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The New York Palace Hotel Suites and Lounges 193

New York, New York, USA

Two luxurious suites and two premier lounges

Created with jewelry designer Martin Katz,

Accessible from 51st Street and the

Jewel Suite: 4,000 sq. ft. / 370 sq. m.

help the historic New York Palace distinguish

the Jewel Suite merges romance, abstract

hotel, the cocktail lounge offers a posh yet

Tavern on 51: 1,390 sq. ft. / 130 sq. m.

itself from other five-star properties.

elements of nature and Art Deco-inspired

relaxed atmosphere. Historic elements are

details in one luxurious setting. Guests

embellished with modern touches, perfect

The multi-level Champagne Suite combines

experience a grand staircase, lavish Port

for visitors seeking a spirited yet intimate

modern and classic elements to create

Laurent stone floors, diamond-like wall

atmosphere. A magnificent stained glass

a glamorous penthouse space. Guests

coverings, a 20-foot diamond waterfall

window is accented by carefully selected

encounter a striking series of floor-to-ceiling

chandelier and floating crystal jewel boxes

modern oil paintings and sconces.

windows that flood the grand parlor with

encasing jewelry creations designed by Katz.

natural light while offering breathtaking

The sprawling grand parlor is flooded with

The exclusive Rarities lounge features

views of Manhattan.

light from the suite’s floor-to-ceiling windows.

premium select liquors in a members-only

Polished marble and rustic stone pay tribute

These themes continue on the second floor,

space, the two-room venue includes a

to champagne cellars. A custom-designed

where luxuriant sleeping spaces provide an

connecting hall and landmark stairwell

chandelier of multicolored handblown glass

intimate retreat and a presentation room

featuring 30-to-40-foot vaulted ceilings,

provides a focal point. A double-story wall

accommodates guests who want to try on

detailed millwork, cove windows and

is adorned with a black-and-white mural

jewelry. The romantic environment soars to


depicting a hillside medieval abbey and the

new heights on the suite’s third floor, which

town where champagne originated.

features an antique Louis XIV-style Carrara

Discreet antique embellishments and re-

marble mantel and a wood-burning fireplace.

upholstered walls blend with the fireplace and

Rarities: 1,440 sq. ft. / 135 sq. m. Completion: 2013

setting. Transformed from a former meeting

Infl uenced by the Chardonnay grape, the

◄ jewel suite living room

other historic elements. Using rich damasks

master bedroom's décor features a palette

The inspiration behind Tavern on 51 is

and a burgundy and aubergine palette,

of ecru, cream and amber tones. The guest

derived from the Villard Mansion, the classic

luxurious old-world style is enriched with new

bedroom suite draws inspiration from the

19th-century residence of railroad mogul

carpet, case goods and a mix of furniture and

more intense notes of a Pinot Noir, featuring

Henry Villard housed within the hotel. The

soft goods. To maintain an authentic feel,

rose-tinted silvers with warm copper and deep

design features a combination of colors and

the team sourced digital reproductions and

red accents.

fabrics that evoke elegance rooted in turn-of-

frames to complement original oil portraits

the-century charm and authenticity.

and prints.

2015 design annual

Champagne Suite: 4,620 sq. ft. / 430 sq. m.

2015 HOK Design Annual  

This book is dedicated to all of our wonderful clients over the past 60 years. Thank you for sharing your dreams and aspirations and for col...

2015 HOK Design Annual  

This book is dedicated to all of our wonderful clients over the past 60 years. Thank you for sharing your dreams and aspirations and for col...