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Brigade World Trade Center


Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Completion: 2020

The design of this landmark residential and

Guided by rigorous environmental analytics,

commercial development embodies south

the design of the towers’ massing and facades

Chennai’s economic growth and emergence

fuses aesthetics and performance. Because

as an IT hub.

solar radiation is the primary heat load

Annual EUI: 40 kBTU / sf / yr 55% energy reduction from average

component in this climate, both structures are Located in Perungudi, a suburb of Chennai,

oriented to minimize east-west exposure.

the 16-acre site offers high visibility and accessibility from the IT corridor along Old

Use of linear terra-cotta panels on the

Mahabalipuram Road.

commercial tower facades emphasizes the verticality of the buildings while shading

A clear separation between commercial

the structure and reducing solar loads. The

and residential zones creates a sheltered

panels, which vary in width and depth, are

residential district that provides an oasis of

limited to 10 unique modules to control costs.

calm amidst the hustle of daily urban life.

Abundant glazing accentuates magnificent views of the Bay of Bengal.

Lifestyle amenities that include an amphitheater, retail, restaurants, a clubhouse

Throughout the development, the design

and parks activate the elevated podium plazas

integrates reimagined elements from

for the commercial and residential parcels.

Chennai’s natural environment with principles

Designed with continuous organic forms,

of Vastu Shastra, a traditional Hindu

these podium plazas are surrounded by lush

architectural system, to create a rich, varied

landscape to encourage pedestrian movement

experience for visitors.

between the simple, linear towers.

◄ commercial tower a2

2016 design annual

2 million sq. ft. / 186,000 sq. m.

2016 HOK Design Annual  

HOK’s 2016 Design Annual highlights projects ranging in scale from community gardens to supertall buildings.

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