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Porsche Cars North America Experience Center and Headquarters 243

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Completion: 2015

The design of Porsche’s new experience center

courtyard, includes six driving modules

The contemporary, naturally illuminated

and headquarters combines office, training

designed to demonstrate the capabilities

office space encourages collaboration

and driving functions into one sleek, high-

of different Porsche models. Classic and

and creativity among Porsche staff. A

performance facility that encapsulates the

modern Porsches are on display in a classic

13,000-sq.-ft. business center features

essence of the company’s brand.

car gallery.

state-of-the-art conference rooms and

Bringing together 450 Porsche employees

Visitors can see historic Porsches undergoing

from five divisions of the company, the facility

renovations with vintage German parts

Located on a former automobile production

serves as a new destination for partners,

at the restoration center. In the design

facility adjacent to Hartsfield-Jackson

customers and car enthusiasts.

studio, customers can virtually create their

Atlanta International Airport, the building

dream cars with fully customizable options.

and test track are a prominent symbol

An estimated 30,000 guests are expected

Restaurant 356, named after the first

of the Porsche brand to passengers on

to visit the Porsche Experience Center (PEC)

production Porsche, offers diners a front row

arriving and departing flights. The facility

each year. By integrating a 1.6-mile driver

seat to the test track. The center also includes

is expected to catalyze development in the

track into the lower levels of the office building

a driving simulator lab.

burgeoning aerotropolis.

event spaces.

and weaving in subtle motor-sport-related

◄ view to north entry

cues, the design immerses visitors in the

Designed for LEED Silver certification, the

Porsche experience while demonstrating

building’s east-west exposures eliminate

the unique capabilities of its sports cars.

glare. The north-south curtain walls maximize

The track, which runs through the facility’s

natural light and minimize solar heat gain.

2015 design annual

260,000 sq. ft. / 24,160 sq. m.

2015 HOK Design Annual  

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