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2017 Winter


here have been many challenges in my thirty year career, but 2016 has been a quite different and interesting year for me. The first 5 months of the year I can’t even count the number of whirlwind trips I made to Denver negotiating, signing the final agreement, closing the transaction and beginning to operate Quality Corporation under our ownership. There have been many learning opportunities so far and I am sure there will be more before everything is settled here in Bay Springs. I could not be more pleased with the progress we have made as a company beginning production of the Donkey forklifts at Plant 1. When I made the commitment to produce fifteen units in Bay Springs in July, I knew it would be a huge challenge but as always the HMC culture has stepped up and we will finish the fifteen units by the end of physical July. We have been blessed to be able to have orders for fifteen units through September while we continue to produce at a maximum level in Denver. Currently we are scheduled to cease operations in Denver in November and all production will be in Bay Springs starting December. The new service center is currently under construction at plant 3 and we hope to be complete with this facility in

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November. This state-of-the-art facility will house all HMC proprietary service parts as well as have 4-6 service bays with the necessary cranes to service Knuckle Booms, Garbage Bodies, Leaf Vacuums and Vacuum trucks for our customers. We will also have a new wash bay to wash all units before we begin servicing them and all new units before they ship. The addition of the wash and paint booth at plant 1 will give us the ability to paint large items and vacuum tanks and not have to truck them to plant 3 for painting.

extremely excited about the industrial tool boxes and the pickup truck tool boxes Anel has developed that will complement our Hammerhead truck accessories. The new product we are developing at KHC should give them a presence in a new market and we hope this will add to the stabilization of our sales.

Overall I believe we have been blessed. There are many companies that I have talked with that are hurting and would trade places with where we are in a minute. This is not an accident and While my life has been remember to thank God for what consumed with the Donkey Forklift he has done for us and pray that transition Plants 2 & 3 have been he continues to provide us with quietly going about their business the work we need to provide for setting new sales records. This has our families. 2016 will be over been such a blessing because of before we know it but I think we the expenses we are incurring with will look back one day and realize the Donkey transition. Our that what we accomplished in this employment is up over fifty year has laid the foundation for employees this year, and I our company for years to come. appreciate the support Plant 2 and Plant 3 has provided Plant 1 in the startup of production. We are close to being in the position as a whole that we have been working hard to get to for the past three years. Anel and Keith Huber both struggle to have the sales to support the type of year we need, but each has developed new products that should help get them where we need to be. I am

Do It Right D- Dedicated to the success of others If we are to be successful we must make sure every employee is successful. We must develop our people with the skills necessary to be the most productive company in the world! Whether that skill is welding, machining, painting, assembling, measuring, communicating, interviewing or cleaning, we must be the best at every skill, every day! “Nobody should seek his own good, but the good of others” 1Corinthians 10:24

O- Opportunities Everywhere We have the opportunity to build the company that we want. We have the opportunity to help one another. We have the opportunity to influence those we work with each day inside of Hol-Mac Corporation and outside of Hol-Mac Corporation. We have the opportunity to pray together and grow spiritually with others. We have the opportunity to provide for our families the best life we can provide for them.

I- Integrity Always Wins Integrity is the core of everything we think, say and do. Integrity is not always easy but integrity always wins. “The man of integrity walks securely” Proverbs 10:9

T- Teamwork Teaches Each Other When we work as a team we can outperform anyone! When we work as a team we teach and learn from each other! When we work as a team we care and love one another! We win when we work as a team!

R- Recognize without customers, employees and suppliers we fail. Without satisfied customers there is no need for anything else. Without satisfied employees you can’t be the most productive manufacturer in the world! Without satisfied suppliers we will not receive the support necessary for our success.

I- Intensity every minute, every day We can’t take off one minute striving to accomplish our goals. We must always maintain a sense of urgency about everything we do. We are either going forward or we are going backwards! Intensity keeps us moving forward fast!.

