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Auburn University Recreation and Wellness Center 33

Auburn, Alabama, USA

Completion: 2013

The Recreation and Wellness Center honors

Marking the building’s entry, the five-story

achieve the crossover, the track ramps up and

the distinct architectural character of Auburn’s

cardio tower complements the campus’

down, enabling runners to do interval training.

campus while creating a hub for personal,

historic context of towers and steeples while

social and physical well-being.

providing interior spaces for suspension

The facility also offers basketball courts, an

training, group cycling and yoga. Located

outdoor leisure pool, cardio/fitness zones, a

Built for an economical $225.00 per square

on the tower’s top floor, the yoga studio has

rock climbing wall, weight training areas and

foot, the highly efficient space provides an

hangar windows that fold up at the press

outdoor recreation spaces.

engaging experience for all and great value for

of a button, allowing for the studio to be

the university.

completely open to outdoor air.

During the design process, students and

At one-third of a mile, the indoor running

referendum that funded the project. The team

administrators consistently expressed a

track is one of the longest in the country

produced documentation, a revised program

desire for spaces that “felt like Auburn.”

and the first to be designed in a “corkscrew”

and 3D renderings to develop a promotional

The design responds by breaking the larger

configuration. The track winds through both

package for marketing and a pricing package

volume of space into fitness neighborhoods

gymnasiums, across the atrium and around

that helped the university understand the fee

that recreate the feeling of the campus’ many

the two-story atrium’s climbing tower while

assessment required for the project.

interconnected quads.

offering users different route choices. To

HOK provided preliminary planning and programming services to support a student

◄ lobby

2015 design annual

240,000 sq. ft. / 22,300 sq. m.

2015 HOK Design Annual  

This book is dedicated to all of our wonderful clients over the past 60 years. Thank you for sharing your dreams and aspirations and for col...

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