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Ramon Bana Dr.



Ramon Bana is passionate about improving the lives of his patients and is dedicated to ensuring excellent service. His patients describe him as down-to-earth, professional, and full of heart and they leave his care healthier, happier, and with brighter smiles. As a graduate of Marquette University, Dr. Bana has continued his education for the past 25 years and he is one of the top professionals in the dental industry. What inspired you to become a dentist? Since I was 16 years old, I’ve worked in the medical profession. Being a high-fear dental patient, when I met a dentist who calmed my fears, I was hooked after seeing the scope of treatment done to help patients. What is your dental philosophy? It’s simple. I treat my clients like I want to be treated, always providing the best and most professional care possible. What is your secret to success for the past 25 years? I firmly believe knowledge is king and have continually sought to keep myself trained with the latest and best available options. You offer many dental services at your practice; do you ever need to refer anyone, or are most services done in-house? I rarely refer out but never hesitate to do so should the need arise. What is the most high-tech procedure you perform in your office? We offer a variety of high-tech procedures--from IV sedation and digital dentistry to complex rehabilitation of the entire mouth with the restoration of natural teeth or replacing a whole mouth with implant-supported teeth. What do you suggest is key in preventing tooth decay? I always inform my patients that proper maintenance is paramount for their oral health at home and with specific in-office maintenance subjected to their individual needs. What would you say makes your practice unique in the dental industry? My firm belief in treating the person, not the mouth, is seen from the moment one calls our office, and I have the good fortune of my office family.

How would you compare your pricing to the competition? I believe my pricing is very competitive when providing quality dental services. How is your bedside manner? I take my time to get to know the person and strive to make them feel comfortable. What are some of the highest honors in the industry you have received? I am a fellow for the ICOI and have received numerous awards. The highest honors I receive are the referrals from my patients and the appreciation I receive from them. Aside from Dentistry and your practice, what are some of your other passions? I am an advent water bum. I love boating and fishing. I have recently recuperated from surgery and will get back into my exercise routine, biking, and weightlifting.