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SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES The Holburne’s reputaon for innovaon and exceponal quality grows with each exhibion and event. As Bath’s Art Museum for Everyone we connue to programme ambious exhibions, spectacular events, talks, concerts and workshops. All of which offer outstanding tangible business benefits. We go the extra mile for sponsors. We offer you business opportunies such as: ⇒ Brand alignment and reputaon enhancement ⇒ ⇒ ⇒

Direct markeng channels Business sector exclusivity Delivery of corporate social responsibility priories through our community acvies Special access to the Museum for client and staff entertainment and engagement ⇒ ⇒

Director-led exhibion tours Curator-led collecon handling moments

Arst-led workshops and talks ⇒ Co-sponsorship with other businesses to deepen working relaonships and generate business referrals But what makes a business relaonship with us so special is the extent and depth of the involvement. ⇒

We can help you surprise, delight and leave a posive lasng memory with your clients and staff. When a visitor experiences the Museum, whatever the nature of their visit, they will be experiencing your brand too. Sponsorship with us is not simply a business arrangement, although we will honour and deliver on all our commitments, it is a real partnership. We take a flexible approach to sponsorship, creang the right package for your business needs and budget. This pack contains informaon on the Museum’s forthcoming exhibions and events, as well as our vital stascs. Most importantly it sets out the benefits the Museum offers that can deliver against your key business drivers.

To find out more contact: Head of Development T. 01225 338564 E.



“wonderfully vivid and ambious” The Times “terrific, original and invenve” The Observer In The Observer’s Top Ten Exhibions of 2012 Yoko XXI, Don Brown, 2008. Edion of 6 © Collecon of the Arst, courtesy Sadie Coles HQ



130,278 visitors 17,048 exhibion visitors 6,996 children took part in school visits, workshops and family events 6,582 adults aGended workshops, talks, concerts and study days 15,341 people aGended Colourscape and Light Labyrinth 200 award-winning volunteers


• January—April (24%) • May—August (49%) • September—December (27%)


98% rate their visit as enjoyable (58% as very enjoyable) 98% agree they would recommend a visit to a friend (51% strongly agree) 96% agree our exhibions are interesng and enjoyable (63% strongly agree) 98% said our volunteer staff are welcoming and helpful 34% are local (30min drive me) 26% are 45—59 years old with 41% aged 60 and over 60% are female / 40% are male

• • • • •

B Professional Rewards (11%) O Liberal Opinions (10%) A Alpha Territory (9%) D Small Town Diversity (7%) F Suburban Mindset (6%)



Raise your profile Both brand and products can be promoted to our local audiences (within a 30minute drive-me) and tourists.

Sponsorship recogni on and logo credi ng: • What’s On Guide — 30,000 a year •

Web site—80,000 unique visitors a year

Adversing about the sponsored acvity in: • Regional and Naonal publicaons • Art and culture publicaons • Regional train staons • Bus street-liners and bus stops

Display marke ng material at the Museum

Half-page advert in the Museum’s What’s On Guide or include an insert in mailings to 4,000+ addresses

Recogni on at the Museum through: • Exhibion informaon panels—c7,500 cket buyers per exhibion • Posters at the entrance—c130,000 visitors a year • Road-side railing board—passed by 14,000 vehicles a day

Year-round recogni on in Annual Review, on Donor Lists at Museum and online


Strengthen client and staff rela onships Arrange and aGend events at the Museum which offer special access to our collecon and exhibions.

A(end Museum events: • Exhibion private views • Exhibion lenders’ dinners • Business breakfasts and networking evenings that feature guided exhibion and collecon tours, as well as collecon handling sessions Arrange private events in the Museum’s unique and spectacular galleries. We offer complimentary and discounted venue hire to our business partners. We can add value to these events with: • A talk by our Director • Curator-led exhibion or collecon tours • Curator-led collecon handling sessions • Exhibing contemporary arst talk • Arst-led creave workshops Special access to exhibi ons and events: • Free ckets to sponsored exhibions or events for staff • Opportunity to offer clients discounted entry to sponsored exhibions or events (with data capture on redeemable vouchers)


Develop new business By engaging with visitors, our high net-worth individual donors and our business and university partners.

Reach visitors and supporters through inclusion in the markeng materials, media coverage and product placement detailed in secon 1. Run compe ons with our other partners including transport and accommodaon businesses Engage our Trustees, Major Donors, Patrons, Friends and Business partners: • At three exhibion private views a year • Public thanks for your support at events • Opportunity to speak at events • Invite our supporters to aGend your private events • AGend our annual Patrons’ Summer party


Invest in the community Deliver your corporate social responsibility objecves.

Sponsor one of our learning or community programmes or develop new acvies in partnership with our award-winning educaon team.

We currently deliver programmes with families, children, universies, colleges, schools, people who are or have been homeless, and other vulnerable communies in the region.

