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Design Technology

The team developed parametric structural models

At the concept design stage, the team evaluated

using HOK STREAM TM for design schemes

the structural capacity of the existing terminal to

The design process for the canopies leveraged

including tensioned fabric structures, mono-

support the new canopy. This required technical

HOK’s proprietary, interdisciplinary parametric

column systems and undulating diagrid forms.

expertise and rapid structural evaluation to

tools, including HOK STREAM TM.

Controlling design parameters included readily

demonstrate the feasibility of landing on the

available steel shapes; single-curvature-only

existing building rather than providing a line of 19

At the beginning of conceptual design, HOK’s

geometry; splice locations and detailing to ease

new columns, foundations and braced frames on

structural and architectural designers began two

steel erection; consideration of allowable loads

both sides of the terminal.

parallel but interdependent studies:

onto existing facilities; loading from a wind tunnel

• Structural studies and optimization for

study; thermal movement; and fatigue resistance

As the design progressed, the team spent

at connections.

hundreds of hours evaluating individual spaces

several design options.

was not designed.


construction documents.


its ability to accommodate new loads for which it

documentation through completion of the


existing terminal to support the new canopies.

1 million square feet of the existing structure for

geometry for structural analysis and design


• Evaluation of the structural capacity of the

and elements. This included analyzing more than The parametric definition remained the “master”



▲ final canopy details

▲ representative site condition showing existing services to be accommodated

▲ final canopy details


▲ analysis model of a portion of existing terminal

2016 HOK Design Annual  

HOK’s 2016 Design Annual highlights projects ranging in scale from community gardens to supertall buildings.

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