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National Center for Civil and Human Rights 163

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Moving through the building, visitors

HOK and the Freelon Group collaborated on

Atlanta’s National Center for Civil and Human

experience rich content through interactive

the design of the building, which is in the heart

Rights, which educates visitors about the rich

exhibits and immersive activities. Though

of downtown Atlanta. Located a few blocks

history of the civil rights movement across the

many of the issues explored are somber and

west of the Martin Luther King, Jr. National

Annual EUI: 87 kBTU / sf / yr

US while helping them connect lessons of the

difficult to discuss, the team designed the

Historic Site, the museum is expected to draw

8.8% below national average

past to present-day issues.

center to inspire conversation and action.

400,000 visitors annually.

Completion: 2014

Daylight floods the public spaces, including Curved facades represent interlocking arms

an overlook at the top of the central stair that

that cradle the central space, symbolizing

serves as a spot for reflection.

unity and harmony. Inside, the three levels include exhibits and galleries, an event space,

Designed for LEED Gold certification, the

a broadcast studio and a retail store. The

building incorporates a high-performance

central open space was inspired by public

exterior wall assembly, state-of-the-art

areas in cities around the world in which

environmental control systems, a vegetated

protests for civil and human rights have

roof and other energy-saving features.

taken place.

◄ main entrance

2015 design annual

The concept of unity drove the design of

42,000 sq. ft. / 3,900 sq. m.

2015 HOK Design Annual  

This book is dedicated to all of our wonderful clients over the past 60 years. Thank you for sharing your dreams and aspirations and for col...

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