻuku: Walton Keoni Lum Kakau ʻŌlelo: Winston Lum. Sr. Kahu: Kahu Winston Lum, Sr. Nā Alakaʻi: Bruce Keaulani, W. Kawehi`oakaka Lum, Mahealani Lum HCC Email: aliipauahi@gmail.com

HCC Website: In Development

Aloha mai kākou! Our heartfelt aloha to all of our Civic Club brothers and sisters, in this time of deep introspection and mākia. The holding of this conference, virtually, out of love for the well being of our kupuna and `ohana, sends a powerful message to our descendants: Aloha aku, Aloha mai. Love is the best remedy. The Coronavirus which has landed upon our shores cautions us with vivid reminders of the immeasurable loss that our Ali`i and kupuna faced in the 1800s, by foreign diseases for which they had no immunity. Our deep gratitude to our noble leaders and organizers, for protecting the health of our community, through your love. Ali`i Pauahi stewards Loko i`a Pā`aiau, the 600 year old loko i`a of Mo`i Wahine Kalanimanuia, in partnership with the Navy and the communities of `Aiea, Kalauao and beyond. In 2020, our impact on nature’s beauty and fragility is profound.


K E O NE O K AKUHIHEWA Mindful of our inherited kuleana to protect our sacred environment, its inhabitants, and the 1000-plus Native Hawaiian children and adults who visit, we shifted our educational and healing practice to small group gatherings, with focused intention on restorative connections. Our members gathered la`au gifts from the forests of Palehua, pōhaku from Waianae, and powerful mana from Kamehameha Schools, KUA, Honolulu Friends, the Aluli `Ohana, Kanu o Ka `Āina Charter School, University of Hawai`i LCC, Damien High School, Boy Scouts Troop 488, Commander Darrel Frame and `ohana, the residents of McGrew Point, and all of the ancestors. Our heartfelt mahalo nui loa to Kumu Kahale Unciano, Living Life Source Foundation, Aunty Verna Takashima, Uncle Solomon Apio, Uncle Shad Kane, Uncle Bruce Keaulani, Jeff Pantaleo, the Lum `Ohana, the Moa and Vargas `Ohana, Tiana Henderson and Holani Hana. With gratitude and aloha, we invite you all. E mālama pono!

ʻEwa-Puʻuloa Hawaiian Civic Club Information Submitted by: Kuʻuipo Malczon 91-1374 Kaihuopala'ai Street, ʻEwa Beach, Hawaiʻi 96706 Date Organized: May 4, 1948

Date Chartered by AHCC: November 8, 2001

Club Pua: White Ginger

Club Colors: Green, White & Yellow

Club Mele: Pupu Aʻo ʻEwa

Club Motto (Hawaiian): E Kokua I na Keiki o Ka ʻAina Club Moto (English): (It Is Our Responsibility) To Help the Children of the Land Pelekikena: Marleen Kau‘ionalani Serrao Puʻuku: Donald Woode Nā Alakaʻi: Joshua Taueu HCC Email: ewapuuloahcc@gmail.com

Hope Pelekikena ʻEkahi: Lanette L. Low Kakau ʻŌlelo: Kuʻuipo Malczon

HCC Facebook: www.facebook.com/EwaPuuloa

Aloha Project



Elizabeth Kahanu Hawaiian Civic Club Information Submitted by: Dre Kalili P.O. Box 1811, Honolulu Hawaiʻi 96805 Date Organized: September 26, 2019

Date Chartered by AHCC: November 14, 2019

Club Pua: To Be Determined (TBD)

Club Colors: TBD

Club Mele: TBD

Club Motto (Hawaiian): TBD Club Moto (English): TBD Pelekikena: Dre Kalili Hope Pelekikena ʻEkahi: Kaleiaina Lee Puʻuku: Nelisa Asato Nā Alakaʻi: By constitution, our club has only 3 officers HCC Email: ekahanu.hcc@gmail.com

HCC Facebook: www.facebook.com/EKahanu.HCC

The Elizabeth Kahanu HCC kicked off its first year with two great meetings and guest speakers. In February, Senator Jarrett Keohokalole and Representative Daniel Holt, leaders of the Hawaiian Affairs caucuses in their respective chambers, provided guidance on how to effectively advocate for our community in the 2020 Legislative Session. In March, we welcomed Scott Morishige, the Governor's Coordinator on Homeless, who shared insights into how government and private entities deliver services to those experiencing houselessness and how our club and others can support ongoing efforts. Our meetings feature good discussion, opportunities for learning and growth, and wine -- and both meetings can be viewed online on our Facebook page. We look forward to resuming our in-person meetings in the new year.


K E O NE O K Ā KUHIHEWA Hawaiian Civic Club of Honolulu - The Mother Club Information Submitted by: Anita Naone P.O. Box 1513, Honolulu, Hawaiʻi 96806 Date Organized: December 6, 1918 Club Pua: ʻIlima

Club Colors: ʻIlima & Red

Club Mele: Liholiho (Beautiful ʻIlima)

Club Motto (Hawaiian): Ua Mau Ke Ea O Ka ʻAina I Ka Pono Club Moto (English): The Life of the Land is Perpetuated in Righteousness Number of Educational Scholarships awarded in 2020: 18 Pelekikena: Anita Naone Hope Pelekikena ʻEkahi: Malia Sanders Pelekikena Iho Nei: Charles “Manu” Boyd Puʻuku: Luana Sala Kākau Moʻōlelo: Frances Yoshimitsu Alakaʻi Mele: Manu Boyd Kahu: Kahu David Kaupu Nā Alakaʻi: Pat Brandt, Maylene Enoka, Kūhiō Lewis, Maxine Shea, Monte McColum, Kamuela Yong, Logan Nalua Spencer, Uʻi Souza and Justin Motta HCC Email: anitanaone@msn.com

HCC Website: hcchonolulu.org

Hawaiian Civic Club of Honolulu.
 Mahalo to Pat Brandt, Scholarship Chairperson and the HCCH Review and Awards Committees for volunteering, processing and awarding 18 scholarships this year. Administrative/Application Review Committee/Awards Committee: Tasha Yong, Noriko Salangdron, Manu Boyd, Kathy Wurdeman-Thurston and Moana Heu for the processing of the awards contract and payments. CONGRATULATIONS HCCH Board of Director: Dr. Kamuela Yong a former HCCH scholarship awardee was recently awarded the Board of Regents Medal for Excellence in Teaching at West Oahu College in Kapolei. Dr. Yong, attended Kamehameha Schools Kapalama ’03, received his Ph.D. in applied mathematics in May 2012 from the University of Iowa, making him the fjrst Native Hawaiian to reach this accomplishment. Due to the pandemic we have had monthly virtual Officers/Board Meetings and 1 membership meeting. All informational meetings are conducted via ZOOM. We hosted two (2) ’Aina Aloha members to talk with about the organization, its purpose and what are the future plans of the organization. HCCH is presently a corporate member of “Aina Aloha” and the “Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement”. We are focusing information for our younger members to increase their awareness of the Lahui. To stay in touch with our members we send a monthly newsletter by email and postal mail on current news, health suggestions and virtual events available to them. We established a KOKUA MARKETPLACE for our members to sell their merchandise, ceramics, clothing and food products online. We continue to provide kokua to our members by ensuring that they take care of their health and well being and to share their experiences that help them to cope with the challenges of the COVID19 pandemic.