COLOURSCAPE 2012 “Sponsoring Colourscape at the Holburne provided us with an opportunity to host our first real client 'family' event. It is fair to say we were a li*le daunted but the staff were excellent and ensured every last detail was "just right". The event definitely had the wow factor and the feedback from our guests could not have been be*er. We will definitely do more events like this in the future.”

ROPER GALLERY EXHIBITIONS 2013—2014 Characters. People & Portraits from the Arts Council Collec on 12 October 2013—7 January 2014 This striking and entertaining exhibion, selected from the Arts Council’s Collecon, brings together a host of characters both real and imagined. Painted by Brish arsts over the last 60 years it will feature works by Francis Bacon, Lucian Freud, Paula Rego and 2013 Turner Prize nominated LyneGe YiadomBoakye, as well as many of the other leading figurave arsts of the last half-century.

Hugh Gaitskell as a Famous Monster of Filmland, Richard Hamilton, 1964 © Arts Council Collecon

Alongside the exhibion the Museum is running a Schools’ Portrait Compeon. Open to secondary and primary schools in the B&NES area. The prize will encourage children to create imagined or self-portraits. SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES •

Lead Sponsorship available from £8,000

Partner Sponsorship available from £5,000

Farrow & Ball confirmed as our Paint Partner

Joseph Wright of Derby Bath and Beyond 25 January —5 May 2014 Joseph Wright is one of the most important and most fascinang arsts of the eighteenth-century. The exhibion explores Wright’s me in Bath, following his visit to Italy, as a turning-point that sheds light on his whole career. Building on the success of his earlier ‘fire-pieces’, living in Bath’s Brock Street he began to experiment with the effect of moonlight and fire on the landscape, rather than on figures in interiors. His exploraon of the sublime in landscape, is matched by an interest in melancholy in contemporary literature that may be related to his own Mr & Mrs Thomas Coltman, Oil on canvas, deteriorang health. c.1770-2, Joseph Wright of Derby © The Naonal Gallery, London


Lowell Libson Ltd confirmed as the Lead Sponsor

Partner Sponsorship available from £7,500

Julian Opie - tle to be confirmed 21 May—14 September 2014

Damon, singer, 2000. Julian Opie © The Arst

Julian Opie is one of the country’s most important and successful contemporary arsts. His instantly recognisable works (painngs, sculpture and video) include his iconic portrait of the pop group Blur. Opie has chosen the Holburne for his first one man person exhibi on in the UK for over ten years. This unique exhibion, as well as including previously unseen new works, will for the first me bring his work together with his art collecon and explore the links between the two. Throughout his career Opie has collected the art of the past including Japanese prints, eighteenth-century portraits and ancient sculpture. This exhibion will explore the relaonship between Opie’s enthusiasms as a collector of historic art with his own completely contemporary vision. SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES •

Lead Sponsorship available from £20,000

Partner Sponsorship available from £7,500

Farrow & Ball confirmed as our Paint Partner

THE TABLE SERIES 2014 The Table Series shows specifically commissioned work by contemporary arsts inspired by our collecon and/or exhibing work which is influenced by a shared history with our collecon. This approach creates excing exhibions, refreshes the Museum’s free collecon galleries, generang repeat visits, and engages visitors with our collecon in new ways. In 2014 we are exhibing new work by: War & Pieces, Bouke de Vries. Exhibited at the Museum 2012 © The Arst

Ceramic arst, Paul ScoG

Glass Sculptor, Steffan Dam


Title Sponsorship of the Series available from £10,000

Individual Exhibion Sponsorship available from £5,000 All prices quoted exclude VAT

FAMILY AND COMMUNITY EVENTS 2013—2014 HOLBURNE FAMILY EVENTS 2013—2014 As Bath’s Art Museum for Everyone, we arrange excing events to be enjoyed by families and people of all ages. These range from the now well established and hugely popular annual Holburne Lantern Procession to the Colourscape experience that takes over the Museum’s front lawn for a week each summer.


We connue to seek out and stage unique and engaging cultural and arsc events that appeal to the widest range of audiences in our local community. These are not only essenal in keeping people returning to the Holburne, they also introduce people who may never have visited the Museum to our venue and all that we have to offer. Each year these events collecvely reach about 20,000 people from Bath and the surrounding 30min drive-me area.

HOLBURNE LANTERN PROCESSION 2013 Workshops: October—November 2013 Procession: Thursday 28 November 2013 The Holburne Museum’s annual lantern procession involves local families and community groups in a well-established event that celebrates light at the darkest me of the year. Each year the event aGracts an average of 750 people who join in the procession from the Museum to Bath’s Christmas Market, as well as working with 400 school children and handing out over 400 lantern making kits to assemble at home. HOLBURNE LANTERN PROCESSION

COLOURSCAPE August 2014 The hugely popular Colourscape has visited the Holburne in 2012 and 2013, as well as many successful appearances across the UK and Europe including the Colourscape Music Fesval (London), Merseyside River Fesval (Liverpool) and 2011 European Capital of Culture (Turku, Finland). Colourscape is a walk-in structure of colour and light. Wandering through the interconnected chambers, you experience the intensity and subtlety of colour. Adults say it is like ‘breathing colour’. Children say it is like being ‘wrapped in a rainbow’.


