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Chancery of the Permanent Mission of Singapore to the United Nations 63

New York, New York, USA

Completion: 2014

Home to Singapore’s diplomatic mission to

Organized as a series of buffer zones

the United Nations, the new chancery for

between the street and the building’s interior,

the government of Singapore is a secure

the architectural expression features

embassy building that conveys a sense of

glass detailing that seamlessly complements

openness and transparency.

the design intent.

The design weaves together the national ideals

The transparency of the street-facing

of Singapore with a reinterpretation of the

elevation bends in a fl uid form to reflect a

country’s vernacular architecture, integrating

diminishing zone of protection by section.

light, texture and shadow to illuminate the solid volumes of New York. Five vertical

A translucent frit pattern applied to the

elements on the southern facade represent

glass supports privacy at the building’s

five ideals of the rising nation: democracy,

lower levels and becomes progressively less

peace, progress, justice and equality.

dense as it climbs the facade. Providing a visual reference to the culture of Singapore,

Reflecting the dualistic nature of an embassy

this detailing is an abstraction of traditional

structure, the design establishes a

wooden lattice screen elements integral to the

welcoming identity within New York City

country's architectural heritage.

while addressing the inherent security issues related to the building’s location within the tight confines of Manhattan.

◄ front entrance

2015 design annual

35,600 sq. ft. / 3,300 sq. m.

2015 HOK Design Annual  

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