Hawaiian Civic Club of Wahiawā (Nonprofit) Information Submitted by: Jo-Lin Lenchanko Kalimapau P.O. Box 893931, Mililani, Hawaiʻi 96789 Date Organized: November 10, 1960

Date Chartered by AHCC: April 16, 1966

Club Pua: Naʻu - Hawaiian Gardenia

Club Colors: Green & White


Club Mele: Paʻahana

K E O NE O K Ā KUHIHEWA Club Motto (Hawaiian): Hoʻohana Ana Pū

Club Moto (English): Working Together

Pelekikena: A. Noelani DeVincent Hope Pelekikena ʻEkahi: Marie “Malia”Niuhelewai Doo Puʻuku: Jo-Lin Lenchanko Kalimapau Kākau ʻŌlelo: Krystal-Lee Tabangcura Hoʻopaʻa Moʻolelo: Jo-Lin Lenchanko Kalimapau Kahu: Peter W. Kawaimaka Lonoaeʻa Alakaʻi Mele: Marie “Malia”Niuhelewai Doo Sergeant-at-Arms: William Pila Short Nā Alakaʻi: Krystal-Lee Tabangcura, Thomas J. Lenchanko, Winona Aguero, Yvonne Leimomi Gasper HCC Email: hccwahiawa@gmail.com

HCC Website: kukaniloko.org

“e kūkaʻawe i nā kapu o Kūkaniloko no ka mea aloha nō hoʻi kākou iā lākou i nā kau a kau...” “to guard the kapu of Kūkaniloko because we love them for all time...” Focus, integrity and commitment set the foundation for the Hawaiian Civic Club of Wahiawā on November 10, 1960. In 60 years, we have continued our mission - to inspire, educate, and encourage all things Hawaiian, unseen and seen. To protect, preserve and perpetuate our ‘āina (family), iwikupuna, kūpuna ma, and na ‘ōpio are foremost on our agenda. Second, third and fourth generation descendants of our Founding Fathers continue as members. We honor our Lālā Kūpuna: Roselia Poepoe, Roselani Hall, Bernard Rodrigues and Barbara Pua‘a, who are our last living Founding and Charter Members. E ola no! The Friends of Kūkaniloko are rooted in the Hawaiian Civic Club of Wahiawā. HCCW was established to guard our mo‘olelo - traditional comprehension - of the 36,000 acres of Pu‘uhonua Kūkaniloko, kalana Wahiawā, Līhu’e, Halemano... Members work diligently, individually and collectively, as Kūkaniloko is revealed. kalana apa‘a Kūkaniloko, O‘ahu a La‘ila‘i...36,000 acres set apart by ka‘ānani‘au, the beauty of experiencing time...metaphysically centered and connected since time immemorial to time eternal. Kūkaniloko, a place of education and learning... Piko Listening Journeys reveal the importance of our ancient teachings. "Mai kākou e pu pa‘akai" - come and share salt with us... In the days of ka po‘e kahiko salt was used to preserve. We ask you to assist in preserving Kūkaniloko, the truth of our Nation, ko Hawaii paeaina. Please visit our website: kukaniloko.org. Your kind donations to our Hawaiian Civic Club of Wahiawā Nonpro?t are welcomed. ALOHA is forever ... and FOREVER is the old way of our ancients. Eō mai la...

Hawaiian Civic Club of Waimanalo Information Submitted by: Louanna P. Kaio 41-601 Inoaole St., Waimanalo, Hawaiʻi 96795 Date Organized: August 1966

Date Chartered by AHCC: November 1966

Club Pua: Purple Crown Flower

Club Colors: Dark Blue & Beige

Club Motto (Hawaiian): Lokahi

Club Moto (English): To Bring About Unity

Pelekikena: Louanna P Kaio (Interim) Pelekikena Iho Nei: Kalani Kalima Kākau ʻŌlelo: Abraleen Keliinui (Interim) Sergeant-at-Arms: Bill Almony Nā Alakaʻi: Vacant. Relinquished their responsibilities.

Club Mele: Kalanianaole

Hope Pelekikena ʻEkahi: Hoku Akana (Interim) Puʻuku: Louanna P Kaio Alakaʻi Mele: Renee Williams


K E O NE O K Ā KUHIHEWA HCC Email: loaiehawaii@yahoo.com

HCC Website: hawaiiancivicclubofwaimanalo

Because of the pandemic, it was hard to meet with fellow members. As Interim Pres. I got involved with many community activities, such as: food distributions, meal distribution to families, food bank, gathering boxes from Costco so food could be put in these boxes and just given to those who drive up. Working with summer fun programs during these times. Serious precautions were needed to make sure our keiki were safe and that they trusted us. Pono research program…Learning what’s going on in our community from Mauka to Makai..and arts and crafts to make at home. Growing my own vegetables. When this pandemic is over, I want to share with members so they can grow their own. Also, making and donating masks for those in need.

Kailua Hawaiian Civic Club Information Submitted by: Māpuana de Silva P.O. Box 1123, Kailua, Hawaiʻi 96734 Date Organized: August 4, 1958 Club Pua: ʻIlima

Date Chartered by AHCC: 1960

Club Colors: Gold & Black

Club Mele: Nā Pua Lei ʻIlima

Club Motto (Hawaiian): E Ala e Nā Mamo i Ola Nā Pua Club Moto (English): Arise, o Descendants, So That Our Children Will Thrive Number of Educational Scholarships awarded in 2020: 3 Pelekikena: Māpuana de Silva Hope Pelekikena ʻElua: Kīhei de Silva Kākau ʻŌlelo: Kaʻoluokamalanai Luning Kahu: Momilani Ramolete

Hope Pelekikena ʻEkahi: Kapalaiʻula de Silva Puʻuku: Kaʻoluokamalanai Luning Kākau Moʻōlelo: Puakenamu Leong Sergeant-at-Arms: Kalani Kaʻanāʻanā

Nā Alakaʻi: Maya Saffery, Pualani Steele, Lāola Tamaliʻi and Kaleomanuʻiwa Wong HCC Email: desilvak009@gmail.com

HCC Website: kailuahawaiiancivicclub.com

Founded in the garage of Louis Mahoe’s Kalapawai home in 1958, the Kailua Hawaiian Civic Club is dedicated to the wellbeing of our Hawaiian people, culture, and ʻāina. We strive to: 1- enrich the lives of Hawaiians in our community, 2- advance the appreciation, study, and practice of Hawaiian culture, and 3- mālama the lands, waters, and wahi pana of our ahupua’a. Our summary of activities in 2020: Until the onset of the covid crisis, we met and worked monthly at Ulupō heiau and had just committed to maintaining six of the iwi kūpuna burial preserves in Kailua. Although our “live” presence has been considerably diminished since February, we continue to be active in matters electronic and virtual. As a founding member of Hui Maunawili Kawainui, we persist in working to secure almost a thousand acres of Maunawili lands for conservation and cultural purposes. As one of Kailua’s jve native Hawaiian organizations dedicated to re-establishing a permanent Hawaiian cultural presence at Kawainui, we took part in the successful effort to gain BLNR approval for the Kawainui-Hāmākua Master Plan. We continue to support the Kailua Houseless Service Care Program and were able, this August, to partner with Hale Kealoha in providing 50 individual meals to our homeless community. Through careful management of our scholarship monies, we were again able to offer three post-secondary scholarships of $1000 each to club members and their families. Finally, we serve as a proud parent-organization to Kauluakalana, the newest of Kailua’s native Hawaiian, non-profit organizations whose vision is that of an “ahupuaʻa lashed together by a braid of ʻāina, kanaka, and culture, forming an enduring bond that generates balance and abundance for our community.”



Kalihi-Palama Hawaiian Civic Club Information Submitted by: Juanita Mahienaena Brown Kawamoto 1936 10th Avenue, Honolulu, Hawaiʻi 96816 Date Organized: November 19, 1969 Club Pua: Pupu o Niʻihau

Date Chartered by AHCC: November 19, 1969

Club Colors: Pink & White

Club Motto (Hawaiian): Hoʻikaika Like Me Ke Aloha

Club Mele: Hoʻikaika Like Me Ke Aloha & E Kolu Mea Nui Club Moto (English): Strengthen Together With Love

Pelekikena: Juanita Mahienaena Brown Kawamoto Hope Pelekikena ʻEkahi: Ken Kaimi-Kaleonahe de Leon Keohokapu Kotila Farm Pelekikena Iho Nei: Kaʻimookalani P Muhlestrin Puʻuku: Marilyn Leimomi Khan Kakau Ōlelo: Louise Kaleikini-Killebrew Kahu: Pamai Tenn Sergeant-at-Arms: Ladd Heleloa Alakaʻi Mele: Robert Keaweaheulu Brown Nā Alakaʻi: Malia Kaʻaihue, Cedric Duarte, Pamai Tenn, Lei Kihoi, Pikake Enos and Blaine Fergerstrom HCC Email: kphccjuanita@gmail.com

HCC Website: kalihipalama.org

Olelo Hawaii: 
 No Kēkēmapa 2019: He mau ʻumi kūmākolu ‘elele ‘O KPHCC i hele ai i ka 60th Hui Siwila Hālāwai Nui ma Lāhaina, Maui. Ua hana mākou ma ka Kalikimaka Mākeke no OHA e hoʻulu kālā a laila ua hoʻoleʻaleʻa kalikimaka mākou ma IMUA’s. No Ka Makahiki 2020: Aia mākou ma ka Makahiki ma Helumoa, Waikīkī, Oʻahu. Ua leʻaleʻa nui no hoʻi i nā paʻani makahiki me ke aloha i kekahi i kekahi, aia mākou no ka wehe ʻana o ka ʻAha ‘Ōlelo ma ka State Capitol, ua kōkua mākou ma ka Census 2020. A laila, ua loli ‘ia ko mākou mau hana maʻamau no ka mea o ka maʻi hou ‘oia hoʻi ka COVID-19. No laila, E mālama i kekahi i kekahi. Aʻole pau ka hana nui no nā hui suwila, e hoʻomau ana mākou i ka hui Zoom e kūkākūkā a aloha i kekahi i kekahi.


