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NEF Ataköy 22 Mixed-Use Development 169

Istanbul, Turkey

Completion: 2017

This transit-oriented, mixed-use development

that accentuates the organic flow of the

Building information modeling tools helped

in the Ataköy neighborhood of Istanbul

development and provides sunshading and

the design team maximize efficiencies.

features a community designed around six

visual harmony. Contrasting this curvilinear

During the design phase, high market demand

high-rise towers.

form, the podium-level garden apartments

for residential units required one of the six

are housed in a faceted, zigzag massing that

towers originally designed for commercial

unifies individual tower blocks.

office use to be redesigned as a residential

Developed by NEF Real Estate, the six-block site includes five 18-story residential

tower in a compressed timeframe. The team

towers housing 1,500 apartment and micro-

The towers are designed around a central

also streamlined the constructability of the

apartment units, and a separate 18-story

square, allowing natural ventilation and light

curvilinear concrete spandrel panels on

office tower. A shared podium connects

to the lower levels of the podium. Composed

four of the residential towers by devising a

the high-rises with a street-level retail mall

of unique gardens and pavilions, this multi-

modular system that used a limited number

that promotes pedestrian activity. Public

level linear courtyard promotes activity

of molds to create the complex forms seen

transportation stations are located at each

throughout the development. Bridges and

throughout the development.

end of the development.

walkways facilitate circulation and a sense of community.

Because the site sits higher in the north than the south, the design provides a multi-level

Private residential terraces, plazas and

entry that creates a retail-office bridge

roofscapes add garden spaces that provide

between the two main roads.

visual continuity. Diverse residential amenities emphasize the social aspect

◄ pedestrian retail street

Limestone, glass-fiber-reinforced concrete

of high-density living with a focus on

panels and ribbon windows on the residential

entertainment and health — from private

towers create a modular, undulating facade

cinemas to basketball courts.

2015 design annual

2.15 million sq. ft. / 200,000 sq. m.

2015 HOK Design Annual  

This book is dedicated to all of our wonderful clients over the past 60 years. Thank you for sharing your dreams and aspirations and for col...

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