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Memorial University of Newfoundland Core Science Facility St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada

Completion: 2019

The Core Science Facility at Memorial

the Whale Atrium will display the skeleton of

University of Newfoundland includes research

a mammoth blue whale once stranded on the

and teaching laboratories for the university’s

island’s west coast.

Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science. Annual EUI: 199 kBTU / sf / yr

The new facility will enable the university

A highly transparent ground floor features

40% below ASHRAE 2007

to compete as a top global destination for

a public entrance concourse that offers a

undergraduate and graduate students,

variety of work, meeting and partnering areas,

researchers and faculty.

in addition to views into key research labs.

The building's expression and colors evoke

As the building’s “downtown,” the second floor

the dynamic coast and icebergs found along

has an array of teaching and computer labs,

Newfoundland’s North Atlantic shores. Its

makerspaces and collaboration settings—all

landscape draws on the island’s rugged natural

readily accessible via the campus’ pedestrian

flora and coastal rock formations. Interior

bridges. Additional flexible space enables

spaces are inspired by the vibrant colors and

academic alliances with industry partners.

outgoing nature of the province’s communities. HOK is providing services in collaboration with The design creates three pavilions, each containing several research and teaching neighborhoods, connected by two atria. The Shoreline Atrium is a collaboration hub, and

◄ whale atrium

St. John’s-based Hearn Fougere Architects.

2016 design annual

490,000 sq. ft. / 45,520 sq. m.


2016 HOK Design Annual  

HOK’s 2016 Design Annual highlights projects ranging in scale from community gardens to supertall buildings.

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