K E O NE O K Ā KUHIHEWA Translated to English: KPHCC initiated or participated in 2019-2020 activities as follows:
 November 2019 - Ku Hio! Ku Kanaka Ku I Ke Aka O Na Kupuna! AOHCC 60th AOHCC Convention in Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii represented by 13 KPHCC delegates. 
 December 2019 - KPHCC fundraiser OHA Makeke and KPHCC Mele Kalikimaka Christmas Party. 
 January 2020 -Makahiki at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel with Ke One O Kakuhihewa
 and General membership meeting. Opening day at the Capitol - KPHCC volunteers to support our member John Aeto with info distribution and sign ups for 2020 Census. 
 February 2020 to present - COVID19 hits Hawaii! KPHCC begins outreach using Zoom meetings and actively informing our membership and lahui with regards to issues involving healthcare, unemployment, State and County official proclamations and government programs focused on the needs of our people. We encourage our members to please practice all aspects of social distancing , wear our masks, stay at home orders for kupuna and helping to be a positive voice for our people, membership and the greater community. KPHCC dedicates itself to our ohana of 7 generations by keeping all of us safe, informed and living aloha!

King Kamehameha Hawaiian Civic Club Information Submitted by: Letani G. Peltier 98-505, Kaʻāmilo St., ʻAiea, Hawaiʻi 96701 Date Organized: January 1967 Club Pua: Lehua Mamo a Lehua ʻUlaʻula

Date Chartered by AHCC: April 1967 Club Colors: Mamo a Poni

Club Mele: I mua Kamehameha

Club Motto (Hawaiian): I mua e nā pokiʻi a inu i ka waiʻawaʻawa, ʻaohe hope e hoʻi mai ai Club Moto (English): Forward, my brothers and sisters and drink of the bitter waters, there shall be no retreat Number of Educational Scholarships awarded in 2019: 2 Pelekikena: Letani G. Peltier Hope Pelekikena ʻEkahi: Mark Anthony P. Clemente Hope Pelekikena ʻElua: Karlen K. Oneha Puʻuku: Ike Kaʻaihue Kākau ʻŌlelo: Miki Cachola Lene Kākau Moʻōlelo: Jonathan M. Ching Hoʻopaʻa Moʻolelo: Keoni Soares & ʻIhilani Tanaka Kahu: Blake Brutus LaBenz Nā Paʻi kiʻi: Devin & Nelson Gaspar Nā Alakaʻi: Matthew Bedard, Alex Ogden, Wayne Tanaka, Francine Murray, Matthew Kaʻaihue, Ron Porter, and Keith Gutierrez Nā Luna Kupuna: Gladys Rodenhurst, Ike Kaʻaihue, Jim Patterson, Shelly Hao-Tamon Nā Lālā ʻŌpio: Māhiehie, Kaʻiulani, Kaleoaloha, Imua, Kawaiola, Keakaokeolanui, Kawehilani, Kamuela, Hemakananaikalani, Makani, Makanaokalani, Makani, Iokua King Kamehameha Hawaiian Civic Club closed 2019 with our prestigious and successful annual Christmas youth luncheon. The event took place at our Pelekikena’s ‘ohana’s home in Heʻeia, and the club hosted youths and staff from Hoʻomalu O Na Kamaliʻi, a temporary shelter located on the Leeward Coast. Club members donated food and desert, and provided games, activities, and presents for the youths. It was truly a beautiful way to end the year. In February, ten club members participated in the Great Aloha Run, which raises funds for charities throughout Hawaiʻi. However, 2020 turned out to be a much different year than we expected. Due to the pandemic we were unable to participate in the many events we look forward to, including the Prince Kūhiō Festival Parade and hōʻikeʻike, the annual Visitor Industry Charity Walk, the King Kamehameha Lei draping ceremony and parade, and also the cleaning of the sacred ground at Mauna ʻAla, to name a few.


K E O NE O K Ā KUHIHEWA However, our club was able to join many other organizations and civic clubs to make a financial contribution to ʻIolani Palace, which was generously matched by CNHA. And recently we supported our Pacific Islander brothers and sisters by participating in the mask drive donation to We Are Oceania (WAO). Despite the unprecedented year, we remain optimistic and look forward to upcoming events such as CNHA’s 19th Annual Convention, Oʻahu Council’s final quarterly meeting, the 61st Annual Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs Convention, and our Annual Xmas Youth Luncheon (which is tentatively in the planning stage). “I mua Kamehameha!”

Koʻolauloa Hawaiian Civic Club Information Submitted by: Raynae Fonoimoana P.O. Box 532, Hauʻula , Hawaiʻi 96717 Date Organized: June 14, 1924 Club Pua: Hala & Plumeria

Date Chartered by AHCC: April 16, 1966 Club Colors: Yellow & Green

Club Mele: Kaulana No 'oe O Ko'olauloa

Club Motto (Hawaiian): Ua mau ke ea o ka 'aina i ka pono Club Moto (English): The life of the land is perpetuated in righteousness Pelekikena: Raynae “Tessie“ Fonoimoana Hope Pelekikena ʻElua: Dannette “Timu” Leota-Antoku Puʻuku: Joan “Umiokalani” Jensen Hoʻopaʻa Moʻolelo: Dannette Kaliko Leota-Pacual Sergeant-at-Arms: Randy Navares & Kanoa Switzer

Hope Pelekikena ʻEkahi: Florentina “Haleaha” Montes Pelekikena Iho Nei: Dannette “Sista” Kaliko Leota-Pacual Hope Kākau ʻŌlelo: Jolene Ann Peapealalo Kahu: Dr. Francine Palama Alakaʻi Mele: Joan “Umi” Jensen


K E O NE O K Ā KUHIHEWA HCC Email: khcc532@gmail.com

HCC Facebook: Koʻolauloa Hawaiian Civic Club

Our Mission is to perpetuate the Hawaiian Culture , its music, language and arts; which are practice daily as we protect, respect and steward sacred sites and places in our community, while supporting our Native Hawaiian students in pursuing a higher education. In June 2019, we celebrated our 95th year with a Paina, we were fortunate to recognize 3 past Presidents: Cathleen Mattoon, Danielle Ululani Beirne-Keawe and Dannette Liko Leota-Pascual. Those in attendance enjoyed the mea 'ai, mele and hula. Our club members continues to participate in events sponsored by the Association of Hawaiian Civic Club and the O'ahu Council. This year with the Covid 19 Pandemic Mandates by the State of Hawaii and the City & County of Honolulu, many events and activities were cancelled. We, keep in touch with a quarterly newsletter and continue to visit our Kupuna. We sponsored our local Cultural Practitioners with supplies for poi pounding, woodcraft and pohaku workshops at our Annual Hau'ula Ho'olaulea. Our partnership with Hawaiian Island Land Trust (HILT) and Hui o Hau'ula to malama the Maunawila Heiau is a big project that has been on-going for several years. As part of our Civic Engagement, we focused on participating in the 2020 Census and the Food Distributions in our 'Ahupua'a.

