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Basrah Sports City 51

Basrah, Iraq

Main stadium: 65,000 seats

Basrah Sports City is the largest sports

The design of the marquee venue reflects

By integrating graceful yet strong forms

facility in Iraq and features one of the

local architectural infl uences, recalling a

and surfaces, the architecture expresses

country’s largest stadiums.

proud past while serving as a bridge to a

the speed, power and perpetual movement

modern era. Inspiration for the main stadium

of soccer.

Secondary stadium: 10,000 seats Completion: 2013

The complex includes a 65,000-seat soccer

design came from Basrah’s timeless and

stadium surrounded by a manmade lake in the

essential icons, from the date palm tree to

The main contractor was Iraqi company

shape of Iraq. The site also features

traditional woven goods. Paying homage to

Abdullah Al-Jiburi. HOK teamed with this

a 10,000-seat secondary stadium, four

the patterned facades of traditional Iraqi

contractor and associate architect/engineer

training soccer fields, team housing facilities,

homes, the textured skin also provides a

RMC-Partners to deliver the project under a

a VIP guesthouse and associated

functional response to the local climate.

design-build contract. Use of 3D modeling,

infrastructure buildings.

helped the multinational team work efficiently

The selection of Iraq to host the 2013 Gulf

cladding encases the stadium, forming

while overcoming geographic and language

Cup of Nations, a biennial soccer tournament

large panels that interweave with steel

barriers. Additional engineering and design

for Arab countries, drove the development

columns. The external wrap and roof sheets

consultants included Thornton Tomasetti,

of the project, which is located outside the

are supported by a massive steel structure

WSP Group, Langan Engineering, Lloyd

southern port city of Basrah. Iraq’s Ministry of

weighing 19,000 tons.

Engineering, WJHW and Cini-Little.

Youth and Sport wanted this project to spur growth and development in the area while introducing Iraqi athletes to the world stage.

◄ south elevation

animation and web meeting technologies More than 480,000 square feet of synthetic

2015 design annual

2.77 million sq. ft. / 257,340 sq. m.

2015 HOK Design Annual  

This book is dedicated to all of our wonderful clients over the past 60 years. Thank you for sharing your dreams and aspirations and for col...

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