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In response to the GLOBAL SUSTAINABILITY STRATEGY FOR ESPAI BARÇA, our design strategies integrate sustainabil

solutions. The sustainability strategy for the proposed scheme is mainly focused on reduction of energy consumption redu well-being and comfort while also addressing energy & water active systems efficiency, waste minimization, use of sustain

MATERIALS High contentcontent & use of local highrecycle recycled + use of local materials materials At least 50% of the construction will use recycled, at least 50% of the construction will use recycled, renewable and/or recycling-friendly materials.

renewable or recycling-friendly materials

SOCIAL barrier-free Barrier-free visitor experience is carefully to make the The visitor experience is carefully designeddesigned to make the area accessible and enjoyable.

area accessible and enjoyable

URBAN INTEGRATION microclimate Microclimate Semi-open spaces are introduce to the design toto the design to serve semi-open spaces are introduced serve as a thermal buffer and provide

micro-climate ‘oasis’ as a thermal buffer and provide microclimate ‘oasis’ Hottest week of the year from 12-6PM T ≤ 32.5 C

hottest week ofyear the year fromT12-6 ≥ 9 Cpm T ≤ 32.5 °C Coldest week of the from 12-10PM coldest week of the year from 12-10 pm T≥ 9 °C

SMART enhanced experience Enhanced ExperiSmart management center with metering in each smart management center with metering in each building to building. Display and communicate energy saving

display and communicate energy savings to end users with end-users


perceived temperature Perceived Temperatur Toohot hot too

SPORT ACTIVITIES comfortable Comfortable

PT >32 ⁰C

28 ⁰C < PT < 32 ⁰C

26 ⁰C < PT < 28 ⁰C

9 ⁰C < PT < 26 ⁰C 0 ⁰C < PT < 9 ⁰C

cold tooToo cold

-13 ⁰C < PT < 0 ⁰C PT < -13 ⁰C


▲ visitor experience + outdoor comfort SMART RECYCLE METERING GREY WATER ◄ view of entrance from bridge

Sustainability Concepts


2016 HOK Design Annual  
2016 HOK Design Annual  

HOK’s 2016 Design Annual highlights projects ranging in scale from community gardens to supertall buildings.