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Huafa New Town, Phase 6 119

Zhuhai, Guangdong Province, China

Situated along the Gongbei Customs Building

At the northwest edge of the development,

by a steel structure. Deriving its fl uid form

34 acres / 14 hectares

at the juncture of the future Zhuhai-Hong

two 30-story apartment towers feature

from tree trunks and leaves, the canopy’s

Kong-Macau transportation interchange, this

prime orientations for spectacular garden

web provides a sculptural focal point while

retail and luxury residential development is a

views. Connections to the retail mall and other

shielding shoppers from the elements.

vital part of the Huafa New Town International

amenities provide residents with a distinctly

Annual EUI: 60 kBTU / sf / yr

Lifestyle Community. The prestigious location

urban and sophisticated experience.

8% below ASHRAE 2007

gives the development a distinct public image.

Completion: 2014

advantage of the region’s prevailing winds and The entire commercial complex is part of a

to maximize natural ventilation. A subtle lift

A 645,000-sq.-ft. shopping mall, including a

looped sequence of retail spaces that share

at the mall’s southern edge helps capture the

theater, supermarket and department store,

fl uid massing silhouettes, ambiguous indoor-

summer breeze.

anchors the development’s west end, while

outdoor transitions and seamless circulation.

the east end features a 270,000-sq.-ft. spa

Zhuhai Huafa Architectural Design Consulting

center. A 160,000-sq.-ft. promenade spans

Fully integrated with the internal retail street,

the area between, weaving together the

the outdoor greenery and waterfront provide

anchor stores, greenery and waterfront.

visitors with scenic views and shelter from the elements. Linked by pedestrian bridges

The facade’s different elevations feature

on the second story, the individual structures

an integrated composition of elements

provide a variety of indoor and outdoor

ranging from storefronts and feature walls to

shopping experiences.

advertising boards and multimedia screens.

◄ retail street

The design orients the development to take

With a palette of glass fiber-reinforced

A 1,115-foot-long street canopy

concrete, glazing and metallic detailing, the

hovering 65 feet above the ground is

vibrant retail street maintains an intimate,

clad with a lightweight ETFE (ethylene

human scale.

tetrafl uoroethylene) membrane supported

Co. served as the local partner for the project.

2015 design annual

3 million sq. ft. / 280,000 sq. m.

2015 HOK Design Annual  

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