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Design Competition for Confidential Client—Metro System Middle East

This architectural vision for a new public

quality landscaping, shade structures,

with some site-specific parts, buildings are

48 tram stops

transportation system supports the city’s

seating, retail facilities and meeting spaces.

simple to construct and use highly sustainable

2,950 bus stops/corridors

growing infrastructure while establishing a

The elevated stations become bridges

materials. This simplicity helps shape the

25 park + ride structures

new world-class design standard.

across busy roads, with larger hubs offering

transportation system’s identity.

13 water taxi stations Integrated control center

space for people to enjoy the city on lower Iconic, identifiable architecture establishes

concourses and beneath the structures.

efficient transportation hubs and helps Design competition: 2014

redefine the city's image to the world.

The architectural design is inspired by coral, a

Strung together as an intermodal network,

fundamental natural resource of the city and

these architectural jewels are intuitively

an important symbol of its origins and history.

understood by travelers to be part of the city's

The mathematically generated Penrose

transportation infrastructure.

porosity pattern provided logic that helped determine the design of the cladding for

Readily accessible nodes link passengers

different building structures.

to an interconnected system of new metro, ferry, bus and cycle terminals. Sophisticated

Beyond its role as a vital part of the city’s

technology enables clear communication

infrastructure, the metro system also

between passengers and the system.

communicates the client's commitment to establishing an energy-efficient future and

Drawing on principles of biomimicry, the

a sustainable energy economy. Efficient and

design integrates the transportation system

regenerative systems include energy recovery

into the public realm through a series of hard

ventilation and water reclamation.

and soft landscaped areas. Routes connecting

◄ station me-1

the transport stations act like linear gardens,

The design uses a kit-of-parts approach to

or, like the function of a leaf, “green veins” of

ensure efficient project delivery. Composed

the city. Areas around the stations feature

of prefabricated, repeatable components

2016 design annual

73 metro/rail stations


2016 HOK Design Annual  

HOK’s 2016 Design Annual highlights projects ranging in scale from community gardens to supertall buildings.

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