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LEVEL 3 35' - 0"

JACK SLAB 20' - 6" LEVEL 2 20' - 0"

LEVEL 1.5 9' - 0"

LEVEL 1 0"

Equinox River Oaks Fitness Center Houston, Texas, USA

Completion: 2015

The first Houston location of this upscale,

First-floor spaces include a lobby reception

full-service fitness center brand creates a

area, retail store, juice bar and sales offices.

sanctuary of health and wellness in the city’s

A mezzanine level houses lounge spaces and

River Oaks residential community.

a glass box seating area partially suspended over the retail space. The second floor

The center is located at the heart of a high-end

features strength and cardio areas, a lounge,

retail complex. Its design draws inspiration

locker rooms and individual studios for yoga,

from the early development of the area’s

Pilates, barre and group fitness classes.

affluent neighborhoods and monuments. The centerpiece is a grand staircase Key design features reflect the understated

composed of blackened steel with a screen

elegance advocated by John Staub, a local

divider flanking both sides that runs the full

residential architect who designed many River

height of the center. From the first floor,

Oaks homes from the 1920s to the 1960s.

the screen provides partial privacy for the mezzanine space. On the second floor, it

The functional yet elegant design integrates

connects with a double-stacked wood “up-

conceptual elements that define the region,

and-over” feature to form a bridge between

including Houston’s abundant energy

the lounge and locker rooms. Resembling a

resources, commitment to the arts and

catwalk, the bridge creates a showcase for

Southern hospitality. Collectively, these

the fitness space and its occupants.

elements express a sense of history and local culture while supporting the Equinox brand.

◄ level 2 bridge lounge

2016 design annual

31,100 sq. ft. / 2,890 sq. m.


2016 HOK Design Annual  

HOK’s 2016 Design Annual highlights projects ranging in scale from community gardens to supertall buildings.

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