Koʻolaupoko Hawaiian Civic Club Information Submitted by: Mahealani Cypher P.O. Box 644, Kaneohe, Hawaiʻi 96744 Date Organized: August 1937

Date Chartered by AHCC: July 1964

Club Pua: Puakenikeni Club Colors: Red & Golden Yellow Club Mele: Medley: Kane`ohe / Aloha Ku`u Home Kane`ohe Club Motto (Hawaiian): Ua Mau Ke Ea o KaʻAina i Ka Pono Club Moto (English): The life of the land is perpetuated in righteousness. Number of Educational Scholarships awarded in 2020: 3 Pelekikena: Leialoha “Rocky” Kaluhiwa Hope Pelekikena ʻEkahi: Teri Loo Hope Pelekikena ʻElua: Aaron D. Mahi Pelekikena Iho Nei: Alice P. Hewett Puʻuku: Nancy Davlantes Kakau ʻŌlelo: Laurie Chun Kākau Moʻōlelo: Cheryl Prince Hoʻopaʻa Moʻolelo: Mahealani Cypher Kahu: Aaron Mahi & Gwen Lee Sergeant-at-Arms: Rupert Chun Alakaʻi Mele: Aaron Mahi Nā Alakaʻi: Rupert Chun, Mahealani Cypher, Keau George, Kristi Kahale, Clifford Loo, Gwen Lee, Shandry Lopes. Leilani Jones-Tollefsen, Mahealani Cypher and Jennifer Nakamura HCC Email: koolaupokohcc@gmail.com

HCC Website: www.koolaupoko-hcc.org

The Ko`olaupoko Hawaiian Civic Club started off 2020 with a wide range of exciting activities and plans. Under the leadership of President Rocky Kaluhiwa, the club conducted the following activities: - Board Meetings – 12 - General Membership Meetings – 12 - Cultural service work - Mauna Ala and Kanehekili Heiau - Meetings with Legislators - 7 - Grants – Ike Na`auao & Census Projects


K E O NE O K Ā KUHIHEWA - Mele & Mo`olelo of Kane`ohe – Mahealani Cypher - Lauhala Weaving Workshop – Teresa Bright - Census activities – various dates and places - Forum for Candidate Members – July general meeting - Kai Kahele, Lisa Kitagawa, Scot Matayoshi, Patrick Burgo, Della Au-Belatti, Keani Rawlins-Fernandez, Alan Texeira - Forum for Mayoral & City Council District 3 candidates – September general meeting - Keith Amemiya, Rick Blangiardi; Esther Kiaaina, Greg Thielen - Forum for OHA trustee candidates – October general meeting - Keli`i Akina/Keoni Souza; Lanakila Manauil/Keola Lindsey; Colette Machado/Luana Alapa - Save Windward Community College Planning Meeting – September - Ko`olaupoko Resiliency Meetings - He`eia NERRS Meetings - Consultation: The Nature Conservancy - Preparation: Naoneala`a Storyboard Project - Various consultations, including with Trust for Public Lands and others. General meetings included special presentations on the He`eia National Estuarine Research Reserve (He`eia NERR) by Kawika Winter, an update by UH scientist Dr. Robert Toonen (also a member) on the status of corals in Kane`ohe Bay, and a briefing on the Ahupua`a Accelerator Project by Sen. Jarrett Keohokalole. The club continues its work as cultural advisor to the Hawai`i Institute of Marine Biology (HIMB) at Moku o Lo`e, where we are working on a memorandum of agreement to assist the facility with cultural concerns. Recognizing there was a very limited time span, the club coordinated a planning session with Windward area legislators, neighborhood board representatives, Hawaiian civic clubs and other community leaders to promote retention of Windward Community College.

Lualualei Hawaiian Civic Club Information Submitted by: Shirline Ho P.O. Box 508, Waiʻanae, Hawaiʻi 96792 Date Organized: July 12, 2008 Date Chartered by AHCC: October 22, 2008 Club Pua: Kukui

Club Colors: Omaʻomaʻo

Club Mele: Aina Wehe ʻO Maʻili

Club Motto (Hawaiian): E hana like Kakou me ke aloha Club Moto (English): Let Us Work Together With Love Pelekikena: Denise Shirline Ho Hope Pelekikena ʻEkahi: Kai Burley Pelekikena Iho Nei: Kawika Nahoopii Puʻuku: Kaimi Dung Kakau ʻŌlelo: Winona Lapilio Kakau Moʻolelo: Danni Nelson Hoʻopaʻa Moʻōlelo: Winona Lapilio Kahu: May Holokai Sergeant-at-Arms: Kalua Dung Nā Alakaʻi: Winona Lapilio, May Holokai, Ganni Nelson and Shirline Ho HCC Email: lualualeihcc@gmail.com

HCC Website: lualualeihcc.org

In this time of social distancing, our club members spent time volunteering in areas that they felt were safe for their ohana. Food distribution for keiki, ohana and kupuna.



Makaha Hawaiian Civic Club Information Submitted by: Lu Ann Mahiki Lankford Faborito P.O. Box 305, Waiʻanae, Hawaiʻi 96792 Date Organized: 09/01/2007

Date Chartered by AHCC: 09/01/2007

Club Pua: Puamelia Anuenue

Club Colors: Anuenue

Club Motto (Hawaiian): Malama I Ka ʻAina

Club Mele: Makaha

Club Moto (English): Stewards of the Land

Number of Educational Scholarships awarded in 2020: 2 Pelekikena: Lu Ann Mahiki Lankford Faborito Pelekikena Iho Nei: Georgianna Navarro Kākau ʻŌlelo: Georgianna Navarro Kahu: John De Soto Sergeant-at-Arms: John De Soto

Hope Pelekikena ʻEkahi: Alyssa Pang Puʻuku: Alohalani Slover Hoʻopaʻa Moʻolelo: Lu Ann Mahiki Lankford Faborito Alakaʻi Mele: Georgianna Navarro Nā Alakaʻi: Emily Auwae, Laverna Joseph and Rochelle Kawelo

HCC Email: kaluhiokalanik@aol.com

HCC Facebook: Search: Makaha Hawaiian Civic Club

COViID had us zoomed out!!! 1/5/2020: Makahiki & Oahu Council 1/12/2020: Maunalahilahi - Workday meeting 2/13/2020: HPD Special Meeting with Sgt. Kahikina & homeless sweeps

1/9/2020: 2/19/2020:

Board meetings
 1/9/2020; 3/13/2020; 5/31/2020 kawelo hale with Waianae Moku General membership meetings 1/9/2020
 3/13/2020; 5/13/2020 via zoom; 9/9/2020 via zoom Activities:
 Na Kama Kai - Feed our Keiki Project w/ Waianae Coast Comprehensive


Bi - Monthly Meeting
 HECO Proposed Battery Energy Update Meeting

K E O NE O K Ā KUHIHEWA Maunalua Hawaiian Civic Club Information Submitted by: Kitty Muller Simonds P.O. Box 240388, Honolulu, Hawaiʻi 96824 Date Organized: October 20, 2006

Date Chartered by AHCC: October 25, 2006

Club Pua: Kaunaoa Ke Kahakai & Hinahia Ku Kahakai Club Colors: Orange & Silver Club Mele: Hanohano 'O Maunalua Club Motto (Hawaiian): Opelua Ha'alili I Ke Kai Pelekikena: Kitty M. Simonds Puʻuku: Alice Josephine Keoho Worthy Kahu: Hailama Farden

Hope Pelekikena ʻEkahi: Mark Mitsuyasu Kakau ʻŌlelo: Aulani Silva Sergeant-at-Arms: Kelvin Char

Nā Alakaʻi: Daniel Nahoopii, Wesley Blackstad and Charles Kaaiai HCC Email: kittysimmonds@mac.com Charles Ka’aiai represented the Maunalua Hawaiian Civic Club the the Ocean OBS’19 Decadal Conference Series Indigenous Ocean Governance Session. Charley and fellow indigenous friends from Canada, the Continental US, New Zealand and Pacific Islands provided insight on priorities, methods and values for Indigenous ocean observation today and the future. Our indigenous knowledge is not always well understood or engaged by the non-indigenous community. This groups developed and delivered the “Aha Honua”, Coastal Indigenous Peoples’ Declaration at OceanObs ‘19. The work of this conference continued this year and Charley and his fellow indigenous friends developed a section on issues with related projects for future funding by ocean partners with the Government of Canada taking the lead.

