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Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru Terminal 1 Expansion 133

Bengaluru, India

Completion: 2013

The expansion of Terminal 1 repositions South

monolithic plinth with elegant steel branches

Bengaluru’s reputation as India’s “Garden

India’s busiest airport as an important hub for

that pass through a suspended ceiling to meet

City.” New passenger amenities include

international travelers and cargo.

the structure above.

enhanced seating areas at gate lounges and a

With a design that creates a pleasant and

Along with the building’s large overhang,

efficient curbside-to-aircraft passenger

the use of low-e glazing reduces unwanted

Expanded, centralized departure areas

experience, the open, welcoming environment

heat gain to create an energy-efficient, high-

include the addition of 30 check-in counters,

is easy to navigate and accommodates

performance structure.

six emigration counters and 11 security

variety of new retail and dining opportunities.

the increasing number of passengers using the airport.

counters serving domestic and Skylights enable natural light to penetrate

international passengers.

from above, linking the atmosphere and The structure creates a grand, dramatic

spacious feeling of the original building with

The expansion adds international gates

presence that seamlessly blends with the

the expansion. At the east and west ends of

designed specifically for newer wide-bodied

existing terminal. An elegantly curved roof

the terminal, 65-foot-high glass walls flood

aircraft such as the Airbus A380, as well as a

serves as the unifying element for the new and

the space with natural light while creating

more efficient baggage delivery system with

existing facilities, creating a strong physical

commanding views of the outside.

dedicated island carousels.

presence and visual identity for the airport.

◄ vehicular approach to terminal 1

The roof's undulating shape forms a canopy

Silver metallic and bright white finishes recall

that protects passengers and visitors from

the high-tech nature of the city. Interior

the elements. Its structural system includes a

landscape features and plantings reinforce

2015 design annual

1.44 million sq. ft. / 134,000 sq. m.

2015 HOK Design Annual  

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