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BBC Worldwide Headquarters


London, UK

Completion: 2015

Stage 6 at Television Centre in White City,

To create an open, efficient workspace, the

mitigates the noise that permeates up through

London, has been transformed into the new

team relocated four central lift cores to a

the atrium space. The only enclosed spaces

headquarters for BBC Worldwide, the primary

windowless wall on the east, replacing them

are meeting rooms, and these are deep inside

commercial arm of the British Broadcasting

with a feature spiral stairway. This helical

the building.

Corporation (BBC). The space was formerly

staircase acts as the main circulation route

occupied by the broadcast studios of BBC

for staff, providing a physical and visual

To highlight the media company’s core

News, which relocated to the BBC New

link between each of the six office floors.

business, more than 60 TV screens

Broadcasting House that HOK designed in

A daylight-filled, circular atrium creates a

throughout the building continuously

central London.

ground-floor gathering place while providing

broadcast BBC programs. The graphics for

visual connectivity between floors.

each floor are themed around non-program-

The design provides an open, flexible

specific subjects such as adventurers or

environment that promotes the BBC’s

The design drives knowledge sharing and

entertainers. Giving each floor a specific

brand while facilitating cross-functional

creativity among content providers and staff

visual tone and graphic style helps extend the

collaboration among more than 1,200

from different departments. Combining bench

life of the imagery and improve wayfinding.

employees across six floors.

workstations with loose furniture options

Some rooms are themed to reflect BBC

accommodates activities ranging from

programs such as “Doctor Who” and “Dancing

focused work to small or large meetings.

with the Stars.” The colorful graphics at

The Television Centre’s reputation as the first “television factory” when it opened

the atrium’s base include more than 1,000

in 1960 inspired the industrial design

The primary settings, or bench workstations,

individually embroidered felt pieces featuring

aesthetic. In addition to energizing staff

radiate out from the atrium with the quietest

favorite lines from BBC programs.

by avoiding the corporate atmosphere of a

locations placed along the glazed perimeter.

traditional workplace, exposing the structure

◄ helical feature staircase

and services within a 15-foot-high frame

Surrounding the staircase and atrium are

preserves the open floor plate and maintains

flexible, secondary settings that encourage

clear sightlines.

collaboration and create a buffer that

2016 design annual

94,025 sq. ft. / 8,735 sq. m.

2016 HOK Design Annual  
2016 HOK Design Annual  

HOK’s 2016 Design Annual highlights projects ranging in scale from community gardens to supertall buildings.