Nānāikapono Hawaiian Civic Club Information Submitted by: Jaycine Hicks 89-1165 Pikaiolena St., Waiʻanae, Hawaiʻi 96792 Date Organized: May 12, 1948 Date Chartered by AHCC: April 16, 1964 Club Pua: Kalaunu Kai'ina

Club Colors: Kaiʻina

Club Motto (Hawaiian): Nānāikapono

Club Mele: Nānāikapono & Kalaunu O Ku'u Pu’uwai

Club Moto (English): Look To the Way of Righteousness

Pelekikena: Jaycine Hicks Hope Pelekikena ʻEkahi: Lincoln Naiwi, Sr. Pelekikena Iho Nei: Kapiolani “Dolly” Naiwi Puʻuku: Lena Esteban Kakau Moʻōlelo: Chantel Enos Nā Alakaʻi: Lily Cabinatan, Nicole Kotrys, Joann DeMotto, Kanoe Marfil, Verne Kiaha and Jackie Ku HCC Email: nanaikaponohcc@gmail.com

HCC Website: www.nanaikapono.com

Welina mai kākou! We are the proud members of Nānāikapono Hawaiian Civic Club (NHCC) from the beautiful valley of Nānākuli. This year NHCC kicked off the club season by participating in the Makahiki at Royal Hawaiian Hotel, which was also the O'ahu Council's 1st meeting. We then completed our Annual cleaning of Mauna' Ala and visited the gravesite of Anake Lydia Namahanaikaleleokalani Maioho, former member and Kahu of Mauna' Ala. 43

K E O NE O K Ā KUHIHEWA NHCC held its 1st workshop introducing new and old members to the Hawaiian Civic Club movement and NHCC's mission. This year the NHCC website was launched, www.nanaikapono.com, where we promoted new membership opportunities and highlighted the 2020 Christine Kunukau Scholarship application process. Once again, we were the proud sponsors of the James Kimo Kelii Coaches award at Nānākuli High and Intermediate Schools 30th Annual Songfest and presented a cash award to the winning class coaches. As we prepared for our annual fundraiser, the scholarship application process, and upcoming workshops, the devastating outbreak of COVID-19 hit our islands. The club decided to continue moving forward with our goals for 2020 and embraced technology through meetings using Zoom. The year 2020 has taught us resilience, appreciation, and, more importantly, to move forth with love and grace. We want to dedicate this 61st convention to our fearless leader, Pelekikena Kapi’olani Dolly Naiwi, who passed away on October 4, 2019. Her dedication to growing NHCC's membership, staying committed to the community of Nānākuli (the town she loved dearly) by providing continuous leadership opportunities for generations to come will never be forgotten. Her resolve to uphold the vision of Prince

Kūhiō through the Hawaiian Civic Clubʻs movement was unwavering, and she will remain genuinely missed. Kūlia I ka Nu'u!
 Nānāikapono Hawaiian Civic Club


K E O NE O K Ā KUHIHEWA Papakolea Hawaiian Civic Club Information Submitted by: Kealii Lum 521 Ala Moana Blvd, Honolulu, Hawaiʻi 96813 Date Organized: February 2009 Club Pua: Pua Melia

Date Chartered by AHCC: November 2009

Club Colors: Omaʻomaʻo & Melemele

Club Motto (Hawaiian): Kulia I Ka Hana Pono

Club Mele: Papakolea

Club Moto (English): To Strive To Do What is Right!

Number of Educational Scholarships awarded in 2020: 3 Pelekikena: Kealii Lum Hope Pelekikena ʻEkahi: Alohanani Jamias Pelekikena Iho Nei: Ellen Nishiyama Puʻuku: Eliane Nishiyama Kakau Moʻolelo: Kuʻuipo Ramos Hoʻopaʻa Moʻōlele: Patrick Asing Kahu: Winston Lum Sergeant-at-Arms: Irwin (Waipa) Keliipuleole Alakaʻi Mele: Keao Kamalani Nā Alakaʻi: Wehi Naʻauao, Sahana Naʻauao and Kawohi Tuasivi HCC Email: taiulu@yahoo.com Papakolea HCC worked with Polynesia Arts and Cultural Foundation for PAC FEST which is postponed until 2022 due to COVID Restrictions in Las Vegas. We will also be helping food drives for kupuna and families who don't have access to food by partnering with the Hawaii Food Pantry once a week.

Pearl Harbor Hawaiian Civic Club Information Submitted by: L. Kuʻumeaaloha Gomes P.O. Box 66, ʻAiea, Hawaiʻi 96701 Date Organized: December 3, 1963

Date Chartered by AHCC: April 16, 1964

Club Pua: Pua Aloalo ʻUlaʻula (Red Hibiscus)

Club Colors: ʻUlaʻula a me ke keʻokeʻo (Red & White)

Club Mele: Uluwehi ʻo Kaʻala - Beautiful Mount Kalaʻa Club Chant: He Mele No Keawalau O Puʻuloa - The Many Bays of the Long Hill Club Motto (Hawaiian): E paepae i luna loa i ka mālamalama

Club Moto (English): Hold high the light of knowledge

Number of Educational Scholarships awarded in 2020: 13 Pelekikena: Antoinette Lee Hope Pelekikena ʻEkahi: Kehau Peʻa Hope Pelekikena ʻElua: Debra Nelson-Keliʻi Puʻuku: Rae DeCoito Kākau ʻŌlelo: Charles K. Kapua Kākau Moʻolelo: Lydia Uʻilani Kuleʻe Hoʻopaʻa Moʻolelo: Mark Ellis Kahu: Kaʻiulani Hess Sergeant-at-Arms: Montie Hess Nā Alakaʻi: Chrissy Anjo, Jennifer Gomes, Mui Lan Oman, Karen Alamida, Aldo Kuieʻe Moana Sanders and Alberta Low HCC Website: phhcc@weebly.com This year has been a very trying and sad year for our Club. The Pearl Harbor Hawaiian Civic Club usually has a Board of Directors Meeting and a General Membership Meeting every month. Looking forward to meeting and greeting our membership with a hug and a honi is very important to us. We had our Installation in January at our General Membership


K E O NE O K Ā KUHIHEWA Meeting that was held at the Halawa Gym. We also had a Board Meeting and General Membership Meeting in February. We attended and participated in the Waikiki and Pearl Harbor Makahiki ceremonies. We also attended the Oahu Council Ke One O Kakuhihewa Meeting in January. We attended King Lunalilo’s Ali`i Sunday at Kawaiaha`o Church which was the first and last one to be held this year because of the virus. We attend the Lunalilo Home Luau with a table of 12. In February we participated in the Hawaiian Caucus at the Legislature and hosted an informational table. The Club also manned the second water table at the Great Aloha Run with fourteen of our members turning out to hand out water to the participants. In March we held our last Board Meeting and prepared for the Prince Kuhio Parade that had to be cancelled. Then Covid 19 hit us and meetings at Halawa Gym had to stop because Gyms were closed down because of the virus. The first Virtual Board of Directors meeting was held in April. The Pearl Harbor Hawaiian Civic Club is normally a very active Club in the Community. All of our events and activities had to be cancelled due to the Corona Virus. We were not able to raise funds for our scholarship Fund however we decided to give out Scholarships anyway. Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalaniana`ole’s mission was for our Hawaiian Youth to be educated so they would become the leaders of tomorrow. The Board of Directors decided to award the same amount given last year as not to penalize our youth for our inability to raise funds because of the virus. Our Club was able to recruit five new members during this pandemic. We lost two members this year that will be honored in the Hali`a Ceremony. We paid per capita for 105 members. We sent in testimonies to the Legislature to support our Resolutions. We are looking forward to when we can go back and have our meetings in person. Convention will be a challenge this year being the very first virtual Convention in our history. We will be attending Convention with 11 Delegates and 1 At Large Delegate. E Paepae Iluna Loa I Ka Malamalama…Hold High the Light of Knowledge.

