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Prebys Cardiovascular Institute 251

La Jolla, California, USA

Completion: 2015

The new Prebys Cardiovascular Institute

An enriched hardscape of colored concrete

The 167-bed institute includes 59 intensive-

on the campus of Scripps Memorial Hospital

pavers extends from the tower’s face to the

care beds, four operating rooms, two hybrid

is the region’s largest and most advanced

vehicular circulation, echoing the building’s

operating rooms, six cardiac catheterization

center dedicated to cardiovascular care.

concave shape. From this form, a succession

labs, diagnostic testing and digital imaging.

of lines is created with trees that extend out

All patient rooms feature a wall of floor-to-

from the building.

ceiling windows to provide patients, visitors

The seven-story tower unites people and technology in one facility to advance

and staff with abundant natural light and

innovative treatment options for patients with

Interior spaces support advanced medical

cardiovascular diseases.

treatment, patient care, research, clinical trials and graduate medical education within

The facility represents the first phase of a 25-

The contemporary design features an exterior

an environment that delivers patient-and-

year master plan that is transforming Scripps

composition of brick, glass and metal panels

family-centered care. The flexible layout

Memorial Hospital's La Jolla campus.

that respects the aesthetic of campus

supports the hospital's mission while

buildings. Stacked brick and punched windows

accommodating future plans for growth.

that line the north and west facades relate to the La Jolla campus and its architectural

Large, circular skylights and a well-defined

character. The curved glass curtain wall

ceiling plane help organize the space, while

on the southeast presents a message of

both the ceiling and floor patterns provide

transparency to the community. Glass curtain

intuitive wayfinding cues. Inspired by the

walls enclose the stairs on the south, east and

light, colors and textures of the natural

west facades, serving as beacons of light.

landscape and beauty of La Jolla, the interior materials and finishes establish an engaging yet peaceful setting that promotes healing.

◄ view from the southeast

expansive views.

2015 design annual

383,000 sq. ft. / 35,580 sq. m.

2015 HOK Design Annual  

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