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Design Competition for Confidential Client—Ferry Terminal Middle East

Design competition: 2014

The concept for a new ferry terminal was

Interior zones within the enclosed, air-

inspired by the city’s network of water taxi

conditioned terminal include ticketing, a café,

terminals located at key sites along its

service areas and waiting rooms with scenic

Corniche waterfront pedestrian walkway.

views of the water. The circulation spine extends into the water as a floating dock,

The terminal’s sweeping architectural form

following the form of the roof above for direct

encircles the water, creating a sheltered

access to water taxis.

environment within a protected lagoon. As pedestrians stroll the Corniche, they Integrated photovoltaic panels and solar-

have the option to walk up the ramp onto the

powered lights along the surface of the

terminal roof observation deck for sweeping

terminal create a coral pattern that forms

vistas of the Corniche and the sea.

a shimmering reflection on the sea below. Taking inspiration from natural land dunes and coral reef, this ground plane pattern provides a memorable gathering place and an urban recreation destination. Angled openings within the patterned surface are engineered to minimize solar gains while maximizing natural daylight penetration, optimized for the city's solar orientation.

◄ ferry terminal at dusk

2016 design annual

26,695 sq. ft. / 2,480 sq. m.


2016 HOK Design Annual  

HOK’s 2016 Design Annual highlights projects ranging in scale from community gardens to supertall buildings.

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