Prince Kūhiō Hawaiian Civic Club Information Submitted by: Anthony Makana Paris P.O. Box 4728, Honolulu, Hawaiʻi 96812 Date Organized: February 1, 1964

Date Chartered by AHCC: June 17, 1964

Club Pua: Purple Violet & White Violet

Club Colors: Purple & White

Club Mele: Waiʻalae

Club Motto (Hawaiian): Ka Lani Ala ʻOle

Club Moto (English): Heaven of Boundless Limits

Number of Educational Scholarships awarded in 2020: 20 Pelekikena: Anthony Makana Paris Hope Pelekikena ʻEkahi: Randi Fernandez Hope Pelekikena ʻElua: Kāʻeo Kealoha Lindsey Pelekikena Iho Nei: Yvonne “PeeWee” Ryan Puʻuku: Leilani Williams-Solomon Kākau ʻŌlelo: Kamuela Werner Kākau Moʻōlelo: Sai Furukawa Nā Alakaʻi: Puamana Crabbe, Bruce Wong, Marlene Sai, Kanani Pali, Kuni Agard and Alan Akao HCC Email: info@pkhcc.org

HCC Website: www.pkhcc.org

This year we continued implementing our 5 year strategic plan through our committees, drafted policy priorities, and supported advocacy efforts. Given the Covid-19 pandemic and stay-at-home orders, we had to adjust to online, virtual, and social-distanced engagements including installing our newest members in an online virtual ceremony. We were still able to lead efforts to address the public health crisis in Nānākuli, Oʻahu, and rally support in opposition to the PVT Landfill Special Use Permit application and to support the passage of Hawaii’s newest Environmental Justice legislation - SB2386 establishing 1⁄2 buffer zones between waste and disposal facilities, including landfills, and residences, hospitals, and schools. This new law will ensure that no community, including our future generations of Native Hawaiians, will have to suffer the ills of landfills. Mahalo to Dr. Benton Pang, Kamuela Werner, MPH, Roth Puahala, Kāʻeo Kealoha Lindsey for their kokua in our advocacy efforts. Mahalo to Kuni Agard for heading all our IT on projects and Ian Custino as they helped our club members adjust to and engage online. Mahalo Denise Kekuna for all her years of service and welcome to Leilani Williams-Solomon for taking on the role of Treasurer. Mahalo to Yvonne PeeWee Ryan for her exuberant efforts to support our club with all our administrative tasks as we continue to update our systems.


K E O NE O K Ā KUHIHEWA The PKHCC-Scholarship Fund awarded almost $10,000 this year. Calendar sales support the scholarships. The 2021 calendars are available on our website (www.pkhcc.org). Mahalo to Bruce and Charmain Wong for their continued hardwork and mahalo nui to Aunty Bobbee Mills-Diaz for her gifting of the calendar.

Queen Emma Hawaiian Civic Club Information Submitted by: Rawlette Kraut 2117 St. Louis Dr, Honolulu, Hawaiʻi 96816-2037 Date Organized: June 1964 Date Chartered by AHCC: June 1974 Club Pua: Pikake Club Colors: Royal Blu & White Club Mele: Kaleleonalani Club Motto (Hawaiian): Kulia I Ka Nuʻu Club Moto (English): Strive for the Highest and Hawaiʻi for Hawaiians Number of Educational Scholarships awarded in 2020: 2 Pelekikena: Rawlette Pua Mahala Kraut Hope Pelekikena ʻEkahi: Lawrence Rutkowski Hope Pelekikena ʻElua: Kai Nani Kraut Pelekikena Iho Nei: Casina Waterman Puʻuku: Joyce Davis Kākau ʻŌlelo: Malia Slevin Kākau Moʻolelo: Uilani Akee Hoʻopaʻa Moʻolelo: Kawika Molina Sergeant-at-Arms: Keoni May Alakaʻi Mele: Debra Kelsey Kahu: George Kaʻalekahi Nā Alakaʻi: Lynette Agard, Ashlyn Hose, Edward Kalama, Faith Kalama and Josann Jenks HCC Email: rpkraut@hotmail.com

HCC Website: www.qehcc.org

Queen Emma Hawaiian Civic Club's mission is to honor Queen Emma's memory and to continue to service the Kanaka Maoli Community. Our club focuses on the issues which were foremost concerned to Queen Emma such as informed governance regarding issues impacting our community, the promotion of health care and supporting the education of our children. Our Chartered Members were the most skilled craftsman and artisans in Hawaii, therefore we continue the need to recognize and support the work of these living treasurers in order to preserve our traditions and culture.
 QEHCC participated in various Hawaiian Community Services with our 55 members.We honored Queen Emma's 184th birthday on January 2, 2020 and King Kamehameha IV's birthday at Mauna Ala Mausoleum in Nu'uanu and cleaned up the Mausoleum and Chapel. We attended Queen's Medical Center's Queen Emma's and King Kamehameha IV's birthdays and their 161st Heritage Day's Celebrations. The Helen Kane Awardees are Loredana Barth and Debra Lee. We attended and or videoed on line the Kawaiahao Church and Cathedral of St. Andrew's Church Alii Sundays and weekly Sunday services. 
 QEHCC's monthly membership meetings are held on the last Tuesday at Queen's Medical Center's Auditorium, now on ZOOM. We also serve a free hot dinner, drinks and dessert at 5 pm and have a guest speaker. QEHCC celebrated their Christmas Party in December 2019 at Queen Emma's Summer Palace. QEHCC held 2 profitable fund raisers in Waimanalo. 
 QEHCC attended the 60th AHCC's 2019th Convention on Maui and sang with the Kona Moku Choir. QEHCC will participate in the 61st AHCC's 2020 Convention at St. Louis Heights, Kaimuki, Honolulu, Hawaii. QEHCC will also do an AHA MELE Hawaiian Hula and Mele for YouTube. IMUA QEHCC
 In memory of Dr. David Mark N. Paperny, November 10, 2019 and Lynette Lei Akamine Agard, September 11, 2020.


K E O NE O K Ā KUHIHEWA Waialua Hawaiian Civic Club Information Submitted by: Nāpua Casson-Fisher P.O. Box 182, Waialua, Hawaiʻi 96791 Date Organized: February 9, 1934 Date Chartered by AHCC: April 6, 1966 Club Pua: Kukunaokalā Club Colors: Yellow & Green Club Mele: Kaulana Waialua Club Motto (Hawaiian): Hana Like Me Ka Lōkahi Club Moto (English): Working Together in Unity Pelekikena: Maka Casson-Fisher Pelekikena Iho Nei: Kāwika Au Kākau Moʻōlelo: Nāpua Casson-Fisher Nā Alakaʻi: Puanani Fitzsimmons

Hope Pelekikena ʻEkahi: Cynthia Puha-Nichols Puʻuku: ʻaʻohe Kākau ʻŌlelo: Diane Puanani Fitzsimmons Hoʻopaʻa Moʻōlelo: Aunty Kanani Awai Kahu: Keith Awai

HCC Email: waialua.hcc@gmail.com

IG: @waialuahawaiiancivicclub

Facebook: waialuahawaiiancivicclub

Our club had a few meetings at the beginning of 2020 and a couple work days to maintain the hale & pā hale of our beloved Hale Hoʻokolokolo o Waialua. As soon as the Work From Home & Stay At Home orders were announced in the month of March our club's in-person meetings & activities ceased. We were able to continue to communicate and share announcements via e-newsletters & met virtually to discuss important community issues and concerns. We foresee that our club will continue to meet virtually for the remainder of the year and will rely on e-newsletters and our social media outlets (IG @waialuahawaiiancivicclub & facebook.com/ waialuahawaiiancivicclub) to share the new with our members & engaged community. FOLLOW US! As Wā Makahiki is upon us, our Waialua Hawaiian Civic Club ʻohana wishes you and your a safe & healthy season. E Ola Kākou iā Lonoikamakahiki!

