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Aramed Medical Village Development 27

Jeddah, Riyadh and Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia

This concept for three medical villages in key

Taking inspiration from the organic form of an

concourse level and upper floors reserved for

18 million sq. ft. / 1.7 million sq. m.

Saudi Arabian cities establishes a healthcare

acanthus leaf, the design solution features

pedestrians. Separating automobiles

418 acres / 169 hectares

delivery channel that provides a more human-

interconnected village walkways that thread

from pedestrians creates an ideal

scaled, town-like environment than found in

together multiple buildings. An organically

environment for serendipitous encounters

the larger medical cities under development

shaped canopy composed of ETFE (ethylene

that facilitate the exchange of knowledge in

by the Ministry of Health. The design creates

tetrafl uoroethylene) and other translucent

medicine and science.

a distinct prototype rooted in the spirit of

materials covers the entire complex, allowing

integrated clinical knowledge development

daylight to permeate the space while

Situated near major transportation routes,

and care delivery.

shielding the facilities from excessive heat.

each medical village will receive patients

Photovoltaic panels harvest solar energy for

from 22 feeder hospitals located throughout

ventilation and lighting.

Saudi Arabia.

Competition: 2014

Each medical village includes a 200-bed general hospital, a 200-bed specialty hospital and several collaborative clinical education

The inspiration of the acanthus leaf extends

buildings, including schools of medicine,

to the curvilinear street pattern that provides

dentistry, nursing, pharmacy and hospital

patients and students with a welcoming,

management, as well as a training center for

campus-like ambience.

allied health technicians. Each village also

◄ aerial view

has a conference center, a business hotel and

All automobile traffic is directed to the lower

shopping facilities.

garden level of the village, with the main

2015 design annual

Each village site:

2015 HOK Design Annual  

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