The Eye Music Trust present a programme of contemporary music inside the domes. Offering an experience of freeflowing workshops and performances throughout the week.

THE FAMILY EVENT SERIES also includes: •

Easter Eggstravaganza: Art acvies, art trails and events for all the family inspired by our collecon and exhibions, plus the annual Easter Egg Roll.

The Big Draw: a naonal event to celebrate drawing. Our events have included workshops, screen prinng and light drawing.

Museums at Night: a naonal event opening museums up to the public aUer hours. Our events have included Story-Telling by Candle Light in the galleries.


Year-Round Title Sponsorship available from £20,000

Individual Event Sponsorship available from £7,500

LIGHT TO LIGHT LIGHTS IN THE GARDENS 2013 Following the internaonally renowned Field of Light shown in the Museum’s Gardens in 2011 we have now established an annual light installaon. In 2013 the Museum is thrilled to be working with the Olympic lighng designer and arst, Patrick Woodroffe. Patrick is creang Light To Light a site specific installaon that will be a perfectly symmetrical grid of theatrical LED lights laid out in the Museum’s Gardens. Circuit: Light Labyrinth 2012 Marn Richman

Each light is an individual element that can change colour and intensity, but together the 99 lights create a rich and layered bed of light that ripples and dances to an invisible sound track. The sound track, by composer MaG Clifford, will be played via ‘silent disco’ headphones. "Light is the medium I have used in my work for over forty years and is something I am constantly aware of in all its beauful and diverse forms. O;en the lighng we use is a reflecon of some sort of performance - theatre, dance, music and ceremony - but here the light takes on the role of the performer in isolaon. The gardens at the Holburne Museum are the perfect site for this celebraon of light and colour" Patrick Woodroffe SPONSORSHIP

Field of Light 2011 Bruce Munro

Lead Sponsorship available from £10,000

Partner Sponsorship available from £3,500 All prices quoted exclude VAT


Enjoy private tours of exhibions

Meeng exhibing arst Sir Peter Blake

Corporate Members’ meeng Ed Vaizey, MP

Launched in 2010, a year before the Holburne Museum reopened following an £11milion redevelopment, our Corporate Membership programme helps to keep the Holburne free-to-enter as Bath’s Art Museum for Everyone; making our Corporate Members one of the most important groups of supporters we have. In return our members enjoy real business benefits including: Invita ons to business networking breakfasts and evening recep ons Our business events offer networking and discovery. At every event we arrange behind-the-scenes access and handling sessions with the collecon and exhibion tours. You can also support your business development by bringing along clients and business partners. Opportuni es to network with the Museum’s Major Donors, Patrons and Trustees At exhibion openings we invite our Corporate Members to join our key donors at a preview hour ahead of the main event. You are also welcome to aGend our Summer and Christmas pares. Members can arrange their own private events at the Holburne with a 20% discount on gallery hire When you join we will send you a Welcome Pack containing: • Details of networking events, private views and other key dates • Free entry to our three major exhibions for staff • Special offers on ckets to talks, concerts and events at the Museum • A Membership Cerficate We recognise the support of our Corporate Members through our: • Annual Review • Donor Boards in the Museum • Web site with hyper links Annual membership cost: • £1,500 plus VAT for businesses with an annual turnover in excess of £3m • £1,000 plus VAT for businesses with an annual turnover between £1m and £3m • £500 plus VAT for businesses with an annual turnover under £1m

We invite you to contribute to the on-going success of the Holburne. Become a Corporate Member today. Call Alison Coleman-Smith on 01225 388545 for details on how to join.


HOLBURNE PORTRAIT PRIZE 2012 “Sponsorship of this event proved a great success. We had a very successful private view, which was much enjoyed by out staff, clients and contacts. Being associated with such a well known and presgious organisaon as the Holburne Museum helped to further raise our profile. We also had a lot of fun helping to choose the winner of the Schools’ Portrait Prize compeon, which we arranged in partnership with the Museum. They were a huge number of high quality entries.”

Bill Bailey, 2010 Prize Commission by Sally Muir

REMBRANDT AND HIS CONTEMPORARIES PAINTINGS FROM THE ROYAL COLLECTION “Simply superb… an exhibion of pure pleasure” The Independent “Richly evocave show” The Times Lead Sponsor

Partner Sponsor

Paint Partner

An Old Woman, called ‘The Arst’s Mother’, Rembrandt van Rijn, 1627-9 © Royal Collecon Trust / Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth

Holburne Museum Sponsorship 2013/14  

Business opportunities at the Holburne Museum 2013 - 2014

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