Waiʻanae Hawaiian Civic Club Information Submitted by: Rochelle Kawelo P.O. Box 687, Waiʻanae, HI 96792 Date Organized: June 15, 1935 Date Chartered by AHCC: April 6, 1966 Club Pua: Ilima Club Colors: Royal Blue & Orange Club Mele: Aloha Ia Oe O Waiʻanae Club Motto (Hawaiian): Ua Mau Ke Ea O Kaʻaina I Ka Pono Club Moto (English): The Life Of The Land Is Perpetuated In Righteousness Number of Educational Scholarships awarded in 2020: 9 Pelekikena: Denise Rochelle Nohea Kawelo Hope Pelekikena ʻEkahi: Stephanie Kawelo Pelekikena Iho Nei: Mele Worthington Puʻuku: Marcy Peltier Kākau ʻŌlelo: Janmar Haunani Gonzalez Kākau Moʻolelo: Georgette Nohea Stevens Hoʻopaʻa Moʻolelo: Cynthia Enriquez Kahu: Jennie Polani Sergeant-at-Arms: Joey Carrero Alakaʻi Mele: Georgette Nohea Stevens Nā Alakaʻi: Mele Worthington (Board Chair), Ruby Maunakea, George Kawelo, Jr., Wilbert Barber & Muriel Ioane HCC Email: dlkrnkawelo@yahoo.com

HCC Website: waianaehcc.org

ALOHA KAKOU: In spite of our lockdown this past year we managed to have our first board and member meeting in February 2020. Our club continued to participate in some of our other community board/general meetings Wai'anae Navigator Economic Development, Wai'anae neighborhood mtg, Wai'anae Boys and Girls Club attended a Hawaiian Electric meeting and a town hall community meeting. Our officers and permanent members participated in KOOK virtual meetings in the months of April and July.


K E O NE O K Ā KUHIHEWA We also managed to award 9 scholarships this past summer to students from Wai'anae High, Nanakuli High and Kamehameha High School. Mahalo to our Scholarhip Chair Shirline Ho. We lost one of our board members this past year, Wilbert Barber. Our club continues to look forward to our annual convention each year and it will be different for all of us and hopefully by the grace of our ke akua all our lives will be back to normal next year. 

Waikīkī Hawaiian Civic Club Information Submitted by: Piʻikea Tomczyk 5507 Haleola Street, Honolulu, Hawaiʻi 96821 Date Organized: July 9, 1964 Date Chartered by AHCC: September 3, 1964 Club Pua: White Carnation Club Colors: Fuchsia & White Club Mele: Waikīkī Hula Club Motto (Hawaiian): E Huki Like! Club Moto (English): Pull Together! Pelekikena: Piʻikea Tomczyk Puʻuku: Dwynn Kamai

Hope Pelekikena ʻEkahi: Malia Nobrega-Olivera Kākau ʻŌlelo Hoʻopaʻa: Reena Limasa-Santos

HCC Email: piikea_tomczyk@hotmail.com

HCC Website: waikikihcc.org

The Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs (AOHCC) is a confederation of fifty-one (62) Hawaiian Civic Clubs located throughout the State of Hawai`i and in the States of Alaska, California, Colorado, Illinois, Nevada, Utah Virginia and Oregon . They are the oldest community based grassroots Hawaiian organization in Hawai`i, having being formed in 1918 by the then non-voting Delegate to the United States Congress Prince Jonah Kūhiō Kalaniana`ole. They are the only Hawaiian organization to have membership clubs outside the State of Hawai`i. One of the clubs based in Hawai`i is the Waikīkī Hawaiian Civic Club (WHCC). We became a chartered member of the AOHCC in 1964. WHCC is dedicated to the promotion and perpetuation of traditional native Hawaiian values and practices and has a long history of involvement in diverse areas including native health and education. It has also been involved with several Hawaiian language immersion projects relating to native language and cultural practices. Mauna`ala Every year WHCC commits to returning to Mauna`ala during the month of July to help with the upkeep of the chapel and surrounding areas. While we were able to do our annual service in 2019, due to COVID, our annual kokua for 2020 at Mauna`ala was cancelled. WHCC anticipates that we will be able to gather, kokua and visit our kupuna, our ali`i, our `ohana and work with Maunalua HCC again next year. Ke One o Kakuhihewa We were represented at our Council meetings this year which were held via Zoom by Ike Kaaihue as permanent member and Piikea Tomczyk as Pelekikena. Roth Puahala is currently serving as the Council’s immediate past president. 2020 This year, 2020, was to be a rebuilding year for WHCC. We were in the midst of planning for our future and getting our members re-energized. Then COVID-19 hit us. We had to cancel our pa’ina, we cancelled our meetings but we continued to try to keep ourselves together. Members were adjusting to new schedules at work or not, new ways of doing things on ZOOM and TEAMS. Not all of our members were comfortable to this new way of life yet and so meetings for us has been a challenge. We will continue to E Huki Like. We look to a brighter future and the time when our members can gather, hug, discuss and engage with each other and our community.


A WARDS 2020 ASSOCIATION OF HAWAIIAN CIVIC CLUBS AWARDS NOMINEES 2020 Kama Aliʻi Award (Outstanding Young Hawaiian Civic Club Member)

2020 Kakoʻo ia Kalanianaʻole Award (Outstanding Non-Hawaiian for Service to the Hawaiian Community)

Shauna Honuʻaina Nichols Pearl Harbor HCC

Fredric Filbert Las Vegas HCC Linda McElrea Ainahau O Kaleponi HCC Klaus Radtke HCC of Waimanalo Kilin Reece Pearl Harbor HCC

2020 Ke Poʻokela O Kuhio Award (Outstanding Hawaiian Civic Club Member) Karen Alamida Pearl Harbor HCC Dorinda Burnet Las Vegas HCC Kendrick Farm Kalihi-Palama HCC Kalani Hoʻopai Ainahau O Kaleponi HCC Georgianna Navarro Makaha HCC Malia Nobrega-Olivera Kaumualiʻi HCC

2020 Kalanianaʻole Award (Outstanding Hawaiian Civic Club Member for Service to the Community At-Large)

2020 Kulia I Ka Nuʻu Award (Outstanding Native Hawaiian/Non-Civic Club Member) Malcom Ahlo Las Vegas HCC Kukana Kama-Toth HCC of Waimanalo

2019 Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalanianaʻole Award (Outstanding Hawaiian Civic Club of the Year)

Jon Aeto Kalihi Palama HCC Amy Bird Ke Aliʻi Bernice Pauahi Paki HCC Dorinda Burnet Las Vegas HCC Heidi Ho-Lastimosa HCC of Waimanalo Georgianna Navarro Makaha HCC Malia Nobrega-Olivera Elizabeth Kahanu HCC Joshua Taeu Ewa Puʻuloa HCC Noe Noe Wong-Wilson HCC of Hilo

Las Vegas HCC

2020 Ku I Ke Aka O Na Kupuna Award (Mo`olelo Kupuna Video)

2020 Piʻilani Award (Outstanding Hawaiian Civic Club/Council Electronic Communication)

No Nominations this year

Ka Nuhou Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs 2020 Pualeilani Award (Outstanding Hawaiian Civic Club `Ohana) Faborito Ohana Makaha HCC


H ALI‘A A LOHA “THOSE WE LOVE, DON’T GO AWAY, THEY WALK BESIDE US EVERYDAY, UNSEEN, UNHEARD, BUT ALWAYS NEAR, STILL LOVED, STILL MISSED, AND ALWAYS DEAR” In loving memory of our beloved members and friends who now rest in the house of the Lord since our last Convention KE ONE O KAKUHIHEWA - OʻAHU COUNCIL




Ethelyn “Ethel” Kaneshiro Ka’aihue

Sylvester Haiha “Sonny” Paʻalua, Jr.

Hoku’ala Kari Johnson

Wilmer “Sonny” Yangson



Joseph Tamon, Jr.

