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New Atlanta Stadium 185

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

The stadium interior offers fans an immersive,

platforms throughout the stadium offer

creates an exceptional game-day experience

technology-driven game-day experience.

flexible opportunities for teams and sponsors

Seats: 71,000 for NFL games /

for fans and an iconic architectural landmark

A wide variety of seating options provide

to display targeted programmable content on

32,456 for MLS games

for the city.

fans with different ticket prices, vantage

game days.

points, degrees of service and amenities. A Completion: 2017

Designed as a signature element rather than

360-degree HD halo video board built into the

In addition to serving as an anchor for

a utilitarian cover, the New Atlanta Stadium’s

roof offers clear views from every seat. Other

the downtown tourist and entertainment

retractable roof provides a radical departure

amenities include a technology lounge, a 100-

district, the stadium will catalyze changes in

from the kinetic roofs of other sports facilities.

yard bar and floor-to-ceiling windows offering

neighborhoods surrounding the development.

Derived from the shape of a falcon’s wing,

views of downtown Atlanta.

The project team’s focus on sustainable

a reference to the Atlanta Falcons National

◄ stadium interior

design, construction and operations extends

Football League team, the roof features eight

Designed for flexibility, the stadium can be

into the community through the creation of

triangular panels that wrap the stadium and

quickly reconfigured to accommodate games

urban farms and open recreation spaces.

move in unison along individual tracks. This

for Atlanta’s new Major League Soccer

allows the roof to open and close like a camera

franchise. Retractable seats surrounding

HOK is collaborating on the design with

aperture. Exterior lighting can easily change

the field allow fans to get close to the action

tvsdesign, Goode Van Slyke Architecture and

the color of the transparent facade.

for both football and soccer. Digital media

Stanley Beaman & Sears.

2015 design annual

The design of the New Atlanta Stadium

2 million sq. ft. / 185,800 sq. m.

2015 HOK Design Annual  

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