G- Glorify God in all we do We are put on this Earth for one reason and that is to bring honor and glory to God. “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men.” Col. 3:23

H- Humility to accept and learn from our failures The first step to solving a problem is admitting that you have one, this takes humility. “When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom” Proverbs 11:2

T- Together we share our prosperity God promises he will prosper those who honor him. When WE make money, WE make money! “A generous man will prosper; he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed” Proverbs 11:25

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Honoring Our

Veterans November 11th, 2016


n the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918, an armistice, or temporary cessation of hostilities, was declared between the Allied nations and Germany in the First World War, then known as “the Great War�. In the aftermath of World War II and the Korean War, Armistice Day became Veterans Day, a holiday dedicated to American veterans of all wars. This year, Hol-Mac, Anel and Keith Huber recognized over 75 veterans who we also get to call our Hol-Mac family. They were recognized at their respective plant facilities and presented with a Veterans Day pin in honor of their dedication and service to our country. They have, and many continue, to serve in various branches of our military, such as Air Force, National Guard, Navy and Marines. Our company is truly blessed to work closely with them on a daily basis and to have had the opportunity to recognize these men and women on this special day. Keith Huber Corporation veterans are listed below: Jesse Fegurgur, Charles Felsher, Ryan Koval, Stephen Ladner, Josh Lambert, and William McMillan

L to R: Guy Massey, Josh Stinson, Randy Bankston, Elery Hammond, Keith Dunham, Chris Hendry, James Embrey, John Stringer, Billy Landrum. Not Pictured: Harold Brown

Micah Poole recognizes Plant 2 third shift employee Chris Thompkins.

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Plant One Veterans (L to R): Rodney Newell, James Travassos, Jerry Bennett, Rian White, Timothy Dickerson, Stephen Sprouse, Tommy Boggan, Johnny Thigpen, T’Mara Hall, Wayne McNeil, Richard Bryant, Dean Sims, Brandon Ates, Terry Hudson, Conner Jones, T.J. Williams, Kyle Stutzman. Not Pictured: Chuck Holder, Randy Perry, Richard Bowling Anel Veterans (L to R): Moses Newman Mark Fisher Matthew Davis Cornelius Robinson Bradley Blalock Dan James Curtis Meeks Tim Privett Ronald White Billy Welch Not Pictured: Mason Blankenship, Edward Lee

Plant Two 1st shift (L to R): Mitchell Sims, Reginald Johnson, Harvey Morgan, Thomas Cooper, Brandon Nelson, Matt East, Cruz Flowers, A.C. Ladner, Ricky Pugh, Floyd Nelson, Stephany Guy, Richard Sims, William Bush, Albert McCullough

Plant Three (L to R): Jerald Chisholm, Glenn Phillips, Charles Devrow, Dustin Bailey, Robert Ehlers, Morris McCluskey, Michael Pace, Jeffrey Sherwin, Billy Wheat Not Pictured: Paul Hill, Sidney Porter, Micah Strong, Jonathan Morgan

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his year has been one like no other. We have pushed in directions that were uncomfortable. We took action on decisions made on faith. Our company has continued to season. Our company has continued to transform. And yes, our company has once again risen to the occasion. Experiences in real lifebooks, stories, and movies explain

some of the times similar to what we as HMC always do. We persevere! We strive! We win! We rely on each other! We simply do what we do! Our culture is to press forward!

United States and landed her in Bay Springs. Enormous amounts of emotion, heart, character, challenge, and all the things that make it worthwhile have been exercised in our company this year. Our strength rest with us Plant Two set profit and and our belief in God. We (the sales records. Plant Three set employees) are the company. Our profit and sales records. A modern people make it what it is. I am service facility and parts proud to be part of it! distribution center has been built. And we have successfully moved an entire company across the

things, “be a team player and be punctual”. Chris, or “Big Chris” as his coworkers have named him, has spent his initial days with Hol-Mac s an ordain deacon at learning the processes involved John the Baptist with powder coating. He believes Church, Christopher Samson continuing to gain new knowledge spends his time putting God first. is something critical in allowing him This belief is not something that he to grow within the company. He leaves at home during working has enjoyed working at plant 3 and hours. When asked recently what likes that everyone works together advice he would have for his fellow as a team to get jobs done. coworkers Chris simply stated, “only to put God first in whatever Chris lives in Heidelberg you do and he will bring it to with his wife Crystal and their pass!”. Beyond that, his advice children Kojmi, Chris Jr., and for new employees would be two


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Chrisalyn. Chris and his family enjoy traveling and game nights at home. A typical weekend for Chris, means family, friends, church, and watching sports. Chris hopes to work his way into a management position with Hol-Mac. If there was one thing he would want his fellow employees to know about him, it is that “ ...I value my work, I’m dependable, loyal, and hold myself to a high standard in everything that I do”. With that attitude it seems Chris has a big future at Plant Three.