Rebecca “Aunty Momi” Leimomiokalani Mauhili

KOʻOLAULOA HAWAIIAN CIVIC CLUB Barbara “Bobbee” Mills-Diaz (also a member of Kailua and Prince Kūhiō HCCs) Clyde Troy Maloautasi Makali’i Thompson


Dora Kalihi Akina


Georgiana “Jana” Napuaokalani Kekua Yamamoto

Kathlee Ann Kaʻai

Mercy Barbara Leina’ala Stone Castillo




Kapiʻolani Jocelyn “Dolly” Naiwi

Bruce Hara



June Leilani Mendiola Borden

John Lawrence Kuiee

Sarah Akiona

Garry Kamiko Naipo



Carole Suganuma

Jennifer Mae Jeremiah Casabar

Richard K. Nakashima


Roy Benham

Malia Michelle Graham Thurman

Elizabeth Kauka Laura Thompson QUEEN EMMA HAWAIIAN CIVIC CLUB


Dr. David Mark N. Paperny


Lynette Lei Akamine Agard

Rev. Marsha Ann Octavio Chun


Blossom “Blu” S.F. Gamiao

Wilbert Kaihe Ho Barber

Elizabeth Kauila Poaha Reyes (also a member of Hoʻolehua HCC)

Names submitted 10/17/2020


K UKUI L AMAKŪ From Legacy to History The Kukui Lamakū Recognition was founded and initiated in 1989 by then Association of Hawaiian Civic Club President Jalna Keala. She strongly believed in giving recognition to our kūpuna who are civic club members that have led the way for us and who have not received any kind of an Association award. The following Association President Bruss Keppeler, loved the idea and imbedded the Kukui Lamakū Recognition into the convention agenda. The Kukui Lamakū is a heartfelt recognition of a few people by their ‘Ahahui Pelekikena. It is not a competitive award. The kūpuna are the ones who enlighten us with the FLAME or KUKUI over the years in their quiet humble, supportive way without being in the limelight over a period of time . . . not this year, or last year, but sustained services they have provided throughout their unique lifetime. It was Aunty Betty Jenkins a member of Aliʻi Pauahi Hawaiian Civic Club, who came up with the idea and the name for this prestigious award. “It is a good one” she said “very descriptive with the kaona”. When you think about it, we can think of many kūpuna, we all know of them, we know of someone and their lives have expressed the finest and the very best of our Hawaiian values.

‘Ahahui o Nā Lei Makalapua Carol NāLani & Alika Johnson Kauahi Anaina Hawaiian Civic Club of Utah The Mainland Council nominees for the 2020 Kukui Lamakū are Carol Nalani Johnson & Alike Johnson of Kauahi Anaina HCC of Orem, Utah. Carol and Alika have been an active members of the Hawaiian community for decades. Even with all of the challenges of COVID-19, they continue to be active members. Carol chairs the Policy and Planning Committee for the Mainland Council of the Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs (MCAHCC). This year her committee did a major revision to the Constitution and Bylaws for the club. She was able to get consensus on several issues that many believed would have caused more resistance from the clubs. Additionally, she serves as choral director for the MCAHCC. Often lifting the spirits of our members through mele. Carol wouldn’t have been able to do this without the constant support of her husband Alex, who is her backbone. Alika serves the community by making ukulele for various clubs and individuals in the MCAHCC. Wherever you see Carol, Alika is right by her side. Together, they have made an overwhelmingly positive impact on our community. ʻAhahui O Nā Lei Makalapua is proud to recognize Carol Nalani Johnson & Alika Johnson as their 2020 Kukui Lamakū honorees.



‘Ahahui o Nā Hono A‘o Pi‘ilani Earl Kawa‘a Kuini Pi‘olani Hawaiian Civic Club Nā Hono A Piʻilani nominates Earl Kawaʻa as their 2020 Kukui Lamakū honoree. Kumu Earl Kawa‘a was born and raised in Hālawa Valley, Moloka‘. He is a mānaleo, one of only 26 known still remaining with us (outside of the Ni‘ihau Community). Kumu Kawaʻa is a teacher, a mentor, a deep source of knowledge for many in the Hawaiian communitt. He walks in two worlds; raised as one of five children, he was not sent to attend Kamehameha Schools like his other siblings, but instead remained on Moloka‘i speaking Hawaiian, fishing and farming taro, learning lā‘au lapa‘au, ho‘oponopono and later western educated with a Master’s Degree in Social Work and Counseling. Kumu Kawa‘a was a Domestic Peace Corps and VISTA Volunteer on the Acoma Indian Reservation and served in the Armed Forces during the Vietnam war. He is a counselor, a mediator, a facilitator, a healer. His respected influence has levied a heavy cultural revival and appreciation for kalo in his board and stone class which have, to date, inspired and touched nearly 1,000 families on O‘ahu and Moloka‘i; reconnecting them to a pōhaku ku‘i ‘ai, papa ku‘i ‘ai and to their family responsibilities. Kumu Kawa‘a is a 2018 Kalani Ali‘i Awardee and was designated a Living Treasure of Hawai‘i by the Honpa Hongwanji Mission of Hawai‘i that same year. Kumu Kawa‘a, a life member of Kuini Pi‘olani Hawaiian Civic Club, served as one of three keynote speakers at the 2019 convention of the Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs; and was also nominated and selected as the 2019 AHCC Kalani Aliʻi awardee for Outstanding Hawaiian Civic Club Member for service to the community-at-large. Nā Hono A Piʻilani, the Maui Council of the Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs is proud to present Kupuna and Kumu Earl Kawa‘a as its 2020 Kukui Lamakū recipient.



‘Ahahui o Ke One o Kākuhihewa Rawlette Kraut Queen Emma Hawaiian Civic Club Ke One O Kākuhihewa nominates Rawlette Kraut of Queen Emma Hawaiian Civic Club for the 2020 Kukui Lamakū . Her leadership and aloha for her club and active participation at council activities embody the values of our late founder Prince Jonah Kūhiō Kalanianaʻole. She exemplifies what it means to be an active Hawaiian Civic club member. Rawlette Kraut was born at the Waialua Clinic (Sugarcane Plantation) on Oʻahu on August 24, 1948. Her parents, Roy and Elaine De Coito were members and officers of the Waialua Hawaiian Civic Club and with her ʻohana, she attended many events and lūʻau. She attended St. Michaels School and graduated from Kamehameha Schools in 1966. Rawlette graduated from Sacramento State College (now University of California, Sacramento) in 1970 and also graduated from North Park University in 2004 with a Master of Arts in Teaching. From 1975-1981, Rawlette was a member of the Hawaiian Club in Atwater, CA. She also danced hula with the Ke Ānuenue Hālau and competed in the San Francisco Hula Festival for several years. Her hobbies include making jewelry, yarn/ribbon leis, haku lei, ti leaf lei, sewing. She also loves to bake. Rawlette has been a member of the Queen Emma Hawaiian Civic Club Member since 1975 and currently serves as its Pelekikena (President). She also served as a boardmember from 1982-1984 and 2006-2012. Ke One O Kākuhihewa is honored to recognize Rawlette Kraut as its 2020 Kukui Lamakū honoree.


K UKUI L AMAKŪ HE WAHI MAHALO! On behalf of the Kukui Lamakū Committee, I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your dedication and service to the Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs. Our work here is very important as we continue to advance our lāhui forward. Congratulations also to this year’s Kukui Lamakū honorees. Your service and dedication to our civic club movement continues to serve as an inspiration to many. Mahalo for all that you do to perpetuate the legacy of Prince Jonah Kūhiō Kalaniʻanaʻole. First, I would like to mahalo my predecessor, ʻAnakala ʻIke Kaʻaihue for his many years of service to the Association and to this committee. ʻAnakala ʻIke first asked me to join the committee in 2016 as the co-chair to serve under his tutelage and guidance. I would like to personally acknowledge other members who were vital to the operation and success of this committee. They are Roth Puahala, Kūhiō Lewis, Shelly Haʻo-Tamoan, Letani Peltier, and Lorna Akima. These individuals have supported this committee throughout the year and I am grateful for their service and dedication. Lastly, a big mahalo to Uncle Clifford and Aunty Teri Loo for their many years of support, dedication and hard work in the gathering of the pōhaku that was presented to each honoree. No laila, mahalo iā ʻoukou pākahi a pau no kā ʻoukou hoʻokūpaʻa ʻana e hoʻomau ai ka hoʻoilina o ia mau hulu kūpuna nei. Na lākou he mau lama kukui no kākou a pau ma ke ala pono e loaʻa ai ka lei o ka lanakila. E ola mau nā ʻAhahui Siwila Hawaiʻi! E ola mau ka lāhui!