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Kansas City, Missouri, USA

Completion: 2010

The design of 18Broadway transformed

reducing the impact on Kansas City’s

volunteers, including many HOK staff, the

a vacant lot in downtown Kansas City into

combined sanitary-storm sewer system.

gardens produce more than three tons of

an innovative demonstration project for

Water is redirected to underground storage

edibles annually. All produce is donated to a

sustainable urban development.

cisterns for UV treatment. The pervious site

local food bank.

perimeter captures stormwater runoff from Though the site has long-term potential to

adjacent streets and roofs, filters it through

Often toured by state, municipal and

accommodate mixed-use development,

bioswales and stores the water for irrigation.

community groups, 18Broadway serves as

property owner DST Systems wanted to

a sustainable development model for public-

explore ideas for converting this transitional

The net zero energy site has grid-tied,

land into a productive, beautiful neighborhood

photovoltaic solar panels that offset the pump

amenity. The design creates an environmental

power used to irrigate the extensive gardens.

showcase for scalable ideas about integrated

A low-velocity wind turbine powers the LED

stormwater management, urban agriculture,

pedestrian lights.

renewable energy and public space. The site includes rain gardens, container

â—„ garden

The stormwater capture and biofiltration

beds and demonstration gardens, an orchard

system collects, cleans and stores up to

and more than 100 high-production raised

89,000 gallons of stormwater at a time,

vegetable beds. Tended by local business

private partnerships.

2016 design annual

1.4 acres / 0.6 hectares

2016 HOK Design Annual  

HOK’s 2016 Design Annual highlights projects ranging in scale from community gardens to supertall buildings.

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