oyalty and dedication are two key traits for any successful relationship or business, and those who possess these traits will succeed in most any endeavor. Pictured below are Hol-Mac employees who show these traits. Hol-Mac hosted luncheons in their honor in July. Charles and Jamie Holder presented each employee a plaque and a small token of appreciation. They have served Hol-Mac knowing the value of hard work and taking pride in everything they do. Hol-Mac thanks them for their service. L to R: Charles Holder Larry Parker Jamie Holder

L to R:


Charles Holder Earnest Cole Jamie Holder

30 Years

L to R: Charles Holder Jason Sims Jamie Holder L to R: Charles Holder Marshon Jones

20 Years

10 Years L to R: Alton Horne, Charles Holder, James Miller, Eugene Page, John Ray, Michael Reeves, Terry Hudson, John Larrabee, Woody Graham, Jamie Holder Not Pictured: Canaan McNeil

Don Wardrop Bob Hasberry Ronnie Morales Jamie Holder


5 Years L to R: Charles Holder, David McCallum, Richard Sims, Terry Plummer, Damario Pugh, Ceaser Nelson, Matt Bozeman, Jamie Holder

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welve teams of four began the 2016 annual Hol-Mac Fall Classic with hopes of victory and visions of twelve months of bragging rights. For most of those teams, however, their hopes had been dashed before the on course brunch had been served. While the brunch was delicious and better weather could not have been planned, some of the golfing on display was a little suspect to say the least. Luckily for all parties involved, this event is intended to Chips & Sparks l 7

be less about the rigors of golf and more about the benefits of spending a “relaxing� day on the course in fellowship with our HolMac employees. The day was filled with meeting employees from other plants, participating in on the course games and contests, and eating more than one should.

of 2016 Annual fall Classic Champions went to the team consisting of Rian White, Tyler Caldwell, Alton Horne, and Chad Green. Individual prizes were awarded for longest drive, straightest drive, and closest to the pin.

By the end of the day, even some Thank you to the many suppliers of the golf being played was who partnered with Hol-mac to starting to look better. At the end sponsor this event! of the day two teams were tied for first place, but after the tie breakers were factored in the title

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016 has been a challenging, but exciting time for Anel. Our Hoshin objective for 2016 was “Growth through Diversity.” At the time of our planning, we certainly didn’t limit our area to the state, however some of the new products introduced are sold to customer’s right here in Mississippi! The year began with targeting markets that have potential for long term growth. Three of these markets were electrical infrastructure, renewable energy, and oil and gas production. We have experienced success in all of these new markets. One of the products that began introduction in 2015 that has been a success for Anel is the large electrical transformer business. We provide these transformers to a long standing customer. This market segment has a substantial opportunity for growth as much of our Country’s electrical distribution network is beyond its usable life. For an example of a high KVA transformer, see pic. 1

behind tracked vehicles in harsh terrain. The Anel team collaborated with customer with the prototyping and design for manufacturing of the product. What began as a fabrication job has developed into an excellent business partnership.

We are excited about the future and blessed to live and work in such a great state that has such diversity in demand for the products that we produce.

Another market segment that we targeted in 2016 was renewable From the team here at Anel, Happy energy. We fabricated a gasifier New Year!! and the related stairs and landings. (See Pic. 3) This unit was installed in Tennessee and recently went into service. The gasifier uses organic waste to generate energy. Additional demand for this product is anticipated in 2017. The company that developed this product is located near Anel. In 2017 we anticipate continued growth in both the electrical infrastructure and renewable energy markets as we continue to develop our processes and offerings to meet the demand. We Pic. 2 will also continue to develop offerings in both the commercial and crossover tool box products.

The Anel team has done an Another Mississippi customer for outstanding job of embracing the new Anel product is in the natural Hoshin objective of diversification gas pipeline business. The wagons of products over the past months. (see pic.2) are used to carry piping There have been some significant Chips & Sparks l 9

challenges with the new product introductions, but the team has risen to the occasion to insure success and customer satisfaction.

