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The Lodge at Walnut Creek 147

Walnut Creek, California, USA

Design completion: 2015

The Lodge at Walnut Creek is an eight-story

the crisscrossing furrows and ridges found in

meeting rooms, pre-function space, a lounge

modernist hotel and conference center

the bark of the walnut trees. These patterns

and a garden terrace. These open, connected

located 30 miles east of San Francisco

rely on different window and wall panel types

spaces erase the boundaries between the

and adjacent to the Iron Horse Regional

that are combined horizontally and vertically

interior and exterior environments.

Trail, a popular destination for pedestrians,

to provide a visually dynamic facade that is

horseback riders and bicyclists.

open to the north, tighter along the east and west sides, and shaded along the south.

Overlooking Mount Diablo, the lodge features 180 guestrooms, a premier restaurant

The local beauty of the landscape inspired

and bar, a rooftop ballroom, a lounge and a

the warm palette of natural materials.

terrace. The scenic location, mild climate and

Guests arrive at the lodge beneath a broad,

proximity to upscale shopping, restaurants

cantilevered porte-cochère, then step into a

and tourist attractions create an ideal location

welcoming space that features a canopy of

for a relaxing hospitality experience.

wood extending from the ceiling. The wood surrounds an enormous hearth that anchors

Walnut groves and oaks of the surrounding

the lobby and bar. Glazed doors slide to

forests inspired the design. Organic building

seamlessly link the interior spaces with the

forms curve gently to reduce solar stress on

adjacent terrace and entry courtyard.

all vertical surfaces. A replicating pattern

â—„ east view

of slender vertical windows and copper wall

With panoramic views of the surrounding

panels provides an abstract representation of

hills, the rooftop level houses a ballroom,

2015 design annual

164,000 sq. ft. / 15,235 sq. m.

2015 HOK Design Annual  

This book is dedicated to all of our wonderful clients over the past 60 years. Thank you for sharing your dreams and aspirations and for col...

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