Pic. 1

Pic. 3

Joseph Stewart— P2 / Hydraulic Assembler

Joseph Steward resides in Montrose, MS where he grew up. He is known to all his co-workers as “Booger”. This nickname came from his mother and grandmother calling him “Sugar Booger” as a child. However, he said the “Sugar” wore off once he turned five years old! He has been employed at Hol-Mac Corp. for over 4 years. He is engaged and has no children, but has a dog, MJ,

that is like a child.

some pretty nice stuff at times.

After graduating high school, Joseph started to look for a job. He got a job and began working at Hardee’s shortly afterward and said it was pretty terrible. He was working the 4:00a.m shift at the time. After applying at Hol-Mac and calling several times, he received a call back and was very excited! He started out at HMC in pre-assembly at P2 and after 6 months moved to assembly. He has been with the company ever since.

When asked to share something most people do not know about him, Joseph stated he is growing his hair long so that he can donate it to the Pantene Hair Foundation. He chose this organization because there is no charge for the wigs they provide. You must have 8 inches of hair to donate and Joseph’s is 10 inches at the moment. He said he’s grown attached to it so he’s going to wait until he gets to 16 inches so they can make 2 wigs!

In his spare time, Joseph enjoys fishing at Ross Barnett Reservoir with his father. He has caught catfish that weighed up to 42 pounds as you see in the picture. He has also caught a flathead fish that weighed 38 pounds! In addition to fishing, Joseph enjoys going to auctions in Forest, MS on a typical summer weekend. He says you can find

When asked what he has learned from HMC he said he’s learned good workmanship and loves the guys he works with. He would tell anyone coming to work at HMC “show up and work hard”. This attitude has kept Joseph successful and productive in Hydraulic Assembly at P2 and he hopes to become a team leader in the next 5 years at HMC.

Thank You to all Hol-Mac employees that helped in the success of our

Adopt a family Christmas program Chips & Sparks l 10

U.S. Air Force retired Col. Robert Blake (Blake Powell's Grandfather) speaks during the tower dedication ceremony in honor of his father, Lt. Gen. Gordon A. Blake (insert), at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, Dec. 5.

75th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor In Honor of Gordon A. Blake Blake Powell, Plant 3 Quality Assurance Manager


y Great- Grandfather Gordon A. Blake, who was a Major at the time, was stationed at Hickman Air Force Base/Pearl harbor when it was attacked by the Japanese on Dec. 7, 1941. He was in the control tower and was responsible for safely guiding 12 American B-17 Bomber airplanes during the attack. He never left his post despite seeing Japanese aircraft fly right in front of the tower. His goal was to take care of his men, and to make sure the aircrafts landed safely.

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He was awarded the Silver Star for his the tower dedication was very moving role on that fateful day. for my family. My grandfather would go to serve for many years in the Air 75 years later, a new control Force and retired as a 3 star general, tower was constructed and opened. was there to accept his fathers The squadron now using the tower dedication. My mom was at the thought it was only fitting to dedicate dedication and sent many pictures the tower to my great grandfather for and details to keep me updated. My his service. He was there at Pearl great grandfather impacted many on Harbor when the war began and he December 7th and throughout his was one of the first American in Tokyo military career and this dedication is when the treaty to end the war was proof that even after his death, he is signed. He played such a large role in still impacting lives. World War II and to be honored with

There is a very interesting and little known fact about General Blake’s involvement in the ending of the war with the Japanese in 1945. He was the first American to set foot on Japanese soil after the surrender.

Due to circumstances of the surrender, there was fear that the surrender might not stand. A decision was made to send in one aircraft that would report back to General MacArthur as to the reception they received. Because of his record as a BPrior to the surrender by the Japanese 29 pilot and extensive on the U.S.S. Missouri on September communications experience, General 2, 1945, General MacArthur and other (then Col) Blake was selected to head US officials became concerned about up the mission. how they would be received in Japan.

On August 20, 1945, prior to the surrender, the B-29, with Col Blake as pilot, was launched with a destination of Ita Suki, Japan. Upon landing Col Blake and crew were very happy about the warm and friendly welcome they received. The good news was reported back to General Mac Arthur and the initial cadre of occupying forces was launched.


anxious to see where this team can take us; there is no doubt in my mind that the potential is massive, which is very exciting. Our main thing for 2017 is developing our team and developing our processes. We want to make sure that we have the right people, in the right places, doing the right things; it is as simple as that.

imilar to most years since my career began at Hol-Mac, 2016 was full of “ups and downs�. The team at Plant 3 saw many challenges but also experienced much success. Both product lines, Hammerhead and Pac-Mac, experienced record setting years. As a plant, 2016 was also our most successful year. With the challenges we faced as a company, it was vital for Plant 3 to pull our weight this year; and I commend our team for meeting, and often exceeding, the goals set out before them. 2017 will bring new challenges that will once again require even higher performance in order to achieve the expectations and targets that we have set. In the coming year we will target to continue bringing new products to the market in both Hammerhead and Pac-Mac, we will rely on all team members to help drive us to meet our goals.

Safety performance improved in 2016, however we back-tracked somewhat in our quality performance. To meet our goals we must continue to drive improvement in both of these areas. A key focus also must continue to be on reducing cost and eliminating waste, we must keep all of these on the forefront as we thrive each and every day. We have seen many improvements in the way we do things through the past year but we cannot allow ourselves to become complacent. Through the next year the focus will be to continue what we started in 2016, developing the structure to support the needs of the plant to meet ever increasing production goals. We have a lot of new faces at Plant 3, and a lot of familiar faces in new roles. I am very proud of what we have accomplished over the past year and am very

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Hol-Mac Annual Christmas Program


ol-Mac Corporation held its annual Christmas Program on Friday December 23rd at Jasper Hall on the Bay Springs campus of Jones County Junior College. The Christmas spirit could be felt throughout the mornings program as representatives from each plant shared their experiences of participating in the Hol-Mac Adopt A Family program. Each plant adopted a local needy family, and raised money and purchased gifts to provide them with a special Christmas this year.

Service awards were presented to employees who had reached a minimum of thirty years of service. These recipients were Ken Blocker, Earnest Cole, Pam Heard, Thomas Sanders, and Jeff Sumrall. Larry Parker was recognized for his 35 years of service with a plaque to be hung on the wall of “Blood, Sweat, and Tears”. One retiree was recognized after 41 years of service, Johnny Read. Johnny was presented with a plaque and an heirloom rifle. Four employees were recognized for their completion of the HPS Phase III Program. Those employees were Blake Powell, Levi Sumrall, Stephen Walters and Brandon O’Neal. Both, Mr. Holder and Jamie, spoke about the extent to which 2016 was both a very challenging and rewarding year. 2016 brought great change to the company and looks to have paved the way for a bright future. Chips & Sparks l 13

Johnny Read - 41 Years

Larry Parker - 35 Years

Thomas Sanders - 30 Years

Ken Blocker - 30 Years

Jeff Sumrall - 30 Years

Earnest Cole - 30 Years

Pam Heard - 30 Years

Phase III Graduates - Blake Powell, Levi Sumrall, & Stephen Walters

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What’s Next... Chips & Sparks l 15

..The continuing story of hammerhead


016 was another banner year for Hammerhead Armor. We can attribute this to most everyone that has come in contact with our bumpers. From the people throughout our company, our dealers, our relationships that we have developed in the industry and last but not least… our customers. It is easy to grow a product line with the level of quality that is in our bumpers and accessories. In 2016 we introduced many new items such as Jeep JK fenders and flares, half doors for the Jeep JK, front and rear bumper for the Jeep TJ, roof racks, headache racks, bull bars, and we even have crossover tool boxes. With all the new items we introduced in 2016 we anticipate 2017 being another record year. Hammerhead Armor has come a long way but we still have a long way to go. In the past we developed our dealer network by searching for them and now we have companies calling us to become dealers. We now have over 170 dealers in 38 states and dealers in Canada and Australia. In our first year 2010 we shipped 13 bumpers and 5 short years later we sold 2,573. That was just the number of bumpers we sold. We sold running boards, light mounts and other accessories this year. We may not be the biggest player in the game but we are definitely making the other companies sit up and take notice. This year we worked with some local guys like Real South Hunting and we worked with some “not so” local guys like Ian Johnson with Xtreme 4x4 to get our name out on the market. Next year we will be working with Todd Skelton who is from Pearl, MS who will be on episodes of Street Outlaws and New Orleans Street Outlaws with his Team Predator Pro Mod Corvette. We will also be pairing up with Bill Booth from the Cajun Boys out of Florida on the Discovery Channel. Thank you to everyone that has helped to make Hammerhead continue to grow since the beginning and hold on for 2017. - Chris Carpenter

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ill is from Asheville, N.C. He currently lives in Bay Saint Louis, MS. Will enjoys spending time with his family by either participating in youth sports with his son or enjoying the many outdoor activities the gulf coast has to offer. Some of these family activities he participates in are activities in and around the water. He also likes to experience new restaurants along the gulf coast. A typical “WILL” day consists of taking down and hanging up parts, participating in production meetings, managing paint inventory, and helping to assist with all other paint production processes. Will states what he likes most

about HMC/KHC/Anel, is the fact that there are truly opportunities everywhere to grow as an individual and a company. Some things Will stats he has gained while at HMC/KHC/Anel is the knowledge about all types of paint products and procedures as well as valuable leadership experience.

Chips & Sparks l 17

Will’s wish list for the next 5 years at HMC/KHC/Anel is to continue to grow individually into new exciting and challenging roles and to be able to help the company continue to grow and expand business.

WIll was born in Greenville, S.C. but spend most of my life living in Will also states the most Asheville, N.C. He is married to Gabrielle McMillan and they have a challenging part of his job is five year old son named Truett. managing people, keeping them They both graduated from the happy and busy at all times. University of Mississippi where they met in Oxford, MS. She works Currently his team members refer for SkyTouch Technology through Choice Hotels and sells property to him as “Boss man Willy”. management systems to independent hoteliers. Currently Will & his team have dubbed a They are living in Bay Saint Louis, statement “This ain’t no rest home” MS where we are loving the gulf If you come to work every day with coast life style. Will is also a LT in the Army National Guard a positive attitude, expect to face challenges but have the willingness

the old show barn, which is now Plant 1. He remembers sharing the space with 4-H shows and working to the sounds of animals squealing. The most fulfilling part of his fter 41 years at Hol-Mac, Mr. career has been the relationships Johnny Read made the he’s built and the friends he’s decision to retire. When asked made. He says it’s truly been like about one of his earliest memories having a second family. He of Hol-Mac, he recalls working at specifically remembers losing his


to search and find the answers. You can be successful.

dad shortly after beginning work here and the compassion shown by Mr. Holder to sit all night in the funeral home with his dad. He says this taught him that if the man he works for would do so much for him then he owed him his loyalty and the best work he could do. Mr. Johnny has been challenged by the wide variety of products that

Hol-Mac has manufactured over the years and the many projects that required teamwork in order to get the finished product completed. He leaves Hol-Mac as an employee but this same year his grandson, John Read came to work here. He wishes John as many good years and memories as he has. After retirement Mr. Johnny


t this time last year I wrote about Plant 2’s potential to have a very strong year and the title of my article was “The Deuce is Loose”. In many ways the deuce did get loose this past year as we were blessed with many customer orders throughout 2016 to the tune of 8% sales growth. It took a lot of hard work and long hours to produce the results we were able to but I am confident that we are still only scratching the surface to our overall potential. We have strived over the past six years to get our organizational structure aligned correctly to support the Hol-Mac Production System (HPS). I feel that each year we get a step closer to achieving this objective and with our team being relatively stable this past year we were able to perform at a higher level.

plans to hunt, fish and catch up on his “honey do” list. He also plans to raise horses. When asked about anything specific he’d like to share with his Hol-Mac team he responded to always do something that you like and it won’t seem like you’re working. Always be open to something new and challenge yourself to do the best you can.

For Plant 2 to continue to raise the bar in 2017 and keep our competitors at bay, we must take our quality to a higher level. We made positive strides this past year as we exceeded our Hoshin Quality

Mr. Johnny Read we wish you the very best in your retirement!

sending to our customers today is better than ever before and we are on the right track to becoming world class.

In 2017, I am confident that the DEUCE WILL BE LOOSE again and we can have another banner year. The dedicated and talented team TO IMPROVE THE TEAM we have are primed for success and I am proud to be a part of the IMPROVE YOURSELF team. We have much to be thankful for this year and we must all continue to thank the Lord for KPI’s 10% reduction targets but we our many blessings. still have tons of room to improve. There is no doubt the problems we have are solvable and we have the Disclaimer: Once again I am in no right people to solve them. We way promoting Alabama football. have to continue to acknowledge our problems and bring them to the surface so that we solve our issues once and for all. I am confident that the product we are

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Winter 2017 Chips & Sparks  
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